Hanging the Hangley High cheerleaders


Note: an edited repost of an older story

The Hangley High Prospectors had gone 0-9. The football team was discouraged, suffering through an appalling lack of motivation. The team was simply going through the motions and seemed destined to finish the entire season without a win.

The cheerleaders had certainly tried to do their part. But their efforts had also fallen flat. It was as though the entire school didn’t care what happened to their football team.

The cheerleading squad had started out wearing colorful one-pieces with short skirts. By mid-season they’d switched to midriff-exposed tops and shorter skirts in the hopes of motivating the players. But that had not helped.

Last week the girls had gone all out, wearing cleavage baring attire even though the nights were starting to get chilly. But there was a lack of enthusiasm over their cheers, and the team had lost anyway. A feeling of depression settled over the school.

Two days before homecoming, Brian Dawkins, quarterback and senior captain of the Prospectors, came up with a rather bold idea. He passed it on to his offensive and defensive starters. They all agreed. After all, what could it hurt?

Without telling school officials, they took it upon themselves to contact the eight members of the cheerleading squad. They all happened to be 18 years of age at the time, 5 seniors and 3 juniors. The girls said they were willing to engage in a private gathering with the team.

The big game was scheduled for Saturday night. Friday evening most of the team along with the eight cheerleaders snuck down to a secluded section of woods near the river. It was a location known for parties, making out, and under-aged drinking.

The girls all dressed in cleavage-baring attire. They also wore their school hoodies. This was to fight against the chill despite the fact each set of legs remained uncovered.

After they all piled out of the vehicles, the girls set up in a small clearing with a couple of big cottonwood trees as a backdrop. Then they went through every routine they had memorized. They even came up with an impromptu cheer on the spot in the hopes of helping to motivate the players.

The guys enthusiastically applauded their hard work. They appreciated the effort, especially with all that cleavage and those bouncing boobs behind tight-fitting outfits.

The girls were satisfied with their private performance for the team. With the night air becoming chillier, they all put their hoodies back on. They believed this private little pep rally for the team was about to conclude.

At the end of the presentation, Brian sent a couple of players from the offensive side of the football team to go fetch some rope. Then he turned to address Jenny and Samantha, the two head cheerleaders. “Rate your squad,” he instructed them. “Tell us who you believe to be the two weakest members of the team.”

“That’s easy,” Jenny replied as she looked at her squad. “Marsha and Colette have always struggled to learn the cheers and moves on the field.”

“Then they’ll go first,” Brian said with a smile, motioning in their direction.

“Go first? For what?”

Several players immediately surrounded them. The girls became confused, protesting in alarm as their arms were tied behind their backs. What really frightened them was the appearance of a noose that was looped around each neck.

The ends of both ropes were tossed over a solid looking limb of one of the large cottonwood trees. Brian declared, “Since we’re the Hangley High Prospectors, I think we should have a hanging!” That elicited a cheer from the football players. The cheerleaders were horrified.

With a nod from their team captain, the guys pulled on the ropes. The two frightened girls were abruptly pulled three feet up into the air. Then their ropes were tied off to a nearby limb.

Marsha and Colette instinctively panicked, their eyes opening wide in shock. A moment later they started kicking and twisting together. They bucked and jerked as they desperately fought their nooses.

They rasped and gurgled as two sets of bare legs flew every which way. Their cheerleader skirts billowed as they fought for survival. Breasts bounced within their school hoodies.

The players looked up in awe and wonder, several of them becoming quite aroused. Jenny and Samantha were just as enthralled, if not a little alarmed at the spectacle. Brian had told them what to expect, but they’d decided to go along with the whole thing.

They were also grateful it was not them doing the air-dancing. They just hoped the sacrifice of their squad members would be enough to motivate the football team. The other cheerleaders watched in stunned silence, experiencing a sense of nervous excitement at such a brutal, yet strangely erotic display.

“Give us a cheer, girls!” Jenny cried out, urging the air-dancers to give their best. “Show some team spirit! This is your last chance to show us what you can do! C’mon, you two! Do it for the team!”

Marsha was the fuller figured of the two. Her boobs bounced animatedly beneath her hoodie as she kicked and struggled. Colette was more slender with a little less chest. But her shapely legs flew all around as she kicked and pedaled. She jerked her knees together and then kicked some more.

The two girls danced up a storm, rasping and gurgling as they swung and twisted from the pain of strangulation. Their tits bounced noticeably within the confines of their hoodies as their skirts billowed. Their dance had the affect of hardening every cock present.

Eventually their struggles diminished. They finally tired out and hung limp and lifeless. Piss stained their panties as twin streams splattered onto the ground below. All that was left was a little sporadic jerking indicating they were both barely alive.

“Johnson… Timmons,” Brian declared with a nod. “Finish them off!”

Both wide receivers eagerly rushed forward to the dangling girls. They leaped up and grabbed onto the legs of both bodies as though making an in-the-air tackle. There were twin “CRICKS” as two necks were broken.

For a moment the hanged cheerleaders swung back and forth as the two receivers clung to them. Then the guys let go. Both bodies silently swung back and forth, sporadic nerve impulses causing stray muscles to fire.

There was a look of incredible agony in Marsha’s lifeless eyes. Blood trickled out of her mouth from where she’d bitten her tongue. Colette had a curious expression of lifeless pain and pleasure. To some extent she must have partially enjoyed the suffering she’d been forced to endure.

“Ok,” Brian said to Jenny and Samantha, nodding at the remaining girls. “Who would be the weakest links of the remaining squad?”

The two captains turned to look, smiling cruelly as their remaining companions gasped in alarm. “Latoya and Renae?” Jenny asked Samantha. The co-captain nodded her head in agreement.

The two named cheerleaders gasped in alarm and horror as several members of the football team rushed forward with more rope and two more nooses. They started to protest, proclaiming they did their routines well and that they didn’t want to hang. But Jenny shushed them, telling them, “Take one for the team, girls; ok? Let’s see you both cheer your all for us in those nooses!”

Secretly, Jenny had ulterior motives in picking these two. Latoya was the dark-skinned African American of the squad, whereas Renae had emigrated from Ireland. But it was suspected the two were having a secret lesbian relationship together, one that simply did not sit well with Jenny or Samantha. That reason ultimately turned out to be what got them both picked.

The two girls were moved underneath a different branch of that same cottonwood tree. It was a branch that looked like it could support their weight. They began to sniffle as they glanced at each other in horror. The looks on their faces indicated they never expected their illicit relationship could end like this.

Before the guys could heft them up, Jenny put up a hand. “Wait!” she said as she walked up to them. Then she partly unzipped both hoodies down to the waist of each girl.

“For the team,” she said with a cruel sneer as she pulled both tops down. It fully exposed both sets of tits. Then she nodded at the guys manning the ropes.

She stepped back as the two were hauled up into the air. Latoya’s eyes flew open in astonishment at the horror of painful strangulation. Then her legs began to kick in every direction.

Renae gawked as her airway was choked off. Then she began fighting the noose. Soon her legs began flying every which way.

The two secret lovers kicked and struggled, fighting for breath as their nooses tightened ominously around their throats. The players watched appreciatively, the cheerleaders apprehensively. Jenny and Samantha observed the second set of hangings with special satisfaction, both of them inwardly rationalizing it as “taking one for the team” and that the two deserved to hang side by side.

Latoya caught sight of her lover’s tits heaving in breathless agony. It was just as much a turn-on as it was horrific. Those nipples were amazingly hard, harder than she’d ever seen them. Hell, they were harder than she’d ever made them with her talented tongue!

Renae caught sight of Latoya’s bouncing mounds as her fellow cheerleader strangled to death. Despite the pain, she found herself regretting she wouldn’t get the chance to play with them ever again. At least being allowed to see them one last time was some small consolation.

Both girls kicked and danced, more for each other than for the damned football players watching them. They rasped and gurgled as they put on their show to an appreciative audience. Jenny decided their dance was better than Marsha and Colette’s. She just hoped it would motivate the team to a win tomorrow night.

Latoya suddenly jerked her knees together, cumming at the horrific sight of her lover hanging to death. Then she hung limp, unable to fight any longer. Renae joined her half a minute later, kicking hard and then suddenly going limp. Latoya’s stream of piss was about 20 seconds ahead of Renae’s.

This time a couple of defensive backs were allowed to come up and administer the coup de grace. They leaped upward and grabbed the legs of each dangling cheerleader. Their weight was more than enough. The group heard the satisfying sound of two necks snapping before their swaying bodies joined those of Marsha and Colette.

“I guess that leaves Justine and Charley, eh?” Brian said with a nod at the other two cheerleaders. A sturdy branch on the adjacent cottonwood tree was identified. Players moved forward once again with more rope.

Justine and Charley began squawking their desire not to be involved. But there was no way of convincing a group of murderous football players who were now horny as hell to spare them.

There were already 4 lifeless bodies dangling from another tree. What would it hurt to add a couple more? Jenny and Samantha were certainly not lifting a finger to save them. That’s when they realized they were going to hang with no hope in sight.

“Let’s help them out, Sam,” Jenny said quickly, thankful they were the last two left alive from the squad.

They both went up to each frightened cheerleader. They proceeded to cruelly pull down skirts and panties. Then they opened the hoodies partway, pulling off the tops so that two sets of tits would be exposed for the team to enjoy. Everyone was in for a real treat, being as how Justine’s were large.

Both girls started to cry, pleading for their lives. Jenny told them, “You want the guys to win, don’t you? Do it for the good of the team!”

Justine sobbed, “But we don’t want to hang!” Her doomed companion Charley shook her head as though it was all a bad dream and that she would soon wake up.

“This is the price you pay for being on the squad,” Jenny replied with a cruel grin, reaching out to caress Justine’s quivering mounds. “These suckers are nice and big. They’re going to bounce well for the team. Now give us a good performance; ok, girls?”

Brian cleared his throat, preparing to give the order to lift them up. Jenny beat him to it, eager to show them she was just as enthusiastic to watch her girls swing. “Hang ‘em, boys!” she declared. “Let’s get ‘em up and get ‘em to swinging!”

The two girls were lifted up into the air. Their eyes widened in shock and horror at the incredible pain around their necks. As their ropes were tied off, both of them started fluttering their feet as though the ground might miraculously return. Then realization set in, setting their legs to flying every which way.

This time there were no skirts to billow. The guys all got a good look at a couple of flaring, pink pussies as the two girls kicked and struggled. Both of them fought their nooses… and fought hard.

Justine’s tits bounced wildly, indicating she had been a good choice to swing. Charley was not as well endowed. But her breasts bounced and heaved just as nicely. Both girls rasped for breath as they kicked, pedaled and twisted in place, swinging this way and that.

It was an energetic, if not inspired, performance. Of the six now noosed, Justine and Charley were the most athletic of the bunch. They put out the most energy during their struggles.

Were it not for group politics, they might very well have been the captains of the cheerleading squad. But Jenny and Samantha had not allowed that to happen. Both girls had maintained a tight grip on their power over their girls.

Justine and Charley danced wildly, swinging back and forth as they kicked and jerked. They both fought their nooses hard. There were so many erections involved that a few were actually going off inside the trousers of their owners.

Jenny and Samantha thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. No doubt they were relieved they were not among the six members now dangling from the two cottonwoods.

The sight had been terribly erotic. Both were now ready to fuck. Of the eight cheerleaders, they were the two most likely to whore themselves out to every member of the football team.

Eventually the fight was strangled out of the two desperately kicking girls. Justine and Charley lasted the longest of the three pairs of hanged cheerleaders. They finally hung limp and lifeless in their opened hoodies.

There was still a faint spark of life in both sets of eyes, even as they pissed themselves. Two running backs were chosen to finish them off. Both players eagerly leaped up, giving each set of legs a good, hard tug downward as the bodies were set to swinging back and forth.

There were two loud “CRICKS”. Both cheerleaders swung lifeless from broken necks. Stray muscles spasmed as the rope creaked from their swaying back and forth.

“All right; who’s ready to fuck?” Jenny wanted to know, turning toward the players. Her body was on fire; she desperately needed a release. Samantha turned right along with her, the two of them anticipating a long night of glorious fucking.

“Not going to happen,” Brian said calmly, his jaw firmly set. “We already had a team vote. No beer before our next win. And definitely no sex until we bring home a victory.”

“What?” Samantha blurted out in surprise.

“What about us?” Jenny wanted to know. “Guys, I’m horny as hell!”

Brian smiled with wicked anticipation. Then he produced two more nooses he’d been keeping hidden. “You two sluts are the ones we’ve all been wanting to hang the most. Am I right, guys?” There were cries of agreement, including a couple of comments of “HELL yes!”

Jenny blanched as she started to back away. “You guys can’t do this to us!” Samantha protested in a faltering voice.

“BLOWJOBS!” Jenny called out in a desperate attempt to spare her life. “WHO WANTS BLOWJOBS?”

“Not until we win a game,” their star defensive back Jimmy Evans answered for them all.

Brian calmly asked, “Whatever happened to ‘taking one for the team’?”

Jenny spat out, “You can go to hell!” as a couple of guys grabbed her.

“I think a slut like you will be going there ahead of me,” he responded with a chuckle. “You’ve fucked more guys than any girl I know.”

“Please!” she gasped as all of her clothes were removed along with Samantha’s. “We’ll do ANYTHING!”

Samantha resigned herself to her fate. It was obvious there was no getting out of this one. So she spat out, “Do it for the team, you stupid bitch! Isn’t that what you told Marsha and Colette… what you told them all? C’mon, Jenny, you fucking whore! We’re going to ‘do it for the team’, remember? Where’s your school spirit?”


Jenny struggled as they finished stripping her naked. “Let ‘em hang with their school hoodies!” Brian told the guys. “School spirit, remember?” Then he winked as he looked at Jenny and added, “For the team, right?”

They found another thick branch on the same tree from which they’d just hanged Justine and Charley. Jenny began hyperventilating as she was bound and noosed. The free end of the rope was tossed over the limb. Samantha just stood there trembling, believing resistance was futile.

“You two are responsible for the cheerleading squad,” Brian said to them both. “Now let’s see how well you two can motivate the team to go out and win tomorrow.” Then he nodded at the guys holding onto the free ends of their ropes.


Jenny’s defiant cry was choked off as she was pulled up into the air along with Samantha. Two sets of feet fluttered for solid footing underneath them. Then they started to kick.

It wasn’t long until they were both dancing up a storm. They kicked and twisted, fighting their nooses. “I always knew that slut could dance!” Brian observed with a laugh, his cock hard in his trousers. “I just didn’t know how good she was at dancing in the air.” There was laughter from the other team members.

Two sets of tits bounced as twin pussies winked and flared. Both girls gawked and gurgled as they struggled to breathe, each one fighting her noose. Both hoodies ended up falling off their shoulders, only to hang up by the bound arms behind their backs.

Jenny’s pent up sexual energy finally exploded as she frantically brought her knees together. Then she jerked and bunny-hopped as she orgasmed violently. Nest to her Samantha could not help herself, suffering through a brutal climax of her own.

The guys stood around in awe, several of them creaming themselves as they watched. Jenny kicked and twisted until she went limp. She hung quiet for a few moments before she became reanimated as she kicked it up all over again.

Samantha went through a similar pattern. She kicked… went limp… kicked… went limp again. She finally went off in one final burst of frenetic activity, kicking as though she’d found a hidden energy reserve.

Both girls went well beyond the time it took for poor Justine and Charley to exhaust themselves. It was breathless agony, pain in the most excruciating detail. Their necks slowly stretched just like the others had done.

Their faces turned red… and then an awful shade of purple. They matched the faces of their dangling companions until they both exhausted themselves. Brian turned to Jimmy with a knowing smile. “You get Sam; I get Jenny.”

The two football players walked up to the dangling girls. Jenny hung limp, her eyes wide in horror. Her expression seemed to be saying, “No; don’t! Please, get me down from here!” Samantha just hung quietly, looking at Jimmy with grateful eyes as though telling him she was glad he was about to get it over with.

Both players jumped up as one, each one grabbing a set of dangling legs. There were twin “CRICKS” as two necks broke. Then two more bladders emptied, piss streaming onto the ground. There was even a loud fart as Jenny’s bowels gave way, further humiliating her in death.

The guys stood quiet, admiring the 4 pairs of swinging cheerleaders. Then Brian proclaimed in a loud voice, “NOW LET’S GO OUT AND WIN ONE FOR THE GIRLS!”

There was an enthusiastic cry. The guys all whooped and cheered. The hoodies and clothes were retrieved, leaving the girls to dangle naked with their arms at their sides. Then the team members turned and left the bodies hanging as they headed back to their vehicles.

The cars roared off one by one. Eight naked cheerleaders dangled from two cottonwoods. The sound of creaking ropes filled the air as a night breeze gently pushed on the hanged juniors and seniors…


The guys went on to win the game Saturday night. Many of them were spurred on by the fact the bodies of the cheerleaders still dangled in the woods and had not yet been discovered.

They were so motivated that they also went on to win their last game of the season. Eventually it was learned what they had done. Thus, the Hangley High Prospectors developed a tradition of hanging the cheerleading squad whenever they were suffering through a winless season…

2013; 2021 (written for Laney Oct 10 ’13; ed. Jan 23 ‘21 by riwa)

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