Loretta’s decision


“I’m so glad you could come over,” she told me as she sipped her coffee. “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this. But you’re the last one on my list.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“I’m tired of the whole thing. I just want to end it all.”

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“I sure am. Want to see just how serious I am?”

She got up and led me into the living room. What I saw shocked me. Loretta had never shocked me before.

She had a noose all set up in front of her bay windows, the curtains drawn for the night. A simple wooden chair was underneath, a set of handcuffs lying upon the seat. I looked up to see some sort of pulley system attached to an eye bolt in the ceiling.

“Damn, Loretta. I never thought you’d take it this far.”

“You’re not going to try talking me out of it, are you? Because it wouldn’t do any good.”

I shook my head. “Damn, woman! I can’t believe you!”

“It’s true. I’m hanging myself right after you leave.”

“You wanted me to see this before I left?”

“I wanted you to understand.”

“I’m not sure I do. Why would you show this to me? Unless you wanted me to stay and watch, or something like that.”

We both paused for a long moment. Then she looked at me kind of funny. “Do you want to stay and watch?”

Her question caught me by surprise. “Well, I…” Then I had to think about it.

“You know, I’m not sure.” But a part of me was strangely stirring, a shameful part I hadn’t counted on.

“You’re not sure? You mean you might want to stay and watch me hang after all?”

“Well, I…” Did I really want to admit I was becoming aroused by the idea?

She shook her head. Then she smiled and laughed. It occurred to me I hadn’t seen her smile in weeks. It had been even longer since she’d chuckled.

“Men. I can’t believe you sometimes.”

“We are who we are.” Then we both got quiet again.

I don’t know what made me think it. Did it really matter? But for some reason I just had to ask.

“Are you, uh… are you going to hang in those clothes you’re wearing?”

“Why do you ask?” She paused before adding, “Wait a minute. Are you saying you want to watch me dance naked?”

“Now I didn’t say that,” I stammered, my damned appendage trying to stiffen in my pants.

She laughed again. “Fine with me,” she agreed with a dismissive wave. “I’ll get naked for you, if that’s what you want.”

“Do you really want me to stay? Is that why you’re offering to get naked for me? You know, I can stay either way if you prefer.”

“Oh, I know how you guys think. I don’t mind getting naked for you, especially if it will encourage you to stick around.”

“You really don’t have to.”

“Oh, but I insist.” Now she was becoming playful. I kind of liked it.

There was another awkward silence. It occurred to me she might want more out of me than just to stick around and watch her final minutes. So I quietly asked, “Would you like to be intimate with me before you hang? I’m willing to do that if you wish. I know as friends we’ve never had sex together. But I’m willing if you are.”

Her smile faded. She sadly shook her head. “It’s not necessary. Besides, I don’t think I’d be a very good lay. I haven’t been intimate in years. Hell, I’m not even sure the plumbing works anymore.”

“You might change your mind once you wrap that noose around your neck. You might even like something inside you while you’re hanging.” Now why the hell would I say a thing like that??

She gave me a wry smile. “Like you, you mean?”

I blushed as I stammered for a reply. She smiled as she gave me a dismissive wave… “Oh, don’t worry about it.” Then she paused to think it over.

“You know? I’ve not experienced any kind of sexual pleasure in a long time. But it sure would be nice if I could give pleasure to someone else before I go… someone special.”

“You mean me?”

“Who else would I be referring to at a time like this?”

For a moment I was deeply touched. Then she smiled sheepishly at me. “Are you sure you even want to stick your dick inside me? I might be kind of dry.”

“Wouldn’t that make it painful for you?”

“No more painful than this noose I’m about to wear.” She reached up and grabbed it for emphasis.


She thought about it for a moment. Then she smiled coyly. “So would you like to stick your dick inside me while I’m hanging? I’m already going to be hurting. By then it probably won’t matter much to me. Hell, it might even feel kind of nice, having one last intimate moment with you. Although… I’m not sure how fucking someone in a noose could be considered ‘intimate’.”

“That’s not the only thing to consider, Loretta. What if I cum inside you before you die?”

“You think you might?” She sounded genuinely surprised at that.

“It’s possible, I suppose. If you’re squeezing from the pain, I might enjoy it enough to shoot a load deep inside you.”

She gave me another smile. “That might be kind of fun. But I see your point.”

She waved me over to the couch. “Give me a minute? Have a seat; I’ll be right back.”

I went over and sat down on the couch while she left the room. It got me to wondering what the hell had gotten into me. That’s when it occurred to me Loretta really didn’t want to hang alone. Was it going to make her feel better if I remained and watched?

All this talk about fucking her in the noose felt wrong. But she certainly seemed interested in giving me some sort of pleasure as a parting gift. How could I possibly say no to her? After all, she said she was committed. I was pretty sure she was going to hang herself, with or without me.

She was gone about ten minutes. She returned wearing nothing but a terry cloth robe. In her hand was a pair of latex gloves which she handed over to me.

“I don’t want your fingerprints on anything involved with my hanging. And I added a few more words to my note on the computer. I thanked you for the intimacy and that it made me feel special, although it didn’t change my mind. That’s in case you leave any incriminating evidence behind…”

“Like fingerprints? Or cum in your twat, perhaps?”

“Something like that.”

Her playful smile returned. I wished I could have made it come out years ago. Maybe she wouldn’t have been reduced to this.

She looked me up and down. Then she said, “Well…?”

“Well what, Loretta?”

“Are you going to get undressed? Or are you just going to pull your pants down and fuck me in the noose? After all, I’m nude under this. I think you should be as well.”

“You really want to see me naked?”

“Why not? You’re going to see me nude, aren’t you?”

I smiled. “Just a sec.”

I stood up and quickly got out of my clothes. My dick was shamefully hardening from our discussion. It felt good letting it out of my pants and briefs to breathe free.

She looked at it and smiled. “Not bad. I should’ve fucked you long ago. It’s too bad I’m not going to enjoy it very much.”

I thought about her potential dryness and the pain she might experience. That was funny, considering she was going to be in agony once she couldn’t breathe. So I asked, “Would you rather I didn’t?”

She looked at me and smiled as though reading right through me. “You know? I always got the impression you were willing to fuck me. But neither one of us ever brought it up. After a while, I figured the important parts just wouldn’t work anymore. By then, it was sort of too late. I never thought about it again.”

I nodded as I looked at the chair and the cuffs. She saw what I was looking at and picked them up, fingering them a lot. It made me think to slip on those latex gloves she’d brought out.

She hefted the cuffs in my direction. I walked over to her, a questioning look in my expression. “Here. You’ve got the gloves on now. Would you be so kind as to do the honors? Cuff my wrists behind the back?”

“Right here? Right now? Are you sure?”

“You’re damned right, I’m sure!”

She paused for a moment before reaching up for the noose. “Wait. First, I’d better get my prints on this too while we’re at it.”

I waited as she touched the coil as much as she could. Then she brought her arms behind her back. “This is so you’ll enjoy the full experience. I see your cock hasn’t softened much. It’s kind of making me feel all nice and gooey inside.”

I smiled at her as she let me cuff her wrists behind her back. I looked up at the pulley. Then I asked, “Do you want the chair, Loretta?”

“Not anymore. The pulley will latch once you pull me high enough.”

She paused as she suddenly thought about it. “You’re right,” she finally said. “Better help me up onto it. I probably need to leave some footprints on the seat; right?”

I nodded as I helped her up. She stood upon it and adjusted her position until she was facing the noose. Then she inhaled sharply as though the magnitude of the whole thing had finally gotten through to her.

I saw her hesitancy and spoke up. “Changing your mind, Loretta?”

“Just noose me up, damn you!”

I nodded as I reached up and looped the noose around her neck. That’s when I realized her blonde hair had been immaculately styled. She’d really gone all out for this.

“When did you go to the beauty salon?”

“Yesterday. So nice of you to notice.”

“I’m a guy. We don’t always pay attention to things like that.”

I snugged the coil tight behind her left ear. She stiffened as she inhaled sharply. It seemed she was trembling a little.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? You haven’t passed the point of no return yet. I can always take you back down, Loretta. You’re free to change your mind if you want to.”

“Woman’s prerogative, right?” Then she looked me right in the eye and said, “Not a chance.”

She looked down at my throbbing erection. I blushed as she smiled at me. “Besides, it certainly doesn’t look like you want to change your mind about watching me hang to death naked. Am I right about that?”

“Don’t mind my reaction, Loretta. It’s your hanging, remember? You’re entitled to rethink your decision.”

“Maybe so. But it’s your pleasure I’m seeking to enhance. This old body can’t do much these days.”

“Damnit, Loretta! You look quite well for your age! You have really nice boobs. The wrinkles are not too bad just yet. And I see you even shaved down below. Did you do that because you wanted to look good for your hanging?”

She smiled bashfully. “You know me all too well, don’t you.”

I sighed heavily. A part of me didn’t want to do this. But another more shameful part did.

“Ok, Loretta. I guess we’re all set. Shall I make it quick?”

“Quick? Heavens no! How the hell do you expect to make a hanging like this ‘quick’, especially with the thick noose I picked out? Besides, I promised you a fuck!”

“So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take me up off the chair. Then move it out of the way and lower me with the pulley until you can stick that thing inside me.” She nodded at my erection which was now shamefully glistening at the tip.

“Are you sure about this, Loretta?”

“I’m doing this for your sake just as much, if not more, than I’m doing it for myself; ok? Kindly allow me to grant you some pleasure upon watching an old friend hang herself to death. Is that ok with you?”

I held my hands up defensively. “Ok, Loretta. It’s your funeral.”

“Fuh – nee.”

I winced at my remark. She glared at me before the twinkle returned to her eyes.

I chuckled as I shook my head. “Sorry. It just sort of slipped out.”

“I’ll just bet it did. That was bad.”

“Ok. Any last words? I’m not sure you’ll be able to use your voice once you’re in the air and the noose is squeezing your throat closed.”

She ruefully shook her head. “You’re not helping matters any. You’re making this sound worse and worse. Is that because you want me to suffer in the noose? Planning on getting your rocks off?”


“Yes!” she corrected me with a laugh.

I blushed. Then I shook my head. “It’s not going to be fun for you; that’s for sure.”

“Well I’m committed. With you standing there naked and aroused, I want to go out this way more than ever. When you’re done, I want you to open the curtains so the folks out on the main highway will be able to look in the bay windows and enjoy the view.”

“You certainly like to show off, don’t you.”

She panted for breath. I looked down at her crotch. It appeared to be glistening.

“Damn, girl. It looks like you’re getting a little wet down there. Are you sure this isn’t turning you on a little?”

She inhaled sharply. “Will you just get on with it?”

Her chest was starting to heave. It looked as though she was struggling to catch her breath. Instinctively I wanted to delay things. But I didn’t know what else to say.

I carefully reached out and grabbed onto the loose end of the rope. “Last chance to back out.”

She inhaled deeply. There was a brief pause. Then she looked me right in the eye.

“No, darling. Your words say ‘I want to take her down’. But your cock says ‘I want to string her up’. I’m naked, cuffed and noosed, and I’m ready to go. So let’s do something about your erection down there, shall we?”

She forced a smile for me despite her trepidation. “I want you to enjoy yourself; ok? I know it’s going to be at my expense. But I’ve tried to set things up so you don’t get into any kind of trouble over this. Like I say: I was going to do this anyway just as soon as you left. Now I want you to have a good time’ ok? Just make sure you leave the lights on and the curtains open.”

“Ready, Loretta?”

She paused a moment, deep in thought. “Not really, now that I think about it.” Then she sadly nodded.

“I just don’t feel like changing my mind. Now would you be a dear boy and hang this miserable, old woman? Make sure you get some pleasure out of the deal, ok? I’d hate for all this to be in vain should Mr. Lucky down there not enjoy the experience.”

“Loretta, you’re not that old. One of a kind, maybe. But not old.”

“Don’t try to butter me up. I already promised you my cunt while I’m in the air. Now let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

My cock twitched. She saw it and smiled. “Lucky’s eager to see me hang. So let’s do this.”

I dutifully pulled on the rope without any further hesitation. Loretta went right up off the chair. Her eyes flew open from the pain as her feet started to flutter.

Instinctively I blurted out “I tried to warn you” as I locked the pulley and let her swing. At the last second I remembered to tip the chair over. I had to make it look like she’d done it herself.

Her legs kicked as she swung back and forth. Her chest rose and fell as she tried to get a decent breath down her throat. Her boobs still had enough material to bounce rather sexily.

I was incredibly hard watching her hang. Then I grabbed the rope and worked the pulley loose so I could lower her. I locked the pulley when her feet dangled less than a foot off the floor.

She was shorter than I, which made things easier to keep her in midair. Then I stepped forward until I was almost pressing up against her while offering my erection. She wrapped her legs around me for support, even as she tried to impale herself.

She was definitely dry as I entered her. She actually winced from the pain. Then she rasped for breath as she tried to climb me.

“Want down, Loretta?” Amazingly she shook her head. She partially came up off my cock before slipping back down onto it.

I was sure it must have hurt, especially if she hadn’t fucked anyone in years. But I couldn’t resist reaching out to squeeze and fondle her breasts. They felt good in my hands, as I’d wanted to do this for years now.

She rasped and gurgled, resting as she hung limp while trying to hang onto my body for support. I kept groping her mounds as I thrust up into her. Then I reminded her, “You did want me to enjoy this, didn’t you?”

She nodded her head a little. Then she used her legs to try to climb me. No… she was fucking me… trying to ride me.

I worked the pulley a little until I managed to give her the faintest amount of slack. Her breath rasped a little more. I waited for her to tell me to take her down. But she never did. To be honest, I really didn’t want to take her down.

I actually felt her cunt squeezing my dick. Maybe it was the asphyxiation making her do it. But it felt amazing the way she was working my erection inside her.

It felt so good that I just had to give her some encouragement. “Damn, Loretta! It feels good inside you the way you’re clenching. And seeing you suffer in the noose? It’s just… I’m sorry, but it’s just so fucking sexy! I’m so damned turned on right now!”

I saw a flicker of something appreciative in her eyes. She rasped for breath as I groped her tits. It felt like she was trying to fuck me even harder.

I leaned closer and kissed her lips. I was surprised the way she returned it. She must have been suffering, but she was still cognizant of her actions.

She rasped and gurgled as she rode me harder. I thrust up into her, enjoying the way her pussy kept clenching around my shaft. Her actions became more animated as she fucked me with growing urgency.

She gawked as she squeezed really hard. Then her eyes rolled as she shuddered. I felt cum ooze out of her pussy around my dick.

I looked at her in amazement. “Damn, Loretta! Did you just cum?”

She nodded with tears in her eyes. She seemed grateful. So I thrust harder up into her spasming twat.

She eagerly rode me like that for another couple of minutes. Amazingly she’d become a whore in her last moments… a slut riding the noose. It was utterly incredible.

“Loretta, I’m gonna cum.” I could feel my balls swelling. That’s when she really tried to ride me, clenching like crazy.

I let out a gasp as I thrust hard into her twat. I pumped a massive load deep inside her. She actually shuddered hard in response.

“Loretta, did you just have another…?”

She nodded again. There were more tears in her eyes. But her face was darkening, becoming a disturbing shade of red.

“Should I take you down now?” She shook her head no.

“You really want to go out like this: both of us having cum while you’re hanging in midair?” She nodded again.

“Ok, Loretta. It’s your choice. I just want you to know that I enjoyed fucking you in the noose. And I’m going to enjoy your dance of death. I hope that’s ok with you.”

She nodded as more tears filled her eyes. She even managed a smile. Then I stepped back from her.

She lost her hold on my body as she swung back and forth. I smiled as I stroked while watching her. I hoped it made her feel good knowing I was getting off to her suffering.

She began to kick and swing with more urgency. I stroked harder as she fought the noose. Was she doing it for my benefit? Or was the rope strangling the life out of her?

She began humping the air in my direction. I couldn’t believe it as I stroked even harder. “Damn, Loretta! Was that another one? I think that makes three!”

She humped really hard. Then she abruptly hung limp and lifeless. Her frantic gyrations made her body gently swing back and forth as she began to twist this way and that.

I watched her as stray muscles fired. Her chest heaved a little as her toes fluttered. I smiled sadly as I told her, “I’m right here, Loretta. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay right here with you until you’re done.”

I couldn’t tell if she smiled or not. I like to think maybe she tried. Then her bladder gave way, making a mess on the floor.

She dangled quietly, gently twisting and swaying. I went up to her and fingered her cunt. It was wet as hell.

“No more dryness, Loretta.” I fingered her real good, hoping it would please her. But she gave no indication either way.

I moved back and watched for another five minutes. Then I stepped forward and checked for a pulse. There was none.

I slowly got back into my clothes. Then I opened the curtains as she’d requested. Out here on the outskirts of the city, I wasn’t sure who all would get to enjoy the view. But I did it for Loretta.

I caressed her boobs one last time. I even gave her a peck on the lips. Her tongue was protruding a little.

She might have been older. But she couldn’t have looked more sexy. I shook my head, amazed at my own perversion before taking my leave of her.

2021 (written May 5 ’21 by riwa)

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