Brigitte’s beheading


Brigitte Bardot loved men. She loved pleasing men. She wanted to please each and every one of them.

It soon became apparent to her there were way too many for her to satisfy individually. She wanted to offer her holes to every man on the planet. But she was only one woman. There was simply not enough of her to go around.

She constantly went out on the prowl, looking for the next man that needed satisfying. But she could only spread herself so far. The task was rewarding, but the objective was overwhelming.

The day was coming when she would no longer have her good looks to attract men. On that day they would turn their backs on her in search of nubile, younger flesh. She could not blame them, but it still made her sad.

She often wondered if there was some way she could be preserved while she still had her youth. She thought about having a love doll created in her likeness. But she wished to provide sexual satisfaction with her own body.

One day she visited a wax museum to look at the images. But they did not seem realistic to her. Something was missing.

At the wax museum she saw the portrayal of Marie Antoinette. Marie was the last queen of France before the French revolution. Convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal of high treason, she was executed by guillotine.

Maria’s body lay in the guillotine, the neck visibly severed. The head was held aloft in the hand of the executioner. Brigitte noticed the lips parted by the experience of the blade severing the neck.

Her mind turned to naughty things as she studied the head. The mouth was open from shock. A little more and one could conceivably thrust a cock inside.

Brigitte considered the possibility of her head being severed and preserved. With her mouth open, she could accommodate any cock that presented itself. She would simply need to be preserved for all time.

She looked at Marie’s body lying on the bascule. Naturally it was only a wax image. But if the body was real and was also preserved, it too could accommodate multiple cocks.

Brigitte felt a strange rush of excitement. What if her head could be preserved? And what if her body was also preserved for all time to be used for the pleasure of men?

The more she considered it, the more the idea appealed to her. Naturally there would be that nasty business of the blade separating her head from her shoulders. But afterwards, her body could be preserved for centuries, her beauty available for any man to access sexually.

There was a certain finality to what she was considering. On the other hand, it would keep her beautiful while making her immortal. Men the world over could travel to where she was stored to make use of her body. Then they could go home and brag they’d enjoyed the services of the one and only Brigitte Bardot.

She went home and tried to dismiss her thoughts as the ravings of a narcissistic diva. But the more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her. The question was: how could she go about making it happen?

Brigitte did some research. The science of plastination implied the preservation of bodies for decades, if not centuries. Was it possible she could have her head and body prepared in such a way? If so, how would she go about it?

She knew she would have to be careful about it. She did not want her body buried or disposed of. She wanted to be one of those bodies like those displayed in the wax museum, only to be used sexually. The idea of men using her corpse right in the middle of a tour passing through made her quiver from a perverse excitement.

She began to make discreet inquiries. She found a gentleman named Mike Hunt who specialized in the process of plastination. He’d already encased a handful of bodies, several of whom had deliberately chosen beheading.

She traveled to the man’s studio and studied the pieces on display. One female stood encased in glass, her arms outstretched. In her hands was a tray upon which rested her severed head.

Brigitte asked if Mike could prepare her body in a special way. She explained the outcome she desired. She wanted her head and body available for sexual use for many years to come.

Mike told her he believed it could be arranged. Then he asked how she wanted to go about the procedure. Brigitte decided she wanted a man in her pussy at the time of her beheading. No, wait; she preferred him to be in her ass. It would leave her pussy unmolested so Mike could properly prepare it for later.

Mike said he would see to the arrangements. Brigitte asked him if he could make her beautiful. Mike promised her the process of plastination meant her beauty would be on display to satisfy horny men for generations to come.

They discussed a specific time for him to do the deed. She desired to have a cock inside her at the moment of beheading. Mike assured her he would have a gentleman on hand for her execution.

Satisfied, Brigitte traveled home to make final preparations. She told no one of her plans. She didn’t want anyone to try to dissuade her from her objective.

She wanted Mike to put her on display as soon as the plastination process had been completed. Then she wanted him to tell the world. The name Brigitte Bardot would go down in history as the beauty that would satisfy future generations of men the world over.

When the day came she returned to the studio. At first she’d been concerned with having second thoughts about what she was planning. But the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. So she fully committed herself; nothing would sway her decision.

Inside the studio she discovered Mike had built a special trunk of wood upon which she would stretch her head during the beheading. He explained how the trunk would also go on display with her body as the object upon which she’d lost her head. The bloodstains would be visible to all as a sign the blade had truly taken her head.

Mike introduced Brigitte to a large man named Dick. She was told he had a large cock that would stretch her ass nicely. Dick assured her his appendage would leave the appropriate opening for many more “dicks” to cum.

Mike showed Brigitte the sword he’d acquired special for the execution. The blade glistened as Brigitte inspected it. She reached out to touch the edge, only to jerk her hand away the moment Mike warned her the blade was quite sharp. He assured her it would slice cleanly through flesh and bone in one fell swoop.

Brigitte asked if they were going to record the event for posterity. That’s when Mike produced a camera on a tripod. It would make a recording that would play on a loop at the museum where her body would be on display for the sexual use of one and all.

Brigitte suddenly found herself becoming a little frightened her life was about to end. At the same time she experienced an arousal so intense she would have never thought it possible. It was far greater than the arousal she had experienced at going out and picking up men off the street.

Mike kindly asked how much time she needed to prepare. Brigitte told him she wanted to get things started. She did not wish to back out at the last minute. Besides, she was eager to experience what Marie Antoinette had endured during her final moments of life in France.

Mike laughed at her remark. He assured her the Queen had most certainly not experienced a cock up her ass the moment the blade fell. Brigitte smiled as she told him that meant she would have one up on the fair queen.

Brigitte slowly stripped out of her clothes. She was trembling as she stood by the stump she would soon lay her head upon. Then she looked at both gentlemen and smiled.

“I have always serviced the men I’ve encountered. I hope you two will not disappoint me.”

Mike and Dick smiled at her as they undressed, revealing what God had equipped them with. She liked what she saw.

Mike told her, “Not to worry, Miss Bardot. We will enjoy your body before AND after your spirit has departed.” His words made her shiver from a mixture of excitement and dread.

She panted for breath as they helped her kneel by the stump. Mike and Dick stood on either side of her. She reached out to stroke both cocks.

Despite her growing fear, Brigitte had become even more aroused. Her executioners were naked and clearly turned on. If they were horny at seeing her about to be beheaded, imagine how many more men would show up to her display with massive erections and a desire needing to be satisfied!

Mike explained to her she would now give her executioners a blowjob. This aroused Brigitte greatly. She was glad she could suck the cocks of the men who were about to take her head.

They grasped onto her head and took turns fucking her skull. It filled Brigitte with a perverse excitement. She was being forced to suck the cocks of the two men who would soon be responsible for beheading her.

She was not allowed to make them cum. This was a disappointment. Mika assured her they had plans of spunking all over her body after the beheading. This news aroused her greatly.

The two men finally helped Brigitte get into position. Mike stretched her neck out across the stump. Dick moved behind her and knelt down before pushing his cock against her puckered anus.

Brigitte gasped and moaned as he pushed until her sphincter gave way. It was obvious she was not an anal virgin. Dick soon began thrusting in and out of her while grasping onto her hips.

Mike went over and picked up the sword. He was clearly sporting an erection. Brigitte gasped with delight when she saw how aroused he’d become at the prospect of beheading her.

Dick thrust hard into her ass. Brigitte could feel an orgasm coming on strong. Instinctively she reached for Mike’s cock, wanting to pleasure him one last time. But his greatest pleasure would come from removing her head from her shoulders.

She became a little frightened, even as her arousal increased exponentially. For the first time since she’d set things in motion she began to have her doubts. “Mike I think I’ve… wait, I… maybe I’ve changed my mind!”

“Too late for that now, my Queen,” Mike smiled as he motioned grandly. “The Revolutionary Tribunal has found you guilty of sexual perversion. The sentence is death by beheading. As a final humiliation your body will be preserved and put on display to be used by all men for generations to come.”

He grasped onto the sword and lifted it upward, preparing to strike. Brigitte blurted out, “OhmyGAWD!” This was really going to happen!

She opened her mouth to scream as an anal-gasm overtook her. That’s when Mike brought the sword down hard. There was a loud, resounding THUNK.

Brigitte’s head leapt off the stump and rolled onto the floor. Her eyes flew open in shock as her mouth gaped open. That’s when Mike set the sword down before picking up her severed head.

“Taste my arousal, my queen, as your life ends.” Then he thrust his erection between her lips. She could actually taste his erection in her mouth… could even taste the pre-cum on the tip of his shaft.

Brigitte tried to sense what was going on below her neck. She felt nothing. She was disappointed she could no longer feel the way her dying body was shaking from its orgasmic response.

“She’s clenching like crazy!” Dick gasped as he pumped into her spasming ass. “Fuck; she’s milking me dry!”

“And me as well,” Mike added with a smile.

He pulled out of her mouth and turned her head around. Then he thrust through her neck stump. The tip of his cock emerged out of her mouth.

Brigitte stared in disbelief now that she could see it all. She watched Dick fuck her ass while cupping her boobs. Mike then stepped closer to the body with her head impaled on his erection. A moment later his cock began to spurt his seed through the air, splattering her back and severed neck.

Brigitte’s mind registered her final comments. She wanted to be sexually excited, but she felt nothing. Still, she experienced a certain thrill over what they were doing to her dying body.

Consciousness fled away as her expression sagged in death. There was something lewd reflected in her lifeless eyes. It was as though she had loved the way the men had enjoyed her body in her final moments.

Mike and Dick spent the next hour using Brigitte. They fucked all the holes of her cooling corpse. When they were finished it was time to prepare her for the process of plastination.


Brigitte was prepared for plastination as per her instructions. She was put on display in a special museum exhibit. Her neck was stretched across the bloodied stump as she knelt with her ass in the air. And her head was placed on a special pedestal in front of her corpse, easily retrievable for any man with an erection.

A nearby monitor looped the video of her beheading over and over. It also displayed the abuse her corpse had received at the hands of Mike and Dick. There were cries of outrage in certain circles. But it wasn’t long before Mike began receiving requests to behead more beautiful women for plastination.

Many others wished to preserve their beauty while making their bodies accessible to generations of men to come. Had she known what would eventually happen the world over, Brigitte might have been disappointed she was not the only one on display. But she probably would have experienced a certain sense of pride over having lead the way to a whole new movement of beauties being on display for the pleasure of men.

2020 (written Apr 23 ’20 by riwa)

(Generously illustrated with Mike Hunt renders.)

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