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Coming May rewards

Wendy endures a scuba pulldown.
A wife takes revenge.
An Ama diver ignores her premonitions.
Another Mr. Wayne chapter.
Two women talk about Emma and her bad decisions in a biker bar.
Lori drowns for Amy.
The concluding chapter to Emma’s consequences for snooping.
Another chapter to Donna’s shore leave.
Mrs. Anderson is prevented from testifying.
Too many adult beverages lead to a catfight in the pool.
Another chapter to the Legend of Whittaker Manor.
And anything else I might choose to post next month.

March stories/rewards will fall off at the end of April to make room for May rewards.

The end of this month will mark the three-year anniversary of my return back to my home town and where I went to high school. I am amazed at all the events that have taken place. I got another car, and I had gall bladder surgery. I even got shifted from one apartment to another. But when I consider where I used to live, I feel I am blessed to be here.

Mom is doing well, considering all she has gone through. I’ve been blessed to still have her around. It’s so nice to have her living so close to me that I can be at her house within five minutes. With all that has occurred, it is important to be appreciative and count your blessings. I find things to be thankful for every day. And one of the things I’m thankful for is all of you who are my patrons, giving me the purpose of finding ways to entertain you (I hope) through my writing. Thank you.

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