Synchro Tryout 2


The practice pool was empty when she arrived. That was a good thing. Cyndi Jacobs didn’t want to find herself having any sort of competition. She wanted Coach Riley’s eyes to be on her and her alone.

She swallowed hard when she saw Coach Riley standing there waiting impatiently. She quickly checked her watch. She didn’t think she was that late.

“I’m here, coach,” she declared confidently. “I’m ready for my audition.”

He scowled at her. “You’re late, Jacobs.”

She quickly checked her watch again. “Coach, I’m here when you wanted me to be here.”

He shook his head in irritation. “If you’re as tardy at practice sessions as you are with me today you’ll get no closer to the team than becoming the laundry attendant. I might have a spot for you folding towels.”

She was going to correct him when she thought better of it. So what if she wasn’t late? It was better not to irritate him, right?

Cyndi submissively lowered her head. “Sorry, coach. I was busy putting on a special outfit for my audition.”

She smiled as she spun around in her blue print one-piece, matching swimcap and blue goggles. Other synchro members had worn the same thing during their “private practice”. Coach Riley seemed unimpressed.

“Get your ass into the water, Jacobs! I want to see some underwater laps!” When she hesitated he barked, “Now!!”

She put on a noseclip before diving right in. She swam back and forth underwater until she ran out of breath. Then she surfaced. Coach was nowhere to be seen.

A voice in the pool boomed, “Get your ass in front of this window, Jacobs!” It came from the pool speakers. Cyndi swam down until she stopped right in front of the glass. Rick was right there looking out at her.

He gave her outfit a thorough examination. Sure enough, it had become somewhat transparent upon getting wet. She could tell she had his attention now.

“Split those legs, Jacobs! And stay off the floor of the pool!”

Cyndi did as she was told. She dutifully split her legs wide as she skulled in place. Her labia were plainly visible through the fabric covering her crotch.

“Upside down, Jacobs! Slowly spin in place upside down with your legs split!”

Cyndi obediently did as he requested. She wondered if he was giving her crotch his undivided attention. She smiled inwardly, wondering if she might actually have this in the bag.

“Leg split on the surface! Now!”

Cyndi rose up and got a breath. Then she split her legs. “Upside down, Jacobs!” She dutifully went under, her legs split wide while remaining level with the surface.

For the next half hour he really put her through her paces. He made her skull right in front of him. He made her twist upside down in the water. He even made her stand on her head with her legs together pointed up into the air.

He finally let her surface to catch her breath. She barely got a couple of minutes before she heard him holler, “Get a weight belt, Jacobs! Then get your ass back down here!”

She attached the belt around her waist. Then she headed for the pool floor. “Right in front of me, Jacobs! Leg’s split!”

She split her legs, showing him her crotch again. By now her labia were flared from being underwater and breathless for so long. Doubts were starting to creep in as to whether she would even pass this audition.

“Upside down, Jacobs! And ditch that damned noseclip! Don’t let your head touch the fucking floor!”

‘Hardass!’ she thought as she did as she was told. She ended up showing her goodies to him once again. They were plainly visible through the fabric of her suit.

“Stay like that for a minute, Jacobs!” She lost a few bubbles out of her nose. “And I don’t want to see one fucking bubble! Is that clear?”

She struggled to hold her breath while keeping her air in. He glanced at his watch to check on her progress. It was exhausting, especially with the addition of the weight belt.

“To the surface, Jacobs!” She gratefully headed up. Cyndi burst up and gasped loudly for breath.

“Get your ass back down here, Jacobs! Skull right in front of me!”

Cyndi headed back down. She hovered just off the pool floor, her hands waving furiously as her legs pointed ramrod straight. It was easy to stay down; the struggle was trying to keep from touching the floor.

“One minute, Jacobs!” Cyndi groaned inwardly. But she dutifully stayed there, allowing assistant Coach Riley to get a good look at her breasts and crotch… whenever he wasn’t looking at his damned watch!

He checked the time. “Ok, Jacobs; you can surface!” Cyndi dutifully headed up.

She waited for him to call her back down. But he remained silent. She decided to use the time wisely by catching her breath.

“Get your ass back down here, Jacobs! Park it on the pool floor right in front of me! Now!”

She swam down and sat her ass right in front of him, crossing her legs. He checked his watch. “All the girls have to make three minutes just to be permitted to talk to Coach Johnson. Can you do three minutes for me, Jacobs?”

Cyndi smiled and nodded. “Spread ‘em, Jacobs!” She dutifully spread her legs before him, wondering if he wanted to see her goodies again.

She remained motionless, her legs spread as she concentrated on holding her breath. “Not one fucking bubble, Jacobs!” She struggled to make sure she didn’t let one slip out of her mouth or nose.

“You like being underwater, Jacobs?” Cyndi nodded in reply. “Will you do anything to get on this team?” She nodded again.

Riley checked his watch. Then he held up one finger. She knew the intercom was on the wall right next to him as he spoke into it.

“Obviously you wore that suit for a reason, Jacobs! Show me!” Then he gave her a lustful smile.

Cyndi slowly pulled the material aside, revealing her left breast. She deliberately groped and fondled it. “Is that all, Jacobs?”

Cyndi reached down and touched her swollen labia. She ran her fingers back and forth through the material between them. She hadn’t counted on a long breath-hold, certainly not like this. But she felt reasonably confident she could make three minutes.

Riley grinned lewdly as he checked his watch. Then he held up two fingers. Cyndi’s only regret was not getting to see whether or not he was sporting a bulge.

She touched herself as she fingered the fabric between her labia. This was not at all how she’d expected her tryout to unravel. It was certainly getting her all turned on.

She could feel it in her stomach, rising up into her chest. Her tummy rippled as her lungs began to burn. Little spasms occasionally gave her breasts a gentle shake.

The fire in her chest intensified. Was it three minutes yet? She looked at him expectantly. But he just kept staring at his watch.

Damn! How long was he going to keep her down here? Wasn’t it three minutes already? She wanted to release most of the air in her lungs in the worst way. And having her legs split was uncomfortable as hell!

The assistant coach finally lifted up three fingers. “Ok, you can surface and catch your breath, Jacobs.” He didn’t sound quite so demanding this time.

She blew most of her breath away as she shot upward. The weight belt sure was making her feel heavy. She finally burst up gasping loudly for breath.

Damn; that had certainly felt longer than she would have liked. Had she at least earned an audience with Coach Johnson now?

“One more breath-hold, Jacobs! I want you down here upside down on the ladder. Stick your legs in to make sure your head does not touch the pool floor. You got that?”

Upside down? Three minutes upside down?? Damn!!

Cyndi crammed as much air into her lungs as possible. Then she descended to the floor of the pool.

When she reached the bottom she turned herself upside down before hooking her legs into the ladder. “Show me how much you want it, Jacobs! Show me how much you fucking want it!”

Her breast was still hanging out. Cyndi began groping and fondling herself. This time she parted her suit at the crotch with her other hand before working her quivering labia.

Coach Riley smiled as he looked at his watch. Cyndi hoped this would do it. Maybe she could turn him on enough to win an appointment with Coach Johnson.

There was no point trying to be modest now. She worked her crotch as she groped and fondled her boob. Cyndi wasn’t sure she was auditioning for a position on the synchro team or a place in Coach Riley’s personal harem. Maybe in order to get one, she had to work like hell to get the other as well.

She could see in Riley’s eyes that he liked what he saw. So the rumors were true. Deep down he really was a pervert!

That didn’t bother Cyndi too much. She liked acting all slutty in the water. It helped whenever she was trying to hold her breath longer.

Coach smiled as he held up one finger while studying his watch. One minute down. Only two more to go. But could she hold out that long while hanging upside down like this?

“Show me you fucking want it, Jacobs! Show me you fucking want it!” Cyndi responded by groping herself harder. She fingered her slit, wincing as a surge or erotic tingles hit her hard.

She wanted to release a few bubbles to ease the growing discomfort in her lungs. But coach didn’t want to see any bubbles. For some reason that only made it worse.

She wriggled around on the ladder as she fingered herself. She groped her breast as her cheeks began to bulge. She kept telling herself to hang onto every molecule of air she had. She was going to need it if she was going to make three minutes like this.

Coach Riley’s eyes seemed to burn into her very soul. She could tell by his expression how much he was enjoying this. Damn; wasn’t it two minutes yet??

Holding her breath right side up was one thing. Holding it upside down while trying not to lose any air was something else entirely.

He finally held up two fingers as he checked his watch. Cyndi couldn’t believe it! Had she only been under for two lousy minutes? It sure felt like a hell of a lot longer.

“Show me how much you want it, Jacobs! Give it your all! I want to see it!”

How was she supposed to interpret that? Cyndi suspected she knew the answer. Would making herself cum win her that desired audience with Coach Johnson?

She fingered herself harder. At the same time she could feel it in her lungs. It was going to be a challenge staying down for three full minutes. Maybe doing a little masturbation like this would take her mind off it.

Cyndi worked her swollen nub as she fingered herself. She was sure he wanted to watch her cum. It was so damned arousing she figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make herself pop off.

The problem was: could she hold her breath long enough? Her cheeks were bulging, her chest starting to heave. What if she lost her breath and exploded in orgasm before her three minutes were up?

She looked over at Coach Riley. How long was it going to take to get to three minutes?? It felt like her lungs were on fire!

Cyndi really began to wriggle and struggle. But her eyes remained on Coach Riley the entire time. She didn’t dare cum until after he gave the signal she’d reached her goal.

She could feel it swelling within her. Her lungs felt like an inferno. Did he want her to drown? Or did he just want to see how far she would push it in order to win a visit with Coach Johnson?

She struggled to hold her breath in, staring intently at the assistant coach behind the glass. His eyes remained on his watch as though oblivious to her struggles. Her lungs screamed in protest. Then he held up three fingers, smiling wickedly the entire time.

Cyndi shuddered in orgasm. She was unable to prevent her breath from spewing away. It left her all dizzy as hell, her lungs virtually empty.

She fell away from the ladder, weak and disoriented. Cyndi struggled to get her ass back to the surface. The weight belt felt so heavy that for a moment she didn’t think she was going to make it.

She finally burst up gasping loudly for breath. She almost slipped below the surface, coming dangerously close to passing out. A wave of dizziness momentarily overwhelmed her before it passed.

She panted wildly for breath, waiting to be called back down. She wondered if the assistant coach also had a drowning fetish. What would she do if he pushed her beyond her limits? Would he try to drown her as a part of her audition?

2020 (written Jul 31 ’20 by riwa)

(vidcaps courtesy of JustPaul and are used for illustration purposes.)

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