The Party Decoration


The lockdown was over. The party was set. Philomena learned that Lucia was going to hold it at her parent’s house out in the country while they were out of town.

The guest list was made up of university students both male and female. The school had already opened back up with classes in session. That meant students were back in the dorms.

Lucia scheduled the party for the Saturday after the first week back while her folks were away. But she wanted this to be a special party. She had a favor to ask Philomena. So they arranged to meet Friday afternoon.

When they were alone after class on Friday Lucia told Philomena, “I want to do something special for my party. And I want you to be a part of it. Are you interested?”

Philomena said she was. Lucia asked, “Can you come over early Saturday and help me set up? I’ll tell you all about it then.” Her friend said she would be there.

The truth of the matter was: Philomena owed Lucia some money. In fact she actually owed her a lot of money. She was hoping that by accepting this favor, it might cover her debts enough so she wouldn’t have to pay any of it back.

She showed up early on Saturday to help set things up. Lucia expressed gratitude at her friend’s willingness to help out. Then they got to work getting everything ready.

The subject of the debt she owed didn’t come up, at least not at first. Lucia didn’t even mention it. Philomena found herself waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it did, she was afraid they might have a big blowup over it.

She wasn’t about to remind Lucia she would eventually pay it all back. In fact she was kind of hoping her girlfriend would just forget about it. But that seemed unlikely, considering the amount she owed.

When everything was finished on the main floor, they headed down to the basement. They cleared the recreation room, pushing the pool table off to one side to make room for dancing. Couches and chairs lined the walls.

What caught Philomena’s eye was something located along the back wall. It was a noose dangling from the ceiling. Underneath was a lone, three-legged stool.

“What’s that for?” she pointed nervously.

“That’s the favor I want to ask,” Lucia replied with a knowing smile.

“That’s the favor? A noose and a stool?? Just who do you plan on hanging down here?” But she already had a growing suspicion she knew what the answer was going to be.

“Why you, of course!”

“Me?? That’s not funny!” Philomena was not amused.

“Oh, come on,” Lucia waved dismissively. “You didn’t think I was really going to hang you, did you? I just want you to stand there as a party decoration.”

“Stand there? …on that stool? …as a party decoration?? What if I fall off?”

“You’re not going to fall off, ok? The noose will be tight enough around your throat to help you stay upright. You won’t fall off unless you deliberately step off.”

“What if the stool tips over? I’ll hang, won’t I?”

“You can see I’ve got a really thick noose, Mena. If anything happens, you’ll only hang for a second or two before I get the stool back underneath your feet. It won’t hurt all that much. Anyway the stool is not going to tip over.”

“But what if it does? What if you don’t get the stool back under my feet in time?”

“Don’t worry! Kiera and Tawny will be down here the entire time. Someone will make sure you don’t slip and fall; ok? If something should happen, you’ll only hang a few seconds before someone gets you back onto the stool.”

“What if I get thirsty?”

Lucia sighed heavily. “Someone will make sure you get something to drink, ok? Stop being such a worrywart!”

“But what if…?”

Lucia angrily cut her off. “Have you forgotten how much money you owe me? You still haven’t paid me back, you know.”

The subject of her debt had finally come up. Philomena gulped and lowered her head. “Finances have been kind of tight lately.”

“Finances are always tight with you! You owe me big time! Now are you going to do this for me or not?”

Philomena was understandably nervous. “Let me get this straight. You want me to stand on that stool during the party with that noose around my neck?”

“There’ll be a little bit more to it than that.”

Uh – oh. That didn’t sound good. “Like what?” Philomena wanted to know.

“Your hands will be tied behind your back. It will add to the effect.”

Bondage, eh? She’d done that before on several occasions. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

“Um… ok. I guess I can do that.”

“There’s more, Mena. I want you to have a ball-gag in your mouth. I don’t want you complaining the whole time you’re up on that stool.”

Philomena became indignant. “I wouldn’t complain…”

“Oh, yes you would! Besides, I don’t want you hitting up any of our friends for more money tonight!”

“I wouldn’t do that!”

“You’ve done it before! Anyway, that’s the deal! So are you going to be my party decoration or not?”

Philomena considered the matter carefully. What was being asked of her sounded dangerous despite the assurance there would be plenty of precautions. But this might be a way of wiping out most if not all of her debt. It was time to play her trump card.

“What you’re asking still sounds kind of risky. So I’ll do it on one condition. If I do this for you it means my account with you will be square. I’ll be all paid up, ok? After tonight I won’t owe you a dime.”

Lucia frowned as she considered the matter. “I don’t know, Mena. You owe me a lot.”

“But you want me to hang!”

“No, I don’t! I want you to stand noosed on that stool as a party decoration! If you want to wipe the slate clean you’re going to have to stand on that stool for… hmm. I’d say four hours ought to just about do it.”

“Four hours???”

“It’s a party, remember? There’s going to be lots of drinking and dancing…”

“…and couples sneaking off to make out! No one will be left down here in the basement to look at me after they all wander off!”

“That’s why I want you down here on that stool as the center of attention. No one will want to leave early or go off somewhere with you standing there looking as though I’m going to hang you at any moment. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“You won’t kick the stool away for spite and hang me down here, will you?”

Philomena was worried. She really did owe Lucia a lot of money. Her girlfriend wouldn’t hang her over the debt she owed, would she?

Lucia sighed with exasperation. “I promise I won’t kick the stool away and hang you down here.”

“Four hours? And then my debt to you is paid in full?”

“You owe me a lot of money, remember?”

“Yeah, but you want me to stand on that stool for a long time! You want me there with my arms behind my back, a ball-gag in my mouth, and a noose around my neck!”

“For what you owe me I think I deserve a little more.”

“Like what?” Now Philomena was really becoming uncomfortable.

“I think you ought to stand there naked.”


“You OWE me, remember? You owe me a lot! Besides, you’re going to get a hell of a lot of attention standing there naked with those tits of yours hanging out.”

“Then I want to wear a thong! I don’t want anyone gawking at my kitty!”

“That’s not part of the deal, Mena. Hell, everyone coming to the party tonight has already seen it; am I right? You’re the campus slut, remember? That’s why I picked you! You want to pay me off? Then you’ve got to stand there noosed and naked.”

“But everyone will see everything! You’re just trying to humiliate me! Everyone will take pictures!”

“You owe me, remember?” Then Lucia gave her a sly grin.

“Just think of it, Mena. You’ll be the center of attention. It’s my party, but all anyone will ever talk about for years to come is seeing you standing naked on a stool with your head in a noose.”

“What if… what if I get… touched or something??”

“I don’t fucking care whether or not they molest you! Hell, you’ll probably get off on it! You want to wipe out the debt you owe me, don’t you? This is your one chance to wipe the slate clean! I don’t care who gropes you tonight! So take it or leave it!”

“Lucia, I don’t know…”

“Mena, you’ve taken advantage of me for far too long. I’m seriously thinking about cutting you off.”

“But you’re my friend! I can’t help it if I keep running out of dough!”

“If you’re my friend, you should damned well act like one! You owe me, remember? Stand naked for four hours with a noose around your neck and I’ll consider your debt paid in full!”

Philomena looked carefully at the noose. She wasn’t all that comfortable about the idea. But Lucia seemed serious about wiping away the amount she owed her.

She checked her watch and sighed. Then she looked up in the direction of the main floor. “How soon before they start showing up?

“Tawny and Kiera will be here at six-thirty. The others will start showing up around seven.” Then she paused, giving her girlfriend a sly smile.

“You’re going to be the hit of the party, Mena. Every eye will be on you. Besides, you love being the center of attention; am I right?”

Philomena gave it some more thought. But Lucia was right. She loved being the center of attention.

She was clearly nervous about the whole thing. But she was definitely going to be the star attraction. Being groped didn’t sound like it would be all that terrible. Hell, she might even get a good fuck out of it from one of the guys once the party was over.

The idea had its appeal. But she didn’t want her girlfriend to know that. So she tried to sound reluctant.

“Um… all right, Lucia. I, uh… I guess I’m in.”

“Great. I’ll have Tawny and Kiera set you up down here once they arrive. When I bring everyone down I want to see you on the stool at the same time everyone else does.”

“Ok, Lucia. If this is what it takes to get you off my back about what I owe you then I’ll go ahead and do it. Now you promise this will make us even?”

“I promise.”

“And you won’t kick the stool away?”

“I won’t kick the stool away.”

“All right; I’ll do it.”

Philomena felt a shiver of arousal ripple through her. The way her girlfriend eyed her made her tremble with uncertainty. She hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake.

She knew Lucia had a bit of a thing for her. Being naked was certainly going to allow her girlfriend to violate her with her eyes all night long. But she wouldn’t be the only one gawking at her.

Everyone else who showed up tonight was going to get quite an eyeful. She was going to be helpless… and totally exposed! Hell, she was liable to get pawed and groped all night long before the damned party was over! Philomena wasn’t sure whether that excited or frightened her.

Once they returned to the main floor Lucia suggested Mena should go to the bathroom. Otherwise she would have to hold it in all night long. Philomena wisely went to the restroom to relieve herself, wondering what the hell she’d gotten herself into.

Tawny and Kiera arrived shortly before 6:30. Lucia and Philomena greeted the redhead and the blonde at the door. They had barely set foot inside the foyer before Tawny looked at Philomena and smiled.

“Is she going to do it, Lucia? Is she going to be your party decoration? Is she going to stand with a noose around her neck?”

Philomena was horrified. She turned toward Lucia and blurted out, “You bitch! You told them you were going to ask me to hang at your party??”

“They need to get you ready downstairs, remember? I had to tell them why I wanted them to show up early!”

“What’s the big deal?” Kiera asked with a naughty grin. “So what if you stand there noosed and naked during the party? So what if the guys all rape you with their eyes? So what if you get groped a little before we let you down?”

The blonde looked overly enthusiastic. Even Tawny seemed eager to see her all noosed up. Now Philomena wasn’t as certain as she had been earlier.

“I don’t know…” she stammered nervously.

Lucia frowned at her. “You owe me money, remember? Or have you forgotten?”

“She owes us too,” Kiera reminded her. “I still haven’t seen that hundred you owe me.”

Tawny looked at her in surprise. “Only a hundred? She owes me two!”

“I said I’d pay you guys back, and I will! It’s just that…”

Lucia interrupted with a dismissive wave at the bickering trio. “She owes everybody! Just take her downstairs and noose her up, ok? I’ll wait up here for everyone else to arrive.”

The redhead grinned sadistically. “With pleasure.” Then she lashed out, latching onto an arm.

“Tawny, don’t grab me like… hey, Kiera, not so rough – HEY!”

The two coeds grabbed her arms before marching her toward the stairs. Lucia hollered after them, “The stuff’s in a box in a corner! I want to wait until she’s noosed and ready before I bring everyone down to see her!”

“We’ll make her look good for you, Lucia!”

“Tawny, you don’t have to be so fucking – OW!”

The two young woman marched Philomena down the stairs into the basement. Kiera went over and fetched the box. Tawny took their captive straight over to the noose and the stool.

“Ok, Mena. Time to strip.”

“I don’t think I like this very much.”

“Have you forgotten you owe us money too?” Kiera said, eyeing her with a dangerous grin as she came over with the box.

“I’m not sure I want to go through with this…”

“Are you going to get undressed?” the redhead asked with a lewd smile. “Or do I get to help you out of those things?” Tawny looked as though she would like nothing better than to forcibly remove every stitch of clothing Philomena was wearing.

“Ok – ok; I’m undressing!”

Kiera took the items out of the box. Philomena reluctantly stripped before carefully folding her clothes inside the emptied box. The two girls had previously seen her naked, so that wasn’t an issue. It was just that now she couldn’t stop shivering from a mixture of anticipation and dread.

“This is for your wrists,” the redhead gleefully remarked, spinning Philomena around. Tawny pulled her arms roughly behind her back. Then she started securing her wrists together with a length of rope.

“Ow! Not so tight, you bitch!”

“Shut her up, Kiera.”


The blonde took the ball-gag and tried to force it between Philomena’s lips. Their captive put up a futile struggle. “OW, my wrists! Not so-MMMPPPHHH!”

Kiera forced the ball-gag into her mouth. Then she strapped it tightly behind their naked friend’s head. Philomena grunted in pain as Tawny pulled hard on the rope binding her wrists together.

When they were done they spun her around to face them. Philomena grunted indignantly. Tawny just laughed at their handiwork.

“She looks great; doesn’t she, Kiera? Just look at those nipples! They’re really sticking out!”

She reached out and sadistically twisted them both. Their helpless party decoration let out a muffled cry of pain. “That’s for the two hundred dollars you owe me, bitch!” In response Philomena glared daggers at her.

The doorbell rang upstairs. Kiera motioned upwards. “They’re showing up early, Tawny. Let’s get her all noosed up.”

Philomena grunted as the two coeds worked her up onto the stool. Being the taller of the two, Tawny reached up and looped the noose around her neck. She made sure it was snug, tightening it behind Mena’s left ear. Then she made sure most of the slack was taken out, leaving the rope uncomfortably tight around their naked friend’s throat.

Philomena whimpered plaintively. Tawny patted her boobs before chuckling. “You just stay put, ok? Don’t fall off; we’ll be right back.”

“MMMPPHHHH!” Philomena anxiously shook her head.

“Relax!” Kiera laughed. “We’ll be right back! We’re only going upstairs!”

The coeds took the box with her clothes and slid it under the pool table until it was mostly out of sight. Then they went upstairs. Philomena was left standing on the stool with the noose around her neck, all alone and trembling like a leaf.

She shuffled in place, only to feel the noose uncomfortably snug around her throat. Falling off the stool now would undoubtedly stretch her neck before anyone could come down to rescue her. Philomena let out a muffled grunt of alarm.

She could feel a little drool building up around her mouth. She was having a difficult time swallowing it down. She was not going to be able to keep from drooling all over herself.

It didn’t take long until she was quite uncomfortable. This wasn’t such a good idea after all. Four hours was going to be a long time!

She could feel herself moistening down below. How humiliating! At the very least she should have insisted on the thong.

Philomena felt flush as she tried to stand still. She didn’t like the way the rope felt around her neck. Shuffling around didn’t help matters any as she could not find a more comfortable position in which to stand motionless.

She could hear people upstairs. It sounded like there were a lot of them. How long until Lucia brought them all down to see her??

That bitch! Was she going to make her wait? Was she going to make her suffer over the money she owed? She should have turned her down from the very beginning!

Once more Philomena shuffled around on her feet. But she simply could not find a comfortable position. Maybe she could try to get someone to get her down before her four hours were up.

She heard voices in the stairwell; they were finally coming down. Lucia’s voice could be heard above the others… “I want you all to come down and see what Tawny and Kiera set up for our party!”

Philomena whimpered as bodies started pouring out of the stairwell. “There she is!” Lucia declared with a gesture. There were oohs and aahs as all the university students rushed over.

“Let’s have a look at her!” Lucia declared as she stepped close. “Now THAT’S what I call a party decoration!” There were laughs, cheers and applause.

Everyone crowded around to have a look. Philomena blushed as she whimpered in shame. She definitely should have told Lucia to go fuck herself. She was never going to live this down.

Somebody cranked up a boombox. But nobody wanted to dance. They just kept hovering around Mena, gawking and staring. Several gazed lustfully at her. Others looked at her as though she deserved to be noosed and naked.

Students started wandering away to get refreshments for themselves. Many of them came right back to stare at Philomena. It was embarrassing as hell, especially since her breasts were swollen and her nipples erect. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened as it dripped from a shameful arousal.

A few couples started to dance. They stayed close to Mena the entire time. It was as though they just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

The pool table was slid away from the wall. Some guys wanted to play. But they were just as distracted, continuously looking over in Philomena’s direction.

Lucia approached her party decoration with a drink in her hand. She held it up in a toast. “It’s 7:20, bitch! The party is just getting started! Cheers!” Then she laughed as she took a big swig.

Philomena groaned with humiliation. She tried to speak, but her ball-gag would not permit intelligent conversation. She shook her head as she tried to indicate with her eyes that she wanted down.

“You owe me, remember?” Lucia had to call out to be heard above the music.

“Hell, she owes a lot of us!” a guy reminded her as he danced close by with a brunette.

“Four hours, bitch,” Lucia told her. “Four hours like that and I’ll call us even.”

Philomena groaned as she shook her head while rolling her eyes. “Hey, don’t mouth off at me, bitch! Otherwise I might forget that little promise I made tonight; remember?”

Lucia reached out with a foot and snagged one of the legs to the stool. Mena grunted in horror as she shook her head.” That’s what I thought. Be a good girl and I’ll let you down in oh…” She checked her watch before telling her, “…three and a half hours from now!” Then Lucia left to go mingle.

Philomena shuffled around on her feet. She still could not find a comfortable position in which to stand. Her nipples remained hard as her kitty continued to drip and glisten.

2020 (written May 21 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by a story request)

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