Hitchhiking kills me (m/m)


I was hitchhiking across the country. I had very little money to my name and was hoping to make it all the way to California. I figured my chances of finding work there were pretty good.

Of course I knew hitchhiking had its inherent risks. But I figured I would get along just fine. Besides, most of the stories I’d heard of hitchhiking going bad turned out to be females, especially ones with a rocky background.

I was off a freeway exit in New Mexico when a guy pulled over in an old pickup truck and opened the door. I thanked him as I got inside. He looked to be some sort of farmer, indicating I might not be going very far.

He asked all about me, and I told him my story. I didn’t think nothing of it. It was nice to have someone to chat with.

He told me he couldn’t take me very far as he was heading home. But I was welcome to ride along. He even promised a nice meal.

I began having my doubts when we pulled down a lane. There wasn’t much of a farm. In fact, the buildings looked like they hadn’t been used in a long time.

He took me right past and down a lane that looked like it was hardly ever used. He saw my expression and must have felt the need to explain. “Just need to stop out here first. I’ve got a little task to perform. Afterwards I’ll be on my way home.”

I gave him a funny look. Didn’t he mean he’d be on his way home with me? It was only then I began to question where the hell we were going.

It felt like we were out in the middle of nowhere when he finally stopped his pickup by a tree. He shut off the engine and got out. Then he reached into some sort of toolbox in the back of his vehicle.

I asked him what was going on. That’s when he produced a wicked looking handgun. He told me to get out of the pickup and strip.

I couldn’t believe it! But I could tell we were out in the middle of nowhere. If he pulled the trigger, it was possible the shot might never be heard.

I hesitantly climbed out of his vehicle. Then I began to take my clothes off. He angrily waved the gun at me as he told me to hurry up and that he didn’t have all day.

I couldn’t believe it! Was hitchhiking going to get me killed? And to think I’d trusted this guy!

I finished undressing until I was absolutely naked. The shame of standing there nude in front of him made my cock stiffen. That embarrassed me even more.

He told me to turn around and lift my hands behind my back. I did as I was told. I was afraid he might shoot me on the spot, killing me instantly. Or worse, I was afraid he might shoot me and then let me bleed out while leaving me for dead.

He secured my arms pretty tight behind my back. I thought about head-butting him, trying to knock him down. But I couldn’t guarantee getting free before he got up and shot me… or worse.

He told me to walk straight ahead over to the tree. There was a strange rock lying on the ground underneath a branch. It was flat on one side, big enough to stand upon. But it was rounded on the other side, making it hard to balance upon if one stood on the flat side.

He told me to stop right there at the rock. I obeyed his instructions. Then I turned back to look at him.

The gun was no longer visible. Perhaps it was in a pocket or he’d left it back at the pickup. What I did see was a length of rope in his arms.

“What’s that for?” I wanted to know. He just smiled as he threw a part of it over the branch above me. The end that came down was in the shape of a noose.

My heart immediately leapt into my throat. I blurted out, “Oh, HELL NO!” Instinctively I started to run, only for him to knock me to the ground.

He was taller than me, and he definitely outweighed me. It wasn’t much of a struggle. He soon had me back on my feet.

He dragged me back to the tree where he pulled the noose down and looped it around my head. I found myself panting heavily for breath. The fear was making my cock even more erect.

I stammered, “Wh-why are you doing this to me??”

“My daughter picked up a hitchhiker once. He killed her, dumped her body by the side of the road, and then took off with her car.”

“That sure as hell wasn’t me!” I blurted out, trying to work up some outrage.

“Oh, I know it wasn’t, son. I hanged that bastard. Then I met another hitchhiker, and I hanged him too. I keep hearing my daughter’s voice in my head, telling me to hang another one… and then another. So you see, I’ve sort of adapted it as a hobby now. Besides… I like to see ‘em kick and dance.”

My heart was pounding a mile a minute. “Wait; you don’t have to hang me! We can make a deal! You can have all the money I got!”

“I don’t care about your money, son. Oh, I’ll go through your pockets when I’m done. I just get my kicks hanging guys like you.”

“No… please!”

He pulled on the free end of the rope. It made me shuffle around on my bare feet until that rock appeared right next to me. He chuckled as he told me, “I’d step up on that if I were you.”

I shook my head, trying to find some way out of the situation. But I couldn’t think of any. Besides, I was already noosed and bound.

I carefully stepped up onto the rock when he kept pulling on the rope I ended up with both feet upon it. It did me very little good, especially since it was so damned hard to balance upon.

I angrily blurted out, “Go to hell!” He smiled as he told me, “You first.” Then he added more tension to the rope.

I rasped as he pulled me up onto my toes. It made my cock stiffen even more. The fear and the shame were almost more than I could bear… not that I could do anything about either one.

My cock was shamefully hard. He smiled at me as he told me, “Your neck might not like what’s coming. But I’d say your cock sure as hell does.”

The rock kept tipping one way and then the other. I shuffled around a little, almost losing it. Then I watched in horror as the farmer tied off the end of the rope around the trunk of the tree, leaving me straining to breathe from the constricting coil around my neck.

My cock dripped and oozed. It was humiliating as hell. The shame of it all was that a small part of me actually wanted a little release.

The farmer pulled his pants down, revealing a growing erection. Now mine is a pretty fair size. But his was a couple inches longer. It was also thicker.

He stood there stroking in front of me. I rasped as I struggled to maintain my balance upon the rock. Then he grinned sinisterly at me as he told me, “Son? You’re making me so horny that I think I’m going to have to do a little something special about it.”

What the hell was he talking about? Then he stepped forward. That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to like what was coming next.

He stepped up right behind me. Then I felt him push his dick up against my ass. I let out a cry as I shook my head. But it did no good.

He raped me good and hard with that dick of his. Worse, he reached around and stroked mine the entire time. It didn’t take much before I shamefully spurted my load out into the air and onto the ground.

He thought that was amusing as hell. Then I lost my footing on the rock. Or maybe he pushed it out of the way.

A moment later I found myself trying to kick. The whole time, my ass was impaled by his erection. My struggles to breathe resulted in my butt clenching around his shaft until I felt a creamy load pump deep inside me.

He pulled out of me, which only made things worse. Now I was only supported by the noose around my neck. It made the agony a thousand times worse.

I kicked and swung, my dripping cock twitching and bouncing as it remained stiff. I heard him tell me what a thrill it was to see me enjoy my hanging. I didn’t think it was much of a thrill, even though my dick stayed hard.

I struggled to pull in just a sliver of air. The harder I kicked, the tighter the noose became. The farmer’s erection had not softened in the slightest.

He came up to me and jerked on my cock as he tugged on his. The noose strangled the life out of me until I was hardly kicking anymore. All I wanted was for him to end my suffering.

He jerked another cum out of my twitching shaft. I oozed cream all over his fingers. My face felt flushed, and my head was pounding.

He came closer and partially knelt in front of me. “You were a good one, son. So I’m going to take pity on you.”

What did he mean by that? Was he going to let me down? I could only hope so.

I felt his lips wrap around my still straining erection. I twitched in his mouth, feeling a final flush of shame and humiliation. Stray muscles fired as I attempted to make my body respond to my commands.

I started to lose feeling down in my toes and then my legs. I finally felt my cock ooze more cream. He sucked and slurped it down until I couldn’t feel my dick anymore.

My vision cratered in around the edges. Then it faded fast as my lungs screamed in my chest. I thought I could feel my heart beating slower and slower.

I was unconscious as he sucked the last of my cream out of my dick. Then he went behind me to enjoy my ass one last time. Thankfully I was gone before his cock went off in my ass for a second time.

9-25-21 Inspired by the drawing I found on the Internet

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