Paola’s last tease


We paid a visit to a topless beach. It was your idea. You knew how much I liked the water.

You removed your top. I lotioned you down. You were a tease as you lounged on a beach chair while sunning yourself

You smiled as you looked at the bulge in my Speedos. You finally suggested we go for a swim. I think you wanted to turn me on even more.

Together we walked along the sand to the water’s edge. You playfully caressed my bulge. Then we waded out into the water.

We went out until we were in about five feet of water. You began taking deep breaths and then started swimming back and forth underwater between my legs. Each time you touched and caressed my bulge as you swam under me.

You were playful the entire time. You loved teasing me. Then you offered to do a little breath-holding for me.

You submerged and slid between my legs. You looked up at me as water flooded your sinuses. You did not mind as you blew bubbles up at me.

You reached out to play with my bulge again. My cock was stiff underneath my Speedos. You loved being the reason for my erection.

You surfaced and gasped for breath. Then you filled your lungs before submerging again. This time you pulled my Speedos down off my legs. You must have been thinking about keeping them just to embarrass me as I walked out of the water nude.

You grabbed my erection, stroking me as you bubbled underwater. Then you came up for another breath. You smiled teasingly as you filled your lungs before submerging again.

Once more you slipped between my legs. Then you blew bubbles up against my cock. You stroked it, enjoying how I twitched in your hand.

You released your breath before you stood up. You playfully asked if we should go back to shore while leaving me with an erection. Then you submerged again.

You slipped between my legs. Then you licked and kissed my cock. You were still teasing me, enjoying the way I twitched and stiffened.

You stroked me as you blew bubbles at my cock and balls. Then you surfaced again. You laughed as you saw the agony in my expression.

You chuckled as you asked, “Am I teasing you?” Then you submerged again. You slid between my legs where you began playing with my cock again.

You kissed and licked it, your eyes twinkling as you smiled up at me. You took the tip of my cock into your mouth, releasing bubbles out of your nose. Then you stood up.

You laughed as you saw how aroused I’d become. You loved being the reason for my erection. Then you took a breath before submerging again.

Back down you went between my legs. Once more you blew bubbles against my cock. You licked the shaft before taking the tip of it into your mouth.

You smiled up at me as bubbles trickled out of your nose. You sucked a little more, taking more of my erection into your mouth. Then you released bubbles before you stood up.

You laughed as you said, “Let’s go back to shore and lie in the sun.”

I had a different idea. I told you, “Let’s stay out here until you’ve finished what you started.”

You laughed as you grabbed my hand to lead me back to shore. I grabbed you and forced your head down into the water, your body between my legs. Then I grabbed your head, making you suck my cock deep as I fucked your skull.

You moaned and bubbled. You loved teasing me. Originally you wanted to make me wait, perhaps teasing me without ultimately satisfying my needs. I decided I would wait no longer.

You tried to stop sucking. I forced my cock deeper down your throat. You gagged up bubbles.

You began to struggle. You were running out of breath. Your struggles only aroused me more.

I groped your breasts with one hand while making you suck my cock with the other. Your chest began to heave. Your lungs were almost empty.

You began to resist me. You tried to get out from between my legs. I clamped my legs together, locking you in place.

Your feet kicked as your hands pushed against me. You lost more bubbles as I fucked your mouth nice and deep. Your eyes opened wide in horror.

You tried to shake your head. I kept you firmly in place. Then you gulped as you swallowed water.

You began to thrash about. It made my cock really hard in your mouth. Then you started drowning.

You hitched and gurgled as you struggled in my grasp. I looked down and saw how sexy you looked as you drowned between my legs. My cock went off in your mouth, forcing you to swallow as well as inhale my cum.

Your body spasmed and convulsed before you finally stopped struggling. You stared up at me with lifeless eyes. Streamers of my cum leaked out of your gaping mouth, clinging to your lips.

I stared at your topless, drowned body, admiring how sexy you looked. I enjoyed your death stare. Then I pushed you away in disgust.

Cum swirled out of your mouth. You looked up with lifeless eyes. But I had no sympathy for a tease like you.

The tide began to carry your body out to sea. I calmly pulled my Speedos back up my legs. Then I waded back to shore, knowing the great Italian tease named Paola would never tease anyone again. In fact, it would be the last time you would ever be seen again as the sea carried you out to your final resting place.

2019 (written for Paola Aug 17 ’19 by riwa)

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