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Coming March rewards

A ghost story about Whittaker manor.
Women in peril shorts.
Laura’s final pose
More of the story to Donna’s shore leave.
The consequences of snooping.
Rapunzel hangs her contemporaries.
I dreamed I drowned them (3).
Another Mr. Wayne chapter.
A JustPaul illustrated pool story.
The hogtied snoop.
The concluding chapter to the Russian Roulette gameshow.
Oh yeah… and another Girl’s night out chapter. You’d think I’d be getting close to finishing that by now.

January stories/rewards will fall off at the end of February to make room for March rewards.

Mom is doing so much better. Understandably, she has more energy. We take trips into town for shopping, doctor appointments, and to just get out of the house whenever she’s experiencing cabin fever. But no trips out of the house today. As of the moment I’m typing this, it’s -13 outside.

I don’t suppose anyone would care to trade weather with us for a little while, would they? No takers? Oh well. Thanks for being my patrons, even if you do want to keep that warmer weather for yourselves.

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