I don’t know when I finally realized I was nothing more to Dolly than a human ATM machine. I must have pumped hundreds of dollars her way in an effort to get her to fall in love with me. But I never got a single blowjob for all the money I gave her, not even a kiss.

She had no problem calling on me whenever she needed a ride. And I was too stupid to say no. Every time I jumped to obey I told myself, “This will be the time she finally notices how much I love her.” Each time I ended up disappointed.

A couple of times I almost managed to pull myself away from her. But she would always dangle a carrot in front of me whenever she needed help or a ride or money for some gas or utilities. It was so damned hard to let go.

I finally told myself, “no more”. But she needed a ride out to her grandmother’s cabin. Could I please take her out? Her car was in the shop and wouldn’t be ready until next week.

Once more I fell for it. So I drove her out of the city. She didn’t even act all that thankful. It was as though I owed it to her for some reason.

I heard complaints the whole trip out about how much her life sucked. Her recent boyfriend had turned out to be a louse, and she was losing her job. Instead of ignoring her like I should have, I only ended up giving her the validation she craved.

We finally arrived at her grandmother’s cabin. I probably should have left her there and just headed back. But naturally I asked if she needed a ride back.

She gave me a funny look before telling me no. She said she wouldn’t need another ride from me ever again. Her response caught me totally off guard.

She told me there was a beer in the fridge and to help myself. She was going out back to take care of a few things. She said not to wait up.

I went to the fridge to see if she was lying. Sure enough, there was a lone beer sitting in there. I was surprised she had actually offered something to me. Surely she would want it all to herself, right?

Curiosity made me head out back to see what she was up to. But she was nowhere in sight. Where the hell had she gone??

I went out looking for her. I was going to call out. That’s when it occurred to me she might not want me following her around.

My first thought was why. Was she going out to meet some new guy? Did she already have another ride arranged? It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit as she was quite the slut… well, with everyone but me.

I went around looking for her. I wanted to see who this new guy was. I wanted to know who else she was fucking besides me.

I wasn’t very attractive, and I wasn’t all that muscular. But I had enough money for her to keep asking for favors. She never once paid any of it back. She just kept dangling the promise of an intimate encounter someday, one which never came through.

I don’t know why she kept turning me down. She’d hit the wall and was gaining weight. The guys she dated only wanted to get into her pants. That was all she seemed to be good for to them. At least that’s what she complained about to me.

I finally tracked her down, and boy was I surprised! She was in the forest naked except for a pair of panties. Her clothes had been strewn all over the ground as though she just didn’t care anymore.

She was standing by a tall, square post with a 4×4 section of wood across the top in the shape of a T. A rope dangled from one side or the T. The rope looked as though it had been made in the form of a noose.

There was a wooden chair standing right underneath the rope. I watched her climb up onto the chair and put the noose around her neck. Then she fastened something to her wrists behind her back. I assumed it was handcuffs or something.

Instinct made me rush forward. “Dolly; WAIT! Don’t hang yourself!”

Her tone surprised me as she glared sternly at me. “Roland, what the hell are you doing out here?”

“Dolly, what the fuck are you doing??”

“I’m hanging myself, you idiot! What does it look like I’m doing?”

“But why?”

“My life is miserable. I’m sick and tired of being rejected. Why can’t I get a good guy? They always want to pump and dump.”

I couldn’t help myself; I was still being kind of a simp… “Dolly, I love you!”

“But I don’t love you, Roland. I never have and I never will.”

“You’re going to hang yourself just like that?”

“Just like that, Roland.”

“And you’re not even going to fuck me just this once?”

“I could never fuck you, Roland. I’m not attracted to you. I’ve never been attracted to you.”

“What about all the times I gave you money? What about all the times I gave you rides?”

“You guys are all alike. You do something nice for a girl and then you expect to get into her pants. All men are assholes. There are no more nice guys out there.”

“You’re staring at one, you stupid bitch!”

“I could never marry you, Roland. Hell, I don’t even like you!”

“After all I’ve done for you? You mean I’m nothing more to you than a glorified ATM machine??”

“That’s about the size of it, Roland.” At least she was honest about it.

Something snapped inside me. Maybe it was hearing her finally admit it after all those years. Maybe it was just seeing her standing there with her hands behind her back and a noose around her neck.

I thought about watching her hang herself to death. That’s when my cock began to stir. I was amazed how turned on I was becoming.

It was at that point I finally figured out how I was going to “get into her pants”. I motioned grandly. “Go right ahead, Dolly. Go ahead and hang yourself. I’ll just fuck every hole you’ve got after you’re dead.”

She looked at me incredulously. “You asshole! You wouldn’t!”

“What do you care? You’re going to be dead anyway!” Amazingly I could feel my cock swelling at the thought of watching her kick her life away in the noose and then fucking her corpse.

Hesitation flashed in her eyes. “I… Roland, I don’t know.” Then she anxiously tugged on her handcuffs.

“Roland, I’ve changed my mind. Get me down from here, ok?”

“Do it yourself, bitch!” My words astonished her. Hell, they even astonished me!

Her eyes flew open as she gasped, “Roland??” Then she anxiously jerked on her wrists again before telling me, “Stop fooling around and get me down from here!”

“You didn’t expect anyone to come back here and find you, did you? When you climbed onto that chair and put your head in that noose you didn’t have any plans for coming back down; am I right? So go ahead! Hang yourself, you stupid bitch! I won’t stop you!” By now my cock was really throbbing in my pants.

Dolly was horrified. “Roland, get me down from here right this instant!”

“Where are the keys to your cuffs, Dolly?”

She shook her head. “I… I didn’t bring any. I didn’t… I mean… c’mon, Roland; get me down from here! Get me down and I’ll do anything you want!”

“How many times have I heard that one before?”

“C’mon, Roland! This isn’t funny!”

“You’re the one who got yourself up there, Dolly! Get yourself down!”

She struggled some more with the cuffs behind her back. Then she wailed, “I CAN’T!”

“Just step off the chair, Dolly. Step off the chair and all your worries will be over.”

“Roland, you asshole! Get me down from here!”


Relief flooded her features as I stepped forward. Then I put my foot on the seat of the chair. That’s when the color drained from her face.

“Roland; NO! I’ll fuck you if you’ll get me down from here!”

“I’m already going to do that after you hang to death, bitch!” Then I kicked the chair over.

She let out a cry as the noose took her weight. I quickly stepped back as her feet tried to kick at me. Then she began to shimmy and shake in the noose.

Damn; that did it! My cock was uncomfortably erect in my pants. I loosened my belt, pulled my pants down along with my briefs and then took it out.

Dolly kicked as she jerked her arms behind her back. With her weight I was concerned she might hang herself too quickly. But the noose was nice and thick. It was going to take her a little while to die.

She put on one hell of a dance. She jerked and twisted as her legs went this way and that. She shimmied and twisted as she swung back and forth in the noose.

It’s amazing how aroused I became. My cock was hard and stiff the entire time. Instinctively I stroked myself as I smiled at her.

“Damn, Dolly! You look sexy as hell hanging like that. Your nipples are really hard. Watching you hang to death is worth all the money I ever gave you, all the rides I took you on and all the meals I bought for you.”

She rasped and gurgled as she looked at me in horror. She tried to kick in my direction. It just made my cock throb all the more.

Her knees came together as she did a little bunny hop. Then she shimmied again. It set her to twisting in place as momentum made her sway back and forth.

The longer I watched, the more aroused I became. I wasn’t really going to take advantage of her dead body, was I? That was all talk, right? But the more I thought about it the more I decided I might as well enjoy myself like I’d told her. Besides, I might never get another chance with her.

For the first time I began to see her for what she truly was. She’d really put on a lot of weight. I don’t know how she expected some guy to sweep her off her feet and marry her, what with all the men she’d fucked in her life.

Seeing her in a new light made me lose all my attraction for her. But what I lost was compensated by the way she struggled in the noose. There was just something sexy about the way she was kicking and struggling all naked except for her panties.

“Not much longer, Dolly,” I told her as I stroked my cock. “Soon I’m going to enjoy all those holes you’ve been withholding from me. I’m so glad you decided to allow me to bring you out here so you could hang yourself for me. I really appreciate it.”

Something flickered in her eyes. Had my words registered? It looked like she was trying to move her lips.

I saw her tongue protrude. She got the shimmies all over again. Her legs looked all stiff. Then she relaxed as though she’d grown tired of the whole thing.

I saw fluid start to drip from her crotch. Had she pissed herself? Or had she experienced something sexual? I figured it didn’t really matter.

She began to settle down until I saw sporadic muscles fire. Her arms and legs twitched a little. Even her toes wriggled a little bit.

I walked all around to look at her. I saw folds in her skin from where she’d been putting on weight. For some reason she had these red sleeves on her arms.

I walked up to her and stuck my cock between her legs. I masturbated between them as I looked at her. Then my cock went off.

I pulled back and sprayed her lower legs. For the first time ever I’d actually gotten to use her body for a sexual release. And I intended to enjoy many more such releases with her corpse.

I pulled her panties down. Then I felt her pussy. It was nice and wet.

I rubbed and groped her breasts as she dangled there. I ran my hands all over her, enjoying feeling every inch of her body. It wasn’t long before my cock got hard again.

I set the chair upright and climbed aboard. I reached up to free the rope from the top of the post. It came loose, allowing her naked body to crumple onto the ground.

I picked her up and bent her over the seat of the chair face down. I went around in front of her and pushed my cock in past her lips. She willingly “sucked my dick” with no complaints.

“How many cocks have been inside your mouth, Dolly? I’ll bet you’ve sucked a lot of dick, am I right?”

I thrust nice and hard between her lips. If felt wonderful. One of my lifelong dreams was finally coming true.

I took my sweet time fucking her mouth. I thrust hard, shoving my cock deep down her throat. She never once gagged or complained.

I left a nice load before I pulled out. Then I went around back. She still had two more holes with no waiting.

I pulled her soaked panties down. Then I thrust my softening dick into her pussy. It was warm and wet.

I gave her a nice, steady fuck, my cock hardening back up as I enjoyed her dead body. It was unbelievable how turned on I was while fucking her corpse. She’d been a bitch to me the whole time she was alive. Now she was warm and willing.

I thanked her for hanging herself for me. Then I left a smaller load up her cunt. Now it was time to enjoy her ass.

I slapped it several times. Then I pushed my way inside. I was just hard enough to penetrate.

I was so turned on fucking her corpse that I hardened right back up. I thrust nice and slow up her ass, savoring the moment. Her naked body rocked with each thrust.

I’m not sure how I managed cumming yet again. Perhaps it was because of the uniqueness of fucking a corpse. Anyway, I left a nice load deep up her butt.

When I was through I thought about it for a long moment. How difficult would it be to string her back up? I decided it might be a good idea, being as how she’d intended to be found dangling back here in this clearing by the woods.

I worked like hell to get her strung back up. She was awkward and heavy, and I cursed her much of the time. But somehow I managed. Then I tipped the chair over as though she’d kicked it over.

When I was done she just dangled there quietly. Her mouth gaped open from when I’d fucked it, my cream on her tongue and hanging from her lips. She had this incredible death stare that really turned me on.

I made sure her panties were pulled back on. They were soaked with urine and from my cum leaking out of her holes. I smiled as I told her, “Ok, Dolly. I’m going to leave your clothes right where you left them. I suppose you would have wanted it that way.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t talk you out of hanging yourself. I’m sorry you felt this was the only way out. But I totally respect your decision.”

“I think I can say with all certainly that I’m no longer in love with you. I see you for the bitch you truly are. But I understand why so many guys wanted to fuck you. It’s just too bad you couldn’t find a nice guy like me to settle down with.”

I heard a rumble from off in the distance. I turned to see the horizon darkening. Light flickered within the gathering clouds. It was time to leave.

“Time for us to say our goodbyes, Dolly. I really enjoyed fucking your corpse. Thanks for finally allowing me to be intimate with you this one time.”

She didn’t say a word. She just dangled there quietly. It dawned on me I really preferred her this way. Then I turned and headed back to the cabin. I wanted to get down off the mountain before the storm hit.

2020 (written Mar 16 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by renders created by C. Mike Hunt which I included as illustrations.)

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