Her lover’s icy embrace


Note: a re-edited story from 2007.

Her fingers are numb, but the hole is finally cut, the ice removed. It’s roughly four foot in diameter. It gives her access to the frigid waters of the lake below from a hole large enough to slip into and then crawl out of.

As she looks down into the water, she feels a familiar warmth in her loins over what she is planning on doing. A thrill of excitement runs up her spine. Then she makes her way back to the tent she’s set up on the edge of the lake.

Dropping the axe, she steps through the oval opening and feels the heat from the space heater. It’s nice and warm compared to the air outside, a brisk 19 above. She was fortunate to find enough extension cord to bring the tent and the space heater this far out from the house.

She strips out of her layers of protective clothing, anxious to go for a quick skinny-dip. Her friends would think her nuts if they knew about this. Perhaps she is.

She sheds layer after layer of clothing. This is such a strong part of her that she believes she would die if she couldn’t entertain her deep, dark desires every now and then. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night after dreaming about it, the sheets wet between her legs.

It isn’t long until she’s completely nude. She shivers excitedly, but not because of the cold penetrating the thin walls of her tent despite the space heater. It’s because of her planned swim.

She knows how cold this brief little swim is going to be. But she can’t help herself. She’s come too far, gone through quite a bit of effort.

She steps back out through the opening to the tent, eager to get into the water. It will be no longer than a minute or so. But that will be long enough.

She sees her breath mist in front of her. She quickly sets out toward the hole she cut in the ice. Her bare feet protest as goose bumps break out all over her body.

It’s only a few short steps down to the waterline. Bare feet come in contact with the layer of ice that covers the lake. She must hurry before her feet become numb.

She goes as fast as she can across the ice, trying not to lose her footing. She glances all around, wondering if anyone notices a naked young woman making a mad dash across the lake. But where she lives is isolated. No one will see her out here unless they are outside using binoculars.

This has been on her mind for weeks. She’s planned accordingly. Now she can’t wait any longer. She desperately wants to get wet.

The hole is several yards out. She wants to be in water in a depth well over her head. Her breath catches in her throat as the sun shines down on her naked body.

She trembles as she approaches the opening she’s cut into the frozen surface. She shivers again, but not from the brisk temperature. In mere moments she will be submerged, enveloped in the bracing arms of her one true love.

She can barely contain her enthusiasm. Her nipples are hard with excitement. She feels moisture between her legs, a moisture that will freeze if she tarries too long outside the tent and the space heater.

She reaches the hole and looks down into the water. It’s so cold that a very thin layer of ice has already appeared. She pauses with uncertainty.

Does she really want to drop right in, not knowing what awaits her in the water below? How thick is the new layer of ice? If she’s going to get wet, she’d better do it now.

She chooses to enter slowly. She sits down on the edge of the hole, sticking her feet into the water. She inhales sharply before blurting out, “Oh, SHIT – THAT’S COLD!”

Her legs dangle in the frigid water. Her ass numbs from the cold ice she sits upon. Her first thought is to get the hell out. But she wants to be submerged, if only for a minute.

She inhales sharply, pushing herself off the edge before she can change her mind. A moment later she’s completely submerged. The numbing cold embraces her naked body, causing her lungs to contract.

The warmth in her loins increases. She skulls with her hands, working herself deeper. Air streams out of her nose as her lungs heave in protest.

Her body screams at her to get out of the freezing cold liquid. She kicks hard for the opening illuminated by the sun. She bursts up in one fluid motion and pushes herself out of the freezing water onto her feet while gasping for breath.


She dances across the ice just as fast as her legs will carry her. Several times she nearly loses her footing. Dripping water glistens off her body, threatening to freeze to her skin.

She reaches the shore and makes a mad dash to the opening of her tent. She feels a welcome blast of heat as she slips inside. Then she snatches up a towel and frantically starts drying herself off.

An amusing thought crosses her mind. If only the Polar Bear Club could see her now. What would they say if they knew she was planning on going back out?

The warmth in her loins has increased. She wants a second swim, another dip in icy water. One more might be just enough to satisfy her.

Tossing the towel aside, she takes a deep breath before dashing out the opening of her tent. She can’t wait to jump once more into her lover’s icy embrace. She trembles from a perverse arousal.

She’s on the ice again, tip-toeing on the balls of her feet just as fast as she can go. She hurries toward the opening cut in the ice. When it comes into view she doesn’t hesitate.

She lets out a cry as she leaps into the hole. She hits the hole with a splash. Then she’s fully submerged again…


The numbing cold is a shock to her system. She burbles as she looks at the murky darkness all around her. Dark brown strands swirl around her head as bubbles trickle out of her nose.

She hugs herself while releasing a stream of bubbles. Her torso gently humps against an invisible lover. Her nipples protrude significantly out of her breasts from the intense cold of the lake.

Her body screams at her again to get the hell out of the water. She releases her breath as she kicks upward. Then her head bursts out of the water.

Thin panels of ice fracture all around her as though she’s just shattered a window. She gasps wildly for breath, the cold penetrating straight through to her lungs. It’s time to get out.

Grabbing the edge of her hole, she pushes herself up out of the water. She flops onto the ice on her chest, numbing her all-but-frozen breasts. Then she’s back on her feet.

She slips and slides as she dashes back to the tent. She pants loudly for breath, her body demanding the warmth of the tent and the functioning space heater. The blast of heat coming through the opening feels welcome as she slips inside and finds her towel.

She dries herself off rapidly, an ache building in her loins. She pauses again, thinking the unthinkable. Damn; two trips are just not enough, not nearly enough!

She wants to cum underwater. And she wants her icy lover to do it all by himself, holding her in his cold embrace. The thought of being entombed in his frozen depths drives her wild with desire.

A moment later she feels warm enough. Then it’s one last dash back outside. She must be insane!

She rushes down until she reaches the hole. This time she leaps high. Then she hits the water with a splash.

This plunge takes her even deeper. She feels herself sinking in the icy darkness. The warmth inside her swells toward that desired eruption of pleasure.

She sinks farther down, looking up at the hole of life cut into the surface above her. It sends erotic shivers rippling through her. Ominous thoughts of “what if?” fuel her lusts.

Her clit and pussy are numb, her nipples painfully erect. But the fire within is undeniable. This time she’ll stay until she’s satisfied.

She makes herself to stay down longer this time. She watches with delight as the air she releases swirls to the surface. Heaving lungs indicate it’s time to return to the surface.

She kicks upward, but it’s not as easy as before. Every dive tempts her icy lover. Every time she submerges makes him try to hold on tighter.

He works to sap her strength, wanting to claim her for his own. She giggles excitedly, sending a flurry of bubbles to the surface. She swims up until her head breaks the water, spreading a growing mish-mash of broken ice panes around the surface.

Once more she’s out of the hole, dashing back toward the tent and the heater. She’s eager to warm up so she can do it all over again. She can no longer contain herself.

For the fourth time, a nude young woman dashes across the surface of the lake. She jumps into a hole in the ice, a squeal of glee cutting across the lake. For the fourth time a naked female body hits the water with a splash and sinks in a froth of bubbles.

For the fourth time she hugs herself tight, thrusting with her torso and fucking her watery lover as the excitement builds inside her. For the fourth time she sinks a little deeper… stays submerged a little longer. And for the fourth time she kicks up for the surface unfulfilled.

Her body quivers excitedly as it begs her lover for the release she craves. But once more she’s been teased, told to come back and try again. Is her lover seducing her, dangerously lowering her guard?

She breaks up through the gathering ice shards and pulls herself out, a little more slowly this time. The ice is accumulating; she really needs to clear it away. But her mind is awash with arousal

Her desire to return to her lover’s icy depths is strong. She needs to feel his cold, clammy touch all over her naked body yet again. She desperately wants to orgasm. Clearing the ice will have to wait.

Her run back to the tent is not quite so fast this time. It still feels good when she enters. But it is not quite as warm.

Her feet are growing numb. It takes longer to thaw them out. It’s the same with her arms and legs.

Her chest feels heavy. She suspects her time is just about done. But she wants one or two more before she calls it quits.

She wants to cum and she’s getting oh, so close! She can almost hear her lover calling out to her. She remembers how his cold, seductive grasp feels on her body.

“Fucking hell!”  Then she’s running back out the tent onto the ice. Her heart pounds excitedly in her chest.

There’s the hole and she leaps in, crashing through the icy surface. The air froths around her body. Bubbles brush sensuously over her skin.

She shudders as she allows herself to sink deeper and deeper. She warps her arms around herself and squeezes her breasts together, burbling pleasurably. She feels her lover’s cold brush on her clit.

There’s an icy caress between her labia. She thrusts her hips out again, fucking the water hard and fast. This time she wants it.

Her lungs ache, the cold contracting them painfully. But she pushes herself even longer this time. The fire within aches for an outlet…

…and still her lover mocks her… denies her…

Her lungs scream in protest. She kicks upward, noticing how numb she’s become. Then she’s at the surface, panting for a warm breath of air.

She weakly pushes through the gathering ice, wearily pulling herself out. She gets to her feet and makes her way back to the tent. She feels disappointment.

A cloud blocks the sun. Her lover is toying with her, teasing her with the promise of release, only to sadistically withhold it. She’s cold and frustrated.

Somewhere inside is a ball of pleasure that wants to explode outward. She wants to feed that smoldering mass. But she’s colder now, her body growing numb.

She enters the tent and picks up a third unused towel. She was careful to bring out several. Then she starts to dry herself.

The numbness does not go away as rapidly as before. She looks out the tent opening at the hole in the ice. Then she sighs with longing.

“Is this it?” she wonders aloud. “Is it time to go back to the house?” She’s so cold; her nipples, clit and labia so numb. If only…

She moves close to the space heater, trying to warm her body parts. She glances out the tent flap at the hole in the ice. She’s sure she can her lover calling to her.

Come out just once more time. Only one more and I will give you what you desire.

Her body trembles with longing. A part of her knows she’s thoroughly chilled. She really needs to go inside and call it a day. But she can’t stop staring out the tent flap.

She feels the warmth blossom inside her yet again. She can hear her lover calling to her

Just once more. One more and I will grant you what you seek. Come to me, my beloved – there’s still time. You can do it – you are young and strong. Quickly now… before the sun goes down…

She quivers erotically. Her eyes glaze over as though she’s in a trance. She mentally calculates the ice floating in the hole has not thickened to the danger point yet.

She’s still numb, even though she’s almost dry. She’s young and strong; she has the strength for one more trip. But this will be the very last one. Knowing that will help trigger the release she craves.

The sun abruptly comes out from behind the clouds. It spreads its rays everywhere. Clearly it’s a positive sign.

A thrill of arousal runs down her spine. She imagines herself plunging once more into her lover’s icy embrace. That’s when she steps out of the tent.

She walks down to the edge of the lake and heads toward the hole with purpose. She doesn’t acknowledge how numb she really is. She can barely feel her feet as she walks across the ice.

When she comes to the hole she is surprised at how much ice has accumulated. That’s when she hesitates. Then she hears him calling to her.

She feels that familiar warmth inside her. Without even realizing what she is doing, she leaps into the hole. She breaks through with a crash, shocked at how much ice has collected.

…just as the sun ducks behind a cloud…


Her eyes widen in surprise; it’s not what she expected. The warmth returns to her loins. It’s always there whenever she’s underwater. But this time everything feels different.

She looks up and sees not the familiar brilliance of the sunlight reflecting off the icy shards in the hole. Instead, she sees a grey dreariness. And she feels heavy. She’s sinking, her body numb all over.

Burbling with alarm she starts pulling toward the surface, kicking numbly with her legs. But it’s slow going. Then she loses a burst of air.

She watches it swirl up to the surface. Only it alarmingly gathers where her hole should be. It has stopped on the underside of the collection of ice shards and panes.

Her lover is trying to hold onto her. He wants to keep her from surfacing. She can hear his seductive voice… Stay with me.

She shakes her head as she tells herself she’s got to surface. It’s much too cold now. She’s got to get out.

She hears the voice again… Stay with me!

“I CAN’T!” she cries out in her mind. Then she hears him tell her, I’m not letting you go!

Her eyes widen in alarm. She finally reaches the hole. But when she pushes up, the whole mish-mash of ice bulges up as one, having fused together.

She pushes again, but gains very little. That’s when she realizes just how numb and weak she is. Then she feels a sudden thrill of fear that feeds the warmth inside her…

You can’t go, my beloved. You’re staying with me this time. Now we’ll be together forever.

Uh-oh. Gawd; NO!

She feels a burst of adrenaline, and she pushes hard. The ice gives, crackling and snapping. But it does not part. She has actually pushed herself downward…


She tries to kick upward with all her might as her lungs start to heave. She pulls hard with her arms, only to feel a dreadful, settling numbness in her limbs. Then she hears that voice again in her head…

You can’t leave, my beloved. I’m not letting you go.

With a last burst of energy she propels herself upward. She pushes against the ice in the hole. Again, it bulges but does not break open.

She begins to flail against it with her fists. Then she drifts downward, still flailing as bubbles leak out of her mouth. Her stunned mind tells her she has severely miscalculated. If she’s lucky, they will find her body come spring…

Now you belong to me… entombed within my icy grip, my beloved

Her lungs heave in agony. Air bursts out of her mouth as the surface gets farther and farther away. Yet the warmth blossoms within her once more.

Once again she finds herself thrusting with her hips, trying to fuck her icy lover. But she’s much too numb. She can barely move.

In desperation she slides a hand down, feeling for her clit. But that is numb as well. Her genitals no longer respond to her touch…

Now we’ll be together forever, my beloved. But it’s not the comforting voice she’d once heard. Now it sounds cruel, sadistic and heartless.

The water gets colder all around her as she drifts deeper. She shudders, desperate for one last release. Then much of her air bursts out of her mouth.

She can’t stop the icy coldness of the lake water as it fills her lungs. She coughs, inhales sharply, and then coughs again. She spasms and convulses, feeling the heat inside her swell one last time…

Will she experience it? Will her icy lover allow her one last orgasm?

She spasms once more, coughing the rest of her air out of her lungs. A moment later she comes to rest on her back on the muddy bottom. She is surrounded by total darkness, the heat of her loins about to burst forth.

Consciousness begins to fade away. The warmth in her pussy subsides as it too starts to fade. The last thing she hears is her lover’s mocking laughter ringing in her ears. Then she is left to gaze upward with lifeless eyes…

Several days later her friends come looking for her. They find the tent and the shorted-out space heater. When they find what appears to be a hole cut in the ice, they fear the worst. That’s when they call in the Search and Rescue’s dive team.

2007; 2020 (written Jan 30 ’07; ed. Feb 19 ‘20 by riwa)

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