Dahlia finds a noose


It was very puzzling. She’d ridden with some other girls out to the castle. Now they’d all gone off on their own. Apparently she’d been left to her own devices.

Nobody came with any instructions. No one told her where she could and could not go. Out of boredom she decided to do a little exploring.

There was someone else wandering around inside. A couple times Dahlia caught sight of a woman in a black robe. But the woman always disappeared before she could get close enough to ask about the others.

Eventually she ended up on the third floor of the castle. She’d already explored the other two floors, finding little of interest. But she figured it was ok to wander around, being as how she hadn’t been told to keep herself to the main floor.

Again she caught sight of the woman in the black robe. Was she following her?? She called out, “Hey; can I ask you something? Where is everybody?”

The woman refused to acknowledge her presence as she disappeared through a doorway. Dahlia became irritated over the rude behavior. “Hey, I only want to ask you where the others are!” Then she angrily set off after her.

She came to the door the woman had passed through. She opened it up, only to discover a small stairwell leading upward. Did this castle actually have another floor? Dahlia was incredulous.

She carefully went up the steps until she reached a small hallway. The woman in the black robe was at the other end, about to open another door. Dahlia called out, “Hey; wait!” But the woman ignored her as she opened it up and stepped inside.

“Hey; don’t turn your back on me! That’s rude! That does it; I’m not leaving until I get some answers!”

Dahlia rushed up to the door and opened it. Almost immediately she found herself in some sort of attic. Costumes hung from racks while others were draped over trunks and chairs.

She looked all around but didn’t see the black-robed woman anywhere. She was sure she’d seen her come in here. How could she have disappeared??

She rounded a corner and gasped at what she saw. A mural had been painted along one wall. But it was the subject matter that astonished her.

A naked woman stood on an old, cushioned chair, a hand covering her crotch. A noose came down from the ceiling and wrapped around her neck. A mirror had been painted in as though the young woman was staring at herself while preparing to step off.

Dahlia looked around and saw the same chair sitting in the middle of the room. She observed a floor length mirror over against the far wall. Dangling over the chair hung a thirteen coil noose, exactly as what was being depicted in the mural.

At first Dahlia was shocked and dismayed. But there was something about the mural that fascinated her. Besides, the woman in the painting seemed enthralled at her situation.

Dahlia moved closer as though wanting to get a better look. Now she could tell the woman was not simply being modest. It looked as though she was deliberately touching herself while looking into the mirror. Whoever had painted in her reflection had done a fantastic job.

Dahlia looked at the mural, studying it intently. Then she walked over to the chair and looked up at the noose. It seemed odd the way it dangled as though matching the mural along the wall.

It was rather disturbing. But there was something about it that intrigued her. A glance over at the mural seemed to imply the woman had deliberately climbed onto the chair of her own accord and noosed herself.

Dahlia looked at herself in the mirror. She tried to imagine what her reflection would look like with the noose around her neck. The chair looked sturdy enough. Surely it couldn’t hurt to give it a try, could it?

She carefully climbed onto the chair until she was standing upright. The noose ominously framed her face. She looked into the mirror and felt a strange shiver of excitement.

“This is silly,” she said, her voice so loud it almost startled her. There was no reply; the room remained silent. And there was still no sign of that woman in the black robe.

She reached out and touched the noose. It was certainly real enough. She ran her hands over the coarse hemp, wondering how it would feel around her throat.

She pulled the noose to her and gently looped it around her neck. It scratched her, giving her a shiver that both excited and frightened her. She quickly pulled it off before hurriedly stepping down off the chair.

She went back over to the wall and looked at the mural again. The woman displayed there looked as though she was excited about something. She didn’t look the least bit frightened having her head in the noose. On the contrary, she appeared to be touching herself as though in a state of arousal.

Dahlia studied the mural and then looked skeptically at the chair. She looked all around as though making sure no one was watching. That’s when she began entertaining a preposterous idea.

Did she dare? Who would possibly know she was up here? That woman in the black robe? She must have slipped away and gone back downstairs.

Dahlia found herself unbuttoning and removing her white blouse. She folded it up and carefully set it upon a small trunk sitting nearby. Then she hesitantly removed her bra before setting it on top of her blouse.

Something brushed against her bare flesh. Dahlia gasped and looked all around. But no one was there. Had it been her imagination?

She panted for breath as she looked up at the noose. Did she dare? A moment later she made up her mind as she quietly muttered, “What the hell.”

She carefully climbed the chair until the noose framed her face again as she looked at the mirror. It excited her to see herself topless as the coil dangled before her. Then she carefully looped the noose around her neck.

The hemp scratched her throat again. Dahlia gasped at the caress of rope on skin. That’s when she looked into the mirror.

The image reflected back was incredible. She could see a topless woman with incredibly erect nipples appearing quite aroused. This whole damned thing was exciting her far more than she could have possibly imagined.

Once more she glanced over at the mural. Then she carefully removed the noose from around her neck. She climbed back down off the chair before staring intently at the woman painted onto the wall.

Without thinking she began to remove her tight, shiny pants. Her wet panties came off next. Both items were carefully placed upon her blouse and bra.

She reached out and touched the woman in the mural. Then she looked up at the noose dangling above the chair. That’s when she felt a shiver of fear and excitement.

Once more she looked at the naked lady in the mural. Dahlia was becoming incredibly excited. She panted for breath as her heart beat loudly in her chest.

She walked over and stood beside the chair as once more she looked into the mirror. She stared at her reflection for the longest time. Did she want to see herself like the lady in the mural: naked with the noose around her neck?

It wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? No one was around to see what she was doing. And that woman in the black robe had long since vanished.

She looked all around to make sure she was still alone. She listened intently but heard nothing, not even footsteps coming up the steps. She could feel the room becoming a little spooky now and was starting to get a little creeped out.

Dahlia started to go back for her clothes. Maybe she should get dressed and head back down to catch up to the others. But something made her hesitate.

She glanced at the chair with the noose dangling above it. She looked at the mirror and saw her reflection. What would she look like standing on the chair naked with the rope around her neck? Would she look like the lady in the mural?

Dahlia carefully considered the matter. She thought she heard a voice whisper to go ahead and give it a try. She looked around as though someone had spoken. But she concluded she must have let the words slip out herself.

Dahlia hesitated briefly before climbing the chair again. The noose framed her face as before as she stared at the full length floor mirror. The image being reflected back was acting as though she wanted the noose around her neck.

She turned once more to look at the naked lady in the mural. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. Now here she was, standing on the chair in the exact same posture. What would it hurt? Besides, no one would ever know she’d been up here.

She carefully grasped onto the noose. Then she slowly looped it around her throat. That’s when Dahlia felt an erotic jolt as the hemp scratched her, making her pant heavily for breath.

She stared at her reflection. The image looking back at her seemed incredibly excited. Nipples had swollen as a neatly trimmed pussy glistened from a perverse arousal.

She thought about getting back down. Then she glanced over at the mural again. Instinctively one of Dahlia’s hands moved down her stomach until it settled in her crotch, matching the painting on the wall.

She panted for breath as she saw the woman in the mirror touch herself. It was unbelievably erotic. Dahlia thought the whole damned thing was crazy. Yet she was experiencing an excitement unlike anything she had ever known before.

Her breasts tingled with sexual desire. She caressed them as though trying to calm herself down, only to grope and fondle herself even more. Her pussy dripped and throbbed.

Another image flickered briefly in the mirror. Dahlia let out a gasp as she turned to look. She could have sworn that woman in the black robe had been standing directly behind her as though admiring her form.

“Hello? Is anybody there? I’m sorry; I’ll get down right now.”

She glanced at the mirror and saw the reflection hesitate. The young woman looking back at her was rubbing her crotch harder. She let out a whimper, feeling more than a little caught up in the whole damned thing.

That was it; it was time to get down. No, wait; just a few seconds more! Dahlia was torn with indecision and excitement.

She turned to look at the mural again. Dahlia let out a cry of alarm when she saw the woman was no longer standing on the chair. It had tipped over, causing her legs to appear to kick in midair.

What the hell?? That’s not what she’d seen before! Were her eyes playing tricks on her??

She turned to look in the mirror. She saw the woman in the black robe standing directly behind her with her hands on the chair. It looked as though she was going to pull it away.

Dahlia gasped, “NO; WAIT!” Then she lost her balance. That’s when the chair tipped over, clattering loudly onto the floor behind her.

Dahlia dropped until she was fully suspended by the noose in the ceiling. The hemp scratched even more as the rope dug into her throat. Instinctively she reached up and grabbed for it in an effort to loosen it from around her neck.

She saw her reflection start to kick up a jig. Then she got a glimpse of the woman in the mural. She appeared to have her hand buried in her crotch as she mauled her breasts. But that’s not what she’d seen earlier…

Dahlia shook her head no. This couldn’t be happening to her! Then she twisted until she saw her reflection. It was a woman furiously groping herself as she tried to masturbate while dangling from the noose.

She kicked and shuddered as she rasped for breath. Her neck was in agony, the hemp scratching as the rope began to constrict ominously around her throat. Her weight was putting an unbelievable strain on the noose.

Instinctively she clawed at the rope around her throat. The mirror swung back into view. This time the woman in the black robe was standing behind her, touching herself through the fabric of her garment as though enjoying the show.

Dahlia tried to shake her head again. The mural twisted back into view. This time the woman looked like she was all caught up in a state of deeply asphyxiated lust as she dangled from the noose.

Dahlia tried to fight it. But it was no use. When she swung back around she saw the reflection in the mirror of a woman deeply strangled, furiously groping herself as though desperate to make herself cum.

She rasped and gurgled as she began thrusting her hips outward. A brief glimpse of the mural showed the painting of a woman all caught up in the throes of asphyxiated orgasm. Dahlia could not understand it. Was she seeing things due to her brain not getting enough oxygen?

It overwhelmed her until it battered her senseless. She hung limp as she hitched and shuddered with orgasmic aftershocks. She could not believe how hard she had cum. And yet it felt like she was still climaxing… still trying to coax another one out of her oxygen-deprived body!

Dahlia orgasmed the fight right out of her body. Then she became exhausted. Her arms dropped to her sides as she gently hitched and convulsed.

She gently swung back and forth as she twisted in place. She got one last look at the mural. The noosed woman was now hanging limp and lifeless as though she’d stepped off and hanged herself.

Dahlia tried to breathe, but her throat was closed off. Her neck felt like it was stretching. She couldn’t feel her legs anymore.

She saw the woman in the black robe step up to her. She was dimly aware of human hands appreciatively caressing her naked flesh. The woman seemed tender and intimate.

Dahlia twitched as a death rattle came up from somewhere deep inside her. She couldn’t move anything anymore. Why wasn’t the woman letting her down??

She looked in the mirror one last time as her vision began to fade. The woman in the black robe began to shimmer out of existence like a mist. Then she was gone.

Dahlia tried to scream as her tongue slowly protruded. In the mirror she saw the reflection of a naked woman who looked as though she’d deliberately hanged herself. But that was impossible, wasn’t it? Then her vision failed until she saw nothing at all.

There was a quiet splatter of urine as Dahlia gently twisted and swayed in the hemp noose. Her naked body turned enough to get one last look at the mural with sightless eyes. It did not register in her brain that the large painting had disappeared, to be replaced with nothing more than the old, faded blocking of the castle wall.

2020 (written Feb 2 ’20 by riwa)

(Illustrated by renders created by noosegirl)

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