Chastity’s little fuck-toy part 2


I spent the rest of that evening getting myself all worked up thinking about fucking the lovely little lesbo Lexi in the drowning tank. It didn’t help matters any whenever I caught sight of her in her attendant’s uniform and that short skirt she was wearing as she wandered about the Club with her tray of drinks.

Every time she saw me she would make a show of accidently dropping something on the floor near a customer. She would apologize for her clumsiness and then bend over to pick it up. She would show me and everyone else who had a good view that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She would always glance back at me and then bring her hand up to her mouth in a gesture of “Oops; I’m naked under there!” Then her eyes would twinkle. She always gave me her most innocent smile before going on about her duties.

I think a part of her plan was to get me all hot and bothered. Perhaps she hoped I would really give it to her good when the time came. If she wasn’t careful she was going to get more than a good hard fuck. The idea of drowning her as I raped her had a certain appeal to it.

I was still undecided about snuffing her when I walked into the Entertainment stage area. Monique was taking advantage of the lull in business to tidy up the area. I saw her making sure the games were ready and functioning and that the place was spotless.

“Hi, honey,” she said to me as I walked up to her. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

“Please get the drowning chamber ready,” I said to her as I held her in my arms. “But don’t bother to alert the entire casino.”

“Oh?” I had definitely piqued her curiosity.

“This one will be a little different,” I told her casually. “Naturally our customers are more than welcome to come in and observe if they wish. I’m not sure yet if it will qualify as an official snuff.”

“I see,” she said, her eyes twinkling curiously. “I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve, honey.”

“I should be back in about fifteen minutes,” I told her as I glanced at my watch, “…just as soon as I corral and prepare my little slut.”

“I look forward to it,” she said with a smile as I walked away…

I tracked Lexi down in another part of the casino. She’d just emptied a tray of drinks to some clients around a blackjack table. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“Come with me, little girl,” I said quietly, manhandling her toward the one of the snuff rooms.

An element of fear filled her features. “What did I do, Mr. Rick?” But I saw the faintest twinkle in her eye.

“Don’t play the innocent one with me, little girl. You know what you did. A slut like you …flashing yourself around the Club like that?”

“I didn’t mean anything by it!” she declared, protesting her innocence.

“Of COURSE not! You’re just the innocent little employee in all of this, aren’t you?”

“Maybe I should go talk to Mistress…” Then she let out a garbled cry as I grabbed her by the throat.

“No, you little slut!” I hissed into her ear. “You’re going to deal with me!”

I marched her into an empty snuff room. “All right. Now strip!”

“You can’t do this to me! I belong to Mistress!”

“I can when I catch you flashing your ass to every Tom, Dick and Mary in the Club. It’s up to me to discipline little sluts like you!”

She was taking a little too long. Perhaps it was intentional. That’s when I started pulling her uniform off myself.

“Hay wait! You can’t…!”

She struggled in my grasp as I finished removing her uniform. Sure enough, she was wearing virtually nothing underneath. I decided to leave her in her black nylon stockings, garter and black heels.

I dragged her over to the closet in the corner. Inside I found plenty of rope. That’s when I started tying her arms behind her back, crossing them over each other hand to elbow.

I wrapped some of it around her chest, crisscrossing it through the cleavage to her heaving breasts. She looked rather sexy with the rope crossing in front of her like that. “Let me go!” she demanded indignantly as she twisted and squirmed in my grasp. “Once I talk to Mistress you’re going to be so fucking sorry!”

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be,” I told her sternly. “Now you and I are going to the Entertainment stage.”

“NO!” she gasped in horror. “You can’t! I belong to Mistress! She’s the only one who can…!”

“You just don’t understand, do you? I’m the club’s co-owner. I can do anything I want with you, you little tart! So I think it’s time I take you up onstage and fuck some sense back into you!”

“No! You can’t! I’m a lesbian! I’ve never had a cock in any of my holes before! Let me talk to Mistress! There’s been a terrible misunderstanding!”

“Oh there’s been a misunderstanding all right. You misunderstood if you thought you could flash your bare ass all around the Club and not end up being disciplined for it!”

“I can’t help it if Mistress wants me to wear short skirts and go naked underneath! Talk to her about it; she’ll explain everything!”

“Mouthy little slut, aren’t you. I see I’m going to have to shut you up.”

I dragged her back to the cabinet and reached in for a handy little pecker-gag. “NO!” she gasped as she wriggled her head around, trying to resist.

I held her head steady and forced her mouth open. Then I shoved the business end in past her lips. She cried out in indignation as I cinched it down tight.

“Got anything to say to me, you little slut?” She screamed in fury, the gag muffling her cries. Then I started to undress.

Her eyes grew big as saucers when she saw my erection. Then she started shaking her head. I smiled as I told her, “You don’t have any choice in the matter, you teasing little bitch!”

I spun her around and pulled her against me, pressing my hard cock into her backside. Then I reached around and squeezed her tits. She writhed about, crying out in protest until I ran a hand down and found her cunt.

It was dripping wet. It was just as I suspected. The little nymph was getting off struggling against me.

“SLUT!” I hissed into her ear. Then I thrust a couple of fingers into her snatch. I used them to finger-fuck her hard.

“I should have known. A defiant little slut like you? This must be exciting you. Well let’s just see how excited you remain once we reach the Entertainment stage.”

She cried out into her gag as I fucked her hard with my fingers while humping her with my erection. Her cries dissolved into moans and whimpers as her body began to respond. She started thrusting back until I could feel her trembling like mad.

I leaned in close and whispered into her ear. “I think I should take little lesbo Lexi up onstage into the drowning chamber. Maybe I’ll introduce her to her first male cock while I’m drowning her ass. That should be a lot of fun, don’t you think?”

The little tart stiffened before she started to shudder. I was sure she was starting to orgasm. She let out a muffled cry as her cunt clenched tightly around my fingers.

After a few seconds she abruptly went limp in my grasp. She moaned weakly into her gag as she panted for breath through her nose. “Did we have ourselves a nice little cum?” I chuckled mockingly into her ear. “That ought to knock some of the defiance out of you. Now let’s go pay a visit to the Entertainment stage, shall we?”

Once more I reached into the cabinet. This time I pulled out a Club robe for myself. One of us was going to be naked as we paraded through the casino. But it sure as hell wasn’t going to be me.

I heard Lexi moan weakly as I marched her out of the snuff room in her stockings, garter and heels…

I walked the little slut throughout much of the interior of the casino, allowing everyone to see us. The red glow was not on, causing some to murmur in confusion as to what I was going to do to her. By not alerting everyone to an impending snuff I figured I might draw even more curiosity seekers to the Entertainment stage.

I smiled inwardly when I saw some of them talking to each other in hushed tones. A few motioned curiously in our direction. It made me wonder what type of an audience we might generate without the red glow alerting people.

Lexi started to put up a struggle the closer we got to the Entertainment stage. I saw her look around with pleading eyes. She let out muffled cries for assistance to many of the folks who were looking at us.

The whole time I had this strange feeling she was playing along. In fact I got the impression she wanted more humiliation. Turns out I was more than happy to give it to her.

I stopped short in an open area where everyone could see us. I pulled her back to me as she grunted in alarm. “So you want to make a scene in front of all these nice folks, eh?” I said loudly, attracting even more attention. “Pardon us, folks; this will only take a minute.”

Once more I wrapped my arms around her from behind, grabbing her tits with one hand as I reached down with the other to her crotch. In an instant she knew what I was up to. She gave out a muffled cry of alarm as she shook her head.

As far as I was concerned it was too damned late. “Putting up a fuss, are we?” I hissed into her ear. “Still being defiant? Let’s just see if we can change that, shall we?”

I cruelly fingered her dripping snatch right in front of everyone watching. Lexi let out a muffled cry. Then I felt her body tremble as she started to moan.

She writhed and squirmed in my grasp. But I refused to let go as I fingered her hard. She shook her head as though imploring me to stop, crying out into the pecker-gag in her mouth.

It must’ve gone off inside her with a devastating eruption. She stiffened as though every muscle inside her had seized up. Then she started bucking in my grasp, humping against my fingers with her crotch as her eyes rolled.

She finally sagged in my grasp, moaning weakly. I could feel her quivering. Her face flushed red with embarrassment at cumming in front of everyone watching.

I told our astonished guests, “Please pardon the interruption, folks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” Then I grabbed Lexi’s throat.

I squeezed until she started to choke and gasp. “I think it’s time for your little swim. Let’s get you to the drowning tank, shall we?”

She whimpered helplessly as she trembled like mad. I marched her off toward the Entertainment stage. Behind me I heard murmurs of “Is he really going to drown her??” I could not help smiling inwardly at the attention we were generating.

When we reached the stage my wife’s eyes flew open in astonishment at who I’d brought in. Her jaw dropped open in utter shock. “Drowning tank!” I told her curtly. “I’ll be going in with this one. Give me a depth of five feet, ok? That should be more than enough to drown this little slut.”

I glared menacingly at Lexi. The poor thing grunted in horror. But I thought I saw a flash of lustful desire in her eyes.

The moment was fleeting before she reverted back to form. The little slut whimpered as she writhed in my grasp. Monique drew close, concern in her features.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” she said quietly as she followed us up on stage.

A crowd was starting to gather, curious why the stage was not lit up. Lexi whimpered at my wife, pleading with her eyes to be delivered. Monique was all business as she opened the tank.

I pushed the little slut inside. “This one needs some discipline,” I explained. “I thought I’d go inside and teach her some manners. She hasn’t had cock yet. So I figured I might as well introduce her to mine.”

I dropped my robe, revealing my raging hard-on. In the tank Lexi let out a muffled cry, shaking her head no. Monique looked at me for a long moment, still a little surprised.

Her expression changed until she got this wicked smile as she looked in on the horrified little lesbo. Then she affectionately patted me on the shoulder. “Enjoy yourself, honey,” she said to me, as I stepped inside. “If Chastity gives you any trouble I’ll tell her it was all my idea.”

She closed the door to the tank with a wink, sealing me in with the trembling little nymph. Monique made a brief inspection of the valves and connections. Then she headed back down to her station.

Lexi cried out as she was sealed in with me. She tried to rush the door, but it was much too late. I grabbed her with a laugh, pulling her against me with her back to me.

I chuckled into her ear, “I’d say it’s time for us to get better acquainted, wouldn’t you?”

She shook her head as she cried out, “HUNH-UNH!”

I reached around and started molesting her again. There was a sound of valves opening. That’s when water started rushing into the floor of the tank.

Lexi instantly let out a muffled cry as I fingered her cunt. She was wet and clenching. The slut trembled like mad.

Despite her protest, a part of her really seemed to be into it. I suspected the rest was nothing more than an act. Maybe she desired to add some excitement to her situation.

It wasn’t long until there was about a foot of water in the tank. It was certainly enough to drown her in. I forced her down onto her knees and then pushed her forward until she was horizontal, her head totally submerged.

She writhed and squirmed, bubbling as I held her down. I chuckled as I told her, “There’s not much water in here right now. But there’s certainly enough to drown in. Would you like to find out?”

She cried out in a flurry of bubbles, violently shaking her head. I pulled her up for a quick breath. Then pushed her back down, doing that several times just to give her a taste of things to come.

When I finally pulled her to her knees the water was rapidly approaching my crotch. My hard cock was throbbing with need. I showed it to her, only for her to snort and sputter, her eyes wide in horror.

It was time to remove the pecker-gag. I wanted to put her slutty mouth to use. She protested as she tried to resist me.

“No! I’ve never sucked cock before! Please… you can’t make me!” Despite our time in Chastity’s pool together she was acting like this was her very first time.

‘No problem,’ I thought as I gave her a nasty smile. I figured I could play along if she wanted. Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

I turned to see an astonished Chastity sitting on the front couch with an unobstructed view of the two of us. Lexi spotted her as well. That’s when she cried out for assistance…

“Please, Mistress! You’ve got to help me! I was only doing what you – GLUMPH!”

I shoved my hard cock into her mouth, shutting her up as I looked directly at Mistress Chastity. I wanted to see her reaction as I needed to know if I had overstepped my bounds. All it took was a flash of something in her expression for me to realize her little fuck-toy was indeed mine to do with as I pleased.

“Suck it!” I demanded as the water slowly climbed my cock.

Little Lexi grunted and gurgled as I drove it deep down her throat. Her eyes got bigger as the water continued to rise. She finally snorted bubbles as the water reached her mouth and nose.

“What’s the matter?” I laughed. “Can’t you breathe?”

She cried out and bubbled as I firmly held her head in place. She grunted with each thrust as I drove my cock deep down her throat. I finally pulled out before pulling her head above water.

She gasped like crazy, coughing a little. Then she cried out, “Your cock is underwater! I can’t hold my breath!”

“Then you’ll probably drown,” I told her casually as I forced her back down.

She went under in a flurry of bubbles. She twisted her head and shoulders, struggling in vain. I simply forced my cock back into her mouth until she grunted as I fucked her face.

I glanced out the front of the tank. A large number of patrons had shown up to watch. Some were probably there out of morbid curiosity while others were clearly excited.

As I scanned the spectators I saw one woman stroking her man’s cock inside his unzipped trousers. Another had gotten onto her knees and was shamelessly blowing her male companion. Chastity had an attendant kneeling in front of her, no doubt to attend to her throbbing muff.

I pulled Lexi off my cock and showed her the audience we had garnered. “See, you little slut? Look at all the attention we’re getting. We’re putting on a nice little show for all the customers. Isn’t that nice? Isn’t that what you’re here for?

She started to say something. I just thrust my cock back between her lips. She grunted and gurgled as I fucked her face again.

I felt my cock start to swell as my balls ached for a release. I chuckled at her as I asked, “Are you ready for your cum cocktail?” There was an eruption of bubbles out of her mouth and nose as she tried to shake her head.

I drove my cock deep down her throat. I held it there as she gagged and grunted. A moment later I exploded in her mouth, filling her mouth with my seed.

She coughed an eruption of bubbles before I slowly pulled out of her mouth. My cum swirled out past her parted lips for everyone watching to see. She bubbled as I kept her head submerged to examine the results of her efforts.

Out in the audience I saw that one man grab his woman’s head, jamming his cock down her throat with a roar. Not too far away I saw that other guy’s eyes roll as his woman stroked him to a release. Then I pulled Lexi up for a breath, determined that everyone watching should get a great view of my full treatment of the little slut.

“Please!” she coughed and sputtered. “I can’t… hold my breath!”

I told her, “I guess you should’ve thought of that while you were bending over and flashing your ass to everyone while serving drinks.”

I lifted her body up out of the water enough to feel around for her tight little cunt with my cock. “NO!” she gasped, her eyes opening wide. “I’m a lesbian! You can’t!”

I pulled her down until I impaled her while my cock was still a little hard. She let out a cry while glancing out into the crowd. I could tell she was giving a pleading look in Chastity’s direction.

I thought I saw something flash in Lexi’s eyes. Was she non-verbally goading her Mistress, reveling in the cock she was getting? I just pushed her over backward until her head went under the surface.

She bubbled as I grabbed her tits. I gave them a savage groping as I fucked her hard. Little lesbo Lexi cried out an explosion of bubbles as she tried to thrash about.

I didn’t fail to notice her wrapping her legs around my ass. It was as though she was pulling me into her just as deep as I could go. An instant later the two of us were fucking each other like crazy, her tight little cunt squeezing the life out of my cock as she bubbled with her head underwater.

I pulled her head up, allowing her a couple of gasps for breath. Then I pushed her backward onto her back again. I drew my knees up underneath me as I submerged with her.

I raped her tight little fuck-hole with enthusiasm. She grunted and bubbled as she fucked me back. Gone was her defiance; she was getting from me what she truly seemed to want.

I stood up to pull her up several times for air. But it was never long enough to allow her to fully get her breath back. I brutally shoved her back down onto her back until she screamed a flurry of bubbles.

Her whole body stiffened until she started bucking. The little slut came all over my thrusting cock. She was so aroused in that position that I forced a couple of orgasms out of her as the water continued to slowly rise before I decided it was time to give her a change of scenery.

I pulled her upright, allowing her to gasp weakly for breath. I slid out of her pussy and turned her around so she was facing away from me. Then I turned the two of us so we were directly facing a rather excited crowd of spectators.

“Can you see how many there are out there?” I hissed into her ear. “They’re all watching me fuck the shit out of you. I wonder how many are secretly hoping I’ll drown your ass?”

I thrust my cock into her from behind. She whimpered as she shook her head. That’s when I shoved her forward head down into the water.

I grabbed her shoulders and started pounding her hard. I got a good view of Mistress watching us. Her eyes were wide with breathless excitement.

The poor attendant kneeling in front of her had her head jammed into her crotch. Chastity’s hands were fully entangled in her dark hair. The attendant was brutally humped as she was forced to feast on Mistress’ snatch.

The co-owner of the Club looked as though she didn’t have a single reservation about my raping her little fuck-toy in the drowning tank. She was happily getting her own sexual needs tended to as she watched the spectacle. But Chastity wasn’t the only one getting serviced.

I saw a handful of women bent forward over chairs as they were fucked from behind by their male companions. I even caught sight of Carmen discreetly fucking her secretary Sophia over near a corner, probably with that handy strap-on of hers. The whole scene had the makings of a full-blown orgy.

I finally decided it was time to move on to the grand finale. I pulled Lexi’s head up out of the water. Then I pulled my cock out of her cunt.

“One more hole to go!” I said aloud. “I think everyone here wants me to drown you as I rape your ass.” Then I loudly called out, “AM I RIGHT, FOLKS?”

There were eager cries of “YEAH – DROWN HER ASS!” and “DROWN THE SLUT!” as the little nymph whimpered helplessly.

“Time to fuck your shit-hole, little girl,” I gasped excitedly.

I pressed the head of my cock against her rosebud. Then I forced her head down into the water. A moment later I shoved my dick inside.

Little Lexi screamed a froth of bubbles as I violated her anus, raping her enthusiastically. I pulled her head up out of the water just to hear her agonized gasps for breath. Then I forced her head back under.

Amazingly, the little slut wrapped her legs around my waist again. I felt her push herself back against my thrusting shaft. A moment later she let out another bubbly scream.

I felt her stiffen before her orgasm tore through her little body. Her muscles tightly clenched as though trying to force my dick out of her ass. Her hands flexed like crazy as her body twisted about, impaled on my stiff cock.

I glanced around at everyone watching us. It seemed clear what they all wanted me to do to her. I was already leaning toward drowning her the moment I shoved little Lexi into the tank. But it wasn’t until I looked right into Chastity’s eyes and saw her eager expression that the decision crystallized in my mind.

My cock was on the verge of exploding in her ass when I pulled Lexi up for her very last breath. I loudly told her, “Time to drown, you little slut! Everyone out there wants me to snuff your ass! Last breath, little girl!”

I kept her head up long enough to allow her one final protest. “NO! You CAN’T! PLEASE…!” That’s all she got out as I cruelly pushed her down into the water.

She bubbled anxiously as I began to fuck her ass harder. I grabbed onto her waving braids, tilting her head up so everyone could watch her face as she drowned. The little slut grunted and bubbled as she tried to fight against me.

I couldn’t help noticing how frantically she fucked me back. It was as though she knew how little time she had left. Maybe she wanted to make the most of it. Maybe she wanted to please me. Or maybe she wanted to please Mistress Chastity who was watching with a lustful gleam in her eye.

I raped her ass relentlessly as she drove herself back against me, impaling herself deeply onto my throbbing rod. At the same time she put up a fierce struggle as though trying to break free. The more breathless she became, the more she seemed to fight me.

I could hear eager cries from the spectators… “DROWN HER – DROWN THE SLUT!” Then I felt it swell within me. A moment later Lexi grunted and gurgled with a jerk as her lungs gave out.

For a second I felt her body stiffen. Then she went into violent spasms as she started to drown with my cock up her ass. I think she was cumming again.

There was no way I could hold it back. My cock exploded inside her, my hot seed filling her rectum. I swear I heard her grunt in response as though she could feel me cumming inside her.

My eyes locked onto those of the fuck-toy’s Mistress. Chastity’s expression was one of breathless, wide-eyed excitement. She jammed the head of her poor attendant hard into her crotch as though eager to get off while her fuck-toy drowned.

I grabbed onto Lexi’s head as her body continued to jerk around, all caught up in the throes of drowning. I stared right into Chastity’s eyes, almost as though we were making a connection or something, Then I savagely twisted the head of her little lesbo fuck-toy.

There was a distinct “CRICK”. Lexi’s body jerked in response. That’s when I saw Mistress jerk with a start on the couch.

It was almost as though she’d actually experienced the sensation of me breaking her slut’s neck. Then she jammed the attendant’s face into her crotch so hard I thought she was going to smother the poor thing to death.

For a few seconds Lexi’s body bucked and jerked as I continued thrusting into her ass, allowing her tightening muscles to milk me dry. Her convulsions were the delicious spasms of one whose brain had been severed from her body. I barely acknowledged the cheers of the crowd as my focus was on the dying little slut in the tank.

Her body twitched and jerked spastically as I finished fucking her ass. Then there was no movement at all – no twitches or jerks. I found myself raping the ass of a corpse.

I finally pulled out, my cum leaking out of her anus. I rolled her over onto her back to look at her face underwater. The little slut looked astonished. Yet she had this incredible expression as though I’d broken her neck in the midst of a monstrous, never-ending orgasm.

Her mouth gaped open. Little bubbles slipped out past her parted lips. By now I think her lungs had fully flooded.

The spectators continued to applaud and cry out their approval. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. It seemed to harden up a little. I attributed it to an automatic response of the nerve endings in the immediate area.

I couldn’t help caressing her warm, yielding breasts as she floated limp in the water. I swung her around and moved between her legs. I spread them apart and did a little licking, tasting the flowing death-cum from her cunt as I lapped between her labia.

Her nectar was tantalizing, further confirming why Mistress had liked her so much. I licked a little more before deciding I’d had enough. Then I rolled her over face down before pushing her lifeless body aside.

“She’s all yours, Mistress!” I called out to Chastity with a smug expression. Then I turned to look at my wife Monique. By the look on her face I could tell she’d enjoyed my performance while standing at her station.

“You can drain the tank now.”

She reached down, looking a little breathless. I heard the sound of valves opening. Afterwards I heard the sound of flowing water.

A few minutes later the tank was empty. I was left standing with the corpse of a bound, naked young woman lying face down on the floor.

Monique came up onstage and let me out of the chamber. She handed me a towel as she picked up my robe. That’s when I saw Chastity approach the edge of the Entertainment stage. Her attendant had been left crumpled on the floor and was trying to get her breath back.

“Absolutely breathtaking, my dear boy! Such deliberate cruelty! You’re becoming more ruthless with each passing day! An absolutely superb performance!”

Nearby spectators murmured excitedly about what they’d just witnessed. Then they began to drift away, no doubt headed back to their gambling. I could tell by the look on some faces that our sex rooms were soon going to be in use. Even Mistress looked like she needed a fuck.

Chastity looked at the corpse on the floor of the drowning tank. Then she shook her head as though annoyed over something. “That wicked little slut! Taking her first cock and then getting herself snuffed for it! And here I was planning on impaling her juicy ass and then roasting the little bitch while she was still alive, just so I could watch her squirm around on the pole as she cooked. I wonder if she deliberately decided to take another way out.”

Mistress gave me a long, questioning look. Then she sighed as she shook her head. “Nothing we can do about it now, I guess.”

She looked down at the unmoving body. “I hope it was everything you wanted it to be, you little tart!” Then she turned and looked at me one last time, a look of amusement on her face.

“It sure looked like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, my dear boy. I’m satisfied with the results if you are.” Then she turned and walked away, waving her hand dismissively.

“Throw the slut in the incinerator. She’s no good to me now. Sprinkle her ashes on the indoor plants. Maybe she’ll help them grow.” Then she was gone.

For a moment I’d forgotten I was still standing there naked. My wife helped me back into my robe. Then she wrapped me in her arms, kissing me fiercely.

“My gawd! I hope you enjoy yourself like that when it’s my turn to go! You really raped the little slut! And when you cruelly snapped her neck like that? GAWD!”

She kissed me hard again before pulling away. “I’ve got half an hour!” she told me breathlessly. “I want you to take me, damn you! Take me and fuck the shit out of me!”

I told her I’d already cum twice. But I would certainly do my best. “Just leave that to me,” she said with a wicked grin as we descended the Entertainment stage and headed off to find an empty sex room…

2010; 2020 (written Feb 9 ’10; ed. Jun 30 ‘20 by riwa)

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