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Coming February rewards

The Santamos Island concierge
Someone is assisted by a nurse, but not necessarily in a good way.
Another chapter to Donna’s shore leave.
A story about an underwater killer photographer, inspired by an Aquafantasies clip.
Emma has an after-work visit with her boss.
I dreamed I drowned them 2, two more short stories inspired by pictures.
Another Mr. Wayne chapter.
The concluding chapter to the Melissa drowning saga.
A story about a lover’s fetish.
Another chapter to the game show Russian Roulette.
A second chapter to a story called My Mother the Breath-holder.
And another chapter to Girl’s Night Out (if I can get to it).

December stories/rewards will fall off at the end of January to make room for February rewards.

And here I thought January would prove to be mostly uneventful…

Mom had another fall. This time she had no idea how she reached the floor. So it was another trip to the emergency room. Long story short: she had a low blood count and a very slow heart-rate. So they installed a pacemaker. Mom no longer feels sluggish. She’s feeling much better than she has in a long time. We even went to a restaurant on her birthday. I’m appreciative she got through 2021 and that I got to have her around long enough for her to reach another birthday. So we’ll see what happens this year.

I’m working on more unfinished projects. I didn’t even make it a New Year’s resolution. I just told myself I need to see what I can finish up. So we’ll see how many I can get to this year.

I hope your January has been nice, with good health and minimal stress. Thank you for being my patrons.

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