Going home with a stranger


Part 1

Emma was in fine form as she worked her shift at the biker bar. The petite little Asian waitress was wearing a skimpy, poet hippie blouse with her daisy dukes, guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. What completed the ensemble was a pair of calf-high sand mocs she liked to wear, especially since they were soft enough for the floor vibrations of the cooler to penetrate through to the soles of her sensitive feet.

She was the center of attention as she moved among the tables serving drinks. Several eyes were upon her – both male and female – and she loved it. She sensed she was working up more than one customer into a lather with her small frame and enticing attire.

As much as she was getting appreciative glances from the customers, she was getting equally unhappy glares from her two working companions. They were not happy she was getting all the attention. Sometimes she overheard them talking about her, and she sensed she was pushing their buttons.

The little adrenaline junkie couldn’t help wondering what they might do to her if they ever managed to get her all alone. No doubt it would be deliciously wicked. She couldn’t help trembling as she imagined all the nasty things they might put her through just to make her suffer.

She enjoyed tormenting them with her attitude as well as her provocative apparel. But for now she had other fish to fry. It had been too long since she’d sucked her last cock.

Tonight she was in the mood. Her eyes kept scanning the interior of the bar in the hopes of finding a suitable male. From there it was only a matter of seducing them, perhaps even luring them into forcing her over her flirtatious ways.

She picked out a few worthy subjects. But unfortunately they’d brought along their girlfriends. She still managed to flirt like hell with them, angering their female companions even more. It further added to her erotic tingles as she imagined what those bitches might do to her in response to flirting with their boyfriends.

As the evening progressed she encountered a handful of promising prospects. But none of them seemed interested. All she could manage was some harmless flirting before heading off to wait on another table. It appeared her chances of finding the right man to seduce tonight was waning.

Her shift was winding down when a guy in a leather jacket came in. He looked to be close to her age. What’s more, he looked strong and rugged.

Those were the kind she liked most of all. He appeared to be just the type to rough her up a bit before forcing his cock down her throat. The thought gave her delicious tingles.

She immediately drifted his way before either of her working companions could get there first. She could tell he was interested by the way he looked her up and down. It made her quiver with arousal.

She took his order, brought his drink back and then accepted his invitation to sit down for a chat. In no time at all she was flirting like crazy despite the angry looks from her coworkers. She soon began envisioning a profitable conclusion to her shift, a conclusion where she would get to take him deep down her throat.

She played it cool, asking him what he was doing after her shift was over. He told her he was headed back to his apartment. She was certainly welcome to join him if she wanted.

Emma felt another erotic shiver ripple through her. What would he do to her once he got her back to his place? The thrill overpowered her good sense as she graciously accepted his invitation.

She excused herself to clean up her section, telling him she’d be ready to go in a few minutes. Then she waltzed back to the bar with her tray of empty glasses. She smirked as she told her coworkers, “Looks like I’ve got myself a date, you bitches.”

“Slut! Don’t you know better than to go home with strangers?”

“Jealous?” she shot back defiantly. “Maybe if you two gave better blowjobs you’d get more action!”

“Better watch your back, bitch!” the other snarled sourly. “One of these days I might catch you alone somewhere. Then I just might wipe that smug look off that fucking face of yours!”

Emma giggled with the knowledge she’d pushed their buttons again. One of these days they were going to make her pay. But it looked like it wasn’t going to be tonight.

“Don’t be pissed off with me,” she retorted innocently. “It’s not my fault he likes me.” Then she looked over at the guy waiting for her to return, giving him a seductive grin.

“Don’t wait up for me, bitches,” she told them with a smile. “Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got something juicy to go suck on.”

“Bitch!” they retorted in unison. She just giggled as she headed over to his table.

He stood up when she came over. “I’m all yours,” she told him, slipping her arm through his. Then she turned and blew her two coworkers a kiss, trembling excitedly at the angry glares they gave her.

If looks could kill…

He drove her to his apartment, telling her he would be more than happy to drive her back to the bar later to pick up her vehicle. She told him that would be fine with her. Then she followed him in through the front door.

The place was nothing special. The grand tour was finished in a matter of minutes. But Emma quickly picked up on the fact it had been decorated with a woman’s touch. She strongly suspected there was someone else in his life.

It occurred to her she might be taking an awful risk being alone with him in the apartment. All that did was add to the erotic tingles swirling inside her. It was terribly exciting knowing his girlfriend could walk in on them at any moment.

“Well?” he finally said as they stood facing each other in the living room.

“Well what?” she asked innocently. It was time to start playing hard to get.

“You gave me the impression…” he started to say as he reached for his fly.

“What impression?” she asked innocently.

She felt a jolt of erotic tingles as his face clouded. “At the bar you acted like…”

She promptly cut him off. She wanted to work him up into an angry mood, dangerous though that could turn out to be. “Acted like what?” she asked with a frown. “Surely you didn’t think I came over here because…”

“Well you damned sure gave me that impression! What the hell was all that back at the bar?”

“I was just flirting!” she protested indignantly. “Surely you didn’t think I was coming on to you, did you?”

“I damn well did, you bitch! Now I expect you to put out!”

“Where… in here?? It looks like you’ve already got a girlfriend! You never told me that!” Erotic tingles at the danger she might be putting herself in were growing stronger by the minute.

“You never acted like you cared one way or the other. So what if I’ve got a girlfriend! You acted like you were interested in giving me a blowjob tonight!”

“I did? When the hell did I do that??”

“At the bar, you fucking tease!”

“Look!” she shot back. “I was just trying to be nice is all! It’s what us waitresses are paid to do. If we’re nice to you we get better tips!”

She could sense were this was going. He was getting angrier by the minute. But she was getting herself all worked up the way things were developing.

There was just one hitch. She was taking a bit of a chance. If she wasn’t careful, she just might find herself in real trouble!

He glared angrily at her. “You were trying to be nice, eh? Well you can be nice by getting on your gawd-damned knees!”

“And you can be nice by taking me back to the bar. I don’t have to put up with this! You have a nice apartment and all. But I don’t want any part of no fucking girlfriend!”

“I said ‘GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES’, bitch!”

“What part of ‘take me back’ don’t you understand?”

Emma phrased her words carefully. She hadn’t actually said ‘no’ to him. She still wanted her blowjob; she just wanted him to force it on her.


“MAKE ME!” Emma shot back as a jolt of tingles hit her hard.

He lunged for her and she jumped out of the way. She let out a cry as she raced for the door. He got there before she could get it open.

He flung her back across the room. Emma bounced off the sofa and crumpled onto the floor. It left her momentarily stunned… and tingling like crazy.

He was upon her in seconds, opening his fly and pulling his pants down. Then he shoved it in her face. “Suck it, damn you! You’d better start sucking if you know what’s good for you!”

“Looks like I don’t have much choice in the matter,” Emma responded glumly.

She was trembling like mad; this was the best part. She was a little afraid she might embarrass herself by cumming right in front of him. But she was horny as hell as the cock she wanted hung at the ready.

She got down on her knees and took his cock in her hand. Then she started carefully licking the tip. He sternly told her, “Better do a good job, bitch, or those friends of yours at the bar might never see you again.”

“They’re no friends of mine,” she replied in rebuke, shivering at the eroticism of his threat.

She took him deeper into her mouth, allowing her tongue to swirl all around his quivering shaft. It was a nice cock, a glorious cock. And it was all hers!

Emma loved how she’d worked him into her erotic little plan. Once she got the mouthful she wanted he would calm down enough to drive her back to the bar to pick up her vehicle. Would she explain to him later how she enjoyed poking males into roughly making her suck cock? Maybe she’d let that remain her little secret.

It was possible he might not cooperate in the end. Would she be able to come up with a backup plan? She certainly hoped so.

It was a risk she loved to take. After all, she’d pulled this kind of stunt many times before. But she was fully aware how much trouble she could get herself into if she wasn’t careful.

Maybe that was the problem. Maybe it was the damned adrenaline rush she loved. She was addicted, as every now and then she just had to push her luck in order to get herself off.

She backed off a little, causing him to roughly grab her by the back of her head. “I said SUCK, you fucking tease!” Then he started ramming his cock hard into her mouth.

She groaned as he shoved it in deep until it hit the back of her throat. Her eyes rolled as she felt the approaching storm that was her oncoming climax. She could not help wondering what he would do if he were to actually see her cum right in front of him.

He began to swell in her mouth. Emma knew she was in for his accumulating load. She took him deep, furiously bobbing up and down on his cock as he thrust it hard between her lips.

She tasted his creamy warmth as it filled her mouth. There was more than she had anticipated. She moaned as it leaked out around her lips.

She did her best to swallow it down. Emma was proud she’d gotten him to blow it all down her gullet. But in the heat of the moment she didn’t hear the front door open behind her…


It was a female voice. And the female sounded pissed. Emma felt an erotic jolt hit her hard as the situation took an unexpected turn for the worse.

“Angel, I can explain!” the boyfriend sputtered. “This is the, um… waitress from the bar and… and she needed…”


Emma stiffened in alarm as those erotic tingles returned in a flurry. She could not help instinctively sucking him dry. Besides, it was too late to do anything about it now.

He been caught with his pants down. So she might as well complete the job. Did it really matter whether or not she was in deep shit? She would simply have to find a way out of her predicament.

She was suddenly pulled away from the cock she’d been working on. Then the petite little Asian was thrown clear across the floor. She shook her head as she tried to regain her bearings.


Emma struggled to rise to her feet. Then she put on her most defiant expression. She knew better, but she was so turned on right now… so addicted to the rush she was experiencing.

“Look; I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, ok? It’s not my fault. Maybe if you did a better job of sucking his cock then he wouldn’t have come on to me. Now if you two will excuse me I’ll be leaving. You two can figure out how to handle this fucking mess you made with each other on your own!”

“You’re not going anywhere!!” the woman screamed at her.

She jumped onto the petite little Asian, sending Emma to the floor. Then she climbed on top of her as the little bartender tried to fight her off. But she was much too big and Emma knew it.

Angry hands wrapped around the struggling Asian’s slender throat as the pissed-off girlfriend straddled her. The hands squeezed murderously. Emma’s eyes started to bug out as her panties became soaked from the erotic peril she found herself in.

This was getting deadly serious! Emma struggled in growing alarm as she tried to pry the hands off from around her neck. “STOP!” she gasped, her eyes flying open in horror as her pussy throbbed with a terrible ache at the danger she was in. “YOU’RE… CHOKIG ME…”

“Damn right I’m choking you!” the angry young woman sputtered. “The only good sluts in this fucking city are dead ones!”

“STOP!” Emma gasped, unable to pull air down her windpipe.

She started to rasp for breath as her tongue instinctively poked out. Her eyes felt like they were bulging out of their sockets. She became extremely dizzy as she clawed in vain at her attacker’s arms.

She heard the boyfriend’s anxious voice. But he sounded far away… “Angel? What are you doing to her?”

She tried to call out to him to intervene. But no words would come forth. It suddenly occurred to her she might end up being choked to death on the living room floor of some angry bitch’s apartment.

There was a roaring in her ears as she felt herself start to black out. She tried to wriggle and squirm underneath the angry woman, desperate to escape the peril she was in. But the bitch was a big biker chick just like her bastard of a boyfriend, easily overpowering her and keeping her down on the floor.

Emma let out a garbled cry that was unintelligible. Her eyes rolled as an overpowering climax hit her hard, devastating her. A moment later she passed out, fully believing she’d made a serious miscalculation and that she would never awaken.

Gawd! What the hell had she been thinking by risking going home with a stranger…?

2011; 2020 (written Aug 26 ’11; ed. Jul 16 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 2

Emma moaned softly as consciousness slowly returned. Her eyes fluttered open, only to discover she was lying on her chest on the bastard’s living room floor. That’s when she became aware his bitch of a girlfriend was hogtying her.

“What are you doing?” she muttered as she started to struggle.

“Just hold still!” her captor demanded sourly, tightly securing ropes around her writhing body.

“What are you DOING to me?”

“Shut the fuck up, you little slut! I think I speak for all women everywhere when I say you’ve got this coming to you!”

“You can’t do this to me!”

“Like hell I can’t!”

Emma caught sight of the guy she’d blown as he watched from the sofa. She could see some concern in his eyes. Perhaps he might help if she appealed to him.

“Make her stop, ok? She can’t DO this to me! She’s going to be in so much trouble!”

He lifted up his hands as though he wanted no part of it. “Hey; don’t talk to me. When Angel gets mad and sets her mind on something, there’s no stopping her.”

“Tell her I didn’t do anything – OW! That hurts, you bitch!”

“It’s going to hurt a lot worse before I get through with you, hun!”

“Don’t ‘hun’ me, you bitch! Just let me go and I’ll be on my way – OW! MY ELBOWS!”

“You think THAT’S bad? Try THIS on for size.”

Apparently she pulled hard on some rope. It caused Emma to cry out as it dug into her crotch. She moaned weakly, sensing she was in real trouble.

“I’m sorry, ok? Now let me go – OW!”

Rope was wrapped around her ankles, pulling them back at the knees toward her ass and her bound wrists. Emma panted heavily, her situation becoming worse by the moment. In desperation she gasped, “Let me go, ok? Let me go and I won’t tell a soul!”

“Oh, you won’t be telling anyone a thing after tonight, hun… not after I get through with you.”

The girlfriend tugged on another length of rope. It caused Emma to cry out again in pain. But her most noticeable sensation was the erotic jolt of alarm at that last comment.

She whimpered and moaned as she struggled in vain. Things were going downhill rapidly. If only she hadn’t come home with some strange guy she’d just met at the bar just to get some cock for her mouth!

“Almost finished,” the woman named Angel chuckled sinisterly. “Just one more loop for you, hun.”

She grabbed Emma’s head by a handful of hair, yanking her head back. “Say ‘ahh’!” she giggled. Then she looped a coil right over Emma’s head, snugging it up against her throat before patting her on the head like a good little puppy.

“There you go, hun. All set.”

She gave the rope a good tug. It caused the petite little Asian to gasp upon finding herself partially strangled. “WAIT!” she rasped in alarm, her kitty screaming at her as the crotch ropes rubbed her mercilessly. “You can’t… do this to me! I can’t… breathe!”

“I think the little slut has finally gotten the idea!” Angel crowed triumphantly.

She rose up and walked over to the sofa. Then she sat down next to her nervous boyfriend. “Enjoy the show this slut’s going to put on for us, baby. This will definitely be better than cable!”

She laughed as she leaned forward, not wanting to miss a single moment. Emma started to wriggle and squirm, desperately trying to slip out of her bindings. All she accomplished was making the crotch ropes rub her kitty even harder as the rope around her neck tightened around her windpipe.


“Why don’t you try squirming a little more, hun?” Angel suggested, her eyes flashing excitedly. “I think you almost had it there.”

The anxious Asian struggled again. That only made the rope tighten around her neck. The harder it got to breathe, the wider her eyes opened in alarm.

“Getting hard, baby?” Angel asked her boyfriend with a sly grin. “Here; let me help you with that.”

She unzipped his fly and exposed his hardening cock. Then she smiled as she took it in her hand. “I can understand why you like cock, hun,” she chuckled at a wriggling Emma. “I love sucking on it too.”

Emma rasped and gurgled, struggling to ease the tension around her neck. She saw Angel lean over and take her boyfriend’s dick into her mouth. The bitch began sucking on it lovingly, all the while keeping a watchful eye on her sexily squirming captive.

“Please!” Emma gasped. “I can’t… breathe…!”

“Now that’s a crying shame; ain’t it, babe?” the cruel woman asked her boyfriend with a chuckle. “The poor thing’s finding it hard to breathe. Don’t worry, baby” and she stroked his erection even more. “It’s ok if you get hard watching her suffer. I’m horny as hell just watching the little slut strangle herself.”

Emma felt a jolt of horrifically erotic tingles hit her hard. She was on the verge of a humiliating orgasm. But that was something she had no desire to experience right in front of the two of them sitting on the sofa.

The noose was exquisitely strangling her. Worse, the crotch ropes rubbed her mercilessly. She didn’t think she could hold it back much longer.

“Look at her eyes, babe!” Angel observed excitedly. “I think the bitch LIKES it! She’s actually going to CUM for us!” Then she took her boyfriend’s cock deep down her throat, leaning over at an angle to watch the struggling Asian so as not to miss a single, erotic moment.

Emma struggled weakly, gasping for breath as she tried to relieve the stress around her neck. But it was no use. A moment later the erotic horror of her situation caught up to her.

She winced as she climaxed shamefully hard. She moaned and gurgled, her hands flexing behind her back. Her feet wriggled in her mocs as the orgasm washed warmly through her body.

The sadistic biker chick gasped incredulously as she stroked her boyfriend’s cock. “Did you see THAT, baby? The fucking slut just creamed herself! Look at her eyes! The little bitch looks like she’s high!”

Emma moaned weakly, only to gasp for a partial breath. She was having a hard time getting any kind of air down her windpipe. What’s more, she could feel the humiliating onset of a second orgasm.

“Please!” she rasped, coughing and sputtering. “Can’t…… breathe…. let me….. go!”

“Oh, we’re going to let you go all right, you little slut. After you’ve been good and strangled, we’re hauling your sorry ass down to the dock. Then we plan on throwing you into the river so you can have a nice swim to cool off. Oh, don’t worry, hun. We’ll leave those ropes on nice and tight for you.”

Emma shuddered in erotic horror, wondering if she’d pushed her ‘danger fetish’ just a little too far. Was the bitch actually going to make sure she didn’t make it out alive?? “NO!” she croaked. “WON’T GET… AWAY WITH IT… YOU’LL BE… SORRY… PLEASE… CAN’T BREATHE!”

“Oh I’m sorry, all right!” the biker chick snarled at her. “I’m sorry I can’t get more of you sluts off the street! All you bitches think you can suck our men off and then get away with it? Not THIS time, hun! This time I get his cream all to myself while you get strangled!”

She leaned over and started sucking him deep, her lips brushing against his balls. Emma choked and strangled on the floor in front of them. His cock actually swelled in her mouth.

Was it from the blowjob he was receiving? Or was it the sight of the slut asphyxiating right in front of them? He wasn’t sure, but it certainly didn’t help the way his girlfriend caressed his balls, her eyes watching the struggling little Asian the whole time.

Emma tried to wriggle free. But the ropes were too tight. Now she could clearly feel a second orgasm charging toward her.

She pleaded one last time with her eyes, gasping and gurgling. Then she heard the bitch moan as she took her boyfriend’s load. The petite little Asian caught sight of his spunk as it dribbled down her cheeks.

Angel grinned wickedly at her, her eyes flashing. “I get his cum. But you get to strangle for us.”

The girlfriend bobbed up and down to clean him off. That’s when Emma was hit by a devastating climax. It washed hotly through her body, battering her senseless.

She got dizzy as hell as she tried to breathe. But she was deeply strangled as she weakly writhed about on the floor. Her eyes rolled as darkness overtook her, battering her into unconsciousness.

“Oh no, you don’t!” the biker chick declared, leaping up and rushing over to loosen the rope from around Emma’s neck. “You don’t get off THAT easily, hun! I want you wide awake when we toss you into the river. I hear drowning can be such a painful way to die. So I want you to savor every delicious moment!”

Angel turned grimly toward her boyfriend. “Help me throw this fucking slut into the trunk of my car, ok? You’re going to help me take her down to the river and throw her in.”

“Yes, honey,” he said meekly.

As it turned out, he was more afraid of his girlfriend than he was of anything else. He stood up and zipped up his pants. Then he walked over to help his girlfriend gather up an almost unconscious Emma for her trip down to the river.

Emma moaned weakly as consciousness fully returned. It was dark and uncomfortable all around her. But there was the distinct sensation of movement.

She was still bound and tied. At least the noose around her neck had been removed. Then she suddenly rolled as what she was in shifted.

Where was she? Then it came back to her. She was barely conscious when…


She remembered the ominous comment about being thrown into the river. Emma gasped in alarm. Instantly she began working frantically to loosen the ropes that bound her.

Her goose would be cooked if she was tossed into the water the way she was now. The crotch ropes were still in place, mercilessly tantalizing her kitty. She had to fight not to surrender to the painfully forced pleasure she was experiencing as she fought to free herself.

She had just worked a couple of ropes loose when the car she was in suddenly came to a stop. There was a distinct smell in the air, the smell of river water. Then Emma heard two car doors slam, immediately followed by the voice of that bitch Angel.

“We’re here, baby. Let’s throw the bitch off the fucking dock and then get the hell out of here!”

Emma whimpered as she renewed her efforts. Then she heard the sound of a key in the trunk. A moment later it lifted open.

She looked out into a night dimly illuminated by the faint lights of the big city off in the distance. “We’re here, hun,” Angel said as she looked down on her, flashing her teeth in a wicked grin. “This will be your last stop. I sure hope you brought a dive mask and scuba gear along with you. No? Oh well… too bad.”

Emma felt a jolt of horrific tingles as she gasped to catch her breath. “Don’t do this!” she begged. “We can make a deal, ok? I’ll do anything you want!”

“Oh, you’re going to do what I want, all right. It’s simply really. I just want you to drown in the river. Now let’s get you out of that trunk, shall we?”

Emma cried out as boyfriend and girlfriend reached in and lifted her out. The sadistic bitch carried her by her armpits as her submissive companion got her by her knees. Together they hauled her down a slope to an anchored dock that floated partway out into the moving water.

“You won’t get away with this!” the frightened Asian gasped anxiously, her heart hammering in her chest. “You’ll go to prison for sure! You’ll end up being someone else’s bitch!”

“Not when the only witness to my crime is lying at the bottom of the river,” Angel told her with a cruel smile. “Now it’s time for your little swim.”

Emma squirmed and struggled as she yelled at the top of her lungs. Wasn’t there someone out there who might hear her desperate pleas?? “NOOO! SOMEBODY HELP ME! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!”

Emma heard the clump of feet as they walked her out onto the dock. She felt the foundation underneath her give from the sensation of wood floating upon water. Then they reached the end of the dock.

Emma was treated to the lights of the city reflecting off the water as the river wound its way toward the large metropolis. “LET ME GO!” she cried out one last time.

“Oh, we’ll let you go in a moment,” Angel chuckled sinisterly. “There’s just one more arrangement I need to make.”

With a deft move she looped a coil of rope back around Emma’s neck. It asphyxiated her again as it choked off her cries for help. “There,” she chuckled with sadistic cruelty. “That ought to really get you off. Strangling AND drowning? Mmmm! I bet you’re going to put up one hell of an erotic struggle as you settle into your watery grave.”

Emma gawked and gurgled, rasping for breath as she tried to free herself. “CAN’T BREATHE… NOT TOO LATE TO… CHANGE YOUR MIND… DON’T DO THIS… WON’T GET… AWAY WITH IT…”

“Hun?” the woman said, giving her an icy glare. “If I had my way I’d strangle and drown every fucking slut in this town! But that’s ok. For now I’ll just start with you.”

She turned to her boyfriend who was dutifully holding onto Emma’s knees. “On three, ok? Then we pitch her into the water. One…” and they started to swing Emma back and forth…

“NOOO!” – gawk – “DON’T…”




With a mighty heave Emma was launched into the air with a garbled cry. Then she hit the water with a splash. Her clothes immediately took her down.

She climaxed almost immediately at the horror of dying from a drowning strangulation at the bottom of the river.  She could feel the current carry her downstream as she went ever deeper into the darkness and chill of the depths. She struggled to hold her breath, even as her legs tried to straighten, resulting in strangling herself.

Angel and her boyfriend watched for a few moments, admiring the burst of bubbles erupting up at the surface. Then she turned and punched him in the stomach. “You bring home one more slut like that and I’ll cut your fucking balls off in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping! You GOT THAT??”

“Yes, Angel,” he responded meekly. As his girlfriend stormed back to the car he took one last look at the water before turning and following her…

The water was fucking cold! Emma thrashed about like mad, struggling to get back to the surface. The noose was choking her, but some of the ropes had loosened.

An arm suddenly came free. Her lungs heaved as she struggled to break free. If she didn’t get back to the surface right away she would never make it.

She wriggled and squirmed, pulling frantically with her arm. Her head came up out of the water, far enough downstream for her captors not to notice. She got half a breath that was choked off from the noose. Then she slipped back under the surface with a burble.

She grunted and gurgled, air dribbling out of her mouth and nose. Her kitty was screaming at her at the erotic thought she might very well end up in a watery grave. But she was determined not to go down without a fight.

She pulled frantically with her arm, popping up and snatching another half-breath. She could only imagine that fucking bitch getting off imagining her struggle to survive. It was nearly enough to trigger a second orgasm, and she fought like hell to hold it back.

The cold was sapping her energy; exhaustion was setting in. Emma knew she didn’t have enough strength to struggle much longer. Besides, the strangling rope was making her dizzy as hell.

With a frantic jerk she somehow managed to work her other arm free. But her legs were still bent at the knees, the noose strangling her exquisitely as it connected to her ankles. She pulled with her arms as she popped up at the surface, noticing to her relief that she was not far from shore.

She gagged and gurgled as she half swam, half dog-paddled. If she could reach the shallows she might be able to reach back and loosen the rope around her neck. But it was taking everything she had.

With one last lunge she settled onto a shallow spot. Emma was able to get a little rest without having to work to stay near the surface. She reached back, gawking and gurgling as she struggled with the coil around her throat.

Some of the ropes had loosened. But others had tightened in the water. Emma was afraid she still might strangle herself to death, only for her body to be found on this section of river.

She reached back, feeling extremely dizzy as her kitty screamed at her. She found a loose end and pulled with all her might. Then her feet suddenly flopped over as her orgasm battered her into unconsciousness…

Mercifully the cold water she was lying in awakened her quickly. Emma somehow clawed her way to shore. She was desperate to get out of the frigid water.

She finally found some dry land. She clambered onto the bank, shedding the rest of the ropes from her body. Then she simply lay there panting heavily, her body tingling wildly from the adventure she’d just survived.

“Stupid slut!” she muttered to herself. “That ought to teach you not to go home with strangers!” But deep down she wondered how long before she tried it again.

Would it be two weeks? Three at the most? How long before her dangerous fantasies lured her into another risky encounter with a stranger?

She rested a few minutes more before she got the strength to stand up. For now it was just a matter of getting her bearings. Then she headed back to the bar to pick up her vehicle.

She patted her pocket. At least the keys had somehow stayed with her. In this late evening heat she figured she would drip-dry soon enough.

It occurred to her she might need to move away for a while. She didn’t want to run into Angel again. Maybe a couple years down in Florida would make the bitch forget all about her.

As she started walking she realized she might be far enough away where a ride would be beneficial. But first she would have to get back to the road. That’s when Emma started tingling again. Hitchhiking this late at night in the outfit she was wearing could very well lead to yet another dangerous little adventure…

2011; 2020 (written Aug 26 ’11; ed. Aug 7 ‘20 by riwa)

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