Chastity’s little fuck-toy part 1 (a Club story)


Roasting the whore after giving her a last fuck with the steel pole was immensely satisfying. But for some reason I felt irritated, as though some annoying little insect had gotten under my skin. What’s more I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it.

It wasn’t until I saw Mistress Chastity escorting her little fuck-toy Lexi down for some one on one time that I figured out it was her. She’d instructed all the dealers and attendants in the Club to sign up for a chance to be guillotine slut Aravanna’s companion in the other machine. Had it not been for Carmen volunteering her secretary Sophia to ride the other machine, my wife’s number might have come up and she might have lost her head that night.

I wasn’t really angry she’d put Monique at risk. After all, Chastity had indicated she’d expected me to snuff both of them at some point in time. It was just the fact I’d been left out of the loop and hadn’t had a chance to prepare and say goodbye in my own special way in case my wife’s number had been drawn.

There was something about it though that just didn’t smell right. A part of me felt like Mistress was asserting her authority. That was something I guess she had every right to do.

On the other hand she would often remind me she was grooming me for the day I would eventually take over. Being left out of the decision making process seemed like a deliberate slap in the face. I wasn’t sure how I should handle it.

It occurred to me she was trying to push my buttons, goading me into action. Perhaps she wanted to know how I would respond to a perceived offense. Or maybe she was trying to see how far she could push me before I got the urge to snuff her ass.

An hour later I decided I needed a swim to cool off. When I saw Mistress wandering around the floor of the casino I figured she was done fucking her little slut. So I headed on down to use her pool.

I was surprised to find little Lexi still in Chastity’s suite, enjoying the pool I planned on using. The nubile, 19 year old nymph was frolicking around naked in the deep end. I could tell by her expression she didn’t know whether to be pleased or alarmed at my presence.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked curtly. I was still feeling angry over the way I’d been left out of the guillotine decision.

“Mistress said I could stay a while,” she replied submissively, lowering her head as though she’d done something wrong. “I can get out if you wish, Mr. Rick.”

“That’s all right,” I said with a wave. I felt regret over having taken out my anger on her. “Stay as long as you like. Don’t mind me. I’m just down here for a nice, relaxing swim.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rick. I’ll stay out of your way.”

Little Lexi was a confirmed lesbian. My sources told me she’d never taken a man’s cock in any of her holes in her entire life. I heard she was the slut of her cheer-leading squad, the one everyone turned to whenever they wanted to fuck a little lesbian nymph. She had a look of innocence that belied her sexual proclivities with others of her gender.

She was 5’2”. Her long, black hair was always braided on both sides of her head like some sort of schoolgirl. She had brown eyes and perfect B cups with cute little nipples. She had a tight ass, and her pussy was clean-shaven except for a little landing strip of fuzz which I heard was to make her feel more like an adult. It was easy to see why Mistress enjoyed the submissive little slut so much.

I figured she wouldn’t care if I was naked or not, even if I did get hard at the sight of her. As a confirmed lesbian she wasn’t going to give me a second thought. So I stripped out of all my clothes and dove in.

I swam a handful of laps as she swam around in the deep end. She spent much of her time underwater. Out of curiosity I began submerging to watch her just to see how long she could hold her breath.

I soon found out she could hold it for a significant amount of time. Sometimes she stretched herself out on the floor of the pool on her back. She seemed to like blowing bubbles up at the surface.

Whenever she saw me looking at her she would deliberately stay underwater for as long as possible. I assumed it was an attempt to show off. Seeing that naked body underwater was sexy as hell.

In no time at all I had a raging hard-on. It was only natural for me to imagine what it would be like to fuck her good and hard underwater while she was grunting for air. But she was Chastity’s fuck-toy.

Despite my irritations with her I still respected my fellow co-owner. Still, I couldn’t help fantasizing over what could be a delicious underwater fuck with a nubile 19 year old. Us males tend to think that way.

We got closer until we started swimming around each other. The slut was a shameless flirt. She soon began running a hand over my naked body.

She did not shy away from reaching out to brush a hand over my raging hard-on whenever we swam past each other. I did the same thing to her, brushing a hand against her nipples or reaching out to rub near her crotch whenever she went by. It quickly became a game between us.

“Gawd; you’re hard,” she giggled playfully when we surfaced together. Then she brazenly stroked my throbbing dick.

“Did I do that to you? …little old me?” She innocently batted her eyes as she continued tugging on my shaft.

“Why you little tart!”

I grabbed her by her braids and forced her under. She might not be my fuck-toy. But I could sure as hell teach her a lesson or two.

She bubbled and wriggled about as her head went under. I was horny as hell. So I grabbed my cock and smacked her face with it as I held her head close to my crotch.

She bubbled indignantly. Lexi shook her head as though afraid I might shove it down her throat. I damn near did.

I submerged with her and spun her around, pulling her against me as she tried to wriggle away.  I reached around and groped her tits with one hand. I used the other to rub her crotch while thinking, ‘I’ll teach you some manners, you little slut!’

I deliberately fingered her cunt. She was surprisingly lubricated. She grunted and squirmed as I roughly fondled her.

She started to whimper as I held onto her. Her attempt to squirt out of my grasp seemed half-hearted. I groped her harder until her struggles all but ceased.

She moaned and bubbled, grunting as though she needed air soon. I couldn’t help thinking, ‘Oh, you like that, you little slut? Maybe I’ll just make you wait for your next breath!’

I fingered her harder as I savagely groped her tits. She surprised me by stiffening and then letting out a bubbly cry. I even felt her pussy clench around my thrusting fingers.

The little slut actually came underwater! When I finally let her go she shot up and gasped for breath. Her eyes were wide as I surfaced next to her.

“Gawd!” she panted. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck. “You made me cum, you bastard!” I was just as astonished as she was.

“Serves you right for teasing the hell out of me, you little slut.”

“Is that so!” the nymph retorted defiantly.

A wicked smile flashed across her face. A moment later she took a deep breath and submerged with a burble. To my astonishment she went down and started kissing my cock and balls.

I wasn’t sure how to react. After all, this was Chastity’s little fuck-toy. Once more I felt like things were not in my control.

The lesbian nymph aggressively licked my quivering shaft. The little tart did everything but take me into her mouth. I was left feeling totally frustrated.

She was down for quite a while, well over two minutes. She finally surfaced amidst a flurry of bubbles. She was trembling when she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“So what do you think about that?” she asked with a giggle.

“SLUT!” I roared. Then I shoved her back down.

I’d finally had enough of her teasing. She was going to suck my cock whether she wanted to or not. I wanted the release, and I was determined she was going to give it to me.

She tried to resist as I pulled her head close. She opened her mouth, which I thought was an open invitation. So I wasted no time slammed my throbbing dick between her lips.

Lexi grunted with each thrust as I brutally fucked her face. She halfheartedly acted as though she was trying to get away. But I could feel her tongue lick all around my cock in her mouth.

Her cheeks went all concave as she vacuumed my quivering shaft. Sexy bubbles came out of her nose. I had a funny feeling the little slut was really into it for some reason.

I fucked her face even harder, driving my cock deep down her throat. She grunted and gurgled, wriggling around in a halfhearted attempt to break away. It was arousing enough to set me off. That’s when I buried my cock deep past her tonsils as I washed her mouth out with my seed.

Lexi screamed underwater. She tried to get away as I thrust hard into her mouth. I made her take my entire load, forcing her to swallow it all.

When I pulled out of her mouth my cum swirled out as well. She appeared dazed as she watched it flow around her face. Then I pulled her up out of the water.

The little tart gasped weakly for breath. She smiled at me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “That was fucking hot!” she panted, the two of us treading water right there in the middle of the deep end of the pool.

I was a little surprised at her reaction. Then again, maybe she was under strict orders from Mistress Chastity. She smiled as she told me, “That was fucking incredible! I nearly came over the way you shoved that thick rod of yours down my throat!”

She kissed me hard as we submerged, bubbles trickling out of our noses. I felt her tongue probe inside my mouth. I tasted bits of cum on her lips and in her mouth.

She moaned as her body pressed hard against mine. When we finally came up for air, both of us were breathless. It was an encounter I could never have anticipated.

Her arms were still around my neck as she breathed, “I want you, Mr. Rick! I want you so fucking bad! I’ve never had cock before until now, and I fucking love it! Now I want you in my other two holes! I want you to be my first!”

I was flattered as hell, my damned cock stirring again. But she was Chastity’s fuck-toy. I hesitated despite the incredible urge I had to push her down and fuck the shit out of her.

“What about Mistress?” I finally asked softly.

Lexi gave me a naughty little smile in reply. “I think it would be so fucking wicked if we made her watch me give myself to you.” I realized that was her exhibitionism speaking out, something else I’d heard about.

I curiously raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? Maybe I ought to drown your ass.” Then I shoved her under.

Bubbles came up as I kept her submerged. I called down to her, “Just how long CAN you hold your breath, you little tart?” She cried out in bubbly defiance as she struggled in my grasp.

I held her down for the longest time. Eventually her sexy little body started to spasm from lack of air. Then I pulled her back up.

She gasped madly for breath, panting like crazy. But I saw an expression of lust and desire in her eyes. She sputtered, “What are you trying to do: DROWN ME?? You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you!”

She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. Next she wrapped her legs around my waist. Then she kissed me fiercely, humping against my semi-hard cock as we slipped under the surface together.

We were down a long time before we finally came up for air. We swam to the shallow end and sat on the steps next to each other, panting heavily for breath. That’s when she leaned up against me, idly stroking my cock with her hand.

She was playing a dangerous game. But I think she was fully aware of that. If she kept it up, it wouldn’t be much longer until my resistance gave out and I fucked her hard underwater.

“I love how you force me down,” she breathed excitedly, gently stroking my quivering shaft. “I fucking love how you treat me, Mr. Rick. I want this inside me so fucking bad! I want you to hold me underwater and rape me with it until my lungs are screaming.”

‘What about Mistress?” I asked. I was still a little miffed at Chastity for the way she’d previously risked Monique the way she did. I was actually considering violating her precious little fuck-toy.

“Fuck that bitch!” Lexi gasped with a wicked smile. “I want you to take me in front of the whole damned Club, Mr. Rick! That would be so fucking hot! I want her and everyone else to watch me take my very first cock as you rape me good and hard while holding me down and making me hold my fucking breath!”

“She’ll probably want to punish your naughty little ass.”

“Gawd; I hope so! That would be so fucking hot!”

She looked at me with a strange excitement. “What do you think, Mr. Rick? Think we could use the tank on the Entertainment stage? The two of us sure could put on one hell of a show. You would only be teaching one of your attendants a lesson she fucking deserved. We could even do it tonight if you wish. Gawd; I want your cock so fucking bad!”

I had to admit I liked the idea. I was in the mood to rape Chastity’s little fuck-toy underwater. It would certainly give me the chance to do it right in front of her. Besides, what the hell could she do to me??

Lexi was full of dangerous suggestions. “We could fill it to around five feet, couldn’t we? That should be more than enough water for you to hold me down and fuck me with my first cock as you make me hold my breath. The whole damned Club would get to watch you rape me as you hold me under and drown my ass and… GAWD! I’m so fucking excited just thinking about it!”

She pulled me to her, kissing me passionately while moaning with desire. When she pulled away I could tell the little slut was trembling with excitement. She wanted it bad.

“I want you to be rough with me like I’ve done something wrong, ok? Treat me like your fucking little whore who deserves nothing better than to be raped and drowned right in front of the whole damned Club. Rape me underwater; make me fight to hold my breath. Gawd; you don’t know how hard I came when you held me down and fingered me to orgasm. Tonight will be even better.”

Her words were getting me excited again. My cock was hardening in her hand as she gently stroked me. But a part of me couldn’t help wondering if she was setting me up for something disastrous.

“Gawd,” she added with a naughty giggle. “I can’t wait to see her expression when she sees her fuck-toy being raped by a man. I want you to violate me, Mr. Rick. I want you to fucking drown my ass tonight as you rape me. Make me hold my breath so long that it fucking hurts.”

She kissed me again. Then she got up out of the pool, leaving me horny as hell as water dripped off her nubile body. “Sorry about that,” she giggled mischievously, motioning at my hard cock. “You can take it out on me tonight. Ten o’clock ok? We could do it then if you want.” She gave me a look that was almost pleading.

“Ten o’clock it is,” I said to her, giving her an ominous look. “You’d better be ready. Tonight I’m raping and drowning your ass.”

“GAWD!” she gasped. I swear the young thing was trembling with anticipation.

“I can hardly wait! I’d better get back to work before I explode with excitement. I’ll see you then.”

She waved playfully at me as she gathered up her clothes. Then she left for the changing room. I just stared in her direction until she was gone.

After she’d left, my mind began to process what we’d just agreed to. Chastity’s little fuck-toy had just asked me to rape her in the water tank up on stage. She’d also asked me to “drown her ass”.

I still had my concerns. Was I being set up? Was this a way of her trying to get rid of me?

I knew what she meant by wanting me to “drown her ass”. But then it occurred to me…

What would happen if, in the heat of the moment, I actually DID drown her ass?

A dangerous little smile played at the corners of my mouth. I could do it as payback for the way Mistress had treated me by nearly costing me Monique earlier. How would she react if an unfortunate accident took the life of her little nymph fuck-toy up onstage in the drowning chamber?

After all, what could she do to me?

2010; 2020 (written Feb 5 ’10; ed. May 27 by riwa)

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