Teaching Emma a lesson


Emma floated in the hot sun near the edge of the backyard pool. Jess had kidnapped her, brought her here, stripped her naked and then tied her to an air mattress. When Emma had protested Jess simply threatened to pull the plug, allowing the mattress to deflate and take her with it. Emma had grudgingly shut up after that.

She floated helplessly in the pool, wondering whose property this was and what Jess was going to do to her. But she didn’t have long to wait. “How’s my slut enjoying the pool?” she heard the bitch call out to her with wicked glee.

“You can’t do this to me!” Emma called back. “You’d better turn me loose if you know what’s good for you!”

“Look who I’ve got with me!” Jess crowed, motioning at a blonde in a skimpy purple bikini standing next to her. “This here is Chanta! She owns this place! And she certainly knows how to put defiant little sluts like you in their place!”

“Is that so?” Emma shot back haughtily.

The two women jumped into the water with her. They moved to stand on either side of her. Chanta observed, “She’s a mouthy little slut, isn’t she?”

“She’s a real pain in the ass,” Jess agreed.

“You bitches better let me go if you know what’s good for you!”

“She’s really mouthy,” Chanta observed.

Emma protested, “You would be too if you were all tied up like this!”

“The slut needs to be taught a lesson,” Jess told Chanta with a glint in her eye. “I brought her to you because you know how to put bitches like her in her place.”

“This bitch better not lay a finger on me!”

“Oh, I’m a bitch now, am I?” Chanta asked, reaching out and pinching a nipple while Jess pinched the other one. Emma yelped in pain as they laughed at her.

“I think you’re right, Jess,” Chanta said as she fetched a dive mask. “I think this slut needs to be taught a lesson.” Then she moved to the foot of the air mattress before telling her bound guest, “Guess where you’re going, slut?”

“You bitches better not do anything to me or you’re going to regret it!”

Jess shook her head. “Time for me to get my dive mask too,” she said ominously. “This slut really needs to be taught a lesson.”

The two women proceeded to fit their dive masks over their faces. Emma was not impressed. “What?” she spat out defiantly. “You lesbian perverts plan on going underwater to look at each other and play kissy-face?”

“Over you go, you mouthy slut!” Jess barked at her. Then the two women flipped her over. Emma found herself floating face down in the pool.

She struggled to hold her breath. How long would the two bitches keep her under? Maybe being mouthy hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

She saw them submerge to look at her. She wriggled and squirmed, but she was quite secure. She wasn’t going anywhere.

They rolled her back up until she came up sputtering. “Is that the best you bitches can do?” she snorted derisively.

“Oh, you are SO going to pay for that,” Chanta growled at her. Then they flipped her over again.

Emma was forced to hold her breath longer. Apparently they wanted to push her lungs. She was relieved when they finally flipped her back over.

She gasped for breath. Then she told them, “You bitches are going to be in so much trouble.” Chanta just got up in her face.

“You fail to realize I can drown your sorry ass anytime I please. It wouldn’t bother me one bit.”

“You haven’t got the balls!”

“Mouthy little slut, aren’t you. Maybe drowning you is the only way.” That’s when they flipped her over again.

Emma looked at Jess who was submerged right in front of her in her skimpy black bikini. There was revenge in the woman’s eyes. That’s when Emma began to wonder if this time she might have pushed things a little too far.

She was horrifically turned on at her predicament. She trembled from wildly erotic tingles. Chanta remained at her side, keeping a hand on the air mattress without the slightest urge to allow her back up.

Emma’s hands flopped along the sides of the air mattress as she started to wriggle and squirm. They were really pushing her breath-holding limits now. What if they were really going to drown her?? Had Jess talked Chanta into it?

She wasn’t sure just how far she could trust either one of them. Jess might be more than willing to allow Chanta to drown her ass. The two of them could claim it was a little innocent bondage gone wrong. They could even claim she must have somehow flipped herself over and drowned herself.

They rolled her back up until she came up sputtering. For the moment her defiance was gone. “All right – all right; I surrender. You don’t have to do this to me anymore, ok?”

“You don’t understand,” Jess told her calmly. “You mouthed off once too often. Now we’re going to watch you bubble your last breath away. Over you go, you mouthy bitch!”

Emma shook her head no. She started to blurt out, “I’m sorry – I’m sorry!” Then she let out a cry as they flipped her back over.

She wriggled and squirmed as her tormentors submerged to watch her again. They reached out to grope and fondle her as she writhed and bubbled. If the bitches made her cum she was afraid she would lose her breath and drown.

Her growing panic made her struggle against the air mattress she was bound to. Chanta reached up and groped her tits. Jess ran a hand between her legs, enjoying humiliating her.

Her lungs were on fire when they finally rolled her back over. She panted weakly for breath, her body tingling like mad. If they rolled her over again, she was liable to cum for sure.

“All right – all right; you’ve made your point,” she panted tiredly. “Just get me out of here, ok?” Jess just stroked her head, chuckling sinisterly at her.

“Oh, we’re going to make our point, you little slut. It seems you’re about to have a tragic little pool accident. Isn’t that right, Chanta?”

“Pools can be so dangerous,” Chanta reminded Emma. “And this pool has now become dangerous to you. You really need to learn your place.”

She paused for a moment. Then she smiled as she told Jess, “Let’s go under and watch the little slut drown, shall we? They look so sexy when they’re hitching and spasming as they suck water.”

“Good idea,” Jess agreed. Emma frantically shook her head no. Then they gleefully rolled her back over.

Emma cried out as they flipped her over. She heard them laughing up at the surface, talking about watching her drown. That’s what finally set her off.

She clenched her lips together, trying to hold it back. She could tell she wasn’t going to be able to hold her breath for long. Then it flushed hotly through her body.

Her feet wriggled as air bubbled freely out of her mouth. Deep in the throes of orgasm, Emma was unable to hold her breath. This time she wondered if maybe they were really going to drown her.

She could feel herself fading away. She was dizzy as hell, her lungs heaving. She grunted and bubbled as Jess gleefully watched her while that bitch Chanta observed from nearby.

They unexpectedly flipped her back over. Emma inhaled tiredly, her loud gasp echoing around the pool area as her lungs screamed at her in protest. All she could do was pant weakly in an effort to catch her breath.

“Look at her eyes,” Jess giggled. “I told you we could make the slut cum in the pool just by turning her over.”

“What a slut!” Chanta observed. “Just wait until she finds out what else we have in store for her.” Emma could only pant and wheeze, her body tingling like mad.

“Let’s leave her out here in the sun to think about it,” Jess chuckled. “Maybe we can bake that sass right out of her.”

“Good idea,” Chanta agreed as they both climbed out of the water. Emma was left floating upon the air mattress, gently bobbing up and down. Too tired to protest, she wisely held her tongue in case they were within earshot. She didn’t want to give them any ideas about coming back, flipping her over and being done with her once and for all.

Her situation did not improve once they released her from the air mattress. Instead Emma found herself down in Chanta’s basement inside a glass Houdini tank. Her feet were strapped into weights, her wrists were shackled above her head.

She let out a cry once the water was turned on. “Hey! You bitches can’t do this to me! I don’t deserve this! I told you I was sorry!”

“She’s still pretty mouthy, isn’t she,” Chanta observed with a shake of her head as she stood next to Jess.

“Oh, tell me about it,” Jess sighed with exasperation. “That slut has no idea how much trouble she can get herself into when she flaps her gums like that.”


“How’s the water in there?” Chanta called back tauntingly. “It’s going to fill that tank until the only thing coming out of that defiant mouth of yours will be the last of your breath.”


“The hell you don’t!” Jess shot back.

“It’s a Houdini tank, you silly slut,” Chanta called out to her. “If you don’t like it you can just escape the way Houdini used to do.”

Emma could feel the tank starting to fill. It gave her an erotic jolt. “SHUT IT OFF!” she gasped in alarm. “IT’S ALREADY UP PAST MY ANKLES!”

“I think she’s catching on,” Jess giggled as she started to rub herself from the eroticism of it all. “C’mon, you little tart! Press those tits up against the glass; give us a show! We want to watch you wriggle and cum as you drown!”


“It’s my dungeon, hun,” Chanta explained. “I can drown anyone I want down here. I dispose of the bodies when I’m done with them. You’ll simply disappear off the face of the earth. Jess here won’t tell a soul, will you, hun?”

“Hell, I’ll even help dispose of your body.” Jess agreed heartily.

Emma moaned and whimpered, her body tingling like crazy. The water was approaching her knees. Once more she found herself becoming horrifically aroused at her situation.

Emma wriggled and grunted, testing her bonds. But she was tightly secured. She ended up pressing her chest up against the glass, causing Jess and Chanta to rub themselves while telling her what a sexy slut she was. They told her just how hot she was going to look totally submerged and drowning inside that tank.

Emma struggled to free her feet. But they were tightly encased. The straps threatened to cut into her flesh, stopping her from struggling so much. But she could feel the soles of her feet tingling, affecting one of her erogenous zones as the water continued to rise.


“You don’t understand the true purpose of the Houdini tank, do you, hun,” Chanta explained calmly, her eyes twinkling with delight. “You either escape from it… or you drown. How complicated is that? So I suggest you get started trying to get out of there or you’re going to drown.”

“She’s going to look so hot drowning in there,” Jess added. “Serves her right, the fucking slut! That mouth has gotten her into trouble once too often. She sucks cocks and gets all mouthy on me. I say she fucking deserves to drown!”

“Her mouth will give us great pleasure as it expels the last of her breath,” Chanta said with a lustful smile. Emma gasped in horror, her eyes wide as her body trembled like mad.

“The anticipation is delicious,” Jess observed, slowly rubbing herself. “I like the way the water level is slowly rising… giving her all the time she needs to think about the idea of it rising above her head.”

“I’ve seen it before, but it never ceases to make me hot,” Chanta agreed. “They wriggle, squirm, writhe and whimper while begging and pleading as the water gets higher and higher. But there’s nothing they can do other than wait for the inevitable moment of drowning.”


“Oh we will, hun; we will,” Jess chuckled at her. “We’re going to watch you thrash about as the water rises above your head. It should be quite a sight. I’m horny as hell just thinking about it.”

“YOU SICK PERVERTS BETTER GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Her two tormentors just laughed at her.

Water hit her breasts as it continued to pour in from the hose above. The level was rising slow, but steady. Now it was almost to her crotch.

When it reached her pussy she gasped and winced. Things were getting serious now. But Jess and Chanta showed a lack of sympathy as they continued to rub themselves while watching her.

The humiliation of her suffering turning them on was enough to make her cum. Emma writhed and moaned, swooning inside the Houdini tank. Jess recognized it and grinned with delight.

“What did I tell you?” she told Chanta “The little slut knows she’s going to drown… and orgasms anyway.”

“Damn, that’s hot!” Chanta observed. “If she came now, imagine what she’ll do when the water rises above her head.”

“Oh, she’ll cum up  a storm as she drowns,” Jess told her with wicked glee. “That is something I can’t wait to see.”

Emma gasped in horror as the water level climbed her stomach, passing the halfway point of filling the Houdini tank. She was so aroused she was afraid she might cum again. It would be humiliating to orgasm a second time in front of her tormentors.

“You two don’t have to do this! I’ll do anything you want! You can even use me sexually! Just get me out of here!”

“But what if we want to watch you drown, hun?” Chanta told her. “Mouthy sluts like you always blow great drowning bubbles. Do you know how many bitches I’ve had in here before you? Do you know how many bodies I’ve had to dispose of? What’s one more slut, more or less? Jess tells me a cock-sucking whore like you won’t even be missed should you suddenly fall off the face of the earth.”

Jess laughed as Emma moaned weakly, her body tingling like mad. She looked up at the source of the water pouring in. But there appeared to be no way of shutting it down, at least not from her position.

The water reached her tits, causing her to gasp and whimper. Would they really drown her? Had she mouthed off once too often?? The thought gave her incredibly erotic tingles as her nipples protruded out of her breasts.

“What happens now?” Jess calmly asked her host as they watched the water rise higher and higher in the tank.

“Well, they wriggle even more until they’re reduced to  begging to be let out,” Chanta explained. “She will beg and plead, her eyes opening wider as realization sets in. Then her head will be forced to tip back as she tries to kiss the air above her. Her nipples will really protrude as she strains to push herself up to breathe for as long as she can. But the water will just keep rising until it’s over her head. Watching them all the way to the end is terribly erotic. I never fail to cum once they panic and start spewing drowning bubbles.”

“NOO!” And then Emma climaxed again, simply from the way Chanta had described her impending demise.

She winced as her body shuddered with pleasure. She got a dazed, drugged look in her eyes. It actually set Jess off as she pointed it out to Chanta.

“See?? What did I tell you. The slut just keeps cumming and cumming. I just had an orgasm of my own while watching her.”

“What a slut,” Chanta observed. “I love it! She should give us a real treat when she has to tip her head back. That’s when the panic sets in. They all start to thrash about until it gets so fucking hot.”

Jess chuckled as she rubbed herself even more. “How about it, slut?” she called out to Emma. “Still feeling defiant? Care to mouth off one last time before the water rises over those cock-sucking lips of yours?”

Emma gathered up what reserves she had left. Then she hollered, “YOU BITCHES WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS; I SWEAR IT!”

“I don’t think so, hun,” Chanta told her as she rubbed herself. “You’ll be joining that last bitch I had to teach a lesson to. Her body is at the bottom of a deep well in the back section of my property. Don’t worry, hun; you’ll be joining her soon. Nobody will ever see or hear from you again; that I can assure you.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” That’s when the water reached her chin.

Emma had to tip her head back. The water level was getting uncomfortably high. But her captors didn’t care. They were simply touching themselves all over while watching her suffer.

She tried to stretch upward, trying to keep her mouth above rising water. But the damned stuff was relentless! She could feel another orgasm coming on strong.

She saw Jess and Chanta step closer. They were panting as they rubbed themselves while watching her. Maybe they were really going to drown her after all! Maybe it was true; maybe no one would ever hear from her again!

Emma stretched upward, trying to pull herself up by her shackled wrists as high as she could go. But her feet were held to the floor of the tank as the water continued to rise. Jess and Chanta showed no indication of moving to assist her, much less stepping forward just to drain the damned tank.

Was this it? Had her time finally run out? Were they going to drown her for real??

Emma winced as she gulped one last quick breath of air before settling into the Houdini tank. There was no getting another breath now; this one would be her last. Jess and Chanta furiously rubbed themselves in anticipation of watching her drown.

Emma orgasmed hard; gawd, how she came! Her vision dimmed as air spewed freely past her lips. Her body shuddered as pleasure flowed hotly throughout her trembling flesh.

Her vision returned as a dazed look appeared in her eyes. She saw Jess and Chanta furiously rubbing themselves, both of them cumming up a storm. It was humiliating… and it was arousing as hell.

She suddenly climaxed again, harder than the last time. That’s when everything went all fuzzy on her. The last thing her mind told her was they were really going to watch her drown. Then her senses abruptly shut down.

When consciousness returned Emma discovered the Houdini tank had been drained. Jess and Chanta lowered it onto its back before they helped her out of it. Then they allowed her to catch her breath and compose herself.

“Think you’ve learned your lesson?” Jess asked her with a chuckle. But Emma’s defiance manifested once more now that there was no longer any threat of drowning.

“Is this the way you treat your guests?” she panted at Chanta.

“Is this the way you learn your lesson?” their host replied evenly. “Maybe you’d like it back in your tank?”

“That’s not necessary,” Emma told her. “You don’t have to be a bitch about it.”

Chanta scowled at her before turning toward Jess. “Can I have her alone for a few minutes?”

“Certainly,” Jess replied with a knowing grin.

“Hey! You can’t pass me off to this pervert like I’m a piece of property!”

“Do your worst,” Jess told Chanta grimly. “Make the little slut suffer.”

Chanta grabbed Emma by the scruff of the neck. Then she marched her up the dungeon steps. Emma felt an erotic jolt hit her hard as she sputtered, “Hey! You can’t treat me like this!”

“I’m going to take care of you personally. I’m really going to enjoy setting you straight.”


“MAKE HER SUFFER!” Jess called after them.

“YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!” Emma shot back. Then she started to protest, “HEY! NOT SO ROUGH!”

Jess heard their voices fading away… “Come along, you little slut. I’ve got plans for you.”  “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS! JESS, DON’T LET HER TAKE ME AWAY LIKE THIS!”  “Jess can’t help you now.”  “JESSSSSSSSSS!!”

Emma was tied up none too gently. She ended up in Chanta’s master bathroom. For some reason her host had seen fit to fill the sink with water, leaving the faucet running.

“You know what this is?” a topless Chanta asked her impudent guest, motioning at the sink as she gripped Emma’s hair.

“The place where you put on your makeup before you go out each day? You must need a ton of it.”

“I wash my face each morning before I start my day.”

“Is that to wash off the bitchiness from the night before?”

Chanta did not respond to her taunts. She simply took hold of Emma by the back of her hair. Then she motioned at the sink before telling her, “Let’s get you all cleaned up, shall we?”

Chanta pushed her head down until her face was inches from the surface of the water. “Ever drown in a sink before?”

“You wouldn’t dare. You’re nothing but a bully. You’re going to be in so much trouble if you do this!”

“A bully, am I?” Then Chanta pushed Emma’s head down into the sink and held it there.

Emma wriggled and bubbled, grunting indignantly. “You got something to say to me?” Chanta asked smugly, shaking Emma’s head around a little. A burst of bubbles was the only response.

Emma began to struggle when she wasn’t pulled up right away. She tried to break out of Chanta’s grasp. More bubbles came up as her lungs burned.

“Are you going to stop being mouthy to me? Are you going to stop flapping your gums? Or am I going to have to drown that mouth of yours in this sink of water?”

She jerked Emma’s head out of the water, listening with satisfaction as the Asian girl gasped and sputtered. “How about it now, you little slut? Have you decided to behave?”

Emma sputtered, “You’ll never get away with this!!”

“We don’t learn very well, do we?” Chanta said, smiling sweetly as she forced her head down close to the sink. “I could drown you right now and no one would ever be the wiser. I certainly don’t think your friend would mind.”

“She’s no friend of mine!”

In response Chanta forced Emma’s head face down in the sink again, holding it there with an iron grip. Emma struggled but she couldn’t lift her head up. She squirmed and bubbled, forced to hold her breath even longer until she was allowed back up for a breath. She winced as she coughed, spewing water out of her mouth.

“You’re not very cooperative, are you,” Chanta observed thoughtfully. “I think you like being abused.”

“You go to hell!”

“I just love breaking defiant bitches like you.” Then she covered Emma’s mouth and nose.

“How do you like that, hun? No water, but you still can’t breathe. You could pass out and I could let your head fall into the sink where you’d drown for sure.”

Emma cried out a muffled protest, her body tingling like crazy. Gawd; she was going to cum again at any moment! She was absolutely loving this!

Chanta suddenly slammed her head into the sink without allowing her to get a breath. Emma felt a jolt as she cried out, bubbling away what little breath she had left. Her pussy throbbed like crazy from her dilemma.

She was really starting to struggle when Chanta pulled her head back up. She coughed and sputtered, gasping wildly for breath. “What do you say now, you little slut? Do I drown your sorry ass? Or are you going to cooperate?”

“All right – all right!” Emma gasped, water pouring off her face. “I guess I don’t have much choice, do I? I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything I want?”

“Yes, anything!!”

“No more mouthing off?”

“No more!”

“No more defiant attitude?”

“No more!”

“No more ‘what’?”

“No more, ‘Mistress’!”

“That’s better.” Then for the fun of it Chanta pushed Emma’s head back into the sink anyway.

Emma ended up naked in Chanta’s Jacuzzi. Her arms and legs were clamped together in some sort of bondage contraption. It left her feeling extremely helpless and vulnerable.

She tingled like crazy from her dilemma. Anything could happen to her in here. She could drown and there would be nothing she could do to prevent it.

“All comfy now?” Chanta asked as she showed up. She was still topless. But now she had some sort of whip in her hand.

“You know what this is for, don’t you?” she asked with a sinister smile.

Emma couldn’t resist mouthing off one last time. “Is it a play-toy so you can be a cruel bitch?”

“”It’s an ‘attention-getter’,” Chanta replied with a smile. “Allow me to show you how it works.”

She brought it down until it lashed Emma’s breasts. The mouthy Asian cried out in pain. Chanta brought it down again, causing Emma to yip, whimper and flinch with each blow.

Emma cried out each time the lash made contact. Chanta wasn’t bringing it down very hard. But it certainly stung like hell. Emma instantly regretted her defiance as she blurted out, “I’m sorry – I’m sorry!”

“Oh, I don’t think you’re sorry at all,” Chanta observed as she reached over and turned on the water. “It’ll sting much better when you’re wet, you little slut. And with the water rising, maybe the fear of drowning will curb that tongue of yours.”

Emma whimpered as her pussy tingled wildly. She was really in for it now. A moment later Chanta dipped a different whip into the water before flogging her tits with it.

“Ow – ow – OW!” Chanta just chuckled at her. “Maybe next time you won’t be quite so mouthy.”

Emma yelped as the flogger came down on her tits again and again. So this was her punishment for being defiant.  She winced and gasped and yipped again, taking it as best she could as wild tingles surged through her body.

The water kept rising as Chanta continued giving her the lash. Emma flinched and whimpered, but she wisely held her tongue. Then Chanta got into the Jacuzzi with her.

“How’s that pussy of yours?” she asked, reaching down to stroke it. “Are you wet? Does the threat of drowning get you off? Emma could only stiffen with a whimper before moaning softly as the cruel woman fingered her.

“Water getting higher? Afraid you might drown in here?” Chanta chuckled as she fingered her. Emma moaned weakly.

“Does that feel good? Are you going to cum for me before you drown?” Emma whimpered again, feeling she was about to pop off at any moment.

“You’d better cum before the water rises above your head. A slut like you deserves to drown. So it won’t be no great loss, will it?” Emma gasped and whimpered as she tingled like crazy, the fingers thrusting pleasure into her quivering cunt.

Emma writhed and whimpered from a combination of the rising water and Chanta’s thrusting digits. She could feel it swelling within her. “Better cum for me pretty soon,” Chanta chuckled. “Otherwise you’ll have to do it while holding your breath.”

Emma winced and then shuddered as her body jerked in orgasm. “Yeeahhh!” Chanta gasped appreciatively as she leaned in close. “That’s what I like to see.” Emma panted weakly for breath as the water rose dangerously high.

“I could drown you right here and now; do you know that? I could just push down on you and that would be the end of it. There’s no way you could fight me, is there.” To emphasize her point, she pushed down on Emma’s chest, leaving her face barely sticking out of the water. Emma gasped and whimpered as she felt more erotic tingles.

“I think we have enough water in here to drown a little slut like you; don’t you agree?” Chanta reached over and shut off the faucet. Emma whimpered as she trembled like mad, wondering what the wicked bitch was going to do to her next.

As if in response Chanta got into the Jacuzzi with her, situating herself so that she had good control of the trembling Asian. “Now it’s my turn to have a little fun.”

“Is there some way you could put your mouth to good use without forcing me to drown your sorry ass?” Emma quickly picked up on what was expected of her. She dutifully latched onto the nearest nipple and started sucking.

“Good girl,” Chanta responded. “You might be good to keep around a while if you can do things like that.”

“Oh, yeah!” Chanta breathed pleasurably. “That’s what I like. That’s a good slut.” Emma dutifully licked and sucked, painfully aware she could find herself underwater at any moment. She was on fire again, feeling she could cum at any moment.

“Now let’s really have some fun,” Chanta told her as she swiveled Emma around. This time the Asian woman found herself leaning back against her captor. “Would you like to guess why I have you like this?”

“Because you’re a bitch?” The words slipped out before Emma could stop them.

“Oh, you little SLUT!” Chanta barked. Then she grabbed Emma’s nose and submerged her. Emma wriggled and bubbled, knowing her defiant mouth had gotten her in trouble yet again.

Chanta held her down a good long time. “How long can a mouthy slut like you hold your breath, hmmm?” Then she let Emma back up.

The Asian came up sputtering. Chanta just laughed at her. “This is the part I love best… drowning defiant sluts.” Then she grabbed Emma’s nose and forced her under again in a flurry of bubbles. “Better hold your breath down there if you know what’s good for you!”

Emma wriggled and thrashed about. But she had no leverage in her bondage. She was totally helpless, at the whims of her sadistic host. The thought made her tingle like crazy as erotic jolts surged throughout her quivering body.

She was suddenly allowed back up where she gasped mightily for breath. Her heat hammered in her chest, her pussy aching for a release. Then she heard Chanta tell her, “Defiant sluts like you don’t learn their lessons very well, do they.”

She was slammed back down under the surface, wriggling and bubbling like crazy. A moment later it slammed into her. Emma shuddered hard as she orgasmed intensely while being forced to hold her breath.

Chanta helped Emma back up, listening to the Asian gasp and sputter for breath. “Did my slut just cum?” she chuckled with delight. Emma coughed hard, wincing as she trembled like mad.

Chanta pulled her right back under. Emma let out another cry. But it was no use as she found herself fully submerged and bubbling again. Her tormentor simply looked down at her, enjoying the show as Emma writhed, wriggled and struggled to hold her breath.

Chanta let her back up. Emma came up gasping. “I’ll tell you what,” her tormentor said by way of relenting. “You show me you can behave and hold your breath. And I’ll consider letting you out of this Jacuzzi. How does that sound?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Emma panted submissively. Chanta counted her down before grabbing her nose and pulling her under. This time Emma settled right down, focusing on holding her breath.

Emma concentrated on holding her breath. But it wasn’t long until she could feel those warning spasms in her chest. She tried to push herself, but the spasms only got worse.

She started to wriggle, but Chanta held on tighter while giggling at her. She wriggled even more, wanting up in the worst way. But Chanta was having none of it. That’s when she panicked, thrashing about like crazy and cumming up a storm. Chanta pulled her up moments before her lungs gave out, listening with a grin as Emma coughed and sputtered.

“I guess I’m done with you,” Chanta said as she climbed out of the Jacuzzi. “It’s been fun. Now let’s see how long you can last without me.”

“Aren’t you going to let me out?” Emma panted tiredly. Chanta just chuckled as she turned the water back on. Then she walked out of the room.

“Hey; WAIT! COME BACK! DON’T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!” But Chanta did not return.

Emma quickly found herself in an alarming situation. The water was rising higher. But her bondage bar was working against her. No matter how hard she tried, she simply could not prop herself up high enough.

She writhed and whimpered, feeling it swell within her yet again. Surely the bitch wasn’t going to let her drown, was she? Where the hell was Jess?? Then water began sloshing around her face.

This was bad; it was rising higher and higher! Soon she wasn’t going to be able to keep her face up out of the water! Then the door opened and Jess walked in.

“Help!” Emma blurted out, panting like crazy. Then she sputtered as water splashed over her mouth.

“My, but you keep getting yourself into the tightest of jams,” Jess observed with a chuckle. Almost immediately she started touching herself from the eroticism of seeing the little Asian fighting to keep her head above water.

“You’ve got to help me!” Emma gasped as water sloshed over her mouth again.

“Chanta told me to leave you alone,” Jess chuckled. “But she didn’t say I couldn’t enjoy watching. So long, you stupid little slut. I guess you just have to learn this lesson the hard way, don’t you.”

“Jess; NOO!” Then Emma slipped under the surface.

Her eyes flew open in horror. She struggled, but she could not get herself back up. She began to panic as she wriggled and thrashed about.

Instead of helping her, Jess just rubbed herself that much harder as she watched. Emma was horrified… NO! SHE’S GOING TO WATCH ME DROWN! THAT BITCH!!

Emma shuddered hard as one last, monstrous orgasm claimed her. She moaned and bubbled as her lungs gave out. Then Jess moved in close, shutting the water off and activating the drain before quickly lifting Emma’s head above water.

“Gawd that was hot watching you cum like that!” Then she gave the gasping, sputtering Asian a knowing grin.

“I trust you’ve learned your lesson? I’d hate to have to turn the water back on and leave you in here. Did Chanta finally force that defiance out of you? Did she teach you a lesson once and for all? Maybe next time you won’t be so mouthy. But somehow I doubt it.” Emma could only moan wearily, thoroughly exhausted and tingling from delicious aftershocks…

2013; 2019 (written Aug 22 ’13; ed. Jul 24 ‘19 by riwa)

(Pictures are from waterbondage.com and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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