Boyfriend next door 1-4


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Chapter 1

I’ve known Kristin ever since grade school. We’re next door neighbors, but her family has a pool and hot tub. I don’t know how many summers my folks sent me over so I could swim in it with her. She’s a great girl and she’s really playful.

We’ve both become sexually active with each other. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. We started out swimming naked together.

My cock always got hard whenever she was in the water with me. Pretty soon she started blowing me underwater. Let me tell you, every time she did she would blow lots of bubbles as though I was drowning her with my cock down her throat. I always came buckets whenever she deep-throated me underwater.

It got to where playtime on the bottom would lead to fuck-time on the bottom. She has a great set of lungs, although I’m not too shabby myself. A lot of times we would end up on the pool floor fucking like rabbits, just to see who would cum first before drowning.

Kristin is just like her mother. Mrs. K is a grade A, number one hottie. She’s an incurable flirt, and she has dressed pretty damn sexy on more than one occasion.

Whenever she’s out in the pool with her daughter, the two of them always get my blood boiling and my heart pumping. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear her mom has the hots for me.

She has often invited me over to do odd jobs around the house while Mr. K was away on business. She is one hot MILF. I’ve always wanted to stick my cock down her throat and then deep in her pussy.

As much as I’d like to fuck her, I’ve always been a little shy around her. I had no idea everything was going to change between me, Kristin and her parents.

One evening Mrs. K asked me over to clean out and then paint the tool shed. She said it was a project Mr. K just hadn’t been able to get to. So I went over after supper to take care of it for her.

I got pretty dirty by the time it was all done. She offered me the use of their hot tub to get all cleaned off. I don’t know why I said it, but the words just came out of my mouth… “Are you going to join me?”

She smiled as she told me, “Certainly! Just take your clothes off and get right in!”

Let me tell you, that really got my blood flowing. I was sure I was going to get to see her naked. I was on cloud nine… until I rounded the corner in my birthday suit and found Mr. K sitting alone in the bubbling jets.

He must have gotten home from work. I didn’t even hear him drive up! I thought he was going to kill me as I stood there naked with my clothes in hand.

He gave me a big smile. “C’mon in, Jason,” he waved cheerfully. “The water’s fine.”

So what could I do? I assumed his wife must have told him about our little arrangement. Yet he seemed ok with it.

I dropped my clothes onto a patio chair. Then I hesitantly stepped down into the warm, soothing water. But my face was red as a beet.

He told me he heard I was here cleaning and painting the tool shed. He wanted to thank me personally for my efforts. I saw right away how nude he was. But he tried to put me at ease, telling me not to be embarrassed about being naked in the hot tub with him. It didn’t seem to faze him in the slightest.

Ten minutes later Mrs. K came out naked as a jaybird. My cock instantly sprung to attention. So I did my best to cover it up.

I think Mr. K noticed. But he just waved it off dismissively. “Don’t worry about it, Jason,” he laughed. “It happens to me all the time.” His wife just grinned at us as though enjoying all the attention.

“You boys haven’t started all the fun without me, have you?” she giggled as she stepped down into the water. Her ripe, gorgeous melons gleamed in the lights of the back yard. My cock refused to soften.

Amazingly she sat down right next to me. “I checked the tool shed,” she gushed with praise. “You did a great job.”

“Thanks,” I stammered. I was unsure how to handle myself, especially with her husband sitting naked in the water with us.

“You gonna thank him properly?” Mr. K asked her with a sly smile.

She just beamed. “Why certainly, darling!” she gushed, smoldering with sensuality.

She turned my head to her. Then she gave me a kiss that would’ve melted lead. A moment later she reached down into the water and grabbed my throbbing dick.

“He’s hard, darling,” she told her husband.

“Can’t have that now, can we?” Mr. K replied.

For a second I thought I was dead as he slid closer to me. Then he told his wife, “Honey, you KNOW it’s not nice to let a handsome young man like this go home with blue balls. So you’d better do something about it.”

“My apologies, Jason,” Mrs. K told me apologetically.

She moved into the water and knelt in front of me. I didn’t know what she intended, and I almost panicked. A moment later she lowered her head into the bubbling water where she took my cock and gently sucked it into her mouth. It was an 18 year old boy’s fantasy come true.

Mr. K came over until he was sitting right next to me. I was worried I was going to be in big trouble with him. Instead, he just turned the jets off before telling me he wanted to watch his wife suck an 18 year old cock.

I don’t know why. But for some reason his words really turned me on. Then I looked down into his lap and noticed his dick was saluting his wife’s efforts as she gulped down my throbbing shaft.

Sexy bubbles came up as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Her mouth felt absolutely incredible. She really knew how to swallow me deep, especially while holding her breath underwater.

As her husband watched, she actually reached into his lap. Then she began stroking his cock too. She stayed underwater sucking and stroking for another half minute or so before she came up.

“Gawd you have a great cock, Jason!” she gasped when she came up for air. Then she cupped my balls.

“My daughter tells me you store some pretty good loads in there. You don’t mind if I find out for myself, do you?”

I looked at Mr. K for permission. He didn’t object in the slightest. I told her I didn’t mind so long as her husband was ok with it.

In response, she took a really deep breath. Then she submerged with a burble. She ended up impaling her warm mouth with my quivering rod.

Her dark brown hair swirled around her head as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. Sexy bubbles came up as she looked up into my eyes with a mouthful of cock. Then to my utter astonishment she took my hand and placed it in her husband’s lap, gently wrapping my fingers around his swollen rod.

Now I’ve never had any kind of close encounter with another guy until that night. Maybe I thought I needed to do something for him while his wife was doing something for me. Maybe I was still a little concerned this wasn’t going to end well unless I cooperated.

For some reason it felt natural taking his dick in my hand. Then I gently stroked it up and down. I didn’t want to refuse or resist as I didn’t want to appear to be the least bit ungrateful.

Mr. K sighed next to me as I stroked him up and down. In the water I swear I heard Mrs. K moan as she took my dick deep down her throat. She kept glancing up and over as though making sure I was still stroking her husband’s dick. Hell, I think she was actually getting off on it!

There was a burst of bubbles as she came up again. “Gawd, that’s so hot!” she panted, “I’m so turned on watching you stroke hubby like that. You’re getting me all worked up. Now would you do me a favor?”

“What’s that, Mrs. K?”

“I want you two to kiss each other while I’m sucking your delicious dick, Jason. Would you do that for me?” and with that, she took a deep breath before submerging in a flurry of bubbles to take my hard cock back down her throat.

For a moment I was stunned. She just took me deep down her throat. And I kept stroking his dick, although perhaps I was doing it on a subconscious level.

I must have hesitated too long. Mr. K took my chin and turned me in his direction. Then he kissed me tenderly on the lips. I heard a bubbly groan from Mrs. K as she watched the two of us.

I’d never kissed another guy before. But it wasn’t like anything I ever expected it would be. I think a part of it had to do with the fact he was letting his wife blow me right there in the hot tub.

I didn’t want either of them to get angry with me if I decided to refuse. So I didn’t. But to be honest, it was more arousing than I expected it would be.

As his tongue pushed its way into my mouth, I instinctively stroked him a little harder. Mrs. K was really going to town on my cock! She kept grunting and moaning as though it was the most erotic thing she’d ever done: sucking my dick while watching me kiss and stroke her husband.

It wasn’t long before I started moaning into his mouth. My tongue probed inside past his teeth. What’s more, I was thrusting into the mouth of his eager, submerged wife.

Mrs. K bubbled as she came up for another breath. “Gawd, that’s so hot!” she panted. Then her husband pushed down on her head, sending her back down below the surface in an eruption of bubbles.

As she took my cock back into her mouth, Mr. K put my hand on top of her head along with his. We both pushed down together. We paused to watch Mrs. K suck on my cock before we both went back to kissing each other.

Her underwater moans matched ours above the surface as we continued tonguing each other’s mouths. Then she made a move as though she wanted back up. But Mr. K continued to push down on her head, smiling wickedly at me.

I smiled back as we both pushed down together. It wasn’t long until bubbles began pouring out around my cock in her mouth. She grunted as though she really wanted air.

I couldn’t help myself. Instinctively I thrust harder between her lips, almost as though I was fucking her face. “Cum in her mouth, Jason,” Mr. K urged me. “Cum in my wife’s mouth.”

His command to pump a load down Mrs. K’s throat was so damned erotic that it immediately triggered my orgasm. He kissed me while the two of us kept pushing down on her head. A moment later she began gulping down my hot load as bubbles came up out of her nose.

I swear I came buckets into her mouth. As she grunted and bubbled, I saw some of it spew out around the seal her lips were trying to make around my dick. Then Mr. K let go of his wife’s head.

I quickly followed his lead. Mrs. K’s head shot up to the surface. “Fuck, that was a lot of cum!” she gasped, panting like crazy. “Damn, honey; that was one massive load you had in there! It’s a good thing you came in my mouth! You must have been ready to explode!”

I trembled as I continued stroking Mr. K’s erection without even thinking about it. Mrs. K looked at her husband and smiled. “I see you’re enjoying yourself, darling.”

She turned back to me and said, “Like I was saying: that was just my way of saying ‘Thank you’ for cleaning out the shed and then painting it.”

“Anytime, Mrs. K.” I was thrilled, yet somewhat embarrassed I got to fuck her face underwater, especially with Mr. K looking on. Then she moved in close and kissed me deeply.

I actually got to taste my cum on her lips…

2011; 2021 (written for S and K Feb 5 ’11; ed. Jun 25 ‘21 by riwa)

Chapter 2

For a moment I thought that would be the end of it. Then Mrs. K climbed up into my lap. She leaned over and kissed Mr. K with her cum-stained lips, moaning into his mouth.

She wrapped her hand around mine while I still had a grasp on his erection. We sort of stroked his cock together. Then she giggled as though she was playing the naughty wife or something.

“Hubby’s cock needs tending to,” she told me. “Would you be so kind as to feed it to me, Jason?”

I watched as she climbed out of my lap. She took a big breath before slipping under the surface with a burble. Then she moved her head into his lap as her hair flowed all around her.

I pointed Mr. K’s cock in the direction of her mouth. She took him right down, grunting and gulping as bubbles came up through her swirling hair. Then she took my hand and made me cup and fondle his balls. Her husband tipped his head back and moaned softly as though he was enjoying the sensations.

Mrs. K burst up out of the water, gasping for breath. “Feed it to me again, honey,” she told me. Then she went right back down.

Once more I grabbed it and pointed it at her mouth. She gulped it right down as she released another flurry of bubbles. She was a hot cocksucker, just like her daughter Kristin.

It wasn’t long before her head began bobbing up and down. She grunted as bubbles came up. Then she burst up out of the water again, panting heavily for breath.

She gave me this look as though she had something naughty in mind. I suddenly felt this quiver of unease as though things were about to get interesting. Then she told me, “I could sure use some help, honey. I hate having to pause long enough to come up and get my breath back.”

I looked at her in alarm. Was she suggesting what I thought she was suggesting?? I could not help stammering, “You, uh… you want me to, uh… to, uh…”

She very gently pulled me off the seat I was in. I suddenly found myself on my knees right next to her. She gave me a knowing look as she said, “If you wouldn’t mind.”

Mr. K spread his legs apart. Now there was room enough for the two of us to kneel between them. I hesitated as I blushed a beet red.

“C’mon, Jason,” she encouraged. “You can do it. It’s easy! Besides, I think it would be a very nice gesture, don’t you? …especially since hubby here was kind enough to let me suck your big, juicy cock.”

The color drained from my face. I had never done this kind of thing before. But what was I supposed to do?? I couldn’t very well say no, could I?

I hesitantly moved in closer, ashamed of the way my cock was hardening back up from a perverse excitement. I took a deep breath before slipping under the surface in a flurry of bubbles. Mrs. K pushed my head close, grasped her husband’s erection, and then fed it to me.

I opened my mouth, planning on just sucking the tip of it. But Mrs. K had other ideas. Before I knew it, she’d pushed it further into my mouth.

“That is so hot!” I heard her gasp up at the surface. I blew bubbles as I was forced to take it deeper. I felt Mr. K’s dick twitch and stiffen inside my mouth.

I was embarrassed as hell. I was also incredibly turned on, especially over the way my suction was making him quiver. I experimented taking him deeper, but Mrs. K pushed him so deep down my throat that I ended up gagging a little.

I finally jerked my head up out of the water for a breath. Mrs. K went right down in my place. Bubbles erupted up at the surface as she began bobbing up and down on her husband’s cock, her hair swirling all around her head again.

I gave him a questioning look. He smiled as he told me, “That was very good, Jason. You’ve obviously done this before.”

“Uh… no, sir. That was my first time.”

He seemed incredulous. “Really? It sure didn’t feel like it was your first time!”

Mrs. K came up, only to start pushing on my head. I took a deep breath before she pushed me under. Then she grabbed her husband’s dick and shoved it back into my mouth.

I grunted and bubbled as I took him deep. It was still embarrassing. But I was so incredibly turned on being forced to suck her husband’s cock underwater.

She started pushing up and down on my head, making me bob up and down on his erection. She told him how hot it was to watch the teen next door blow him underwater. The more I sucked, the more he moaned appreciatively… and the harder I became.

I soon needed air and tried to come up. But Mrs. K wouldn’t let me. She just laughed playfully as bubbles spewed out of my mouth.

She finally let go of my head. I came bursting up, coughing and sputtering. She just took a deep breath and went back down in my place.

Mr. K grinned at me as he put his hands on Mrs. K’s head, forcing her to stay down. She bobbed up and down as bubbles came pouring up to the surface. Then he encouraged me to put my hands on her head and to do the same thing to her that she’d done to me.

I placed my hands on top of her head. Then I pushed down on her, holding her down as she made an effort to come up. More bubbles burst up to the surface.

I was really getting hard again, let me tell you! She let out a bubbly cry. I thought she was going to drown before I let her back up.

She came up gasping for breath. Before I could even think straight, she grabbed my head and pushed me back down. Once more, she forced me to take Mr. K’s cock back into my mouth.

I hadn’t gotten a good breath before I went under. But she really made me bob up and down on it. Then I heard her tell him to cum in my mouth.

For a second I panicked, never having tasted another guy’s cum before, much less having it spurt into my mouth. I tried to get back to the surface for a breath. But Mrs. K wouldn’t let me.

Mr. K exploded in my mouth. It was all I could do to contain it all. Some of it leaked out past my lips.

“Don’t swallow it!” Mrs. K called down to me. But I couldn’t help swallowing some of it anyway. Then she let me back up, coughing and gasping and gurgling.

“Give it to him, Jason!” she urged me excitedly. “Give it to hubby; let him taste his cum in your mouth!”

She pushed me up out of the water until he and I were kissing again. I felt him scoop his cum out of my mouth with his tongue. I moaned as I shared his load with him.

It was incredibly hot, more than I ever expected it would be. I had no idea I would be so aroused by sucking another guy’s cock and then share his cum back to him. Mrs. K gasped like she was really turned on. I even saw her furiously fingering her pussy under the water!

“Got any for me?” a familiar voice called out.

I looked up to see Kristin walking toward the hot tub. She was naked as the day she was born. I immediately went beet red with embarrassment.

I hastily pulled away from kissing her old man. But it never fazed her in the slightest. She got right in, pressed her tits up against her father, and then proceeded to kiss him passionately, moaning into his mouth.

I swear they were sharing the cum in his mouth, although I couldn’t be certain. Then she turned toward me. With a coy smile she asked, “Got any left for me?”

Before I could respond, she started kissing me deeply. Her tongue eagerly probed my mouth. The two of us kissed for a long time, right there in front of her parents!

When we came up for air, Mrs. K grabbed my head and kissed me hard. I got a brief look at Kristin kissing her father deeply again. That’s when I began to wonder just what the hell kind of family was I dealing with…

2011; 2021 (written for S and K Feb 5 ’11; ed. Jun 25 ‘21 by riwa)

Chapter 3

Mrs. K reached down and began stroking my semi-hard cock, moaning into my mouth. When we came up for air I looked at her in astonishment. Then I turned to look at Kristin, only to discover she was stroking her dad’s cock back to full hardness.

When she saw me looking at her in astonishment she just giggled at me, telling me her daddy needed a release every now and then just like I did. “Besides,” she added with a naughty smile. “You want to fuck my mother; I KNOW you do!” She was right, and my face went beet red with embarrassment.

“Is that true, Jason?” Mrs. K asked me sweetly. “Awww, would you really like to fuck me?” I didn’t know what to say, and I stammered something incoherent.

“He sure does, mom!” Kristin called out cheerfully. “Every time he sees you he gets hard as a rock!” I gave her a dirty look as though I didn’t want her saying that out loud in front of her parents. She just stuck her tongue out at me and then giggled as though it was funny as hell.

“Well if he wants to fuck me then I’d better get him hard again,” Mrs. K said without hesitation. My cock stiffened right up when she said that.

“What about me, mom?” Kristin protested. “He’s MY boyfriend, you know!”

“You can play with daddy until I’m done with him,” Mrs. K said with a grin, shocking the hell out of me.

“Cool!” her daughter replied with a big grin on her face. “I just LOVE playing with daddy!”

A moment later her head slipped under the surface. She was between her father’s knees. She started blowing her dad as though it was my cock she was sucking on.

Mrs. K submerged a few seconds later. Mother and daughter went under the surface at roughly the same time. Mrs. K took me deep down her throat as Kristin did the same to her father.

The two of them bobbed their heads up and down like they were in a competition or something. I even caught them glancing at each other as though they were enjoying themselves. Kristin burst up first, gasping heavily for breath.

“Fuck; mom beat me!” she blurted out. “She held her breath longer!”

Mrs. K came up a few seconds later. She grinned at her daughter. Then she asked, “Care to go again, honey?”

“I can beat you any day of the week and twice on Sundays!” Kristin challenged. Then she called out “Three… two… one!”

Both of them inhaled together. Then back down they went. Clearly they were trying to see who could outlast the other underwater, sucking cock while holding their breath.

Mrs. K gave my cock a really good sucking, taking me deep down her throat. She moaned and grunted as though she was really enjoying my man-meat. In no time at all I was hard again. Next to me, Mr. K tipped his head back with pleasure as his daughter eagerly bobbed up and down on his dick.

The two went at it for quite a while until bubbles started coming up. Kristin finally burst up, gasping madly for breath. She was disappointed upon seeing her mother was still under the surface.

Mrs. K came up a few seconds later, smiling triumphantly. She innocently asked, “What was that about beating me twice on Sunday, honey?”

“You just put Jason’s cock where your mouth is!” she retorted with a playful smile.

“Gladly!” Mrs. K gasped. “…in three… two…one… DOWN!”

Both of them inhaled as one. Then they both submerged in a flurry of bubbles. Mrs. K went right back to work on my dick, grunting and bubbling as she deep-throated me.

Next to me Kristin gobbled her father’s cock as though she was starving. He just smiled while telling me, “They’re both a couple of good cocksuckers, wouldn’t you agree?” I nodded my agreement, being as how Mrs. K was really making my dick throb in her mouth.

All of the sudden he winked at me as he pushed down on his daughter’s head. I winked back and did the same to Kristin’s mom. Both of them started grunting and bubbling like crazy.

It was such a rush watching Mrs. K and Kristin bubble and struggle while they sucked our cocks. Both of them looked like they really wanted up. Bubbles poured out around the cocks in both mouths.

For a second I thought they were going to drown. Mr. K finally let his daughter up. She burst up in a big whoosh of bubbles.

I let Mrs. K up at almost the same time. She came up gasping and sputtering. But she didn’t seem angry about the whole thing.

“FUCK!” Kristin sputtered. But she didn’t look like she was the least bit angry. She just gasped madly for breath before kissing her father deeply.

Mrs. K did the same to me. The four of us spent a good couple of minutes making out. We all moaned as we groped and kissed each other.

“So who’s on the bottom?” Mr. K suddenly asked with a grin. I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Mom is!” Kristin declared.

Mrs. K smiled and nodded as though that was all right. ‘All right for what?’ I thought to myself. What was all this about who was going to be on the bottom?

Kristin suddenly turned around in the hot tub. Then she started to climb into her father’s lap, facing away from him. She grabbed his cock and centered it before she slowly sat on it.

She gasped and moaned, commenting to no one in particular how good it felt. I was utterly astonished that she was riding her dad’s dick. Then Mrs. K eagerly told me, “And I get to ride your juicy cock.”

She pulled me to the edge of my seat until I was facing her husband and my girlfriend. Then she sat in my lap facing me. She slowly impaled herself on my throbbing dick until I could feel myself deep inside her.

She gasped appreciatively, looking over her shoulder and smiling at her daughter. “No wonder you like fucking him underwater so much!” Then she winked at me before telling me, “This is going to be so much fun!”

She slowly went over backwards until she was submerged. Kristin leaned over on top of her mother with her dad’s shaft up her pussy. A moment later both of them were underwater holding their breath.

Mr. K and I looked at each other as we started thrusting our dicks into his wife and daughter while they lay on top of each other in a 69 position. The two of them wriggled and bubbled. It was hot as hell.

I swear Kristin was licking her mother’s pussy underwater. I felt her tongue on my thrusting cock a few times. A couple of times she pulled my dick out of her mom’s pussy and gobbled it right down as though wanting to taste her mother’s juice on my throbbing shaft. Then she helped stick it back in until once more I found myself ramming her mother’s sweet fuck-box.

Kristin finally rose up for air, allowing her mom to come up gasping. Both of them grunted and whimpered as Mr. K and I gave them both a good, hard shafting! It was incestuously shocking beyond belief. And yet it was so fucking arousing that my balls swelled, aching for another release.

Mrs. K took a deep breath and went right back under. Kristin sprawled out on top of her mom until both were writhing and bubbling underwater. Mr. K and I fucked them good and hard.

Once more he gave me that knowing wink. He pushed down on the head of his daughter, refusing to let her up. I got really excited as Kristin and her mom started writhing and bubbling underneath the surface.

I kept waiting for him to let them up. But he wouldn’t. “Hold her down,” he told me, pointing at his daughter. Then he reached down and held onto Mrs. K, making sure she couldn’t wriggle out from underneath.

I was astonished: both of them were bubbling like crazy. Mrs. K’s tight pussy was clenching around my shaft as though she wasn’t about to let go. The both of them looked as though they were going to drown any second now! And Mr. K wasn’t doing a damn thing to stop it!!

Kristin acted like she really wanted up. But he told me to keep holding her under. She writhed and squirmed, bubbling like crazy.

It was hot as hell watching all that air come up. Then Kristin screamed a froth of bubbles. I think she was cumming.

Mr. K tipped his head back and cried out his release. There was a massive burst of bubbles as Mrs. K went off a short time later. It felt like she was milking my cock dry.

I exploded into her spasming pussy, pumping my load deep inside her. Then Mr. K signaled I could let them both up. We had to give them some assistance until the two came up coughing and sputtering like crazy.

“Ok; whose idea was it to drown us?” Kristin wanted to know as she gasped for breath. “Daddy, was it you?”

He smiled innocently. She just giggled before submerging to take his cock into her mouth. I guess she wanted to clean it up like a good little cocksucker.

Mrs. K told me, “That was wicked fun! I came really hard! You had quite a load to give me, didn’t you!” Then she submerged as well.

Mother and daughter bubbled as they sucked our cocks clean underwater. Then they both came up together. All of us ended up kissing each other deeply…

2011; 2021 (written for S and K Feb 12 ’11; ed. Jun 25 ‘21 by riwa)

Chapter 4

“Uh – oh,” Kristin blurted out. A moment later she belched, turning red with embarrassment. “Guess I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito. I’ll be right back.”

She quickly climbed out, snagged a towel and headed inside. “I wish she wouldn’t have mentioned the word ‘burrito’,” Mr. K sighed, shaking his head. He smiled wistfully as he climbed out too.

Mrs. K and I were left sitting together in the hot tub. “I guess I’m going to have to get out too,” I admitted. “Sometimes I really have to pee after I’ve shot a load or two.”

“Oh you don’t have to go, honey,” Mrs. K told me. “I can take care of that for you.”

“What??” I stammered in shock as I stood up.

My wiener was limp and dangling; I really had to go! She just moved closer. “You don’t have to go, Jason. There’s a spare urinal right here.”

“Right where?” I asked, looking all around in surprise.

Mrs. K really came close, her mouth mere inches from my limp noodle. “Right here, honey!” and she opened her mouth.

I was shocked as hell! “You’re kidding, right?” I sputtered in astonishment.

“Not at all, honey. I’m happy to take care of it. Just let it fly.”

She leaned forward, the tip of my cock resting on her bottom lip. What really astonished me was when she started rubbing her tits as though she was turned on or something. “But Mrs. K, you don’t understand! I mean I really have to pee!”

“And I really want you too,” she replied. “Don’t hold back, honey. I can take it.”

She gently wrapped her lips around the head of my dick, moaning softly as she caressed her gorgeous mounds. I was totally dumfounded! I really had to pee, and it was getting harder holding it back, especially when her words were saying I didn’t have to.

“But Mrs. K!” I objected.

“Let it fly, baby,” she cooed at me before wrapping her lips back around the head of my cock. A moment later I couldn’t help it. That’s when I released a little trickle.

I felt her tongue swab my pee-hole. So I released a little more. She moaned softly, groping her tits as a trickle became a stream.

A stream became a flood. I saw her cheeks begin to bulge with my pee in her mouth. Then I saw her swallow.

She actually gulped it down! But I think I had too much for her. Some of it leaked out of her mouth and dribbled down onto her breasts.

She just kept massaging her tits as though it wasn’t a big deal. Her eyes closed in rapture. Who the hell was I dealing with??

I kept peeing. And she kept swallowing. She also kept leaking little rivulets out of her mouth and down her naked chest.

The stream finally began to lessen. I shot little spurts into her mouth. Then she began lovingly licking the tip of my cock clean.

It wasn’t long until I got too hard to pee. Mrs. K just kept sucking on my cock like she was hungry for it again. Gawd, she was good… just like her daughter!

She started bobbing up and down on it like she just couldn’t get enough. Then I heard Kristin’s voice cry out, “Mom’s at it again, dad!”

I turned to see the two of them had returned. They were watching with amused smiles on their faces. Mrs. K just giggled when she noticed them watching before going back to sucking my dick.

The two got back into the water. Kristin started blowing her father again. It wasn’t long until the both of us were hard.

My girlfriend suddenly pulled me into the middle of the hot tub. Both she and her mother surrounded me and started making out with me. They took turns kissing me while stroking my erection.

I saw Mr. K slowly stroking his cock as he watched us. “I think daddy needs to have some more fun, don’t you?” Kristin giggled at her mother.

“Absolutely,” Mrs. K agreed with a grin.

To my utter astonishment the two pulled me down onto my back in the water, submerging me. I struggled a little, releasing a flurry of bubbles. They just touched my body all over while stroking my saluting dick.

“Come on and have some fun, daddy,” I heard Kristin’s voice up at the surface. “Now I want to watch you fuck my boyfriend underwater!”

“Oh yes, honey,” Mrs. K’s voice added. “That would be so fucking hot to watch.”


I began to struggle even harder. They just grabbed onto my arms and wouldn’t let go. “Relax, baby; you’re going to love this,” Kristin giggled at me. “Besides, I’m going to get off watching daddy fuck you.”

I thrashed about in their grasp. Mrs. K chuckled at me. “Take it easy, honey. This won’t hurt a bit. I guarantee you’re going to love it. I’m going to cum so hard watching. Remember: you got to fuck me; right? Now it’s only fair for hubby to fuck you.”

I burbled like crazy, wriggling and squirming. I felt Mr. K’s cock push against my puckered anus. “He must be enjoying this, mom; his cock’s really hard!” I heard Kristin observe.

My anal ring gave way. That’s when I felt my first cock slide into my ass. I grunted and shuddered as it went deep.

They let me up moments before I would’ve inhaled and drowned. I gasped for breath as both women moaned softly. Kristin whispered into my ear, “That is so fucking hot, baby.” Her mother lustfully chuckled, “Honey, you’re getting me all worked up watching you get it up the ass.”

I got barely half a minute to catch my breath before they submerged me again. Then Mr. K gave it to me nice and slow with his cock. I could not help wriggling and bubbling in their grasp.

Kristin suddenly climbed on top of me. She gobbled my cock down her throat as her pussy mashed up against my face. I grunted and bubbled as I instinctively began licking her juicy twat.

My dick was really hard. Between Kristin’s mouth and her father’s cock hitting something inside me, my erection kept throbbing and twitching. Then my girlfriend burst up, happily gasping, “Gawd, mom! He must really be loving it! His cock sure is twitching like crazy!”

“Let me see!” I heard Mrs. K demand. She ignored my growing need for air as she crawled on top of me just like her daughter had. A moment later she had my cock deep in her mouth as her crotch pressed against my face.

I didn’t know what else to do. So I licked her pussy and bubbled for all I was worth. All I could do was hope it would make them let me back up.

I thought she was going to drown me before she finally climbed off. I was allowed up for air, gasping and sputtering like crazy. That’s when Mr. K started fucking me even harder.

“His cock is so hard, mom,” Kristin observed. She even reached down to stroke it. Pretty soon the two of them were taking turns grabbing onto my quivering shaft and jerking on it.

The damned thing wouldn’t stop twitching. Maybe it was due to the presence of a cock sliding in and out of my ass. The sensations had changed from discomfort to pleasure.

What I heard next scared the shit out of me. My girlfriend told her mother, “Let’s drown him, mom! I want to see him spurt when he drowns!”

“You read my mind, honey,” Mrs. K replied. “I’d love to see that too. Fuck him hard, honey. We’re going to hold him down until he drowns.”

“WAIT; WHAT??” I blurted out in horror.

Kristin just giggled at me. “Don’t hold back, Jason. It’s going to be so fucking hot watching you cum and drown.” Then they both pushed me under, holding me down below the surface.

I tried to wriggle free. But I had no leverage. I even tried to break free. But I had no way of working myself back to the surface.

Kristin and her mom held onto my arms. They were making sure I couldn’t thrash around much while Mr. K kept sliding in and out of my ass. The two of them were grinning excitedly.

Mr. K really started giving me a good, hard fucking. As he did, he began stroking my hard cock. I’m ashamed to admit how great that felt despite my fear.

That wasn’t my main focus though. I wanted back up for my next breath. The way they talked, however, made it sound like I wasn’t getting another one.

It wasn’t long until my lungs really started heaving in my chest, crying out for a refill. Mr. K really gave it to me good. He fucked me hard while stroking my cock.

My cheeks bulged like a squirrel hoarding nuts. It was all I could do to keep from inhaling. That’s when things went from bad to worse.

All of the sudden Kristin pushed into my stomach, forcing out a bunch of my air. Mrs. K put her hands on my cheeks. Then she pushed cruelly, forcing more air out of my mouth.

She bent over and kissed me. I thought she was going to share air. But what she ended up doing was sucking the remaining breath right out of my lungs.

By the time she stopped, I was frantic. My eyes big as saucers. I struggled like mad, but they refused to let me up.

My lungs were on fire. I pushed it just as far as I could. Then my lungs gave out, and I inhaled water.

Almost immediately I began to spasm and convulse. That’s when Kristin grabbed onto my cock. She started tugging on it hard while crying out “Cum for us, Jason! Cum for us and drown!”

Mr. K rammed his cock hard into my ass. I felt his hot seed inside me as his cock went off. It must’ve tripped something inside me because my cock suddenly started spurting my own cream into the water.

“Oh, FUCK; THAT’S HOT!” Kristin cried out. She furiously milked my spurting shaft with her hand. I could see both her and her mother looking down on me, their faces all lit up with sexual excitement.

Mrs. K suddenly blurted out, “OH, FUCK; I’M CUMMING TOO!” She released her hold on me, not that it was necessary anymore. Then she jammed her fingers up her pussy.

I bucked and shuddered, spewing away what few air bubbles I still had in my lungs. My cock kept spurting, setting both Mrs. K and Kristin into orbit. Then I stopped struggling.

I remember looking up and seeing the two of them leaning over me like a couple of horny females. I remember feeling a mouth on my cock. I think one or both of them sucked me after I’d spurted so much.

My eyesight failed me. I wanted to cry out, “I’M GOING BLIND!” Moments later I must have passed out.

When I came back around, I was lying on the patio next to the hot tub. I coughed up a shitload of water before they propped me back up. All three of them were there.

They were smiling as though they’d just had the grandest time. “You ok, Jason?” Kristin asked. “Baby, you were great! That was so fucking hot! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard, especially since I was watching you drown!” Then she kissed me so hard I thought she was going to give me a tonsillectomy.

Mrs. K was next. She beamed at me, having an expression of intense sexual satisfaction. “Honey, you were great!” she gasped excitedly. “I can’t remember when I’ve had a hotter time out here in the hot tub!” Then she kissed me as though she was never going to stop.

“You ok, son?” Mr. K asked when his wife was done sucking my lips off my face. “It was an extremely enjoyable time out here in the hot tub. I hope you enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.” Then to my utter shock he kissed me tenderly, his tongue slowly probing inside my mouth.

“Daddy’s kissing Jason!” I heard Kristin gasp with delight. “Fuck; that’s hot!” He kissed me for the longest time before finally pulling away.

“Are you feeling all right, dear?” Mrs. K asked me, concern in her voice. “I suppose you should be getting home. But we want to make sure you’re feeling ok.”

“I’m fine,” I stated as I started to get to my feet. “You’re right; I really should be going.”

“I hope we haven’t put you off or anything,” Mr. K said to me.

“Oh no, sir. In fact it was, uh… quite enjoyable… I think.”

They all laughed. But I had to be honest. It had been one hell of an evening! Even the drowning had certain aspects to it that I’d enjoyed.

“You’re welcome back any time, honey.” Mrs. K beamed, looking down at my dangling member. “In fact, we’ll give you a call when we open up the pool this summer. How does that sound?”

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she couldn’t wait to try me in their pool. I suspected the whole family was eager for me to come back for the summer months. I told them I was looking forward to it, although I wasn’t sure if I meant that or not. Maybe I did. Then I got out of the hot tub and started looking around for my clothes…

2011; 2021 (written for S and K Feb 13 ’11; ed. Jun 27 ‘21 by riwa)

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