Cindy Lou finds a guillotine


Note: I wrote this story before I realized I’d written something similar in the Santamos Island story about Mahina. I decided to post this one anyway since it has some differences. I hope you enjoy it. I included a couple renders by Mike Hunt which I did not include in the other story.

Cindy Lou was out lounging in the backyard when she suddenly felt a tingling sensation. The sun was out; not a cloud in the sky. She was sure the wind wasn’t blowing.

She sat up, removed her sunglasses and looked around. But nobody was there. Strange; she felt like she was being watched.

She laid back down on the patio lounger, luxuriating in the feel of sun on her mostly bare skin. Once more she felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck. Cindy Lou removed the sunglasses again before setting them down on the nearby patio table. Then she sat up and looked all around.

At the corner of the brick structure, she caught sight of a darting figure. For the moment it looked like a woman in a black, flowing robe. Was she spying on her??

“Hey! You there!” But the figure was gone. She couldn’t confirm if the individual had gone around the corner or had simply vanished right before her startled eyes.

Cindy Lou stood up and headed for the corner of the building, her heels clattering on cobblestone. She wanted to know who’d been spying on her. She didn’t think it was one of the other girls she was staying with. Hell, she only knew them by name. Besides, none of them seemed all that friendly.

She rounded the corner, only to discover the woman in black standing near an opening in the wall. She waved to her as she called out, “Hey there!” But the woman stepped out of sight.

The pigtail-braided twenty-year-old headed off in that direction. She didn’t know whether to be curious or annoyed. She hadn’t been told her and her companions might be spied upon. If so, she was going to say something to their hostess.

She rounded the corner and gasped in astonishment. Some sort of metal contraption stood there all by itself in a sectioned-off alcove. It came complete with dangling blade and a lever.

Cindy Lou couldn’t believe it. What the hell was a guillotine doing back here?? She was shocked beyond belief.

She looked around for that woman she’d seen duck in here. But she didn’t see a soul. What’s more, there were no doors or windows along the brick wall. The woman had vanished into thin air.

Cindy Lou stepped toward the guillotine. There was a pipe in the brick wall, but she shook her head. There was no way in hell that woman could possibly be hiding in there.

She paused to look all around. Where the hell had that woman gone?? She was sure she’d seen her duck in here!

She shook her head as she began examining the guillotine. She’d never seen anything like it before. It looked completely foreign… as though it didn’t fit in with the rest of the architecture.

She vaguely remembered seeing pictures of guillotines in her history books. But they were all made out of wood. What’s more, they all had some sort of bench for a person to be strapped down to. This thing only had a short metal beam to lie upon. And it looked uncomfortable as hell.

She walked all the way around it, wondering where the hell it had come from. It certainly seemed like an odd place for a guillotine. Didn’t the caretakers realize how dangerous it was, sitting out here in plain sight for her or one of the other girls to find?

Odd how she didn’t seem to be frightened by its presence. If anything, Cindy Lou was curious. Seeing such a structure in a place like this simply made no sense to her.

On impulse, she reached out and touched it, wondering if perhaps she was dreaming. The structure seemed real enough. She reached up and touched the blade. It, too, seemed real.

How strange. She couldn’t begin to fathom what the hell it was doing out here. Had the caretakers failed to put it away? If so, what had it been doing out here to begin with??

The sun was starting to get lower in the sky as she allowed herself a closer look. She couldn’t imagine how she could possibly get into trouble just looking at it. If the caretakers didn’t want any of her companions stumbling across it, why the hell had they left it out here like this??

She was reminded again of that female figure she’d been following. She looked all around. But there was no one else around, not even one of the other girls she’d come to the castle with.

Had the blade been used on anyone? It seemed doubtful. The damned thing looked pristine; she didn’t see any stains on the blade or supporting beam. That didn’t mean accidents couldn’t occur.

She got closer and looked at the metal beam. It sure as hell didn’t look very comfortable to lie upon. Then again, the crazy contraption didn’t look like it was built for the comfort of the condemned.

The condemned… now there was a thought. She wondered how people had been clothed when they’d been beheaded back in the days of those wooden guillotines. Had any of them ever been as scantily dressed as she now was?

A name came to mind from an old history class… Marie Antoinette was it? Wasn’t she some queen? Cindy Lou couldn’t remember very well.

What must it have felt like for her to have her head locked in? What must have gone through her mind moments before the blade fell? She had a guillotine right in front of her; it would certainly be easy enough to find out.

Cindy Lou looked all around. But she saw no one watching her. Did she dare?

She carefully straddled the metal beam. It touched her upper legs, making her shiver. She gasped as a strange arousal coursed through her body.

She bent forward and carefully stuck her head through the lunette. Cindy Lou gasped as she shuddered from an incredible arousal. Instantly she jerked her head out and backed away.

She’d experienced something she’d never felt before. It felt… sexual somehow. Cindy Lou looked all around, making sure she was still alone. Then she stepped forward once more.

She straddled the beam before carefully bending forward. She slowly stuck her head in the lunette, pushing herself all the way through. Those incredible stirrings of sexual arousal increased exponentially.

She gasped at the sensation. Her nipples hardened dramatically. Amazingly, her pussy was dripping from the experience.

Something told her she would need to bring the lunette down on the top of her neck if she truly wanted to experience the feeling. Cindy Lou took a deep breath. Then she reached up and pulled it down until she felt it come in contact with the back of her neck.

She gasped and trembled. Her legs felt like rubber; it felt incredible! That’s when she reached out and tentatively grasped onto the lever.

Almost immediately the sensations seemed to increase a hundred-fold. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Cindy Lou inhaled sharply before letting go of the lever as though it might bite her.

She paused to catch her breath. Then she tentatively reached out for the lever again. She braced herself with her hand on the structure as she grasped onto the lever, standing there with her ass sticking up.

She could not describe her emotions. There was a noticeable sensation of fear. She almost felt terrified at the thought she could easily lose her head right now if she wasn’t careful.

At the same time she feel an incredible sexual excitement. She’d become unbelievably horny. What’s more, she was sure her pussy was dripping like crazy. She could tell she was wet down below.

Is this what those unfortunate victims had felt all those years ago? Had they endured a mixture of fear and arousal before their deaths? Had they felt terror coupled with a strange sexual excitement… the same emotions she was now experiencing?

Without even realizing she was doing it, Cindy Lou reached back with her left arm. She ran her hand under her upraised ass and began to feel around. She confirmed how wet she was, something that was going to be noticeable should she run into any of the other girls before she could change.

She began working a finger over her nub. She could tell it had swollen with excitement. It made her wince and stiffen as her body responded.

She paused as she imagined how ridiculous she looked. Her body was locked in a guillotine, one hand on the lever with the other in her crotch. If anyone saw her now, she would be utterly humiliated.

She carefully looked up and then all around, as much as the lunette would allow. She still saw no one. But her pussy was now throbbing for a release.

She told herself how crazy the whole thing was. She should get her head out of here before somebody saw her. But she couldn’t believe how turned on she was.

All it would take would be a gentle pull on the lever. Or did you have to push it to bring the blade down? Cindy Lou couldn’t believe she was thinking such things.

She fingered herself harder. Gawd; how she needed to cum! She couldn’t believe how horny she was!

She self-consciously looked around again. She saw no one watching her. That’s when her fingers began to rub a little harder.

She thought about those who had faced the guillotine so long ago. Did they have any last words before their head was chopped off? Did they beg for mercy; did they plead for their lives?

What Cindy Lou felt was nothing like that. She felt a bizarre, sexual excitement at having her head locked in the lunette. Had any of those past victims felt this very same way?

Gawd; she could feel an orgasm approaching! Had any of the condemned experienced any kind of sexual excitement moments before losing their heads? Had any of them cum during those last moments? She couldn’t help wondering what must have gone through their minds right before the blade had come down.

She was really horny now. Cindy Lou panted for breath as she moved the fabric aside before sticking a couple of fingers into her slit. She was wet as hell… wet from an incredible sexual excitement.

Could she make herself cum? Knowing the blade was directly above her, ready to chop her head off, gave her an intense feeling of fear and excitement. Instinctively, she fingered herself harder.

Cindy Lou writhed and moaned as she imagined she was one of those condemned to being beheaded. Her clothes had been mostly removed, leaving her exposed and humiliated with the blade about to fall. Surely that must have been what those people had experienced, especially the women.

She thrust harder into her womanhood. She could not believe how turned on she’d become. This was incredible!

She suddenly detected the faint sound of laughter. Cindy Lou instinctively looked up. But she saw no one; there was nobody around.

Was it the breeze? Maybe it was the leaves rustling. Maybe she was imagining things.

She was so unbelievably horny. What a story she would have to tell; that is, if she ever shared it with anyone. How many women could say they had actually orgasmed with their head locked inside a guillotine?

She thought she heard laughter again. Cindy Lou anxiously looked up. But there was no one there. If she was going to cum, she needed to do it soon before someone caught her like this.

She fingered herself harder, thrusting in and out of her pussy. She heard wet, squishing noises. She was really soaked back there.

She suddenly experienced what felt like a hand on her ass… or was it the breeze? Then something caressed her backside. Cindy Lou felt an erotic shiver of horror and dread.

She had to stop right now! She had to get her neck out of this damned guillotine! But at that moment her incredible urges overrode her sensibilities.

She moaned as she trembled, her legs becoming rubber again. She could feel them starting to buckle. It felt like she was getting closer to orgasm.

She thought she felt a hand on her ass again. This time she was sure of it. Cindy Lou stiffened as she started to cry out.

She suddenly felt a hand wrap around hers as she gripped the lever to the guillotine. She looked up in horror to see a woman in a black robe. She was actually standing there smiling at her.

The woman let out a moan of pleasure as she pulled on her hand. Cindy Lou felt the structure shudder. That’s when the woman in the robe vanished right before her startled eyes.

She felt a sharp pain in her neck. A moment later her head was falling. The severed connection to her brain caused her hand to instinctively let go of the lever.

Her head bounced once before rattling against the base of the metal contraption. Her body instantly sagged onto the beam, coming down on her arm. Her fingers were still in her pussy. But she could not feel the intense climax her body was now experiencing.

She looked up in disbelief. What the hell happened? Had she pulled the lever by accident and beheaded herself? How was that possible??

She was sure she’d seen that woman in the robe pulling on her hand grabbing the lever. Then she’d seen her vanish a split-second before the blade had fallen. Hell, now she didn’t know what the hell she’d seen!

Her body hitched and jerked as it lay collapsed onto the beam. Her left arm was now wedged underneath her stomach. Her fingers were still diddling her pussy, although she had no way of knowing that.

What the hell – what the hell – WHAT THE HELL?? Cindy Lou couldn’t feel anything below her neck anymore. Was she having a dream; was she still on that patio lounger in the back yard?

She needed help… and right now! Actually, she needed one of those girls to show up and put her head back on. No wait; she didn’t want anyone to see her like this! Hell, she didn’t know what the hell she wanted!

She could see blood falling onto the ground. She could just make out the way her body appeared to be hitching and jerking. It all seemed so surreal.

Was her hand reaching down for her head? Her right arm seemed to be reaching for her. Was it looking for her head; was it trying to pick it up and attach it to her severed neck??

Cindy Lou’s body gyrated on the beam, hitching and shuddering. The signals from the brain had been cut off. Now there was muscular chaos.

Her legs spasmed as her hand jerked underneath her. Her fingers flexed as though trying to remember what they had been doing mere moments ago. Her ass quivered as her legs twitched.

Her crotch was soaked, turning the material to her skimpy thong transparent. Her labia flared as her pussy kept winking in response. Cindy Lou’s body just kept cumming and cumming.

But her neck was now severed. Her brain could not process the signals trying to be sent back. She never got the chance to experience the orgasm she’d been craving.

It all seemed so surreal. Was this really happening? Why couldn’t she feel anything below her neck??

There was a sudden sensation of movement that passed in front of her eyes. Cindy Lou’s senses attempted to penetrate the foggy haze that was closing in. That’s when she thought she saw that same woman in the black robe.

The figure rippled before her as though in a haze. Cindy Lou thought she could see solid matter. Then she thought she could see right through. Strangely, the whole thing terrified her.

She opened her mouth to scream… or at least she tried to. But she did not make a sound; her lips wouldn’t move. All she could do was stare in abject horror.

There was blood spatter all around her. It seemed like she was dreaming. But it all felt so real!

The figure came closer until it seemed to kneel right in front of her. It reached down as though caressing her cheek. Cindy Lou was frozen in disbelief; she couldn’t scream or pull away.

She simply could not believe this was happening. Then the figure started to appear hazy. Cincy Lou could see parts of the yard through her vaporizing form.

The woman reached into her robe as though rubbing her crotch. At the same time she appeared to grope a breast through the material. That was the last thing Cincy Lou saw before her vision failed her. Then it felt like she was falling into the bottomless abyss of oblivion.

The life flickered out of her pupils. Her body stopped twitching and shuddering. Her pussy dripped from her orgasm. A moment later her bladder gave way as urine splattered onto the cobblestone.

A faint breeze set the leaves to whispering… whispering as though they were witnesses of the event. They whispered of sex and beheading and death as though they had been in on it the whole time. Then the wind stopped, silencing the conspiracy amongst themselves.

There was the clatter of heels on cobblestone. The clatter grew louder. Then a figure came around the corner.

Their hostess paused for a long moment. Then she slowly approached and examined the body. The young woman with the braided pigtails appeared to be quite dead, her head resting on the ground at the base of the guillotine.

She walked all the way around, admiring the corpse with its ass protruding. She ran a hand over flesh that was still warm. Then she came in front where she bent down to inspect the severed head.

Cindy Lou looked up at her with lifeless eyes. There was a vacant expression of shock in her features. The hostess smiled down at her. Then she got up and walked away.

One of the four girls in her care had suffered a terrible misfortune. She must have been playing with the lever. She could only wonder if it was due to some accident or whether it was a spur-of-the-moment suicide. She would have to contact the groundskeeper to take care of the matter.

2019 (written Oct 23 ’19 by riwa)

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