AF’s Casting Call


Note: This is an older repost of a picture story from way back.

No one answered when she knocked on the door. That’s when she found herself becoming concerned. “Shit. I hope he’s here. This is supposed to be the right address. Maybe he’s outside somewhere.”

She circled around back and found the pool. But there was no sign of him. He wasn’t at the shed either. Where could he be?

She looked around and saw a small lake a few yards away. There was a dock with some guy sitting on it. “Maybe that’s him over there,” she said hopefully to herself.

She walked over and spoke to him. “Hi, my name’s Diamond. Is this where the audition’s being held?”

“This is the place. My name’s Tim. Glad you could make it.”

Diamond sat down next to him, grateful she’d found him. He was the producer who might be the one to get her career going. She was relieved he was still taking auditions.

“As I mentioned on the phone, I’m auditioning a woman for the pool scene in my next film. I think you might be good for the role. But you’ll have to be underwater for some of the take. I need to know how long you can hold your breath so I can get the shot I need.”

“Well, I have been practicing in my bathtub, so… I’m sure I’m up for the part.” She nervously played with several strands of her hair, not wanting to blow this opportunity.

“Ok, let’s hit the pool and rehearse your scene.”

They stood up and walked up the slope to the pool area. “Wait here,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting you this soon. I need to get some equipment. I’ll be right back.”

As he went off to the house, Diamond sat down on the concrete by the water’s edge. She really wanted this role. But he was acting indifferent. Was it possible he was going to audition other actresses for the part?

‘What can I do to impress this guy?’ she thought to herself.  ‘I really do want to be in this film. It could be just the thing that jump-starts my career.’

She suddenly got an idea. ‘I know,’ she thought as she stood up.

She removed her sweats before hanging them on the pool fence, revealing the bikini she’d worn in anticipation of being in the water. Then she reached behind her back. Diamond untied her top, revealing what she hoped would be her two biggest assets in getting the part.

The producer came around the fence and was surprised to see her breasts on display. He smiled as he told her, “Oh… you don’t need to audition topless. That’s just required for the actual film.”

“Well I don’t mind,” she told him with a knowing smile. “Do you?”

“Not at all,” he answered cheerfully. Then he got down to the business of the audition.

“As I explained on the phone, you’ll be tied up for your scenes. So I want to make this audition as realistic as possible. You don’t mind, do you?” In response she shook her head no as she brought her arms behind her back.

He tied her wrists together with one end of a long nylon rope. Then he showed her the system he had built for the audition. It was down in the deep end of the pool.

She looked down and saw a long pole with two pails attached to each end. The buckets stood upright, filled with some sort of weighted material. The attached pole remained a foot off the pool floor.

The nylon rope that was tied to Diamond’s wrists snaked down, looped under the pole and came back up to the surface. The free end was now in the producer’s hands. When he pulled on the rope, she would be pulled down toward the pole.

She got into the water as he finished his preparations. She didn’t mind a little underwater bondage, although she did feel a bit uncomfortable. She just assumed he knew what he was doing.

“Here’s the deal,” the producer told her. “I’m going to pull you down to the bottom of the pool. We’ll start with fifteen seconds and then do thirty. We’ll go to sixty seconds and beyond until we determine how long you can hold your breath.”

Diamond exhaled in concern, realizing what he was asking of her. “Well… I can hold my breath for about a minute.”

He smiled at her. “If you concentrate, I bet you can do better than that. I need at least three minutes out of you.”

“Three minutes??” she responded in alarm as he held her arm. Now she wasn’t so sure she would be able to pass the audition. “Three minutes is an awfully long time. But I’ll try my best.” After all, she really wanted this gig.

He let her go and watched as she went out to the middle of the deep end of the pool. She tread water easily, indicating she was comfortable keeping her head above water. When he saw her take a deep breath, he pulled on the rope.

Diamond was pulled backwards down to the bottom of the pool. It was a bit disconcerting. But she seemed to be managing it ok.

She closed her eyes and focused on holding her breath. She tried not to expend any energy as she drifted there topless. If she concentrated, maybe she really could hold her breath long enough to get the part.

The producer actually held her down for twenty-five seconds before he let go of the rope in his hands. Diamond felt the nylon go slack as her body began to drift upward. She kicked the rest of the way to the surface where she popped up and gasped for breath.

“See how easy that was?” he called out to her.

“Not bad for a first time,” she called back. “I’m pretty sure I can go longer.”

She felt the rope tighten on her wrists. Diamond quickly filled her lungs. Then she was pulled downward toward the bottom of the pool.

Once more she concentrated on holding her breath. She closed her eyes and tried to remain perfectly still. Her legs dangled underneath her as she tried not to kick. The only thing that mattered now was improving her breath-hold time.

She wasn’t sure how long she was under before she felt slack in the rope, allowing her to drift upward. She figured that was her signal to surface. Once again Diamond kicked herself up to get another breath.

She popped up and panted for breath as she tread water. She hadn’t been straining for air all that much. That’s when she realized she could have gone longer.

“How long was that?” she called out.

“A minute,” he replied. “You were doing so well I thought I’d let you hold your breath longer. Ready to go back down?”

She took a couple deep breaths before nodding her head. “We’re going to go longer, ok?” She nodded her head again before taking another deep breath.

The producer was becoming hopeful. This one showed promise. Maybe she could hold her breath the entire three minutes for the scene he needed to shoot.

“Here we go!” he called out. Diamond inhaled loudly. Then he pulled her back down. This time he was liable to stretch it past a minute-thirty… maybe even longer…

Diamond went right to the bottom until she felt her feet touch the pool floor. Once more she closed her eyes and focused on holding her breath. By concentrating, she felt confident she could reach two minutes if given enough practice. But she wanted to make three if she could so she could earn the part before he found some other bitch to give it to.

Up at the surface, the phone went off in the producer’s back pocket. He cursed under his breath. It always happened when you were in the middle of auditioning someone. And a call at this time of the day usually meant trouble.

He fumbled with the rope and the phone until he could get the damned thing to his ear.

“Yeah? …yeah. …yeah? …hang up? Are you sure? Hang on a second, I got the script…” Inwardly he was cursing again, suspecting this was not going to be good.

At the bottom of the pool, Diamond squirmed a little. She could felt pangs of discomfort in her stomach. He was definitely keeping her down longer this time.

She released a few bubbles out of her nose and mouth. She was ok for the moment. But how long was he going to keep her down on this one?

The producer was not happy. It was an issue with his other actress. Why the hell did she have to do this to him?

“I need her next Thursday… no, I need her next Thursday… no, I’m not going to negotiate the price with her… no, we’re not going to change the script for her either…”


Down below Diamond lost a few more bubbles. She could feel the strain in her lungs now as she started to struggle. Why the hell was he pushing her so hard on this one??

She kicked and squirmed as more air slipped out of her nostrils. Her head twisted back and forth as she strained against the rope, trying to keep her flowing hair out of her face. She tried jerking on the rope her wrists were secured to in an effort to let that son-of-a-bitch know he needed to let her up.

He was facing away from the pool in frustration, his anger growing. “Okay – okay – okay – okay. We’ll pay her the extra money she wants, just as long as she’s gonna do the nude scene, ok? What do you mean ‘she wants more exposure’?? She’s going to be nude; remember?”


At the bottom of the pool Diamond was close to panicking. Why the hell wasn’t he letting her up?? Her struggles became more desperate as she fought to get back to the surface. She cried out as she twisted and jerked about.

The agony in her chest was getting worse. She wanted to inhale in the worst way. A bubbly scream was torn out of her lungs as she jerked hard on her bindings.

Her face twisted in a grimace of agony. What the hell was he trying to do?? She couldn’t hold her breath much longer!

Diamond screamed her breath away. She couldn’t help sucking water down her throat. In response, her windpipe instantly closed off.

She violently thrashed about, her body reacting to her inability to breathe. Her senses promptly overloaded. A moment later she went limp.

He was so focused on the phone call, he’d totally forgotten about the girl in the pool. “…schedule her for next Thursday at 10am! Tell her ‘don’t be late’ or she gets nothing, all right? I’ll talk to you later.”

He ended the call before turning to look at the pool. “OH, SHIT!” That’s when he tossed the rope into the water.

The slack allowed Diamond’s body to drift up to the surface. She floated face down in the pool. There was no coughing or gasping for breath… no obscenities spewed in his direction for keeping her down so long.

He stared at her lifeless body as it bobbed in the water. All he could do was shake his head with regret. “I guess three minutes was a little too long. Damn shame. She was the best lookin’ one of the bunch.”

There was nothing he could do about her now. Calling an ambulance would only throw him further off his schedule. But he couldn’t very well leave her floating out in his pool, could he?

He fished her out of the water. Then he carried her topless form out back. He had a yellow barrel that was empty next to his shed. That would work.

He dumped her unceremoniously into the bottom of it. He glanced at her for a long moment. Then he shook his head as he placed a piece of plywood over the top.

There was no time to deal with her now. There was too much to do. Besides, there were plenty more where she came from, an inexhaustible supply of bimbos to choose from…


His next audition wore a dive mask as she slowly moved along the bottom of the pool. Sammi paused every now and then to pose and posture for the producer who was watching from above. The part involved holding her breath for a long time, and she wanted to impress him.

She tried everything she could think of, including wearing her light, blue-print sun dress. She posed and teased him a couple of times. She did everything she could think of.

She really wanted the part, hoping it would help get her career on track. Now it was time to show off her assets. She swam to the slope of the deep end and reclined against it. When he looked down at her he would get a great view of her cleavage.

She slowly pulled one shoulder strap down and then the other. She smiled slyly at him as she exposed her breasts. This should get her the part for sure!

She caressed them as she held her breath, showing how she wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable being underwater. She could act for him above AND below the surface. And she could hold her breath for as long as he needed her to.

She slowly surfaced, playing the part of the temptress. Sammi removing the dive mask and set it down on the concrete surrounding the pool. Then she looked up at him and coyly asked, “How’s that?”

“That was great!” he replied enthusiastically, having totally forgotten about the girl he had just drowned. “That’s just what I’m looking for! But now we need to rehearse the actual scene I’m auditioning you for. So climb on out so I can tie you up.”

“I like to be tied up!” she told him eagerly.

She pulled the straps to her dress back up over her shoulders. Then she lifted herself out of the pool, sitting on the edge. Minutes later, he’d secured the nylon rope to her wrists behind her back.

“For this scene I want you to pretend you’re in real danger. I want good facial expressions of fear and agony.”

“No problem,” she replied. “It’s a drowning scene? I can do a drowning scene! I LOVE the water!”

He pulled on his end of the rope. Sammi was pulled down to the bottom of the pool in her sun dress. Her feet touched before she started kicking her legs, trying to act afraid and panicked.

Sammi twisted and struggled while holding her breath. How long did he want her to struggle? Hadn’t he said something about three minutes? That was a long time, but she figured she could manage it.

Her body drifted upward. She thought maybe she was going to get another breath. But he pulled her back down before she could reach the surface.

She kicked and struggled, really needing to breathe. Somehow she managed to burst up to the surface. She gasped loudly for breath, wondering why he’d kept her down like that.

“Don’t leave me under so long, ok? I’m not a fucking fish, you know!”

“Don’t worry,” he replied cheerily. “I’ve done this before. Back under you go!” He was being much too enthusiastic for her peace of mind.

Down she went as he yanked on the rope. Once more she kicked and struggled. This was turning out to be a lot more anxiety-inducing that she’d anticipated.

By now Sammi was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing. He was enjoying pulling her down too much. What kind of part was she auditioning for anyway?

The longer he watched her struggle, the more excited he became. She was really playing her part well. The fear in her expression was intoxicating.

He hadn’t gotten the chance to watch the first girl drown because of that damned phone call. But this was what he was looking for. If he was this aroused, imagine how the customers would react upon seeing the very same thing in his film!


Sammi struggled to reach the surface, only to get pulled back down. She could feel it in her lungs now as she started bubbling in alarm. Why the hell wasn’t he pulling her back up for her next breath??

He put on a dive mask and weight belt, deciding he wanted to drown this one in person. He wanted to witness a drowning up close and personal so as to perfect the scene he wanted to shoot for his movie. Besides, he was fully prepared to drown her and then audition another girl.

He eagerly slipped into the water, surprised how aroused he’d become. Then he swam down to her. Sammi thought he was going to free her, only for him to grab on and start tearing at her dress.

Her mind cried out, “What the hell are you doing?? Get me back to the surface before I drown!!”

She slipped out of his grip and kicked toward the surface. But he grabbed onto the rope still attached to her wrists behind her back. Then he pulled her back down.

Air spewed out through her lips as she struggled to get free. The panic was obvious in her features. ‘That’s great!’ he thought happily. ‘That’s exactly the expression I’m going for! Perfect!’

She let out a bubbly scream. But he loved that too. A bubbly cry as the damsel drowns would fit the scene even better.

She broke free and shot for the surface. Sammi barely got a mouthful of air before he pulled on the rope and yanked her back under. She screamed again, causing a flurry of bubbles to dance for the surface.

The producer decided the screams really added to the scene. He would have to make sure the next girl he auditioned would give him the bubbly screams he wanted. But he wanted to finish drowning this one to see exactly what he wanted in his movie.

The part called for her to go topless. This he now wanted to see. That meant the dress had to go.

He wrapped his legs around her squirming body. Then he pulled the dress up over her head. It nicely exposed those lovely, jiggling boobs of hers.

She twisted away, trying to break free. She got close enough to the surface to pop up and snag a quick breath. But it was a painfully small one.

As he pulled hard on the rope, she let out another bubbly scream of terror as she was jerked down, kicking and struggling the entire time. The producer pulled her closer. Then he finished working the dress off her body and down her arms.

Tearing it free, he tossed it aside, maintaining his hold on the rope attached to her wrists. Then he stretched out on the bottom of the pool courtesy of the belt around his waist. Now he wanted to watch this model drown for him.

Sammi was horrified. It had all gone horribly wrong. Now it seemed as though he was actually going to drown her!

Her hair flowed around her face as she struggled not to inhale. She was out of breath, her lungs heaving ominously. It was agony, especially the way he was holding onto the rope as though intent on drowning her.

Involuntarily, she gulped a mouthful of water. Her body convulsed as she fought to keep from inhaling. Her lungs were on fire, her chest heaving insistently.

Her mouth gaped open as she lost the last of her breath. He was holding onto the rope, preventing her from reaching the surface. She was horrified at the thought he actually wanted to drown her.

The producer watched her struggles and her facial features. It looked like she was about to drown. He found himself eager to push her all the way to the end just to see it for himself.

The whole damned thing was shockingly interrupted. The girl he’d thought he’d drowned was seemingly back from the dead! She appeared in the water from out of nowhere, working the rope loose enough for Sammi to make a mad dash for the surface.

For a brief moment she struggled with the producer, trying to entangle him in the loose nylon. But he kicked and struggled too much. Giving up, she shot up for the surface.

She burst up panting loudly for breath. The girl she’d saved was coughing and wheezing. Diamond asked, “Are you all right?”

Sammi cried out, “He tried to kill me!”

“He tried to kill me too! C’mon, let’s go get him and teach him a fuckin’ lesson!”

The producer popped up for a breath. That’s when they ganged up on him. They pushed him down toward the bottom of the pool, determined to drown the bastard.

They grappled with him, trying to keep him on the bottom of the pool. But they were rapidly using up their oxygen reserves. The struggle was making it hard for them to stay down while holding their breath, much less keeping him on the bottom.

They worked together, fighting to keep him on the pool floor while avoiding his flailing arms as he grabbed for them. But he put up a remarkable resistance. They couldn’t believe the bastard had such stamina to be able to remain on the bottom like that.

He grabbed Diamond and held onto her for a moment. But she managed to break away and swim to the surface. She was out of breath and had to go back up, leaving him to struggle with the girl she’d just rescued.

He was trying to get a good hold in order to drown her when Diamond came back down. She tried to distract him, allowing Sammi to shoot up for a breath. Now Diamond was the one struggling to keep him down without drowning in the process.

Sammi struggled to catch her breath. The explosion of bubbles indicated the struggle taking place below. She was getting tired, but she could not leave that woman to her fate, not when she’d just saved her from drowning.

She filled her lungs and then swam back down. She had to help that woman! They had to drown this bastard before he managed to drown another model. Thus, she returned to join the bubbly fray.

Diamond was pushing down on him, keeping him on the pool floor when the other woman returned. Together they fought to prevent him from reaching the air he had once tried to deny them. They pushed, prodded, and grabbed anything that moved in an effort to keep him down on the pool floor.

Diamond was forced to break off and swim back to the surface again. She gulped in a quick lungful of air. Then she quickly returned to help her topless ally.

The producer struggled feebly before he stopped moving altogether. Sammi tapped Diamond’s arm and pointed upward. They surfaced together, leaving his body to sway in the turbulence of the struggle.

They reached the surface and gasped mightily for breath, amazed it had taken so long to drown the bastard. “Sonofabitch is dead now!” Sammi gasped with exhaustion. Diamond could only pant heavily, feeling tired all over.

Diamond was in shock over how long he could hold his breath underwater. She shook her head as she finally found her voice. “It took us about five minutes to kill his ass! DAMN!”

They only had a moment to savor their victory. Then they were suddenly pulled underwater together. What the hell…??!!

It was the producer! Was he back from the dead? Had they not finished him off??


The women were totally caught off-guard. They were shocked they hadn’t succeeded in drowning him. That gave him time to wrap his legs tightly around Diamond’s waist while grabbing Sammi by the wrists

He dragged both women with him he swam down to the pole. He was determined to leave one of them tied to it. He lassoed Sammi’s wrists with the rope and wrapped them as fast as he could.

Diamond struggled between his legs. But she couldn’t wriggle free. All she could do was watch in horror as he tied the other woman to that wooden pole stretched between the two buckets on the bottom of the pool.

Sammi cried out in alarm as she struggled to free herself. There was so much rope, and her wrists were tied together. She couldn’t free herself!!

Diamond struggled to get out from between his legs. But they were clamped tightly around her waist. She wouldn’t be able to help the other girl if she couldn’t save herself!

The producer finally shed the weight belt. With Diamond between his legs, he was able to go up to get the breath of air he badly needed. With one bimbo roped to the pole, all he had to do was push down with his feet to keep the other submerged so he could drown her.

Freed from between his legs, Diamond tried to reach the surface. But the producer blocked her path. He wasn’t letting her past him to reach the air she needed.

She tried moving around him. But he kept himself between her and the surface of the pool. No matter what she did, he refused to let her up.

She tried swimming away, trying to get far enough ahead of him to reach the surface. He simply swam after her, intercepting her and preventing her from getting up. She was too focused on her own survival to go to the aid of the woman she’d previously freed from all that rope, the same woman who was now tied up again and drowning!

Sammi was left to fend for herself. She was secured to the pole by several lengths of nylon rope. She tugged and pulled, but it wouldn’t come free. She even tried to pry it off with her teeth, desperate to free herself.

She couldn’t believe how the tide had turned. She thought for sure they had drowned the bastard! Sammi gnawed on the knot, a bubbly groan of despair escaping her lips as she worked it with her teeth…


Every time Diamond pushed to reach the surface, he pushed her back down. It had become a Mexican stand-off. The only problem was: he was the one breathing at the surface, while she was not.

Twisting and turning, she swam off again. He followed her every move, swimming just above her. He kept pushing her down, preventing her from reaching the surface…


Sammi gave up using her mouth. She yanked and jerked on the rope, hoping it would somehow work loose. She kicked with her legs, struggling to find any way of making it back to the surface….


As Diamond pushed up, he pushed down on her. She spun, turned and twisted. But he was always there, directly above her and blocking her path.

She swam into the shallow end, hoping to be able to stand up at some point. He swam directly over her, preventing her from getting her head up. Then he reached down, wrapping his legs around her again. There was no thought as to what was happening to the other woman in the pool…


Sammi was desperate to try anything. She even grabbed the pole and lifted with all her might. It bent from the weight in each bucket.

She managed to raise it about a foot. But she couldn’t get it any higher. She strained with all her might, losing bubbles of air from a great effort. Her face was a mask of desperation as her lungs heaved from a breathless inferno in her chest…

Diamond closed her eyes from the burn of chlorine in the water. She focused on holding what little breath she had left for as long as she could. Her cheeks bulged as her arms waved feebly.

She tried to kick her way out of his grip. But he was too strong. And she was too exhausted.

He smiled, sensing impending victory. The other bitch was still struggling with the rope and the pole in the deep end. It looked like she wasn’t getting free any time soon.

That left this one. She seemed tired… exhausted. Surely her bubbly demise was not far off. Now it was easy to push down and keep her between his legs…

With a burst of adrenaline Sammi lifted the buckets two feet off the ground, only to grow weary and have them fall back down with a thud. She yanked on the rope in desperation, having exhausted all other options. Her lungs were on fire… and she was so tired, so very tired…

The producer pulled Diamond to the side of the pool. It was easy to flip her upside down. Instinctively she grabbed her nose, struggling not to flood her sinuses to the point where she might involuntarily inhale.

She flailed weakly, her chest heaving as her breasts bobbed. She couldn’t hold her breath much longer. Her lungs screamed for more air.

Sammi thrashed about, kicking desperately as her breasts jiggled wildly. She was too exhausted to struggle much longer. Her cheeks bulged as she poured what little energy she had left into holding her breath…


Diamond continued to struggle uselessly against the side of the pool. Upside down, she was helpless, unable to get free. Her eyes remained closed as her lungs screamed at her.

The producer glanced into the deep end. Bubbles were coming up. Then he looked down at Diamond, wondering who was going to drown first. It made his cock stiffen with anticipation…


Sammi’s cheeks bulged as though her mouth were full of marbles. She looked up helplessly at the surface. Just one breath… all she wanted was just one little breath…


Diamond gurgled as water invaded her lungs. Then she started convulsing. The producer wrapped an arm around her and hauled her off toward the steps of the shallow end.

He sat down and turned her over so he could watch her face. He wanted to view her final moments. He wrapped a leg around her to make sure she wouldn’t drift up as air bubbled freely out of her mouth…

A burst of air fled Sammi’s heaving lungs. She reflexively inhaled, gurgling and hitching. She coughed another burst of air as she looked up at the surface, her mind screaming in horror…

Unhindered, air trickled steadily out of Diamond’s lungs. She spasmed and convulsed painfully. Her breasts wobbled with every hitch and shudder…


Sammi convulsed and gurgled. Another burst of air billowed out of her mouth. Her lungs rapidly flooded, filling with pool water……


Diamond’s body convulsed, all caught up in the throes of drowning. A few small bursts of air escaped past her lips. The producer calmly brushed her hair with his hand as he creamed himself…


Buoyancy caused Sammi’s legs to point upward toward the surface. She was no longer struggling. She simply hung limp and lifeless, tethered to the pole by the nylon rope wrapped around her wrists…


A few bubbles slipped past Diamond’s lips. The producer pushed into her stomach, forcing out the rest of her air. She hitched as a few more solitary bubbles slipped away…

Sammi’s body floated parallel to the pool bottom, her arms still attached to the pole by the rope. Her long, flowing hair obscured her face…

A final trickle of bubbles slipped away from Diamond’s lips as though emerging from somewhere deep inside her. The producer continued to brush her hair, reminding himself that she was, after all, the best of the bunch. Then he stood up.

He grabbed Diamond in tow and pulled her toward the deep end to check on Sammi. It didn’t take long to spot her lifeless body floating next to the pole. She had drowned as well.

Inspired, he pulled Diamonds body down to the pole and attached it by the wrists with some leftover rope. They floated together, tethered to the pole. He admired the two drowned women as they drifted together in their macabre dance of death.

‘Now that’s the image I want for my movie!’ he decided with a surge of perverse excitement. ‘I gotta call the studio. Maybe they can send over a few more girls. I’ll keep doing this as long as I have to until I get it right…’

2004; 2019 (written Nov 23 ’04; ed. Oct 16 ‘19 by riwa)

(Inspiration and pictures are from Aqua fantasies “Casting Call” and are for illustration purposes only.)

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