The gentlemen’s club (bonus story)


Brian leads me in naked. I cannot see with the blindfold on my face. But I trust him implicitly as he leads me over to the chair.

I hear the voices of the males in the room. They grow silent as Brian helps me find the chair. I feel around for it until I grasp onto the protruding phallus sticking up out of the seat.

I smile in the direction of those watching me as I gingerly adjust myself onto the chair. I slowly impale my pussy on the phallus until it completely fills me. I adjust my position until I’m comfortable… or at least as comfortable as one can be in my situation.

Brian drapes a tie in my hand, telling me, “Compliments of one of our guests.” I blindly smile forward. Then I take the tie and deliberately wrap it around my neck.

I grasp onto both ends. Then I began to pull. It’s that moment of strangulation that causes my pussy to contract around the dildo I’m impaled upon.

I ride it as I strangle myself. My head turns from side to side, although I cannot see anything: neither Brian nor our paying customers. I had no idea I would be making money in a Gentlemen’s club off my fetish.

I pull harder, thoroughly strangling myself. I begin to rasp and struggle. My cunt clenches even tighter around the phallus inside me. I’m such an asphyxia slut.

I hear murmurs of excitement from the audience. I can detect both male and female voices. It amazes me how many bitches out there love watching a whore strangle herself while impaled by a big dick.

I wheeze as I start to struggle. I try to pull hard on the tie around my throat. But self-preservation inevitably sets in.

I release my grasp on the tie when I see stars. My pussy is soaked; I nearly came that time. My hands tremble as my body gets the shakes.

“Brian?” I murmur loud enough for the audience to hear. “I’m going to need a little help here.”

The poor lad is an orbiter. I’ve taken plenty from him, but I’ve never given back. He wants to marry me, and he often gives me money and attention. But to me that’s all he’s good for.

I hear him shuffle up behind me. I feel him grab both ends of the tie. That’s when I reach down to touch my swollen nub while using my other hand to grope my boobs.

Brian begins to strangle me from behind. I hear excited murmurs from my audience. It’s a private showing for club members, as well as their friends, wives and girlfriends.

Brian pulls a little tighter. It sets my clit on fire. I furiously rub it with my fingers as my cunt clenches involuntarily around the phallus inside me. This time I’m definitely going to cum.

I hear growing murmurs of excitement from those watching me. Some woman eagerly gasps, “Strangle the fucking bitch!” Her words fill me with a terrible arousal.

My fingers blur over my swollen button. Brian pulls harder on the tie. But I know he won’t harm me. He’s a beta, hopelessly in love with me.

The man who paid for the privilege of seeing me strangled with his tie will get it back before the night is over. Will he retire it to some special location? Will he masturbate over and over to it in remembrance of how it was used to strangle me? It turns me on knowing he’ll get horny thinking about me long after this night is over.

Brian pulls harder on the tie. It gets to the point where I can hardly breathe at all. That’s when panic threatens to overwhelm me.

My hands reach up to stop him. My fingers claw at the tie around my throat. My body rocks as I furiously ride the thick phallus inside me.

I want to breathe – I need to breathe – I need air! Is Brian going to take me too far? He wouldn’t dare, would he?? GAWD; I WANT AIR!

I try to pull against the tie around my neck. Brian just maintains the tension, knowing how much I love it. He loves me, so I know he won’t hurt me. But he’s pulling so damned tight!

I’ve never have sex with him, although he wants me to. He would never hurt me, so I trust him with my life. But why the hell is he pulling it so tight??

I find myself wondering if I’ve misjudged him. Is this his revenge for not getting to stick his dick inside me?? Would he strangle me to death in front of a roomful of customers??

The stars return as I struggle in the chair. Then I’m cumming like a fucking whore. I make a huge mess on the chair as I furiously milk the phallus I’m impaled upon.

I shudder as my arms suddenly fell to my sides. I go into what feels like spasms and seizures. Then I’m aware of nothing at all.

Brian tells me there’s always a palpable excitement from the audience at this point. I’m not out very long. Then I start to come around as I go into little recovery spasms.

I hear enthusiastic applause. That’s when I allow myself an inward smile. I’ve done it again, putting on a good show while cumming all over myself.

I can’t help wondering if I’m the only one. How many guys creamed themselves watching Brian strangle me into unconsciousness? How many bitches climaxed to my suffering?

The tie is removed. I hear Brian giving it back to the guy in the audience. There’s more applause, along with several murmurs of “Lucky bastard.”

Brian helps me up off the chair. I hear him ask, “You ok?” The dildo slurps out of my soaked pussy with a wet plop. Then he gingerly walks me off the stage.

He holds my hand as he quietly tells me, “You did it again, Teri. You had them eating out of the palm of your hand. I saw guys and gals all rubbing crotches.”

“Did you have to strangle me so hard?”

“I thought you loved it like that.”

“Just be careful, ok?” Actually, he was just fine with the way he strangled me. But I always like to put him in his place.

I allow him to walk me back to my changing room as I don’t want to see anyone coming and going. Club members like having that anonymity with me. Besides, I’m well paid. Even Brian gets a percentage when he goes out into the audience. Got to give the guy a bone every now and then, right?

A niggling thought tickles the back of my brain. What if Brian gets pissed one day? What if he strangles me for not marrying him… for not allowing him to fuck me?

I tell myself that would never happen. He’s too much in love with me. He thinks someday I’ll come around, and he’s willing to wait.

But sometimes I can’t help thinking about it, especially when he’s at the height of strangling me. Is that why I keep going through the risk? Is it the erotic thrill of the unknown? The thought gives me a delicious shiver that settles in my pussy, making it tingle with longing.

At the top of the next hour Brian leads me in again. Once more I’m naked and blindfolded. There’s something about performing nude without sight that gives me an added thrill.

Once more I’m lead to my chair. I feel around until I detect the protruding phallus. Then I gingerly sit down upon it again until my cunt is fully impaled.

“Slut!” a female voice calls forth from the audience. I smile inwardly. I do not mind the names, so long as they keep providing the coin I desire.

I begin to ride the large dildo inside me. It isn’t long before Brian places something in my hand. It crinkles, and I know exactly what to do with it.

I fumble around until I find the opening. Then I pull the bag down over my head. I close it off around my throat, gently choking myself.

I breathe normally as I ride the phallus. It isn’t long before the air in the bag becomes stale from my exhalations. That’s when it starts deflating tighter against my face.

I ride my chair-cock harder as the bag deflates more noticeably. I love the way it tightens against my face. It gives me such a thrill despite the growing panic of breathlessness.

I inhale deeply until the bag pulls tightly to my face. I begin to shudder as I start to panic. My hands quickly open the bag, and I gratefully breathe fresh air.

I hear excited murmurs from the audience. I pull the bag back down over my head. Then I begin the process anew.

I feel that thrill again as the bag starts deflating against my face. I struggle for as long as I can. My pussy becomes so wet that it squishes around the phallus inside it.

Once more I reach that delicious point of panic and growing terror. I frantically pull the bag up off my face. Then I pant for breath.

A female voice out in the audience cries out, “Suffocate her with these!” I look all around, although I cannot see a thing. I hear Brian walk out into the audience. A moment later he returns.

Something soft and silky is put into my grasp. He bends down and says in my ear, “Compliments of a fan, Teri.” I blindly smile toward the audience, wondering who made the donation.

I pull the bag back down over my head. Then I wrap the nylons around my neck. It seals off the bag far better than the grasp of my hands around my throat.

I ride the phallus harder as the bag begins to deflate in a more pronounced manner. Now it will take more time to release the nylons, open the bag and get the air I’ll need to breathe. A delicious thought goes through my mind how this could go horribly wrong if I cannot get the bag off my head in time.

I breathe harder, my lungs protesting at being forced to recycle my exhaled breaths. The bag crinkles as it inflates and deflates. My pussy drips copiously as I ride the dildo with more urgency.

I begin to shudder as I struggle for air. Then I frantically unwarp the nylons from around my throat. The bag opens up and I pant wildly for breath.

That same female voice enthusiastically cries out, “Bag the slut!” That’s when I feel Brian grab onto my left wrist. With a familiar clicking sound he cuffs my arm to the back chair leg.

Brian does the same to my right wrist. Now I cannot use my hands at all. I suddenly feel quite vulnerable… totally at his mercy.

I tremble with anticipation as I wait for what I know is coming next. The bag is slowly brought down over my head again. Then the nylons tighten around my throat, sealing in my exhalations.

I tremble from a fearful arousal as I try to breathe normally. But I cannot help clenching around the phallus inside me. It drives me wild, especially since I cannot get a decent breath of fresh, clean air.

My lungs protest as I breathe in my own exhalations. I inhale harder, trying to get fresh air. The bag crinkles as it deflates tighter and tighter against my face.

My hands instinctively jerk against my restraints. I begin to wriggle around in the chair. The bag clings tighter to my face, outlining my eyes, nose and gaping maw.

I desperately open my mouth wide for that badly needed breath. But it’s foul and stale. I suck the bag into my mouth, my lungs protesting my stupidity.

It’s not long before I begin to panic. I want the bag off my head in the worst way! And I want the nylons removed from around my throat.

I hear that female voice cry out, “Bag the bitch; make her suffer!” Other voices eagerly take up the cry. That’s when I easily slip into full panic mode… “MY GAWD; THEY WANT ME DEAD!”

I struggle as I thrash about in the chair. It becomes soaked from my flowing juices. A devastating orgasm batters me into oblivion.

When my senses return, I’m aware of applause as well as enthusiastic cries. I’m sore from riding the phallus and cumming so hard. The bag and nylons are gone; Brian is in the process of removing my cuffs.

Once more he gingerly helps me up out of my chair. I’m slowly led away to more applause. I’m sore as hell, but my body thrums with delicious aftershocks. I’ll need the full hour to recover in time for my next session.

At the top of the next hour I’m led back in for another performance. Brian has to lead me in again. Once more the blindfold renders my vision ineffective.

When I reach down for the seat of the chair, I discover a vibrating dildo instead of the embedded phallus. I pick it up and smile in the direction of my audience. I have no idea how many people are watching.

I carefully sit down in the chair. Then I start using the vibrating toy on my pussy. Anticipation of being strangled quickly makes me wet.

I hear murmurs of excitement among the spectators. Then I feel Brian loop a rope around my neck. I shiver as I gasp for breath.

He gives me what feels like another rope. I pull on it until my head tips. It’s obviously connected to my noose from a point up in the ceiling.

I push the toy deep into my wet slit, wasting no time. I pull harder on the rope, partially strangling myself. I rasp and gurgle as I fuck myself with the vibrating dildo.

I pull a little harder, almost lifting myself up off the chair. My breathing is immediately restricted. My cunt clenches around the toy inside me.

I pull up and down on the rope, teasing myself as I strangle myself. I hear appreciative murmurs from the crowd. I smile in their direction.

I reach a point where I really try to strangle myself. I pull as hard as I can until I feel my face turn red. My pussy gushes as I begin to shudder, making me let go of the rope.

Brian comes over and loosens it from around my neck. I pause to catch my breath, the seat of my chair soaked again. Then Brian reaches around and moves my arms as though instructing me to use both hands on myself

I start using the toy with one hand while I cup and fondle my swollen mounds with the other. That’s when I feel the rope start to tighten. Once again, Brian is helping to strangle me.

He toys with me, pulling hard and then easing back up. I rasp and gurgle as I use the toy with one hand while swirling my swollen nub with the other. My heart hammers in my chest from the excitement of playing with myself while being asphyxiated. And to think I actually get paid for doing this!

Brian leans into the rope. It tightens around my throat. Jolts of breathless pleasure settle in my throbbing pussy.

He pulls a little harder. I can actually feel myself being lifted up off the chair. I slide the vibrating toy inside me until I’m sitting on it.

The vibrations send jolts of pure pleasure racing through me. But now it’s getting really hard to breathe. Fingers feverishly swirl my button with one hand while the other hand climbs my chest in growing alarm.

Brian pulls a little harder. It almost chokes my breath off. Instinctively I reach up to relieve the pressure.

I forget all about the toy as it remains jammed inside me. Now I claw at the rope with both hands, desperate for another breath. Ragged gasps escape my lips as my face turns red.

I start to panic again. Damnit, why does Brian push my limits like this?? Then I’m shuddering as I claw at the noose strangling me to death.

I see stars as my chest heaves. My mouth opens and closes, my tongue frantic to taste just the smallest wisp of air. Spasms and convulsions batter me into unconsciousness as my pussy ejaculates.

I awaken to a sore neck and enthusiastic cheers. I rub my throat, but the noose has been removed. Once more they love my performance.

I’ve totally soaked the seat of the chair I’m sitting on. Brian helps me to my feet. I’m wobbly as he leads me away.

The enthusiasm of my audience follows me out. One more performance, and my shift will be over. I can’t wait to orgasm one more time while I’m being asphyxiated.

Once more Brian leads me out naked and blindfolded. This performance will be somewhat different. It should also be the one that generates the most cash from my customers.

I’m led out until Briand puts my hand on a wooden post sticking up off the floor. My bare feet detect cushions lying in front of it. I become both scared and excited.

Brian whispers in my ear, “One of these days you should let me have a turn, Teri. You know I’d do anything for you.”

“One of these days, Brian,” I whisper in reply. But I don’t ever plan on giving him the chance. He’s a beta, an orbiter. He doesn’t deserve a chance.

Oh, I’m sure there are betas in the crowd. But I don’t know what any of them look like, so I can always pretend. And since they all have money, I really don’t give a damn.

I’ve seen Brian enough to know he’s nice enough. But he’s never getting into my pants, not ever. I just don’t feel that way about him.

I carefully kneel on the cushions, making sure my legs straddle the base of the post behind me. Brian takes my wrists and pulls them behind my back. It makes my tits stick out appetizingly.

He cuffs my wrists behind the post. Now I’m effectively immobilized. I won’t be going anywhere without his help.

I feel a plastic bag pulled down over my head. Brian is already getting the show started. Immediately I’m filled with an incredible arousal.

He tightens it around my neck until I can’t get any seepage of air. It isn’t long until the bag starts to noticeably deflate. It gets pulled tight against my face as I struggle against my stale exhalations.

My mind cries out as I breathe my own breath. My wrists jerk in vain behind the post as my pussy moistens considerably. Then he pulls the bag up off my head.

I pant gratefully, trying to catch my breath. Then I feel something wrap around my throat. It tightens until I’m pulled back against the post.

I tremble as the garrote around my neck begins to constrict. It’s deliciously slow. My breathing becomes severely restricted.

I start to struggle again as I attempt to breathe. It feels like my throat is all but closed off. Then the garrote loosens around my neck.

“So who’ll be first?” I hear Brian tell my audience. It doesn’t take long before I hear some male come up onto the stage. He’d better have lots of money on him.

I hear what sounds like something being deposited into the nearby jar Brian has left out here near the post. Then I hear a fly unzip. That’s when I get the shakes as I become both frightened and excited.

A cock pushes itself against my lips. I open my mouth and it pushes its way inside. He paid for this, so I’m honor-bound to give it to him.

He slowly thrusts in and out. I grunt as I slurp my tongue all around his shaft. I’m as noisy as can be, so the others will know what kind of eager performance they’ll receive, so long as they’re willing to pay handsomely for it.

The cock pushes deeper until it almost forces its way down my throat. I gag and grunt as I try to get another breath. Damn, Brian; tell this one not so deep!

The garrote suddenly tightens. My breath becomes restricted. The cock fucks my mouth harder.

I grunt and gurgle as I try to breathe. I’m filled with a terrible fire of intense arousal. I’m also frightened over what could happen to me if something goes wrong. Is that what makes me keep doing this?

The garrote tightens even more. I start choking and gagging. Gawd; that bastard Brian is really strangling me! Is this his way of paying me back for not letting him stick his dick inside me??

My wrists jerk around behind the post as I start to shudder. I can feel my face turn red. My mouth is fucked hard as I suction for all I’m worth. But the lack of oxygen to my brain makes me dizzy and light-headed.

My mind cries out for Brian to back off. Tell this bastard to take it easy, damn you! If you’re not careful, you’re both going to kill me!

I start to go into spasms as my senses diminish. I become aware of his grunts of release as his hot, salty seed fills my mouth. My eyes roll behind the blindfold. Then the garrote is loosened.

I feel a single splat of cream against my cheek. Damn; this bastard had a load! I hear oohs and aahs from the audience as he zips up. Then I hear applause.

Brian calls out, “Who else wants a turn?” I hear more footsteps before I detect what had better be the whisper of more cash going into that jar. Then my mouth is fucked again.

My cunt is wet; the cushion soaked beneath me. I suck on another cock, working it with my tongue as my cheeks go all concave. I know what’s coming, and I instinctively try to get him off before we reach that point.

All too soon I feel the garrote tighten around my throat again. I’m not exactly certain what it’s made of. It feels silky… as though someone has donated a pair of nylons to be used against me.

The garrote tightens until I can barely breathe. The cock fucks my mouth nice and hard. This one is just as rough as the last bastard who used my oral cavity for his pleasure.

I do my best to get him off. But my lack of air affects my ability to concentrate. Soon I’m thrashing about against the post as I struggle to breathe.

I see stars as my naked body shudders in protest. My nipples feel painfully erect. My pussy gushes as I struggle to pull a wisp of air down my throat.

The cock suddenly pulls out of my mouth. I feel creamy spurts hit my face. Males roar their approval as females urge him to “spunk that slut’s face!”

The next one is obviously a woman. She presses her wet cunt against my mouth. “Eat me, bitch, or you’ll never breathe again!”

Would Brian really let her do that to me?? I sure as hell hope not! Her threat fills me with a terrible arousal.

I lick and slurp, forced to get her off. “Strangle the bitch!” she demands. Then the garrote tightens once more around my throat.

My tongue pokes out in surrender. She grinds her cunt against my mouth as I struggle to breathe. Once more I start to thrash about in growing terror.

I feel a flush of fluid in my mouth. Then she pulls away as the garrote loosens. I pant gratefully for breath, wondering if I’ve been given a particularly sadistic crowd for my last performance of the night.

The bitch demands the bag. She wickedly pulls it down over my head. Then she pushes her wet cunt up against my mouth. I just hope she paid well for the privilege of asphyxiating me.

I’m surprised how effective it is. It isn’t long until I’m struggling to get any little wisp of air down my throat. I try to cry out, but I can’t get any air past my vocal chords.

“Suffocate for me, bitch!” the woman cackles. I get dizzy as I start seeing stars. My mind cries out for Brian not to let her take me too far. Then I go into spasms as I pass out.

When I regain consciousness I find I’m still handcuffed to the post. Brian announces this will be the last one for the night. Then one more sadistic bastard sticks his dick between my lips.

He thrusts in and out as Brian tightens the garrote yet again. I grunt as I rasp for breath. I make my cheeks go all concave as I try to get him off.

I sense movement from somewhere in the room. Are people leaving? Has Brian lost control??

The cock hits the back of my throat. I’m appreciative it’s not very long or very big. But that doesn’t matter, especially when behind me Brian pulls hard on my garrote.

Once more I begin to thrash about. I struggle as I kneel on the cushions beneath my legs. What good is kneeling in comfort if I can’t get a decent breath of air down my lungs??

I struggle as I try to free myself. My cuffed hands jerk helplessly behind the post. It feels like Brian is trying to strangle the shit out of me.

I try to cry out. But once more I can’t get any air past my vocal chords. My mind screams for Brian to put an end to this before he kills me. Then my mouth-rapist grunts out his release.

I get a mouthful of salty spunk. But I can’t swallow. My throat has been closed off.

I feel cream start to splatter me from all sides. It hits my tits, stomach and red, silky hair. Is the entire room having a big wank at my expense??

The bastard pulls out of my mouth. Then I hear a woman scream her orgasm. I get hit full in the face with her discharge. That’s the last thing I remember before I pass out.

When I awaken, I discover I’m no longer cuffed to the post. I feel like I’ve been cummed on all over. I feel like a mess.

“You ok, Teri?”

In reply I ask, “Did we make good money, Brian?” I pant tiredly as he helps me to my feet.

“Pretty good haul on that last one.”

“Good. I could use a hot soak in the tub before I go home.”

“Want me to join you, Teri?”

“Maybe another time, Brian.”

“You keep saying that, Teri, but you never do.”

“That’s because this isn’t that time. I’m sure the right time will come.”

He leads me blindfolded back to my dressing room. I wait until I’m inside before I pull it off from my eyes. I don’t want to see any of my customers out of respect for their privacy.

I look at my naked body and wince. I’ve really been cummed on tonight. Then I glare accusingly at Brian.

“I’m a mess. You really let them do it to me this time, didn’t you!”

He holds up a jar full of bills. “You always like the last one to be profitable, right?”

“It damned well better be after all I went through. Now get my bath drawn. I need a hot soak before I go home.”

Brian heads off to do my bidding. I can tell he’s a little downcast. But he does what I want him to do. That’s all that matters.

He knows how easy it would be for me to find someone else to do what he does. As a result, he’s a good little beta. As long as I keep stringing him along, I figure he’ll keep treating me the way I want to be treated.

2020 (written for Teri Jan 19 ’20 by riwa)

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