Dungeon scene


Note: I wrote a dungeon scene by request, but never got around to writing a beginning or an ending. So here is a short scene that takes place in a dungeon.

Back arched over a rounded wheel-like structure, her tits are mercilessly flogged by a dominatrix who takes great pleasure in hurting her. Her screams are like music to the ears of the sadistic woman. She is blindfolded so she cannot see each lash as it lands.

Again and again her breasts are whipped. Meanwhile an assistant plugs a hose up her ass. She does not see it, but she can certainly feel it.

The water is turned on and she screams anew as her stomach begins to swell. When the hose is removed she shamefully jets out the remnants of her colon. It is a humiliating experience.

A female assistant grabs another flogger and brings it down hard on the blinded woman’s exposed crotch, all the hair having been painfully plucked away. The dominatrix motions for a fat, smelly man with a thick erection to come over and plug her mouth. The assistant then brings in another large male who pushes his hardening member into the poor woman’s cunt.

The dominatrix and her assistant mercilessly flog the breasts and stomach as the poor, blindfolded bitch takes cocks in both ends. The one in her mouth muffles her screams. But the pain from the blows causes her to clench involuntarily around the dick thrusting into her cunt.

About that time a new girl is brought in naked and blindfolded. Her arms which were secured behind her back are freed long enough to be tied above her head to a rope threaded into a pulley above. Then she is lifted up off the floor.

She lets out an involuntary cry as she gently swings back and forth. She visibly winces at the sound of lashes being applied to her unfortunate companion in the room. Muffled grunts of pain disturb her as she cannot see nor understand the reason for the sounds. But they truly frighten her.

The dominatrix begins by flogging her breasts. The first lash catches her by surprise as she cannot see. The pain makes her scream in agony.

The assistant continues to bring her lash down on the raped woman’s tits and stomach. Both cocks continue to push themselves into her mouth and pussy. The pain and the rape combine to cause her to experience a shameful arousal that further humiliates her.

The new girl starts to turn in place from the pulley device she is hanging from. The dominatrix takes aim and then lets her flogger fly at breasts or ass, whichever presents itself. The dangling girl jerks and screams anew.

Another muffled grunt reminds her she is not along. Someone else is in the room with her, sounding as though she too is receiving a similar treatment. She can’t even see who it is.

The dominatrix demands the new girl spread her legs. The woman blindly tries to comply. But each successive lash makes causes her legs to come together as she hangs from the pulley.

The sadistic dominatrix orders two additional assistants to enter. They are instructed to tie off the dangling girl’s ankles to rings embedded in the floor. Her legs are obscenely spread apart, and she quivers anew at the way her crotch is now dangerously exposed.

The dominatrix smiles at the newly exposed target. Then she begins flogging the exposed cunt. Lash after lash makes the blindfolded woman scream until she is left dripping from the pain and a shameful arousal. The dominatrix smiles at the delicious cries of agony.

She walks up and sadistically thrusts a couple gloved fingers inside the trembling woman’s cunt. She pulls them out to confirm the wetness in evidence. Then she forces her fingers into the young woman’s mouth, demanding she suck them clean.

The helpless woman gags and gurgles at her own taste. Then the dominatrix angrily steps back and begins flogging her tits anew. The screams indicate just how successful she is.

She goes around behind and liberally applies the flogger to the quivering pale ass. The recipient of the blows screams anew. How can this be happening to her??

The one blindly strapped down to the rounded wheel gurgles from the cock shoved clear down her throat. She involuntarily clenches around the prick thrusting into her cunt. She realizes she’s nothing but a sextoy, a recipient of cock and lash at the whims of those in attendance.

The assistant continues to flog her with relish, making her wince with each blow. But there are screams in the room that are not muffled, at least not yet. The beleaguered woman can hear she is not the only one receiving such torment in the room.

She cannot help but wince at the sound of the dominatrix’s lash making contact with bare skin, immediately followed by fresh screams. At least her crotch is not being whipped. But it is being fucked.

Her cunt is swollen with cock. She cannot help clenching, both from her own flogging as well as the sound of lashes and subsequent screams from the woman in the room with her. Her pussy drips from her abject humiliation. Hearing another woman in torment in the room with her has intensified her fear as well as adding to a shameful arousal.

After applying the lash to both tits and ass, the dominatrix returns to flogging the new girl’s exposed, dripping cunt. Stroke after stroke is viciously applied, enticing delicious screams until the crotch is soaked. The cries of agony make her smile with sadistic pleasure before she pauses yet again.

Once more she steps forward. This time she shoves all her gloved fingers up into the well lubricated cunt as the woman writhes and whimpers. She pushes all the way in until her entire fist disappears. Then she starts thrusting cruelly until the poor thing shrieks her distress.

The dominatrix sadistically grabs an erect nipple and twists it hard as she fist-fucks the helpless maiden. There are renewed screams. “CUM!” she finally yells. “YOU WILL CUM FOR THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING!” For indeed, there is a circular glass wall which allows spectators to observe the proceedings from theatre seating beyond.

She fists the poor woman as she takes turns twisting both nipples as hard as she can. The blindfolded girl screams her agony until she finally squirts her humiliation as her body shudders. It pleases the dominatrix to no end.

Over on the wheel the tortured girl’s tits are lashed mercilessly. The assistant bellows, “YOU WILL CUM FOR MISTRESS!” Then the man fucking her face plugs her nose before thrusting his cock so far down her throat she cannot breathe.

She is viciously raped in the other end while unable to draw air into her lungs. Her body hurts all over. Several more lashes are applied directly to her erect nipples, causing her to grunt and shudder until she too ultimately sprays from a humiliating climax.

The two visible expressions of orgasm in the twin victims lead to a change of torture. The rapists pull out of the one attached to the wheel. Then she is helped to her feet, still blindfolded.

The two new female assistants take her over to a hinged, elevated board in the shape of an inverted Y. She is placed upon it and strapped down, her arms pinned to her side as her head hangs over the edge. Her legs are spread apart and secured to the two back pieces of the Y

The floor suddenly opens directly below her to reveal water which the girl cannot see. The spectators beyond the glass watch with interest as her head is tipped downward while her legs are elevated. Then her head is deliberately submerged.

She lets out a bubbly cry, losing much of her air. Bubbles come up as she struggles to hold her breath. Being unable to see makes it that much worse.

While she is being strapped down and ultimately dunked, the new girl is set free from the pulley above. The dominatrix and first assistant walk her over to a post with a metal cross brace level with her crotch. It is standing upright in front of a small, raised trough of water.

The blindfolded woman whimpers as she feels a spreader bar attached to her ankles. Again she will not be able to move. Her fear ratchets up a notch.

She grunts anxiously as her arms are secured strappado behind her back. Her wrists are attached to chains that go upward and thread through another pulley hanging from the ceiling. It is a very uncomfortable position.

She cries out in agony as little lead weights in the shape of teardrops are clamped to her nipples. A metal collar is attached to her neck. Then a ring gag is forced between her lips and secured in place.

She cannot see that a metal frame is now being attached around her head to her neck collar. An additional length of chain runs up from that frame into still another pulley hanging down from the ceiling. Then the dominatrix attaches a heavy weight to a chain now hanging down from the metal collar around her neck.

The spectators beyond the glass partition can see what is about to happen. The dominatrix smiles knowingly at them. Then she calmly releases her grasp on the chain with the heavy weight on the end.

It abruptly falls into the trough of water, pulling the woman’s head down while bending her at the waist over the cross brace to the post she is up against. She barely has enough time to cry out. then her head is submerged in the trough.

She bubbles and thrashes about as she tries to pull her head up out of the water. She has just enough strength for her mouth to barely clear the surface. But she quickly loses the fight as her head is pulled back down into the trough.

Both women now find their heads totally submerge. They wriggle and thrash about, terrified they are going to be drowned. Their cunts clench and wink from the distress they are in.

They struggle as they both lose bubbles. Then each one is pulled up out of the water. The woman on the inverted Y has her head tipped up by the main assistant as her legs come down horizontally. The other is rescued when the dominatrix grabs and pulls the chain hanging down from the pulley attached to the frame around her head.

Both women cough and gasp for breath, blinking behind their blindfolds. Their respite is short-lived. Both cry out and bubbles once they find themselves being dunked again.

The primary assistant lowers the woman on the Y until her head is submerged once more. Then she gleefully flogs the exposed tits. Bubbles come up from the water in the floor as the poor girl jerks and bubbles with each blow.

Meanwhile the dominatrix has let go of the chain holding the head to her charge. The woman blindly cries out as her head is jerked downward again and submerged. She is bent over the crossbar like before until once more it digs uncomfortably into her stomach.

The dominatrix takes advantage of the situation by using the flogger on the exposed ass in front of her. Each blow results in bodily jerks and eruptions of bubbles. Her face reveals the delight she experiences from her sadism.

Both girls are whipped and drowned several times. Then the dominatrix and her primary assistant exchange places. This indicates another addition to the torment they will be inflicting.

The main assistant produces a large dildo which she shoves into the ass of the chained girl while her head is submerged. The blindfolded woman jerks at the violation, letting out a bubbly cry. Many of the spectators smile at the cruelty on display, some unable to resist masturbating while they watch.

Meanwhile the dominatrix swings the girl on the inverted Y around. She forces the dripping face up into her exposed, dripping crotch. Then she bellows, “LICK, DAMN YOU!”

The woman coughs and hesitates, still trying to get her breath back. But dominatrix does not engage in any such hesitation. She brings the lash down and mercilessly flogs the exposed tits while bellowing “LICK, YOU FUCKING WHORE!”

The woman still hesitates, much to her detriment. Her board is swung back around until her head is cruelly lowered and submerged. Then the dominatrix sadistically brings the flogger down until she makes contact with the woman’s exposed, dripping crotch.

Bubbly screams bring a smile to her face. Then the woman is lifted up out of the water. She is swung back around until once more she feels the crotch pressed against her face.

This time she wisely starts to lick. The flogger is applied to her tits anyway. She cries and screams as she blindly tries to keep licking.

After a minute or two she is swung back around. Then her head is lowered into the water. Bubbly screams come up as the flogger is applied to her exposed, dripping cunt, making her jerk and flinch. Once more she drips an arousal she is helpless to prevent.

Both women are thus whipped, tortured and drowned. The audience watches enthusiastically. Then among the spectators there is an impromptu drawing.

Two women squeal with excitement when they are picked. They are brought around to a side door and allowed entrance into the torture chamber. Both are given floggers as a reward. Then they are permitted to do anything they wish to the two tormented bitches.

The one on the Y has her head pulled out of the water, swung around and jammed upward into the crotch of the dominatrix. She is forced to lick while the first drawing winner liberally applies the flogger to her exposed cunt. It is wet with moisture, and the lashes produce a mist.

The other drawing winner is allowed to flog the ass of the chained girl while she is bent over and bubbling. The blindfolded woman jerks, flinches and bubbles with each blow. If the women on the receiving end of the blows expected merciful treatment from any audience participants then those are quickly dashed, especially since they cannot see who is flogging them.

The two bound woman are put through their paces as they are flogged and drowned… pulled out of the water… flogged and then drowned again. Then both audience participants strip naked. They’re allowed to attach large strap-ons around their waists which they use to sadistic effect.

The one bent over the bar is fucked while her head is submerged, her rapist reaching around to jerk on the weights to her nipples. The other one’s pussy is filled while she is horizontal and forced to lick the dominatrix. She continues to get the occasional lash to her tits just to make her jerk and cry out.


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