Male fishtank drowning (m/m)


I roped him up into a pretty secure bondage situation. Then I threw him into my fishtank. He hit the water with a splash before going under.

His expression indicated he must have gotten water up his nose. But I didn’t give a shit. He wasn’t here to be comfortable.

He struggled a little as he went to the bottom. I told him he had at least a two minute breath-hold to endure before I pulled his head up. He appeared to settle right down, fully suspecting I was not going to pull him back up until his time had fully elapsed.

I watched how hard his dick became. I wondered if that was why he’d signed up to be a lifeguard in the first place. He must have liked being in the water and the way it affected him. I wasn’t all that surprised.

I waited until the full two minutes were up. I pulled him up for a thirty-second breath. Then I let him go, telling him I was going to tack on another thirty seconds to his time underwater. If he wanted to become a lifeguard, surely he could handle that.

I let him go and back down he went. All that rope wasn’t allowing him to reach the surface on his own. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get there.

I left him longer than the two-thirty I promised. I made him hold his breath for three full minutes. I wanted to see how well he could adapt to his situation.

I don’t think he liked how long I made him suffer. He soon began thrashing about while losing air. But I wasn’t about to pull him up until the three minute mark.

I finally reached down and pulled him up. He panted like crazy, asking what the fuck I was doing. I simply let him go and told him that would cost him another three minutes.

He hit the bottom and started to squirm. I called down, “I’m not pulling you up one second early. So you’d better damn well hold your fucking breath!” He calmed right down.

I made him push his limits. He was really struggling to hold it. I cruelly made him go fifteen more seconds before finally pulling him up.

From there I changed the way he was all tied up, making sure the rope wrapped tightly around his dick. Then I put him in my cylinder. That’s when I stuck a hose in the top and started filling it with water.

He looked all around, giving me a questioning glance as though wondering if I was really going to drown him. I just smiled at him. Soon the water was up to his waist, rising above his erection.

By now I figured it was time for me to have some fun. I’d been hard for quite some time while putting him through his paces. So I climbed on top of the cylinder.

Imagine his surprise when he looked up and saw what he saw. My dick poked down through the hole above. I think he began to get the idea just exactly what was expected of him.

He rose up onto his knees and took me into his mouth. Then he began sucking. Not bad for using my impromptu “snorkel”.

I removed my cock and put the hose back in. The water rose higher. Then I dropped my dick down the hole for him to “breathe from” again.

Once more he dutifully sucked on it. He wisely figured out what was expected of him. At least he showed me some decent oral skills.

Again I pulled my cock out and put the hose back in. It forced him to rise up higher inside the cylinder. He was running out of air inside his cramped quarters.

I dropped a plastic hose through the top for him to breathe through. He wisely took it between his lips. I filled the cylinder the rest of the way until it reached the top.

His dick remained erect as he breathed from the tube. My dick was really hard watching him. I couldn’t resist stroking myself as the hose in his mouth hissed from breath after breath.

When I was ready, I yanked the hose out of his mouth. I also dropped the water level just enough. He really had to scramble to get that next breath. It was just barely there.

I left him like that for about ten minutes. It was arousing as hell watching him go up for air and then settle onto his knees to hold his breath. His cock stayed nice and erect the entire time.

From there it was on to my bathtub. I hung him upside down, making sure he was properly secured. Then I lowered him using my pulley system.

Down he went, spewing up bubbles. I told him he would have to do better than that. I expected him to hold his breath no matter how difficult it might be. And I didn’t give a damn if he got water up his nose.

I pulled him up to let him catch his breath. Then I lowered him back down. His head went completely under where I held him in place.

Once more I saw his cock become erect. I found it quite the turn on, torturing him to see whether or not he would qualify for the position. More bubbles came up as he wriggled and squirmed.

I pulled him up so he could get a breath. Then I lowered him right back down. This time I left him there so I could reach out and jerk his meat.

He flinched and bubbled as I jacked him off. I caressed his balls before jerking hard on his erection. That made him jerk around again.

I pulled him up and allowed him to catch his breath. Then it was back down for more water torture. I enjoyed jerking and tugging on his manhood with his head underwater.

I ran him through several cycles of holding his breath upside down while jerking his meat before letting him up. The last time down, I left him there for ages as I stroked his manhood. I waited until he was thrashing about before jerking a cum right out of him. Then I pulled him back up.

I wasn’t entirely convinced of his skills just yet. So I tied him up before putting him in another tank. This one was strictly for dunking.

I shoved him down and made him hold his breath for a really long time. His cheeks bulged as I pushed him well beyond his stated limits. I think I got his breath-holding up another minute or so.

I wasn’t all that gentle with him. Then again, I wasn’t supposed to be. I was supposed to prepare him for the rigors of lifeguarding in certain perilous situations. So I really made him suffer in that tank.

I decided it was time to finish his training. That meant taking him back to the fishtank.

I bound him up special. Then I tossed him in. He struggled and bubbled before sitting up and getting his head above water.

“On your knees!” I instructed. He struggled to get his legs underneath him. He finally managed to get himself upright onto his knees.

“Your training is about to come to an end. Now it’s my turn for some fun.” Then I grabbed him by a handful of hair.

He bubbled as I forced his head below the surface. “You have to understand how the people you’ll try to save may react. They may struggle and panic. You will have to remain calm. Can you do that?”

I kept him down until he started spewing up bubbles. Then I pulled his head up. I smiled as I gave him a good look at my erection.

He stared at it and then at me. That’s when I forced his head back down. He bubbled as I shook him by my handful of hair before I pulled him back up.

“Let’s see if you’ve learned anything, shall we?” Then I held him close to my erection. He responded correctly by opening his mouth.

I forced him right back down into the water when he hesitated a little too long. I held him there for the longest time. Eventually he began losing his breath as his chest heaved noticeably.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” Once more I held him close. This time he dutifully took me into his mouth.

I maintained my grasp of his head as he took me into his mouth. He used the appropriate amount of suction to make me feel good. Of course I made sure he stayed close so his mouth couldn’t drift too far away.

I pulled him off my erection and shoved his head back down into the water. He bubbled as he lost a lot of air. All that did was make my erection twitch with anticipation.

I kept him down until I jerked him up out of the water. He came up gasping wildly for breath. That’s when I shoved my cock down his throat.

I gagged him with it, ramming it in and out. He grunted with each thrust. He was proving his talents in more ways than just being an adequate lifeguard.

I pulled him off my cock and pushed his head down into the water again. He tried to settle in for a long breathhold. I think he knew what was expected of him.

I kept him down for quite a while. He winced as he struggled to hold his breath. I needed to make sure his lungs were good and strong in case someday he might have a long, underwater rescue to deal with.

I finally climbed into the tank with him. I pulled his head up and listened to him gasp for breath. Then I showed him my erection, indicating he’d better get right back to work.

I made him swallow me as I thrust into his mouth. I made sure I fucked his face nice and hard. I enjoyed hearing him grunt as I hit the back of his throat.

I shoved him down into the water without warning. He was bubbling when I pulled him back up. Then I thrust my dick back into his mouth.

I told him, “There’s one last bit of training I need to impart to you. You need to understand what a drowning victim is going through so you’ll know how serious the situation really is.” Then I said to him, “You don’t mind if I enjoy this past part of your training, do you?”

I turned him around inside the fishtank. Then I slowly thrust my dick into his puckered anus. He felt nice and tight around my shaft as he gasped and whimpered.

I started fucking his ass good and hard. Then I pushed his head down into the water. He bubbled wonderfully for me as he clenched around my thrusting shaft.

I pulled his head up as I adjusted my position a little. Then I forced him right back down. I pounded him hard as I forced him to hold his breath for me.

I kept him submerged until he started spewing up bubbles. But I wanted to push his limits. I wanted him to understand what a drowning victim goes through when their lungs feel empty and they’re afraid they’re about to swallow water.

I jerked his head back up to let him catch his breath. I thrust nice and slow, listening to his gasps. This is a part of their training I always enjoy.

I forced his head back down into the water. I pumped him harder, enjoying the way he clenched around my dick. Guys always do that whenever they’re trying to hold their breath while feeling something up their ass.

I pulled him back up, enjoying the way he gasped for breath. “Drowners can’t seem to catch their breath, you know. I want you to fully understand what that’s like so you’ll know the seriousness of getting to them in time.” Then I forced his head back under.

I brutalized him as I forced him to hold his breath. Each time up I pulled him up I gave him less time to catch his breath. Then it was right back down.

“Most swimmers reach that point where they can’t get back to the surface. They are too tired; their lungs are on fire; and they’re panicking. Let’s see if we can reproduce that in here for you to fully experience, shall we?”

I pumped him until he really started to wince. Bubbles came up in huge bursts. I knew his lungs had to be almost empty.

“It’s about this time they can’t hold their breath much longer. Their lungs finally give out. Sometimes they open their mouths and voluntarily take a breath. How will it be for you?”

As if in response, he hitched as he appeared to gulp a mouthful of water. A moment later he went into seizures. His ass furiously milked my dick until I couldn’t help dumping a load deep up his rectum.

“Just like that!” I told him as I thrust my cock nice and deep before holding it there. He finished milking me dry before his spasms lessened. Then I pulled his head up.

He coughed out a shitload of water. Then he started breathing again. “I trust you’ll understand the situation once you come across a swimmer in distress?”

I pulled my cock out of his ass. Then I climbed out, leaving him in the tank for a few minutes to get his breath back. He finally stopped coughing before I went over and started to free him from his bonds. The lesson was over.

2020 (written Nov 27 ’20 by riwa. BoundGods preview pics found all over the Internet and used for illustration purposes.)

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