The drowning tank


I’m out by the pool when Doug summons me. I’m told to report to my room where I’m supposed to undress. That’s when my breath catches in my throat.

Is this the day?

Louisa comes and puts a black leather hood over my face. I can’t see a thing as she shackles my arms behind my back. She chuckles as she tells me she’s looking forward to this.

I know what she’s looking forward to. Doug has promised to drown me on numerous occasions. And he’s vowed to allow that Latina bitch to watch. She’s always wanted to see me drown.

I’m led downstairs on cold, hard cement where I feel Doug’s firm hand grab my arm. He pushes down on me and manipulates me into what feels like a steel tank. It’s not very comfortable.

Chains are wrapped around my knees as my wrists are shackled to the sides of the tank. My breath catches in my throat as my pussy moistens. Is he really going to do it this time??

The hood is pulled off and I finally see where I’m at. I’m secured inside a steel tank with very little room to maneuver. I’m shackled in, my legs spread to leave my pussy exposed. I see Louisa standing there smirking at me. But it’s the glass door that has me breathing heavily.

Doug closes the door where he proceeds to use a huge wrench to seal it tight. Louisa grins at me as she deliberately bulges her cheeks. She’s mocking me, knowing I’ll soon be holding my breath.

A hose appears off to my left. It’s a nozzle which starts spraying water into my tank. I wince as I let out a whimper

“It’s going to take a while to fill that,” she tells Doug. “We can go out to eat if you desire.”

“What if I’ve miscalculated and it fills before we return?”

“Then we’ll just be granting her the deepest fantasy she’s always been harboring. I don’t think it will bother her one bit. In fact she’s liable to cum several times before she drowns.”

He chuckles as he smiles at me. Then he waves, “See you in a couple hours, Diane.”

“Yeah… if you’re still breathing.” Louisa laughs as they walk away arm in arm, leaving me all alone in the basement.

My breath catches in my throat as my pussy throbs with a terrible ache. I can’t even reach down to touch myself. It’s frustrating as hell… and unbelievably erotic.

Is this it; is Doug finally going to drown me? He’s been talking about it for months. I had come to the conclusion he was just teasing me… getting me all worked up. But now I’m not so sure.

The waiting is pure agony. I’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go. My movement is limited; I just have to wait for the water to slowly rise up and drown me.

It takes a hell of a long time to fill. My toes are finally submerged as I pant for breath. The water is cool but I’m all heated up, my breath threatening to steam up the glass in front of me.

The water rises higher. I’m damned uncomfortable sitting on the bars below me. But my discomfort is overridden by my thoughts as my mind runs away with me.

Is he really going to do it this time? Did Louisa talk him into it? I know how jealous she’s been of me. I squirm uncomfortably, my throbbing pussy full exposed.

The water slowly rises higher and higher. I can’t help wondering if they’re going to come back to watch me drown… or wait until it’s too late. Louisa would love that, returning much too late to save me. But I think she wants to watch.

I’ve seen her rubbing herself whenever Doug has me in a show or is dunking me or making me hold my breath. She loves the way I wriggle and squirm. Strangely, it gets me off knowing she’s enjoying my suffering.

They’re not back yet when the water climbs my breasts, making my nipples poke out even more. Their return is delayed until the water starts lapping at the shackle around my neck. My thoughts go crazy as my pussy throbs for a release from the erotic situation I find myself in.

Will they get back in time? Will Louisa find reasons to delay their return? Is she willing to risk his wrath in letting me drown simply because she’d love to see me out of the picture?

I can imagine her shaking her head, tsking as she observes, “Sorry, Doug. I guess we returned just a little too late. Look at her pussy though. She must have really cum hard while she was drowning.”

The water rises higher until the shackle around my neck is totally submerged. It’s getting pretty damned high in here. My excitement is clear off the charts. But I’m also feeling a nervous anticipation in the pit of my gut.

Where the hell are they? Don’t they want to watch this?? I know Louisa wants to see me suck water and drown. And Doug loves seeing me strain to hold my breath. So I know he wants to be here to observe if I should start to drown.

The waiting morphs into delicious agony when they still do not return. The water continues to rise higher. The tank of water is cool, but my pussy feels molten from an incredible arousal.

Are they coming back soon? When are they coming back? Don’t they want to be here to witness this??

The water reaches my chin… and still it continues unabated. It fills slowly but surely. I gasp and whimper from a terrible excitement.

Does he want to drown me this time? Would he do it if I asked him too? My emotions are in turmoil as I sit in the filling tank all alone in the basement.

It’s a couple more minutes before I realize I’ve been tipping my head back a little. I strain against the chains holding me to the bottom of the tank. I can rise up maybe an inch if I work at it.

Am I destined to drown in here? Is this what Louisa wants to see when they return? The idea of her coming down to look at my drowned body is strangely arousing.

How long has it been? How long have they been gone? When are they going to return?

My mind races at all the possibilities. What happens if they get caught in an accident? What if they’re injured or killed in a car wreck? They might never get the chance to tell anyone I’m down here in a tank filling with water!

I hear vague sounds from somewhere upstairs. Are they back; it sounds like they’re back. Apparently Louisa wants to watch me drown in person.

I hear footsteps descending the stairs. Then they enter the room together. Louisa smiles at me before saying, “Damn, Doug. It looks like we got back just in time to watch the slut drown.”

He comes over to the tank as she smiles at me with all the charm of a serpent. I feel him adjust the hose spraying water into the tank. But he doesn’t turn it off.

The water continues to climb as Louisa watches me. Her eyes gleam with lustful anticipation. She must be imagining what it’s going to be like when I drown in here. The idea makes me wriggle from an insane arousal.

Water slowly climbs my mouth. I tip my head further back and sputter as it continues to rise, the excitement continuing to swell within me. Louisa reaches down and starts rubbing herself, and it nearly sets me off in orgasm.

I strain for all I’m worth to keep my lips above water. That’s when Doug reaches down and puts a clip onto my nose. Then a hose comes down.

I take it between my lips as I breathe deeply. Louisa looks disappointed. I think she wanted to watch me drown.

The water continues to rise as Doug comes around and watches me. Louisa smirks, “Better not lose that hose, dearie. It’s going to get really full in there.” Then she takes Doug’s arm as they leave the basement again.

The water slowly rises… above my nose… my eyes… my forehead. It continues to climb until I’m totally submerged. I wriggle and squirm, left alone with my thoughts.

I adjust the hose in my mouth, making sure it doesn’t pop out. I could drown myself in here if I’m not careful. The urge may be strong, but I’d rather have Doug here to enjoy it. I don’t think Louisa gives a shit one way or the other.

I don’t know how full the tank is. I only know the hose is my lifeline. But I’m a little confused about the nose clip. I’ve never needed it before.

Louisa returns carrying some sort of clear plastic container. I have no idea what the hell she is doing. She comes over and turns the water off. Then she waves the plastic in my face.

“I didn’t want you to be alone, Diane. So I brought a few friends along to keep you company.” Then she opens the top of the tank and dumps the contents.

I scream into the hose in my mouth. “Leeches,” she says with a laugh. “And they ought to love you.” Then she turns and waves goodbye as she leaves me alone. It explains the damned nose clip, no doubt to prevent them from getting up my nostrils.

The damned things wriggle around as though searching for a good spot to make landfall. Then I feel them start to attach. I scream and scream as they begin nibbling on me.

I can’t believe that cruel bitch! She actually did this to me! She must be upstairs laughing her damn head off!

I shudder in orgasm as I try to keep the hose in my mouth. I feel them attaching to places I don’t even want to contemplate. I scream again, vowing to kill that bitch if I ever get the opportunity.

I have no idea how long I’m down there alone as they nibble on me. It nearly freaks me out. But I have very little wriggle room, and there’s nothing I can do to stop their feasting.

It feels like forever before Doug and Louisa return. The top is opened and I’m unchained. I’m allowed to stand up in the tank as he gathers up every last one of the little buggers. Then he pushes me back down into the tank, sealing me in.

I frantically search all around to see if he’s missed any. I don’t see a single one, and I breathe a sigh of relief. But in order to breathe I have to mash my mouth up against the top of the tank.

I pant heavily for breath. Then I come back down. There’s nothing to do now but look out the glass before going back up for another breath.

Once more I’m left all alone in the basement. Is this Doug’s way of testing my resolve? Does he want to see if I’ll obey him or if I’ll willingly drown myself?

I suspect Louisa would love to come down here to find my lungs full of water. But I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. I belong to Doug; it’s his choice whether I inhale or not, even though the urge comes upon me rather strong at times.

I shift all around in the tank, feeling the heat of arousal continue to fill me. It’s a challenge to stop myself from sucking water. But Doug’s given me a chance to get air, and I’m damned sure going to take it for as long as I can.

I spend several minutes holding my breath while sticking my mouth up for air. I’m hotter than I’ve ever felt before. The urge is strong to drown myself in here. But I’m not going to do it unless Doug fills the tank beyond my ability to get another breath. Besides, I’m still not convinced Louisa is willing to miss watching me drown.

It isn’t long until they both return. They just stand there watching me. Louisa smiles as she reaches down to rub herself.

“Enjoying yourself in there, dearie?” she chuckles. “Doug’s got something even better for you.” She laughs cruelly as I shudder with dread. I hope it’s not more leeches.

He comes to the tank and takes the top off. I rise up enough for him to start attaching rope to my arms and around my chest. Then he pushes me back down into the tank and seals me back inside.

“You were getting air in there much too easily, Diane,” Louisa explains. “Let’s see if you can rise to the challenge this time.”

I stare out at her as bubbles trickle out of my nose. She reaches down to rub herself again, the horny bitch. It’s embarrassing the way it turns me on seeing her get off like that while watching me.

I really have to work to get my mouth up for another breath. Doug hardly left any air up there for me. Is this his way of seeing how obedient I’ll be… challenging me and pushing my limits while seeing if I’ll drown myself?

I struggle, but I can’t free my arms behind my back. He’s tied them all too well. I’ll have to work myself up and down with my legs to make sure I get any air.

“Go ahead, hun… drown yourself.” Louisa urges me to give in to my desires. She’s furiously rubbing herself, perhaps hoping I’ll go through with it as I stare at her.

They watch me for several minutes. Louisa rubs herself as Doug stands there observing me. He has this appreciative smile on his face. I can tell he enjoys seeing me all trussed up in his tank.

“I’m bored!” the bitch finally blurts out. “Let’s dunk her!” I give her a defiant glare, but Doug smiles as he tells her, “Why not?” I guess today he’s her patsy for a change.

I’m taken out of the tank, allowing me to stretch my legs. But it’s short lived as my ankles are tied together. Then I’m strung up in the air upside down.

I’m dangled above the tank as Doug handles the rope to the pulley. “Drown the slut!” Louisa gasps excitedly. Doug lowers me until I’m submerged down to my stomach.

Louisa rubs herself again as I’m held upside down, forced to hold my breath. She thinks it’s funny as hell. When I lose a few bubbles, she tells Doug to make me push my breath-holding limits.

She furiously rubs herself again as I squirm and struggle. Being upside down is dizzying; I could easily drown this way. It turns her on like you wouldn’t believe.

She bulges her cheeks as I try to hold my breath. I push it until air spews out of my mouth. “Aww, let her drown,” she tells him before he finally pulls me out.

Louisa gets her jollies as he lowers and raises me until she gasps in orgasm. Doug finally pulls me out. I hang tiredly, panting weakly for breath as he lowers me to the floor.

“Put her back in!” she orders. “I want to cum again! Tie the bitch up and put her in again! Drown her for me, Doug; please?”

He smiles as he puts me back into the tank. This time he adds a pole to the ropes. Now he’s the one who controls when I get my next breath. He can drown me anytime he wants.

I stare at Louisa who starts to rub herself again. “Dunk the slut!” she gasps. “I want to watch her drown!”

Down I go as he forces me all the way to the bottom. “Now hold her there!” Louisa declares. “Hold her there so I can watch the slut drown!”

I feel an erotic jolt as I consider the matter. Has Louisa become my new Master? Will Doug give in to her demands? It seems she wants to watch me drown as much, if not more, than he does!

He holds me down for the longest time before he brings me up. Forcing me like that makes my nipples hard and my pussy throb. Doug knows it, and I’m pretty sure Louisa knows it too.

“Drown the bitch!” she gasps excitedly. Back down I go as my pussy experiences another erotic jolt. I’m going to cum if this keeps up.

I’m held down until my lungs are burning before he pulls me back up. Louisa hears my gasp and then tells him to push me right back down. Pushed down and then back up with only a quick gasp for breath is a real turn-on.

Louisa gets more and more excited, furiously rubbing herself as she cries, “Drown her – drown her – DROWN HER!” It swells inside me until I cannot contain it. Then I’m cumming like crazy, losing my breath as I shudder from that familiar pleasure that beckons me to open my lungs and give in.

Louisa goes nuts as she cums again. Doug pulls me up, allows me a quick gasp for breath, and then back down I go. “Drown her – drown her – DROWN HER!” Then she’s furiously rubbing herself again as I shudder once more in orgasm.

The pleasure is intense; I almost wish he would leave me down here until my lungs fill with fluid. I’m over the edge from the experience. But it’s not to be, at least not yet.

He pulls me up as Louisa comes over to the tank. Quick as a wink she wraps a plastic bag over my head. She seals it with a tight band of torn rubber. Then she tells him to push me back down.

I go back down, but it’s not drowning I have to worry about. The bag starts to deflate as I try to catch my breath. The bitch wants to watch me asphyxiate another way.

The sensation scares me as my pussy throbs with a terrible ache. I find myself inhaling my own stale air as the bag clings tight to my face. Then I’m cumming again as I grimace in panic while that bitch furiously rubs herself.

“That one was for me,” she tells me with a smirk as she comes and removes the bag from my head. I gasp deeply as Doug goes about removing all that rope. I feel relieved the session is over.

Louisa leaves the basement as Doug finishes untying me. I half expect to be let out of the tank. But he pushes down on my head, submerging me.

I watch as Louisa returns with another girl. She’s as naked as I am, her tan skin distinct from my white flesh. She looks at me as though she’s envious of my position in the tank.

She’s brought over until Doug helps her inside. The two of us are intertwined as she tries to get comfortable. At least there’s plenty of air we can get to.

To our horror Doug comes over and uses the hose to top off our tank. We both stretch for the top, trying to fill our lungs. He adds water until we can hardly get a decent breath.

He fills it nearly to the top and then seals us both in. “Now you can drown with Sandra,” Louisa laughs at me. We struggle to reach the air pocket while shifting around inside the tank.

It’s damned uncomfortable. We can hardly settle on any kind of position. There’s no time for speech as we end up grunting, bubbling and whimpering.

I look out to see Louisa furiously rubbing herself again. Now she’s got two bitches to drown. Does she plan on doubling her pleasure? I have no idea.

We have to shove our noses up against the top just to get any kind of breath. It’s cramped as hell in the tank as we try not to drown each other. I look at her and she looks at me, both of us wondering if this is to be our final position before we both start to inhale. It really excites me knowing I could end up drowning with another girl who probably has similar desires.

We both look out to see Doug and Louisa standing hand in hand. “We’re going to leave you two down here for the night,” she chuckles. “Try not to drown yourselves in there.” Then she and Doug disappear up the stairs.

I look at Sandra as an erotic jolt hits me hard. The idea of the two of us drowning here in cramped quarters is strangely compelling. Will they leave us down here all night long to risk drowning? Or will they return to pull us out. Now it’s just a waiting game…

© 2017 (Text written Aug 10 ’17 by riwa. Picture illustrations are from Insex and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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