Shifting, sinking sand


It’s going to be a big storm and Emma knows it. She’s already prepared her home for the worst. Now she has this curiosity to go out and see things for herself.

She hops into her vehicle and goes for a quick drive to the coast. She’s not stupid; she just wants to see it coming in. But if she gets herself stuck in any kind of dangerous situation – if only for a minute or two – she really won’t mind. She’s in the mood for a little erotic peril.

As it turns out, the beach is closed. But she’s not surprised. Besides, she knows a place to park a short distance down the road.

From there she can walk out among the dunes to the shoreline. She wants to watch the tide come in. If reports are true how bad this one is going to be, there will be some beach erosion.

The wind is fierce, but it has not reached gale force yet. It’s almost raining sideways now. Emma knows she better not be out long. But she can’t help herself.

Right now she has this curiosity. It’s an urge that comes upon her every now and again. A few minutes stuck in the sand as the storm comes in should be enough to achieve the release she craves.

The beach is deserted; she is all alone. She shouldn’t be interrupted by anyone telling her she’s crazy for being out here and to go home. But there’s a downside to her solitude.

What if she gets into serious trouble? There will be no one around to get her out. The very idea triggers a burst of deliciously erotic tingles.

She walks out toward the shore, noticing right away how high the waves are. The wind is pushing the water inland. There’s going to be a lot of flooding and damage with this one.

Chances are there might be a few deaths as well. Sadly, a few people are liable to get trapped in their homes if they haven’t left. It’s another mental image that gives her a surge of erotic tingles.

She slowly makes her way out toward the incoming tide. She is in awe of the destructive force being displayed before her. The beach is steadily being eroded away.

A section of it has already been cut into. It’s being taken away by the angry surf. It’s an impressive display of nature’s power. She could find herself in serious trouble if she’s not careful.

She creeps out toward the edge of the dune in front of her that’s being methodically eaten away. What she’s doing is dangerous. But that’s the attraction: taking a chance without being too stupid or getting in too much trouble. She just wants to experience a little peril before she goes back home.

The rain has soaked clear through. Her hippie boots are starting to slog underneath her as she makes her advance. Maybe a couple more minutes before her body craves the warmth of the heater back in her vehicle. There’s no point catching pneumonia out here.

She advances closer to the edge of the rapidly eroding dune. The storm is inhuman in its fury. It lashes out uncaringly at anyone or anything in its path. Emma’s no more than an insignificant bug, one that could get “squashed” if she’s not careful.

She looks up and down the beach. What little she sees indicates sand shifting and sinking everywhere. The waves are eating it away with each incoming surge.

It’s breathtaking to look at. Seeing nature’s fury is impressive. But bow she’s really soaked. Perhaps it’s time to…

Emma lets out a cry as the sand suddenly gives way underneath her. She rides the collapsing section of dune down into the water. Somehow she ends up standing upright.

To her horror she realizes she’s trapped… stuck in wet sand up past her knees. Her toes wriggle anxiously in her boots. She’s certainly done it now!

A wave rushes in as though eager to claim its prize. It slams into Emma, nearly submerging her. She cries out, coughing and sputtering.

She fights to pull her legs free of the sand she’s partially buried in. The water starts to go back out. Then it back-washes into another wave coming in, one more devastating than the last.

Emma lets out a cry as her tiny body is swallowed up and submerged. She frantically tries to hold her breath, flailing wildly. The water recedes, exposing her head and chest so she can breathe again.

She desperately claws at the sand entrapping her. She struggles to work herself loose, at least enough to free legs. How could she have been so foolish?

She had no idea the waves had worked their way under the dune that much. She should have known better. Mother Nature is not one to be trifled with.

Another wave comes in, slamming into her. She cries out and then bubbles as she is submerged again. The cold is numbing, her legs feeling like she’s encased in cement.

This is getting serious. If she can’t work herself free in the next few moments, she’s going to drown. Then she’s liable to be hauled out to sea, never to be seen or heard from again.

The water recedes, leaving her head exposed. She coughs hard, spitting up water. Her body thrums from the arousing fear of her predicament. Gawd, she may have really done it this time!

The sand shifts beneath her as the wave comes back in. Water reaches her neck as she cries out. She struggles to pull her legs out, desperate to free herself from the hungering sand.

Water rises above her until she’s submerged once again. Her pussy throbs with a terrible ache. She wants the orgasm, but she doesn’t want to die to achieve it.

The water recedes until her head is exposed. Emma coughs and sputters. That last one was too close.

She damn near popped off. But she’s afraid an orgasm now will leave her too weak to pull herself free. She has to get out now or the malevolent storm will claim her for its own, savagely drowning her and then wiping away any trace of her corpse off the face of the earth.

She frantically struggles… is her foot starting to come free? The soles of her feet are erogenous zones. Now they are driving her mad. She’s got to get out or it will be too late.

She hears it and turns in time to see what appears to be a particularly angry wave bearing down on her. Her worst fears are realized as her mind screams, “OHMYGAWD; I’M A GONER!” Then it slams into her.

It’s that moment when her orgasm hits. Emma is battered senseless in a violent sea of pleasure and peril. Then she’s submerged in what feels like concrete up to her waist. She can’t move at all.

The angry sea slams her again as her lungs give out. She hitches and gurgles, her mind screaming how stupid she was. She pulls nothing but violent seawater down her windpipe.

Emma convulses in agony as another wave slams into her. Now she is completely buried in sand. It’s pitch black all around her, the darkness of the grave.

She shudders in her death throes, her eyes wide in horror. It feels like a snake is constricting her. Then another wave comes in.

She’s brutally hauled away from the shoreline, her tiny body tossed and battered. The storm takes her farther and farther out, claiming its prize. It is no respecter of the wise… or the foolish.

Emma disappears from the face of the earth. All that is left behind is her home and the job she worked. Her parked vehicle leaves a tantalizing clue as to what might have happened to her.

2012; 2019 (written Dec 17 ’12; ed. Sep 26 ‘19 by riwa)

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