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Maybe I shouldn’t say something like “not much else to inform you about” like I did last month. Because that’s when I seem to get a whole bunch of things that happen to me.

It was a sunny day on Feb 4th when my doctor and I agreed I would come in the following Monday for gallbladder surgery. He also scheduled a “while I’m in there” hernia operation. But Friday it started snowing, and by Sunday we had over a foot of the white stuff on the ground and it was -10.

I rented a motel a half mile from the hospital so I would not have a long drive. Gallbladder surgery is usually an in and out kind of thing. I woke up at the motel, started the car in -10, drove the half mile to the hospital, and parked in a lot to make a very chilly walk.

I got in, had the surgery, and was asked to stay an extra night. Tuesday night my blood pressure was not high enough. They did tests and found a hematoma. So I went into ICU Wednesday morning, and they went in to remove the blood clot.

I went home Thursday with some leakage I was supposed to monitor. They actually got my car started as it sat in that parking lot while it was still below 0. I went back to the motel and collected what I’d left behind after expecting I would return to the motel Monday night. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men, right?

I drove straight to moms. She watched me as I rested in her chair. Saturday morning I was feeling better and ate something for an early lunch. 90 minutes later I was in excruciating pain. We called the ambulance, and back I went. By now the drain was showing way too much drainage, and my pain was way off the charts.

In the emergency room there was pain, tests and more pain. They could not control my agony. Monday they finally found an issue and wanted to go back in. But they did not want to open me back up for a third time. So they did it orally, going in through my mouth down to the stomach.

They found a stone(s) blocking a bile duct. They removed the stone(s) and put in a stent to control the bleeding. I was sent back to my room and immediately felt 100% better. My pain dropped to amazingly manageable levels.

I stayed a few extra days because they did not want me coming back in an ambulance. They finally let me out Thursday afternoon on the 18th. I took a cab ride home. I got my car at mom’s house, helped mom run a grocery errand, and then drove to my apartment.

As it turned out, I was offline from Feb 8th to Feb 18th. It’s a good thing I uploaded the rest of the stories in advance (except one I did not finish). I’m feeling much better considering how much pain I was in.

The moral of the story? Don’t put off a procedure that needs to be done lest you develop complications from waiting too long. The doctor says it would have been better had I removed the gallbladder two years ago. It shows how bad I can be at procrastinating. Let’s hope March is quiet and uneventful.

I sure appreciate all of you for hanging in there and being my patrons. Thank you so very much.

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