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Coming February rewards

Another Teri 5.0 chapter
More Joia chapters as Clemencia becomes a cruel mistress.
Another dramatic Shelly in Cancun chapter. Will Andria and her companion be rescued in time?
Another chapter in the Girl’s Night Out saga
A woman writes a series of letters asking for help about her ex-boyfriend watching her wash her hair in the bathtub.
Ruby must hold her breath inside a special tank in order to earn a spot in the company.
Their visit with the gallows in the ghost town is prolonged.
Lauren can’t swim.
A snoopy woman finds herself in the company’s termination room.
Kirsten plans a surprise for her boyfriend Gunner using a specially set up shower.
The Hangley High Cheerleaders are involved in a method to spur the football team toward their first victory of the season.

December stories/rewards will fall off at the end of January to make room for February rewards.

Cold weather. Lots of wind. Not as much snow as I would have expected. Is it going to be a dry spring? Who knows. Not much else to inform you about. So I’ll just wish you well. Thank you for being my patrons.

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