The water wheel (starring Emma)


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Emma had been snooping around the deadly Mistress Viper’s hideout. What she never expected was getting hit from behind and being knocked out. Now she found herself tied to a water wheel with her breasts exposed as the evil Mistress and her henchmen looked on.

“My – my; look what we have here!” Mistress Viper observed with a cruel leer. “Snooping around, were you? What, pray tell, did you hope to find in here?”

Emma was defiant. “You’ll never get away with this, you Viper bitch! People know I’m here! You’re going to be in so much trouble!”

“Charming… to the last,” the evil Mistress purred seductively. “You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this.”

“Yeah… I’ll just BET you are!” Emma snorted derisively.

Mistress just turned to one of her henchmen.  “Is the camera ready? I wish to film her demise.”

“It’s ready, Mistress,” he told her. Emma looked at him with a defiant glare before looking back at the evil Viper.

“You’ll never get away with this! You’d better let me down from here if you know what’s good for you!” The mistress just smiled cruelly as she turned to her other henchman…

“You may start the water wheel.”

“Oh yes, you dumb bastard!” Emma told him. “Start the wheel and earn yourself a really long prison sentence!”

He walked over to the control panel and opened it up. Then he activated the switch. Emma gasped as the water wheel began to move.

“I hope you’re not afraid of getting your hair wet,” Mistress smiled wickedly at Emma as she started on her downward rotation. “You’ll live to regret this, bitch!” Emma spat out. Then her head was completely under as the machine reached the bottom part of her rotation.

She came up sputtering, water having gotten into her nose. The machine took her all the way up and kept going. The next thing she knew she was upside down again, her head entirely submerged.

She wriggled and bubbled, her little body writhing as she was forced to hold her breath for a few seconds. The bitch was certainly evil. But if she kept her wits about her she just might survive this.

Mistress Viper watched her circle around and around, her eyes glistening with lust as she smacked her lips with arousal. The little slut was wriggling deliciously. Perhaps this little torture session would be more enjoyable than she had first considered.

Emma kept going around and around, dunked upside down for a few seconds and then hauled back up. She was starting to become fearfully aroused at her situation. Mistress kept an eagle eye on her as though enjoying her torment.

“Like what you see, bitch?” Emma sputtered as she started back down. “I always knew you were a little kinky!”

“Look who’s talking, you little slut,” Mistress calmly remarked as Emma went down. “It appears you are enjoying this every bit as much as I am. I can tell just by looking at your nipples.”

“Bitch!” Emma blurted out. “I KNEW you were kinky! Look all you want! You’re still going to be in so much trouble when I…!”

She bubbled as she ran out of time and was submerged again. She came all the way around until she was brought back up. Mistress Viper looked at her captive and smiled evilly. “Let’s see how long you can hold your breath. Stop the machine when she’s upside down again.”

“You’ll never get away with this!” Emma blustered. Then she inhaled moments before her head went under. The water wheel stopped, leaving her upside down with bubbles dribbling out of her nose.

Mistress moved around to improve her view, stepping up close to watch her helpless quarry try to hold her breath. “Interesting situation, is it not?” she asked with a wicked smile. “The only thing underwater is your head… but you can still drown. How delicious.”

Emma bubbled as she started to squirm. How long was the bitch going to hold her upside down like this?? That’s when it occurred to her Mistress Viper might have just decided to drown her. It was a frightening thought that made her pussy throb as she wriggled helplessly.

“Film her demise,” Mistress ordered one of her henchmen. “I want this on record. Besides,” she purred. “I look forward to watching it on those cold, winter nights when I need an erotic little video to help get me off.” She laughed as he dutifully recorded the event with his equipment.

“Now, you foolish little slut,” Mistress told Emma. “Now you will drown for me,”

Emma struggled to hold her breath, clenching her eyes shut. Her lungs were already on fire. She wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer with her head upside on the water like this.

She started to thrash about. Then she inhaled. Her body bucked and shuddered as she hung upside down, air spurting out of her mouth and nose.

The last thing she felt was a flush of warmth as an orgasm rippled through her. Then she faded away. Emma went limp as a few strands of hair drifted across her face.

Mistress Viper moaned softly, surprised at the orgasm that flushed through her body. Her eyes flashed as she observed the foolish little slut now lifelessly hanging upside down. She had to admire how wonderful it was the stupid woman had drowned while hanging upside down. Those last moments must have been exquisitely painful.

“No one’s coming to rescue you, my dear,” she coldly told the dead woman. “And no one will ever find out what happened to you either.” Then she instructed her henchmen to dispose of the body, making certain it would never be found…

2012; 2019 (written Nov 13 ’12; ed. Aug 10 ‘19 by riwa)

(Pictures are vidcaps from Shocking Asia (1976) and are for illustration purposes only.)

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