Madison hangs for her boyfriend

Madison stood there naked and trembling as he slowly looped the noose around her neck. She looked down and saw her nude boyfriend’s cock rising with anticipation. He was clearly looking forward to this. It gave her a surge of sexual excitement.

He did not say a word as he pulled on the rope, slowly taking out much of the slack. The noose was still draped loosely around her throat. She could feel her nipples start to harden from a perverse arousal.

He gave her a questioning look. She nodded without speaking. Then she closed her eyes as though wanting to focus on the sensations.

Her hands roamed her body; touching, fondling and caressing. Her nipples hardened even more. Then she reached down and began rubbing her cunt.

She felt a surge of fearful arousal as she touched herself. In her mind she could feel the noose lift her up into the air. The idea both frightened and excited her.

A moan escaped her lips as she caressed herself. She slid a finger into her slit, confirming she was getting wetter. Her cunt clenched as she began to pant with anticipation.

She opened her eyes and looked into his face. Showing no emotion, he slowly pulled on his end of the rope a little more. It took the remaining slack out, causing the noose to gently pull against her neck.

Madison inhaled sharply as she closed her eyes again. She rubbed her crotch, fingering her swollen nub. A bead of her excitement came out of her dripping twat and slithered sensuously down her right leg.

She panted as she masturbated right in front of him. She opened her eyes again and saw him looking at her impassively. But his erection gave away his excitement.

He pulled even more on the rope. The noose tightened. Madison closed her eyes as she was pulled up onto her toes.

She gasped as a jolt of fearful excitement coursed through her body. It was harder to breathe now that he’d pulled her up onto the balls of her feet. Soon she would be lifted up off the ground.

She fingered herself harder, rasping for breath as her eyes remained clenched shut. Her feet shuffled as she adjusted where she was standing. It was almost time.

She opened her eyes and stared at him without saying a word. Slowly and deliberately he put his weight into the rope. She clenched her eyes shut again until she was pulled higher until her feet left the floor.

Madison rasped and gurgled as she experienced the pain and breathlessness of the coil around her throat. Her hands instinctively wanted to come up to relieve the strain. But she made herself continue to masturbate.

Her eyes flew open as she saw him straining to keep her aloft. The pain was getting worse. There was a flash of panic when she almost reached up to grab the rope. That’s when he eased her back down.

She stood flat on the floor, panting like crazy as she tried to keep her legs underneath her. She gently shook her head at him. She was acknowledging she would never be able to control herself at the fateful moment.

He nodded with understanding. He released his end of the rope as he walked over to an end table. He picked up a length of rope lying there. Then he walked over to her.

She sighed with disappointment as she stared at him. Then she slowly brought her arms behind her back. She knew she wouldn’t be able to masturbate all the way through without reaching up and grabbing for the noose around her neck.

He pulled the rope tightly around her wrists. She inhaled sharply over how much it hurt as he secured them together. When his cock twitched at her distress she gave him a knowing smile, loving the appearance of precum on the tip of his dick.

He walked over and picked up the large dildo lying on the end table. Madison gasped with fearful excitement. This would be the replacement for her being unable to masturbate herself. Could she keep it inside her?

He came up to her and slowly forced it all the way inside her pussy. She lovingly clenched her muscles around it. This would now be her lover for the rest of her short life.

He smiled as he walked over and picked up the butt plug. She gasped in fearful acknowledgement, her eyes widening. So he was going to use it after all, eh?

This would be something she had never experienced before. It would help her clench all right. Its presence should assist in keeping the dildo in her cunt. Now she would experience additional pain to go with her forced pleasure.

He pushed the tip against her ass and began to twist. She gasped and whimpered, trying to give him a reassuring smile despite her misgivings. It was large… humiliatingly large. But as long as he wanted it inside her…

He forced it up into her a little further. It spread her apart, making her wince since it actually hurt. But it was making her cunt drip like crazy now.

He pushed harder, trying to force it all the way inside until it seated. Tears welled up in her eyes. Then he gave it a mighty push.

Madison screamed as it pushed inside and seated. His cock jumped at her pain. Now she was really starting to get scared.

He grabbed the loose end of the rope. Then he slowly started to pull. Her head was forced to tip to one side as she started to rasp for breath again.

His hand caressed her quivering mounds, eliciting a whimper out of her. Then a hand slid down until a finger swirled over her swollen nub. She winced and whimpered, her body instinctively humping.

He smiled as he stepped back. He pulled even harder on the rope. Madison was slowly lifted back up onto the balls of her feet.

She could no longer masturbate. But her cunt and ass clenched tightly around the objects in her holes. It felt exquisitely painful.

Not being able to masturbate as she hanged meant she would have to suffer with that painful plug up her butt. But his cock was really hard now as a result of her suffering. It looked like he was going to enjoy her hanging even more with its presence up her ass.

She panted for breath as he pulled harder. Her feet were almost lifted up off the floor as her toes hungrily maintained contact. She was almost airborne.

He was standing near the cleat now. She could see murderous lust in his eyes. He truly wanted to hang her… wanted to watch her suffer. She was just as aroused as she was terrified.

He smiled as he pulled harder on the rope. Her eyes widened as her toes tried to maintain contact with the floor. A gasp was torn out of her straining lungs. Then her feet left the floor.

Her eyes widened as her toes wriggled, her feet fluttering. He pulled harder. She was lifted an entire foot off the floor, her feet well above solid footing.

She opened her mouth to gasp for breath. But she could hardly get any air down her throat. Her body stiffened with anticipation as he quickly wrapped his end of the rope around the cleat. Now she was airborne for the duration.

Her toes continued to flutter as her feet started to cock and curl. His cock never looked so hard. Her holes felt so filled; she was getting the ultimate fuck – the fuck of death.

It happened without warning. One moment her feet were fluttering for solid footing. The next her legs were kicking as it exploded inside her, her body screaming to be let back down.

She began to swing as she kicked wildly, her secured arms reflexively jerking behind her back. Her legs reached out for him, but he was too far away. His cock dripped as it twitched in full view of her agony.

The pain was incredible. But she could feel it swelling inside her. A moment later she arched her back and began humping the air, painfully fucking the toys in her holes.

Madison tried to scream her climax. But her throat was nearly closed off. She barely got out a bit of a rasp as she wildly swung back and forth.

Her boyfriend reached down and started stroking his meat. It looked like he couldn’t help himself. It filled her with shameful pleasure, even as her body screamed for relief from the constriction around her throat.

She kicked in his direction as though she could grab him and hold on to ease her suffering. But he was well out of reach. She instinctively milked the toys in her holes, exquisite pain morphing into violent pleasure.

It wasn’t long until she began losing feeling down below. She could no longer feel her toes. The numbing sensation climbed up her legs, making her kick with ever-growing desperation.

She jerked hard in violent struggle, her lungs screaming for air. Her eyes rolled as her tongue peeked out past her lips. Her breasts bounced, her nipples hard and erect.

She lost sensation in her upper thighs. The pain of that huge plug up her ass began to diminish. Now she could not tell if the toys were still inside her or not. She could feel death creeping up her stomach… up into her chest.

Panic made her kick and swing wildly, even though she could not feel anything below her waist. She kicked harder, wanting to feel something. Then exhaustion set in, causing her to give up the struggle.

She tiredly swung back and forth, foam appearing on her lips as she began to twist in place. He rotated out of her view. When he swung back around he was right in front of her, excitedly stroking his meat.

Her lungs heaved, but there was no breath to be had. Then his cock went off, spurting onto her legs and feet. She longed to actually feel it splatter against her skin. But there was no longer any sensation down below. Now it was only the agony of the rope constricting tightly around her throat.

He squeezed all his cream out of his cock onto her legs. Then he used a hand to wipe it all over her naked body, smearing it onto her heaving breasts. He even scooped some up onto his fingers and wiped her lips with it.

She could taste his saltiness. Then her vision started to spiral in around the edges. She tried to hitch and gurgle as her bladder gave way. But she was unable to fully experience that final humiliation as sensation had stopped below her neck.

He wiped her lips with his cream. Now she was unable even to taste it. Her gyrations lessened until she gently swayed back and forth.

He sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. He could feel her heart slowing down through her skin. Then he jumped up and hung onto her, adding his weight to hers.

Her body jerked once. There was a faint sound of discs in her neck separating. He clung to her, wriggling and writhing against her naked body with his cream making her slippery. Then he let go and slipped off.

He stood there watching as she hung limp and lifeless, her eyes all glazed over. He kissed her protruding tongue… kissed her erect nipples. He gave her one final push, setting her gently swaying down there in his basement. Then he turned and headed for the stairs. She was gone and he needed a drink as well as a hot soak.

2019 (written for Quidam Martin May 14 ’19 by riwa. Inspired by his manip.)

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