A night to remember 5 – Tia’s story part 1


I have a bad feeling about tonight…

Monique called me into a card game Mistress Chastity is a part of. But I’m not serving any drinks. I’m just loitering around along with a few other attendants, looking sexy while offering to play gopher should anyone in here need anything. But I suspect that’s not the real reason I’ve been brought in here.

I know Monique. And I can tell by the way the guys are leering at us that she has something else in mind. I think she’s showing me off to the poker players along with the other attendants in case the guys happen to lose their females. If that happens, I’m certain she intends to use us to comp the losers. It means I could quite possibly get snuffed tonight.

You see, I have this massive crush on her husband Mr. Rick the co-owner. But I suspect a lot of attendants do. She’s caught me flirting with her husband on more than one occasion.

I suspect she would love to have me snuffed one day. But you know? I think that’s the one man I might actually risk my pregnancy sensor on. He’s the one man I might risk allowing to snuff me, if only for the chance to fuck him.

I love my husband Stewart. But I’ve often thought about what it would be like to spend just one night with Mr. Rick. I swear, sometimes I think I’d like to let him use and abuse me for his personal pleasure. I’ve even fantasized about allowing him to snuff me. I just might be willing to die so long as it meant he would remember me for a long time to come.

Thinking about my future with Stewart always brings my head back down out of the clouds. I’m not suicidal, you know. Despite my infatuation with him, I try to steer clear of Mr. Rick and his wife as much as I can.

It’s a temptation, of course. But it’s one I’ve been able to handle thus far. But now, being in this room, I can’t help but wonder if Monique has plans to see if one of these card players might be interested in snuffing me before the night is over.


Tonight’s definitely not a very good night for me. Stewart and I are trying to get pregnant. That makes things tricky because I work here at the club. I can’t get pregnant in here or I’m so fucking dead!

I’ve been extra careful, trying to take lighter duties. All I can do is hope I don’t end up in a sex room during my fertile period. I didn’t know about this card game until I was called in. Now I have a very bad feeling about all this, especially with Monique serving as dealer.

This guy from Manhattan makes me nervous. He keeps undressing me with his eyes. It gives me the shivers.

The woman he brought along seems like a stone cold bitch. I get the feeling he’d love nothing better than to discard her, just so he can get me alone and rape my fertile cunt. Gawd; that might pop my sensor for sure!

He’s low on chips, and I’m really worried. He’s looked at me hungrily on more than one occasion. I know it’s not escaped Monique’s notice. If he loses I’m afraid she’s going to give me to him for the rest of my shift just to make up for his losing at the card game.

The woman he’s with really looks worried now. She has every right to be. She doesn’t know Mistress like I do. If she wins tonight I won’t be a bit surprised if she snuffs all of her “winnings” before the night is over.

But that’s not what troubles me. If I end up being used to comp one of them with sex, and my sensor pops? Unless I’m privately snuffed they’ll have one more joining them up on stage.

The thought is rather frightening. But it’s also erotic in its own damned way. It gives me the shivers something fierce. Gawd; what if that bitch Monique really wants me dead tonight??

The door opens and Mr. Rick enters. My breath catches in my throat. I find myself secretly hoping he’ll call me out of here to take me away to a private room.

I think I would risk getting pregnant if he asked for me. But I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen tonight. So I nervously watch the game while trying to keep my attendant’s smile plastered onto my face.

I’m drawn back to the game. That’s when I see Manhattan being challenged on this one particular hand. The woman he brought along is not happy with his card playing.

It’s obvious he’s going to be the first one out. I’m not surprised when he finally pushes all his chips in. Naturally he loses them all.

His bitch cries out in dismay. That’s when I learn she’s somebody else’s wife. He met her over the Internet.

Mistress has already indicated she’d like to see her fry. I strongly suspect this one will end up sitting on stage in the electric chair before the night is over. The stupid fool!

What the hell was she thinking, tagging along with this guy and coming to a Club that snuffs women? Gawd; she’s such a stupid bimbo! She deserves what’s coming to her.

Monique offers to whore her out to earn him back some of his dough before he leaves. He finds that acceptable. Her protests are in vain as she’s ruthlessly hauled away.

I’m betting she’s in for one hell of a gangbang. I don’t envy her one bit… well, maybe just a little. Then Monique motions for me to come forward.

I feel a lump in my throat as a feeling of dread fills my soul. “Tia, please see that Mr. Manhattan here is taken care of.” I know exactly what she means by that.

My pleasant smile freezes on my face as my stomach churns. “Why thank you, ma’am!” he tells Monique with a happy nod. I see a dangerous glint in his eye.

My duties are clear; I know what I must do. I have to surrender to him in any way he sees fit. If he wants to use me without protection – if he wants to snuff me – then there’s nothing I can do about it.

I look briefly at Mistress. She gives me a look that indicates I must obey. I feel a shiver of horror.

At the same time I experience a disturbing arousal. I fight to keep that submissive smile plastered onto my face. Then I slip my arm through his and willingly escort him out the door as my heart pounds in my chest.

It takes everything I have to force the words out of my mouth. “So how can I serve you, sir?”

“You know what I want,” he growls at me.

Despite my fear, I feel my cunt moisten. This could be deadly. So why does the thought of risky sex make me so fucking horny??

“I know just the place,” I smile coyly. Despite the wild beating of my heart, I take him to one of the sex rooms. I deliberately avoid taking us into a snuff room. But that still might not save me.

We’re barely inside the door when he slams me against a wall. “Slut!” he growls dangerously, his hand wrapping around my throat. “Prancing all around in that room… getting me all worked up. I don’t know whether to blame you or that cold bitch I brought with me. I think in the end I’m going to have much more fun with you.”

My mind screams, “Gawd – not the throat!” It’s as though he can read my mind. Then he mercifully lets me go.

The damage is done. My weakness is my neck, specifically being choked out during sex. It feels as though a dangerous fire has been lit inside me.

I tremble as I fall to my knees. I quickly undo his pants, freeing his hardening fuck-stick. It’s impressive in size.

I begin to lick and suck, shivering uncontrollably as I worship his swollen member. But it’s not enough for him. He grabs the back of my head and jams it down my throat.

“Swallow it, whore!” he demands. I gurgle as it goes past the back of my throat.

I’m dealing with an animal. It has me both aroused and terrified. Rick is dangerous, even deadly in his own way. But an animal is unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get or what they’ll do to you.

In an instant his cock blocks my windpipe until I can’t breathe. I end up choking again. It fills me with a terrible fire of longing.

When he pulls out of my mouth I feel a warmth blossom within me. It’s a dangerous warmth as my willpower starts to evaporate. This is going to go too far. I’m going to lose myself; I just know it!

“Take it, bitch!” he tells me. Then he starts shoving his cock hard into my mouth. He grasps the back of my head, forcing it deep down my throat.

I grunt submissively as fear and arousal increase exponentially. “Oh, you’re a good whore!” he tells me. “You and I are going to have a lot of fun!”

He fucks my face for several minutes, squeezing my neck and making me so fucking wet. I moan lustfully, trying to get him off quickly. But I also moan because I simply can’t help myself.

It’s one of the reasons I took this job. It’s a hell of a risk when I’m fertile and not using protection. But I must confess to having some incredible sex here at the Club because of it.

His cock finally explodes in my mouth. I taste the salty tang of his seed. It’s all I can do to keep from orgasming.

I do my best to swallow it down. But there’s so much of it that it leaks out around the corners of my mouth. “Clean my cock, whore!” he growls. “Clean it good, and we’ll go again.”

I work my tongue around his shaft, making him nice and clean. Then I rise up, kissing my way up his chest. It’s time to offer him an alternative that hopefully will keep me alive for the rest of the evening. Tonight I simply cannot risk unprotected, vaginal sex.

“Fuck my ass,” I tell him submissively. “It hurts me. But I like it when it hurts.”

It’s true; I like it rough at times. It’s not something I was expecting to give a customer tonight. But it’s a hell of a lot better than having his damned seed popping my sensor.

His hand lashes out, and he grabs my throat. He snarls, “I’ll fuck any damned hole I want, bitch! Don’t pull none of that condom crap on me! I’m riding you bareback like the fucking whore you are! So you’d better get used to it! And if your sensor pops? Well, that’s not my fucking problem, is it?”

He squeezes my throat harder. I shudder in his grasp. My mind screams again… GAWD; NOT THE THROAT!

My willpower is almost gone. I’m so fucking wet! If he does that again, I’m liable to lose control and ask him to squeeze even harder.

Sometimes when I really need it Stewart chokes me out during sex. Being breathless really gets me off. The orgasms are phenomenal! But with the wrong client it can be a very dangerous game… and one hell of a risk!

When he lets me go I pant heavily for breath. My cunt throbs with a terrible ache. My pussy wants him inside me so fucking bad that it hurts.

I can’t give in just yet. I’ve got to think my way out of this. That’s when he throws me against the bed.

He bellows, “KNEEL, BITCH!” I tremble like crazy. Then I brace myself up over the mattress.

I mentally chant, “Fuck my ass – fuck my ass – fuck my ass!” I wriggle my butt at him, hoping to attract him to my puckered anus. That’s when I feel him push into my burning cunt.

I grunt in horror, trying to blink back the tears… No – no – NO – NOOO! Maybe I’m not fertile tonight. But something tells me that I am.

As my mind cries out in fear and arousal, my stupid cunt ravenously accepts him, pulling his member deep inside. I hear him gasp in pleasure as he fills me. Instinctively I start milking him the way my hungering pussy was designed to do.

It’s a primal instinct. I’m hardwired to take his seed deep in my womb so as to continue propagating the species. I just can’t help myself.

“Now that’s the way a whore should feel!” he gasps, thrusting hard and deep. Then I feel his hands wrap around my neck again. He squeezes tightly and I shudder erotically.

“I could snuff you right now, bitch!” Then he squeezes my throat hard. My cunt instinctively tightens around his thrusting manhood.

It’s the worst possible thing he could have done to me. I grunt as my body responds. I can’t help pushing back against him in an effort to drive him even deeper into my fertile womb.

I choke and shudder erotically, my mind screaming in horror at what might happen to me. But my cunt hungrily pulls him into me, milking him hard as my muscles try to convince him to empty himself inside me. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot interrupt the process. It feels too fucking good!

My heart hammers in my chest. My vision blurs. I fight for breath.

I’m being exquisitely asphyxiated. My body is on fire. My last hope is he’s one of those guys who likes to pull out and spray his seed all over my backside.

I find myself fervently hoping he’ll do just that. But my hungry cunt refuses to let go. In its thirst for pleasure, it spasms all around his throbbing shaft.

The walls of my overheated love canal feel his hot cock start to swell. Unless he pulls out now, his deadly seed will be implanted deep inside me. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about it tonight.

I try to force myself to hold off. I even try to act disinterested and bored. But my body knows it’s a hollow lie.

Deep down I want it. The fucking bastard accommodates me by squeezing my neck harder. I can barely breathe. It’s enough to set me off.

My body jerks and spasms. Then I start to cum all over his cock. It’s purely instinctive.

My cunt furiously milks him in a frantic attempt to make him erupt. I can’t stop myself. I gasp as I shudder in erotic alarm.

I hear him roar out his release. Then I feel him spew his seed deep inside me. It triggers a second orgasm hot on the heels of the last one.

I shudder as I’m filled with hot waves of pleasure. It’s a pleasure that could very well spell my doom. But it’s all too damned erotic to resist.

I feel myself start to black out. I’m all caught up in the asphyxiated throes of a devastating climax. Then he lets go of my neck.

I gasp for breath as his cock finishes pulsing the rest of his seed into my fertile cunt. It fills my canal to overflowing. I even feel some of it ooze out.

He pulls out, roughly spinning me around in the process. Then he jams his twitching cock into my mouth. The bastard demands I lick him clean again.

I can’t believe he’s cum twice. Then I remember those damn blue pills that often get secretly added to some of their drinks. It makes the customer horny so they’ll shell out more coin in the fuck rooms.

A thought hits me, and I shiver with dread. Did that bitch Monique get him liquored up on purpose? Gawd; I think I’m so fucking screwed!

I lick and suck automatically, instinctively trying to please him as my mind races. My thoughts are now on the little bathroom in the corner of the room. If I can hurry this up and then get in there to clean myself out with a douche or something, I just might have a fighting chance.

Denny’s my supervisor; he’s a decent sort. Maybe I can get him to end my shift early so I can get the hell out of here before it’s too damned late. But this bastard’s not done with me just yet.

As precious seconds tick by, I continue licking a cock that remains hard and dangerous. He abruptly stands me up. Then he bends me over the bed.

“Now I’m gonna fuck your ass, bitch!” Then he presses his dick against my anus before thrusting in hard. I cry out in pain as he brutally sodomizes me.

Gawd; I don’t have time for this! Every minute I remain inside the Club walls is one minute closer to my potential demise should my egg become fertilized with his killing seed. If only I wasn’t so damned horny right now.

My fear adds to my arousal. I grunt as he mercilessly pounds my ass. He fucks me like I’m some back-alley street-whore.

He grabs my hair and roughly yanks my head back. That’s when it occurs to me. I might not have to wait until my sensor pops. The bastard might actually snuff me right here, regardless of the fact this is not an official snuff room.

I shiver from a terrible excitement. His cock fills my rectum. I feel his enthusiasm as he enjoys thoroughly violating me.

He lasts longer than I expect him to. He turns me around and makes me taste my ass on his cock as he slams it into my mouth. I’m brutally throat-fucked for a couple of minutes before he turns me back around. Then he goes back to sodomizing me until I’m being relentlessly pounded.

He pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed. Then he forces me to sit in his lap, impaling myself on his dick. He drives it deep up my ass as he bounces me up and down.

It hurts like hell. And yet it’s terribly erotic. I cry out in pain as he fucks a brutal pleasure into me.

I’m consciously aware of the minutes as they tick by. My delay is giving his seed in my cunt a chance to go for the gold. The thought both scares and arouses me.

I’m afraid tonight my luck may have just run out. I’ve never been so scared, nor so excited. Gawd; I think I’m gonna cum with his cock up my ass!

Once more he pulls me off. He sadistically turns me around and makes me suck his dick. I taste my own ass on his throbbing cock.

I can’t believe how slutty I feel. It makes me feel like a filthy whore. I shiver again from an unbelievable arousal.

It tastes nasty. But I’m quite used to it. I can’t help sucking greedily and hungrily.

I’m frantic as I try to exhaust him. I need to get the hell out of here. But he seems to have an infinite supply of energy.

Once more I’m back in his lap. He bounces me up and down with his cock up my ass. Strangely I feel my life slipping away like sand through an hourglass. But despite my fear, I can’t help feeling a perverse thrill.

Hands suddenly wrap around my neck again. OHGAWD, NO! That’s when I start to choke.

I feel it well up within me again. My sphincter instinctively squeezes harder. I’m alarmed he might discover I’m a breath-play whore.

Gawd; what if he senses I want to be choked out?? My heart skips a beat as he frightens me with his next words. “How’d you like to die with my cock up your ass?”

He laughs at me as he squeezes harder. Once more I start to choke. Then I eagerly bounce up and down in his lap as though I really want it, impaled with his throbbing shaft deep up my rectum.

At that moment I’m certain he senses my secret. I feel it swell inside me. It’s a massive orgasm that threatens to obliterate my senses.

I’m more and more convinced I won’t make it out of this room alive. It’s both frightening and exhilarating. Then he squeezes tighter until I’m certain this is it!

My vision starts to blur. That’s when I instinctively clamp onto his thrusting member with my muscles. I’m desperate to pull him deep inside my dirty hole.

Almost immediately he goes off, his hot seed filling my rectum. I’m hit with a massive wave of white-hot pleasure. Then I go into spasms from lack of air.

I shudder helplessly as my orgasm devastates me. For some reason he actually lets me go. I cough as I manage to pull fresh, reviving air into my lungs.

My vision clears as he pushes me off. I tumble weakly onto the floor. That’s when he demands I clean his cock.

I manage to rise up and gulp down his erection. I can taste my ass mixed with his cum. He thrusts hard into my mouth until I end up grunting as he savagely rapes my skull.

Once more I’m pulled back into his lap for more brutality. This time his cock is impaled deep in my fuck tunnel. I’m certain my fertile cunt can’t resist a second load, much less the first one.

I shudder from a frightening arousal. It actually feels like he’s fucking death into my pussy. It’s unbelievably exciting.

He fucks me hard, reaching around and savagely groping my tits. Then he lifts me up off his throbbing dick. He spins me around until I’m facing him, once more impaled upon his raging boner.

“Whore!” the animal snarls, bouncing me up and down on his hard, throbbing cock. “Fucking bitch! I should snuff your ass right now!”

It gives me a dreadful shiver of incredible arousal. My stupid cunt squeezes ever tighter around his thrusting fuck-stick. That’s when his hand lashes out.

I submissively bare my neck to him, giving him easy access. My willpower is gone, my cunt on fire as he ravages me. I just can’t help myself.

My body is in charge now. My muscles pull him deep inside me. I know I’m about to get another helping of his deadly seed. Damn those drinks he was given!

He squeezes my neck until I feel my face turn red from lack of air. My body feels like it’s been plugged into an electrical outlet. That’s when the betraying words bubble to my lips.

I’m horrified to hear my voice murmur, “Harder… choke me… strangle me…” My mind screams, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? THIS BASTARD IS NOTHING LIKE STEWART!” But I simply can’t help myself.

He looks at me in surprise. Then he gets this look on his face that scares the hell out of me. That’s when I know I’m so fucking dead.

“You want it, bitch?” he says incredulously. Then a look of pure evil fills his face.

“Then you got it, sister!” That’s when he rolls me over. The bastard pins me underneath him before squeezing my neck hard as he starts brutally raping my cunt.

I start to choke as my eyes open wide. I’m certain he can see the arousal that’s displayed in my expression. My cunt now believes that it’s Stewart who’s violating me.

My body wants that massive orgasm that comes from being choked out. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s as though a totally different individual has taken over my sweat-stained body.

My lips move and I hear the words, “Snuff me, lover.” I’m absolutely horrified to recognize my own voice. Fuck; I think I just bought the farm.

The bastard grins down at me as he throttles me with both hands. That’s when I know it’s all over. “We aim to please, miss,” he says with a cruel smile.

All of the sudden I can’t breathe at all. My tongue slithers out of my mouth in surrender. My hands instinctively claw at his arms.

My body is on fire, my asphyxiation sublime. It’s similar to the way Stewart takes me right to the edge. But this time I sense there’ll be no coming back.

My arms fall weakly to my sides. My body gives in to the inevitable. A moment later it explodes within me, a fireball of a climax.

It envelops me like a warm blanket. All of my senses short out. And I still can’t breathe.

As darkness closes in on me, I feel his hot seed fill my spasming cunt one last time. I find myself mentally cursing Monique for setting me up. Then I mentally apologize to Stewart for my foolish lack of self-control…


I moan softly as consciousness returns. For a moment I wonder if I’m in heaven. I’m weak all over.

There’s a feeling of immense sexual satisfaction flowing through me. Then my eyes flutter open. I’m lying flat on my back on the bed in the sex room.

I bolt upright in alarm as it comes rushing back to me. Then I frantically check my sensor.

It hasn’t popped yet…

Good; I still have time. But how much time do I have? How long have I been out??

When I stand up, I feel cum leak out of my cunt and ass. It makes me gasp in alarm. This can’t be good.

I rush into the bathroom and clean myself up as quickly as possible. But I’m certain it’s too late. Surely his deadly seed is deep in my womb now, racing to fertilize my egg.

I’ve got to find my supervisor right away. I need to get permission to leave early. Maybe Stewart won’t mind if he’s not the father, although I suppose there’s a remote possibility that it could be his.

It occurs to me I might be all right. There’s no need to panic. Attendants have been lucky in the past, so I might have gotten lucky tonight.

But that animal’s seed might be approaching my egg any second now. I might only have minutes to spare. He filled my cunt twice, the bastard. If I am indeed fertile, there’s no time to lose!

I’m back in my uniform in record time. Then I rush breathlessly out the door. Almost immediately I detect the red glow from the Entertainment stage.

It hits me like an ominous warning. I’d better get the hell out of here while I still can. I rush over to my station, hoping my supervisor will be there.

When I arrive, he’s nowhere in sight. I know in a flash where he’s at. “Where have you been??” Doris gasps as she rushes up to me.

She’s a couple of years older than me. But she’s a real sweetie. She’s been looking out for me.

“They need drinks and Denny’s over watching the executions. You know he never fails to miss one. But this time we have customers hanging around. They need to be served.”

“Doris, I need to go!” I blurt out anxiously.

I can’t help glancing down in the direction of that dreadful sensor in my navel. She follows my glance and gasps in horror. “Is it…?” she starts to ask.

She sees it’s not red and glowing. She slaps her head with her hand in a “Duh” moment. If it would have gone off by now, people would already have been alerted.

She winces, and I see a pained look on her face. “What!?” I blurt out anxiously. This can’t be good.

“I’m kinda swamped!” she gasps.

She looks around before making a decision. “Make a single pass with a tray of drinks, ok? Then get the hell out of here. I’ll cover for you. I wish I could do more, honey. But we need someone to make at least one pass through here! Hang in there; you’ll be all right!”

She pats me on the shoulder before hissing “Now SCOOT!” She gives me a quick swat on the ass. I thank her and then rush off, grateful for her efforts.

Maybe Denny would let me go sooner. But I can’t spend precious minutes trying to find him in that crowd of spectators. I sincerely doubt he’d respond to a page from me right in the middle of an execution.

I pick up a tray and put on my best smile. Then I slowly walk through my section. I have to keep from rushing through the area.

My heart is beating a mile a minute. I feel a flush of adrenaline. It’s all I can do to keep from breaking out in a run for the exit.

There are clients who aren’t the least bit interested in executions. But they are totally addicted to gambling. These are the ones I encounter as I make my way through the machines and tables.

I moan quietly in despair when my tray is empty before I make a complete pass. I pick up the empties and take them back. I have to fetch a second tray to make sure I’ve completed the round.

I quickly pick up another tray. Then I make my way through the section once more, smiling and nodding politely. A quick glance down indicates I’m still ok.

My insides are churning. I find myself hoping no one wants me for anything more than a refill. Things could get bad real fast.

Some guy could stop me for another sex session. It would no doubt take me past the end of my shift. My sensor could pop while we’re fucking. Then I’ll really be screwed.

There are drinks still left on my tray when I complete my pass through my section. Thankfully I take it back with more empties. Then I head for the exit, forcing myself not to break into a run.

Maybe I’ll be ok. I tell myself to calm down and breathe easy. Maybe I won’t get pregnant tonight.

When I get home, Stewart and I will have a laugh. I’ve probably gotten myself all worked up over nothing. But I still have this uneasy feeling that time is running out.

An older couple stops me with a question. I pause to answer it with a smile on my face despite the wild beating of my heart. This shouldn’t take long.

They talk to me for one… two… three full minutes. I find myself mentally thinking, ‘Gawd, won’t they ever shut UP??’ Then they head back to their gambling.

Several steps later I’m finally out of my section. I walk faster, hoping to get out within the next couple of minutes. But there’s always the chance I could get reeled into another part of the Club.

I carefully maneuver myself through the casino. I try to avoid sections where I might run into some sex-hungry gambler. Us attendants get a nice percentage of the proceeds. But tonight I need to split.

Most of the patrons are either watching the executions or are intent on gambling. Thankfully I’m not corralled by another request. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see the counter up ahead.

Once I’m there I’ll be able to remove my sensor. Then I’ll be home free. From there it’s just a matter of getting back to Stewart and buying a home pregnancy kit to find out if I might be –


I stop dead in my tracks, doubling over as a small, yet distinct pain knifes me in my navel. In an instant I know what it is. That’s when the color drains from my face.

I start to shake uncontrollably. There’s no point making a mad dash for the exit now. I’ll just trip the sensors and have attendants on me in a flash, restraining me as they take me back to the Entertainment stage for my farewell performance.

2010; 2020 (written Apr 2 ’10; Ed. Feb 9 ‘20 by riwa)

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