Dec 31, 2020 Update

I see I haven’t done one of these in a couple years. I’ve been commenting on most things in my Riwas Reads and Patreon posts. So I thought I would catch people up here for those who are interested… a two-year review of sorts.

I’ll start with the rating system. There was a recent server change where my library is hosted. Something must have happened because the newest ratings are not showing up. I apologize for this. I’m not fully literate on how this system works. But I’ll see if it’s possible to bring the rating system back online. My thanks to those who have left votes and thumbs up or down over the years.

I mentioned in one of my Patreon updates I was in the market for another vehicle. My pending insurance bill motivated me to go out looking again with mom. I found a small compact that seems to work for me. I’ll be making small payments over 5 years, but I hope to pay more and narrow that down to 3 years or less. I probably won’t take the long trips like I used to in years past. So hopefully this vehicle will last me for a while.

Mom and I have weathered the health storm that is affecting our country. We both wonder if she might have caught the bug a couple of months ago. She had symptoms and was not at her best. But she was not hospitalized as it was not necessary, and her symptoms were not serious. Taking a test after the fact seemed pointless. So we’re doing our best to keep our immune systems strong. I hope you are all doing well. I am encouraged to know the chances of it adversely affecting mom and I are actually smaller than my chances of developing a heart issue according to my doctor. Lol, thanks Doc! I think it is 8% developing a heart issue versus a number below 0.3% for the bug (or something like that).

My sister passed away back in February. She had heart and blood pressure problems. Sadly we were estranged, so we didn’t actually find out until we did a search online and found her obituary. It was a little sad we were not notified, but that might have been on her instructions. Perhaps they tried to contact us and missed us somehow. It’s always nice to give the benefit of a doubt. Thus, I hope your family situations are far better than how this turned out for mom and I.

I moved from one apartment to another in the middle of the year. The tenant below me was a heavy smoker, despite regulations against smoking indoors. It drifted up and kept making me sick. An apartment was vacated, and I was given the option of changing locations. It’s much nicer; I’m not breathing smoke anymore; and I’m in a daylight basement apartment, meaning it’s warmer in winter and cooler in summer. So I’m grateful.

Continuing my backtrack, I moved back to Montana last year when my rent was increased by $200. That was a 40% increase. I used that opportunity to move back to Montana to be closer to mom. I’m grateful I did it last year. I have no idea how complicated moving around from state to state might have been this year. So the timing of moving back last year worked out well. Mom has some minor health problems, but I think my being here has been really good for the both of us. There was a lot of worrying over 680 miles between us in years past. So now we don’t worry quite so much.

Oh, that biopsy I mentioned in my update of two years ago? They removed a lymph node and discovered I have no cancer. So apparently they got it all when they removed the melanoma. I go in frequently for skin checks to make sure no new ugly looking growths pop up where they don’t belong.

I mentioned cavities in my last blog post. I’m on a medical program where I’m going in regularly for my teeth. They are being cleaned on a regular basis, and any cavities that were recently discovered have been filled. I’m now trying to take care of my teeth with more frequent brushing and flossing. Bad habits are hard to break, but I think these new ones are coming along better than expected.

We’re monitoring my gallbladder. Apparently mine is not very good. I’ve had what I would call a couple of “sieges” (throbbing pain) and an all-out assault (that was painful). So I’m watching my diet and keeping track to see when it may be time to remove it. I’m hoping to hold out until this bug thing clears up and there will be less risk of infection should I go in to the hospital to have it removed.

I’m embarrassed by the number of stories I have unfinished. I wish to get back to some of them, but inspiration has stalled. So I’m trying something new. This December I’ve been working on one story in particular. Instead of leaving it alone after finishing a chapter, I move right on to the next part. I’m hoping I will get it finished despite the number of chapters it has blossomed into. If this works, I’ll try to complete other stories in a similar manner. And I’ll see if I can get back to some others I’ve stalled out on. I even hope to get to some older stories some of you have expressed a desire in seeing me finish or add more chapters to.

That’s enough for now. I think I hit all the high points. I appreciate you stopping by for a visit. It’s my fervent hope you can find some story here that appeals to you. In this time of great stress I wish to provide a little entertainment for you in the form of the written word.

I hope you are healthy, and your families are safe. My prayer is that you will find hope and peace in a world where that often seems sadly lacking. I have similar struggles, so it is a nice distraction for me to focus on putting out a good story for you. If one of my stories makes you smile, I feel I have accomplished something. I am grateful to be even a small part of bringing a little sunshine to your day.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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