A Margot drowning story

“What took you so long? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!”

“I had a little trouble finding the place.”

“Seriously? I’m right here by the ocean.”

“So I see.”

“So tell me again about this thing I won.”

“You won a drowning contest.”

“A drowning contest. You’re serious, right?”

“Yeah, I’m serious.”

“So let me get this straight. A bunch of perverts held a drowning contest and I won?”

“Well, there were a bunch of contestants from Australia. It was a series of votes to determine the Australian Drowning Queen.”

“Sounds like something a bunch of testosterone-fueled guys would come up with. Who were these other chicks anyway?”

“Australian female celebrities.”

“Australian female celebrities?”

“In round one you beat Elle Macpherson 68% to 32%.”

“That’s no biggie. She’s getting kind of old, isn’t she?”

“In the quarterfinals you beat out Delta Goodrem 70% to 30%.”

“Is that so?”

“In the semi-finals you won over Miranda Kerr 56% to 44%.”

“They voted me over Miranda?”

“In the finals you beat Isabel Lucas 60% to 40%. Naomi Watts and Kylie Monique never even made it to the finals.”

“Really? You’re shitting me!”


“You’re telling me I beat all those other bitches?”

“That’s right.”

“You boys have class.”

“Thank you.”

“So what happens now?”

“Now you star in your very own story.”

“My very own story?”

“Your very own drowning story to be precise.”

“So my sitting here in my bathtub is kind of ironic, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. There were votes taken over the location to drown you in a story. The bathtub tied for third.”

“Tied for third? Tied with what?”

“A tank of glass. Some people want to read about you drowning in a tank.”

“Like an escape act gone wrong?”

“I suspect that’s what some of them were thinking. Others just want an unobstructed view of your drowning.”

“So what locations came in first and second?”

“First place was a pool with 33% of the vote. Second place was more of the equipment involved. Scuba took second place with 21%, although that’s not really a location. The tank and bathtub tied for third at 18%.

“I like the scuba idea. Did you know if I wouldn’t have gone into movies I probably would have ended up as a scuba instructor in the tropics?”

“I heard that was a desire of yours.”

“So you’re here to what… drown me?”

“…and then write about it; yes. Taking part in the experience and witnessing it will make writing about it a lot easier.”

“Is that so?”

“It certainly is.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Well, there’s always Isabel Lucas. She might make for a nice drowning story.”

“So let me get this straight. If I don’t want to drown, you’ll go pay Isabel a visit?”

“I can always tell her she won our contest. She might find that kind of exciting. Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson and Karen Gillian all won the contests they were featured in.”

“They won contests too?”

“That right. And they didn’t have any complaints when their stories came out.”

“That’s because their lungs were filled with water, right? It’s a little hard to complain when your lungs are filled with water.”

“The guys certainly enjoyed reading about them drowning. And I suspect there were quite a few ladies who also enjoyed voting and reading about them.”

“And if I take part?”

“Your drowning will be featured along with the stories of those other ladies who won their contests. You’ll be in pretty select company.”

“Well, you certainly present an interesting proposition.”

“Does this mean you might be interested?”

“Well, I don’t know. I’m certainly not all that thrilled about drowning. But I’m not sure I like the idea of Isabel taking my place.”

“I don’t know her and I haven’t met her. So who knows? I suppose it’s possible she might put on a better drowning performance than you.”

“A better drowning performance than me? Oh really. I think you’re trying to goad me.”

“Is it working?”


“So you’re interested then?”

“I haven’t committed just yet. Besides, aren’t you supposed to drown me in a swimming pool?”

“That is the number one preference. But a story hasn’t been written about that yet. These things take time and people get busy. I thought I’d swing by and see what you had to say about the subject.”

“And right now I just happen to be naked in my bathtub.”

“A happy coincidence, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t think anyone would object if I wrote a third place story about you drowning in your bathtub. I think the first place story is still going to be written. This means you might be the only Drowning Queen winner who gets to star in two stories. And with the number of scuba enthusiasts out there it’s entirely possible you could end up starring in a third.”

“Three stories? About me?”

“Again, it all depends on your performance. People want to read good stories about drowning celebrities. They don’t want someone who’ll just close her eyes and fall asleep underwater. And they don’t want someone who can’t hold her breath longer than ten or twenty seconds either.”

“My abilities? Seriously? I got up to five minutes holding my breath for an underwater scene in Suicide Squad.”

“But this will be a drowning story.”

“For fuck’s sake; I’m an actress! I can do a drowning!”

“Well, that’s what I’m here for.”

“You want to drown me right here in my bathtub?”

“That works for me if it works for you. Of course it depends on what type of story I can get out of it. There is such a thing as boring drowning stories, you know. I think the stories about those other three winners turned out pretty good.”

“So how do I make your story exciting? I’m naked, right? Isn’t that enough?”

“Not always. It depends on the struggle and the bubbles. Sometimes a little enthusiasm goes a long way. To be honest, a lot of guys get erections from a good drowning story.”

“And I suppose you’re one of those perverts, right?”

“Yes… especially if it’s an erotic story. The more erotic the better.”

“An erotic story? Are we talking about having sex here?”

“Not necessarily. I can do it by leaning over the side of the tub and pushing you under. Or I can get naked in the tub with you.”

“So if you got naked and joined me in here, that would get you aroused? Seems to me you’re getting aroused just standing there. I can see you’ve got a nice little bulge growing.”

“That’s because we’re talking about drowning you. Of course it doesn’t hurt seeing you naked in your bathtub. Does my getting aroused bother you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it should. Then again, the thought of my getting you hard does have a certain appeal. Call it a ‘woman thing’.”

“You ladies do like the idea of having that kind of effect on us.”

“So tell me. Are you getting hard because you’re thinking about drowning me?”

“I’m getting that way, yes.”

“Oh really? I think I’d like to see that.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’re not getting bashful on me, are you? After all, you’re here to drown me; am I right? I’m the one who’ll be going under. If I’m naked, you might as well be naked too. So let’s see what you’ve got.”

I remove my belt and drop my pants. My six inch erection curves upward. Margot looks at it and smiles. Did I see something flash in her eyes?

“Not bad. Is that because you’re thinking about drowning me in my bathtub?”

“Yes it is. I’m thinking about holding you under and watching all the bubbles come out of your nose while you’re trying to hold your breath.”

“And if I want to come back up for another breath?”

“That would be up to me, wouldn’t it?”

“A man who likes to get right to the point. So you’d drown me just like that?”

“Just like that.”

“I don’t know. My lungs were really hurting when I worked at holding my breath for that underwater scene in Suicide Squad. A couple of times I felt a brief surge of panic. Drowning’s going to be ten times worse, am I right?”

“You’re not going to enjoy inhaling water, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“I didn’t think so. I’m not so sure I want to go through with this.”

“That’s quite all right. I can always place a call to Isabel. She might be interested in the extra publicity.”

“Not so fast. I only said I wasn’t sure. Besides, there’s something about it that sounds kind of sexy.”

“So what shall we do?”

“Why don’t you strip out of the rest of your clothes and get into the tub with me? We’ll see what happens from there.”

“You’re not going to pull a one-eighty on me, are you?”

“Relax. When I ask you to get in the tub with me, I mean it. I’m not one of those broads who says one thing and then does the opposite. So what are you waiting for? A naked chick has just invited you to get into the tub with her!”

I smile as I remove my shirt and footwear until I’m nude. Then I step into the opposite end of her tub. My erection does not subside, certainly not with her looking at it. I see her eyes flash again.

“So how are you going to write this story? You broke in, caught me in my bathtub and drowned me?”

“You mean like this?”

I lunge forward and push her head under, catching her totally by surprise. Instantly she begins to struggle. Bubbles pour out of her nose as she fights against me.

She lets out a bubbly cry as her lungs heave. I wait until the very last moment before I let her back up. She bursts up gasping loudly for breath.

“What the fuck was that??”

“That was the intruder scenario. You get very little warning. That means you get very little time to get a good breath.”

“You could have warned me first!”

“I just said you get very little warning.”


She feels around in the water. Then she finds something growing out of my crotch and strokes it a little. “Your cock is really hard, isn’t it. Is it because you just tried to drown me?”

“Of course.”

“And if I drowned a little more willingly?”

“Well, right now I’m in the tub with you. I suppose that assumes some measure of consent. Can you imagine an intruder taking the time to remove his clothes before getting into the tub with you just to drown you?”

“I suppose that would be unrealistic.”

“It certainly would. My being naked in the tub with you implies some sort of consent or willingness on your part.”

“You mean the way I invited you into the tub with me?”


“So what are we talking here? Are we saying I invited you into my tub to drown me?”

“That could be an idea. Some guys like a forced drowning. Others like a woman who is consensual.”

“Consensual? Like she really wants him to drown her?”

“Maybe it’s a fantasy of his. Maybe it’s a fantasy of hers. Maybe it’s a fantasy they both share.”

“Women can have that kind of fantasy?”

“Some like freediving and some like scuba. Some like to imagine getting themselves into perilous situations. For some it can be a turn-on. And for some it’s the fear and excitement they might actually drown, even though they don’t want to or have no intention of drowning.”

“Sounds kind of crazy to me.”

“Does it?”

I suddenly push her below the surface again. She goes under unexpectedly, spewing up nose bubbles. That’s when she thrashes about in the water.

I push down hard on her shoulders, forcing her to the bottom. More bubbles come up as she struggles in my grasp. I hear a bubbly scream. Then I let her up.

She bursts up gasping loudly for breath. She gives me a dirty look. “Fucking hell! I thought you were going to drown me!”

“Was it scary?”

“You’re damn straight it was scary! I told you I thought you were going to drown me!”

“Did you find that exciting?”

“Hell no! But I can sure as hell tell you found it exciting! You’re really hard! Is it because you nearly drowned me?

“Of course.”


“You want me to get out? You want me to go try Isabel instead?”

“I didn’t say that. You just keep goading me, don’t you.”

“Well, I could just drown you and be done with it.”

“But you won’t; am I right? You want me to be willing; is that it?”

“Well, I am in the tub with you. Otherwise I would have to get out and work on that intruder scenario where I sneak up on you. We could do that instead if you’d prefer.”

“Well, you’re already in the tub with me. And I must admit I sort of like, uh…”

“…feeling how aroused I am by tugging on my erection?” There’s that flash in her eyes again.

“Is it… unusual for a drowning woman to feel some sort of… sexual excitement?”

“I’ve heard some women get turned on reading stories. Others get aroused imagining themselves in peril situations, just like I told you.”

“I kind of thought so.”

“Why do you ask? Are you becoming a little turned on by all this?”

“None of your damn business!”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

I suddenly lunge forward and push her head under again. This time I lie down flat on top of her. My hard cock presses up against her crotch.

She struggles and bubbles underneath me. I can tell I caught her by surprise again. But this time she manages to hold her breath a little longer.

I hump her with my erection. Bubbles start coming out of her nose as she really starts to struggle underneath me. I stay on top of her, looking down at her.

Her eyes widen as more bubbles spew out of her nose. I finally let her up. She comes up gasping.

“Fucking hell!”

She looks at me for a long moment. There’s something a little different in her eyes this time.

“What? What is it?”

“That thing about being aroused? I was starting to panic down there. Yet at the same time I was feeling this… this…”


“I guess we might as well be honest with each other. You’ve been honest with me. So tell me. Do women sometimes cum while they’re drowning?”

“I’ve never asked a drowned woman if she orgasmed. But I would imagine the fear and arousal could mix into an orgasm if the sensations were strong enough.”

“Well, during my panic, those sensations were getting pretty damn strong. So tell me this. Have you ever fucked a woman underwater?”

“A couple times; yes.”

“Was it good?”

“Some say struggling to hold your breath adds to the intensity of the experience. I certainly experienced a release while fucking underwater.”

“And you’re going to drown me in my bath, is that right?”

“Well, that’s the plan. You’re already wet, naked and ready.”

“I was wondering…”

“About what?”

“That last time when you dunked me and humped me? I thought you were going to drown me. But the experience was so frightening, so terribly thrilling that I…”

“…that you what?”

“Could you… could we…?”

“What are you doing?”

I’m surprised when she climbs into my lap. I feel her grab my erection with her hand. Then she slowly works it into her tight opening until I feel the warmth of her womanhood massaging me.

She pants for breath. Then she looks me right in the eye. “How’d you like to take me under right now?”

I pause only a moment before I force her back under in a flurry of bubbles. I push her down as I submerge on top of her. Then I start thrusting good and hard.

She grunts up bubbles into my face as she fucks me back. Her enthusiasm surprises me. The idea of drowning this sexy woman with my cock inside her is incredibly arousing.

I keep her down until her lungs start to heave. I can feel her warm breasts press against my chest as she starts to struggle. Her pussy clenches even harder around my shaft as she loses more nose bubbles.

Her eyes start to open wide. I feel her chest heave against mine. I can tell her spasms are originating in her stomach.

I suddenly pull her up until we rise up together. She pants like crazy to catch her breath. I’m still inside her and can feel her squeezing me.

“Fucking hell!”

“Why? Was it scary?”

“Scary and… something else.”

“You called me a pervert, remember?”

“Perverts can be so… exciting sometimes.”


“Do you have the outline for a story in your head from our encounter?”

“Yes, I’m starting to get one now.”

“Do you want to drown me?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Do you want to fuck me as you drown me? Wait; you don’t have to answer that. I just felt your cock twitch inside me.”

“The water’s starting to get cool in here.”

“Yes… yes it is. So I think we should get started.”

“Get started?”

“Yes, damn you. I don’t know how you did it. But you convinced me.”

“I convinced you?”

“I got excited when you kept dunking me. I thought you were going to drown me. Each time I found it so damned exciting. Fucking hell!”

“I take it you don’t want me to go look up Isabel?”

“To hell with Isabel! Feeling your cock inside me while I was holding my breath did the trick. Now I want you to drown me as you fuck me. Hell, I might even orgasm while I’m drowning!”

“Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah; I’m sure! I want you to fuck me as you drown me! I want you to write a story about it. I want those other bitches that had stories written about them to eat their hearts out.”

“Well, this is not the primary story. It’s only a story for the third place votes.”

“I don’t fucking care. I want you to drown me with your cock inside me. You’re going to do it anyway, right? Gawd; I can feel you twitch inside me every time I ask you to drown me!”

“Are you sure? No take-backs on this.”

“I’m sure.”

“You realize you’ll probably change your mind partway through, don’t you? It will hurt like hell and you’ll want back up. That will be the best part.”

“The best part?”

“You’ll fight and thrash about and want back up in the worst way as your pussy milks a cum right out of me. Once you panic and your lungs scream for air, that’s all your mind will think about. All you’ll want is that next breath.”

“Fucking hell! Why does that sound so damn exciting? Tell me more!”

“Your lungs will be on fire as your chest heaves. Your mind will become obsessed with getting that next breath. My cock inside you might feel like a violation. Chances are that’s when you’ll lose control. The orgasm might come just before or just after you start to drown.”

“Fucking hell! You’ll keep me down until I drown, won’t you?”

“It wouldn’t be a drowning story if I didn’t keep you down until you drowned.”

“Fucking hell!”

She starts taking deep breaths. Then she gets this excited look in her eyes. I feel her squeeze my cock inside her.

“Fuck; let’s do this! I want you to fuck me as you drown me! Damn you; I’m so fucking horny right now! Let’s do this before I change my mind!”

I nod as I watch her take deep breaths. She’s still impaled on my erection. I can really feel her clenching. It’s almost as though she wants to cum right now.

She inhales deeply. Then I push her onto her back. Down she goes, her head fully submerged.

I begin to thrust nice and slow as I keep my head out of water. She grunts as she responds by fucking me back. I had no idea she might want to have sex while she drowned. There must have been quite an arousal taking place when I dunked her those other times.

I take my time, enjoying how tight she feels as she squeezes me. She moans and bubbles out of her nose. I pay close attention as I become even more aroused.

A minute goes by as I thrust in and out while I keep her submerged. I slowly fuck her through a second minute while getting all the air I need. By her third minute she starts to show some distress.

I notice little heaves in her chest as I thrust into her. She grunts and bubbles as she fucks me harder. Maybe she thinks I’ll let her up if she makes me cum. Or maybe she wants to cum and then get one last breath before she drowns. If only she knew she’s already breathed her last.

I feel her chest start to heave more insistently beneath me. She loses more bubbles until she no longer drifts upward. Then she starts to struggle. She wants back up.

I press my weight down on her, making sure her head stays submerged as I take a deep breath to join her. Her eyes widen in alarm as she begins shaking her head. At the same time I feel her womanhood clench like crazy.

We’re almost to four minutes when she starts to thrash about underneath me. I press down hard on her shoulders while I fuck her with violent enthusiasm. A moment later she clamps down tight and starts to shudder.

She loses all her breath out of her mouth and nose. I can tell she’s cumming. I’m almost there myself, grunting and bubbling as I fuck her hard.

Her lungs empty as she settles down from her orgasm. Then she tries to slither out from underneath me. That’s when she hitches and gurgles.

Her head shakes in horror. Then she goes into violent spasms as she thrashes about underneath me. Her pussy milks me until I find myself shooting my load deep inside her.

She bucks and shudders like crazy, trying to throw me off as she beats on me with her fists. Her chest keeps heaving as her stomach spasms. Then her convulsions lessen until she lies quietly on the bottom of her bathtub.

I see little muscle spasms as I slowly pull out. A wisp of my cream comes out with me. Three tiny bubbles swirl up out of her nostrils as she stares up at me in shock, her mouth gaping open.

I look down upon her as I enjoy the afterglow of our coupling. She remains motionless on the bottom of her bathtub, her lungs flooded. Another tiny bubble swirls out of her mouth.

I get to my knees and compose myself. I smile as I tell her, “I think that’s going to make a pretty good story, Margot.” She just stares back at me in vacant shock as though the ending wasn’t exactly what she’d anticipated.

But that’s ok, right? Because different stories have different endings.

2019 (written Jul 16 ’19 by riwa)

(Pictures found on the Internet and used as illustrations.)

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