Laura and the Strangler’s Playroom

Laura was in her sheer nightie when she logged into The Strangler’s Playroom. She always liked checking in before she went to bed. Sometimes she got into a hot chat private messaging one of the members.

Some of the regulars were already in. Almost immediately she started getting messages…

(Hey, it’s Laura)
(Welcome, Laura. Want to get strangled tonight?)
(I really want to choke u out and fuck ur dead body)

DoHer was online, as was ChokeHerOut and NylonStrangler. There were a couple of new ones she didn’t recognize. But her reputation had spread as they all wanted to strangle her.

It looked like tonight she had her choice of members to message privately. But who should she choose? They were always good for making her horny. She didn’t want to pick one without hurting the others.

(Want to feel my hands around ur throat?)
(Mmmm… I want to feel your hands) ChokeHerOut was always good at getting her turned on.

(I’ve got a rope with your name on it. I’ll hang you and watch you dance for me.)
(I will kick for you, DoHer.) He was another who was quite good at giving her erotic tingles.

(I’ve got nylons ready for you, Laura. Shall I come strangle you?)
(Yes, I want to feel the nylons around my throat. Be my strangler.) It seemed he always wanted to use nylons. Laura supposed that was why he had chosen that particular nick.

She looked around for any sign of Riwa. He was good for a story caption on her pictures every now and then. But he didn’t seem to be online. And he had not posted a story recently.

Laura started to get some private messages, suggesting more intimate ways she could be offed in fantasy for the night. She responded to a couple, wondering if she could balance a couple of chats without mixing up her messages to her recipients. Then she thought she heard a noise from the kitchen.

She turned her head to look out the door. But she heard nothing else. Her house was always creaking, making sounds she could not identify. They always amounted to nothing.

She sent a private response to DoHer; his suggestion sounded promising. ChokeHerOut wanted to wrap his hands around her throat. That was good too as she loved the personal approach of a killer’s hands on her neck. It gave her goosebumps when she played with NecroRusso, a friend who came over from time to time and choked her out.

Where was NylonStrangler? He hadn’t responded. Had he found a private chat to engage in?

She heard the floor creak, causing her to turn again toward the doorway. Standing there was someone in a black outfit with an executioner’s hood. He was holding a pair of nylons in his gloved hands.

For a split second she wondered if it was NecroRusso come to play unexpectedly. By the time he stepped forward, she realized it wasn’t him. By then it was too late.

He quickly wrapped the nylons around her throat before she could scream. Then he started to pull. He whispered into her ear, “I’m NylonStrangler, Laura. I’ll be your Internet Strangler for the night.”

Her pussy flared with a terrible arousal as she reached up to pull at the nylons around her throat. They were far tighter than she expected. Was it possible her guest was not role-playing??

She clawed at her neck with her fingernails, trying to pry the nylons loose in order to get a little air. She was really wet now. She was also getting dizzy, unable to breathe.

“These belonged to JudySlut,” he whispered into her ear. “Did you notice she stopped visiting the chatroom two months ago? She gave me a good performance as I strangled her to death. Now I want you to give me a good performance, Laura. You will, won’t you?”

Her mind cried out in horror as she continued clawing at the tightening nylons. He pulled her backward as her legs started to kick. She reached for the keyboard, wanting to signal for help. But now she couldn’t reach it.

She rasped and gurgled as she started to lose consciousness. “That’s it, Laura,” her strangler whispered into her ear. “Enjoy yourself. I know I’m going to.”

Her hands came up one final time in an attempt to claw the nylons away. Then her body shuddered in orgasm as she wet herself. Consciousness faded away as she slumped in the chair at her desk.

He maintained his grip on the nylons until he was sure she was gone. Then he tied them around her neck. “JudySlut says to wear them in good health,” he whispered into her ear. Then he moved her body aside. He noticed on the monitor she was getting requests from the members for private chats. He needed to address them all before he left.

He smiled as he began typing on her computer. It would not do to allow someone so popular to sign off without one last message. He hit the keys one at a time as he carefully typed out…

(My strangler is here. I want to give my neck to him. Kisses.)

The responses came quickly…

(Lucky bloke! Wish I was there!)
(I want to choke u, Laura!)
(Strangle her for me!)

He smiled as he signed her out of the chat. Then he looked all around her bedroom. He found a pair of nylons and gathered them up to take with him. They would be perfect for the next woman he tracked down after meeting her in The Strangler’s Playroom…

2020 (written for Laura Nov 24 ’17 by riwa. Inspired by Laura’s picture.)

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