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Coming November rewards

Teri 5.0 ch 4, another peril in the holodeck setting.
3 in the pool part 7 continues Melissa’s come-uppance leading up to the CSI investigation after the event.
Shelly in Cancun 7 involves our protagonist diving on the wreck with Andria and their two new friends.
Another chapter to Girl’s night out (I hope). I’m trying to get to the main event, but I keep getting long-winded.
An interesting follow-up to the Aqua-slut story involving a woman named Brooke.
Breaking her breath-holding record
The chore
The start of a beheading story with a protagonist named Joia.
The concluding chapter to Taylor’s followers (if I can get it done in time).
And a short story titled Hook 13.

September stories/rewards will fall off at the end of October to make room for November rewards.

Cold weather recently hit my part of the state. Blowing and drifting snow set in for a couple days, reminding me what to expect from my winters up here. Mom and I handle it with the same calm resolve most members of our state handle it with. The slide-offs indicate there are those who have not yet adapted to snow-covered roads. We always hope those incidents result in minor injuries only.

One new issue has developed though. The vehicle I use to navigate this weather will not be viable much longer. I need a massive amount of repairs for a vehicle too old to poor that much money into. So I’ll soon be looking for another one, hopefully one I can use to maneuver snowy roads in winter. Most of the funds that come in will end up going toward my purchasing another vehicle. I’ll want to be careful not to go into too much debt if I can help it. But sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. So I want to thank you once again for being my patrons.

Riwas Reads Update

The store is closed. You can no longer make purchases. But you can still get downloads you have purchased through the end of October. After October 31st, the site will no longer be accessible and will go offline. At this time there is no way of knowing if any future store will ever go up.

If there are stories you still wish to acquire, you can contact me through here using the comment function. Perhaps we can make other arrangements. For now I will leave the Riwas Reads updates in place throughout the library so you can see what stories I used to have up at the store.

Thank you so much for your purchases. Sales from the last two weeks will go a long way toward helping me acquire another vehicle.

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2 Responses to Patreon (and Riwas Reads updates)

  1. isaacyeap says:

    Can you still reupload picture stories – aqua fantasies Such as The Other Woman, Carried Away, Escape Artist, Mermaid in Perils?

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    • riwa says:

      I’ll see what I can upload soon. I’m sure there’s a story that has been up at Patreon long enough. I should be able to find a Mermaid in Peril picture story. Thanks for the feedback.

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