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Coming October rewards

Teri 5.0 ch 3, another peril in the holodeck setting.
The aqua-slut offers a special service at the Aqua club.
A follow-up to Synchro Tryout, illustrated by JustPaul.
Taylor’s followers, inspired by the cult of celebrity or the immaturity of youth?
3 in the pool part 6 continues Melissa’s come-uppance leading up to the CSI investigation after the event.
Girl’s night out gets to the main event, the mass hangings.
Shelly in Cancun 6 involves our protagonist diving on the wreck with Andria and their two new friends.
The Bogs of Dartmoor, not a place to hang out by oneself when ghosts are about.
She’s mom’s favorite, which does not bode well for her when her sisters take action.

August stories/rewards will fall off at the end of September to make room for October rewards.

By now you may have heard the UWF Download Store is closing. That means all the little satellite stores inside will be affected and will be closing their “doors”. Some have products at clips4sale, but some will simply close. This will have the effect of closing my store Riwas Reads effective the end of September. I’ve been scrambling to upload older bundles to make them available to you. Downloads you have purchased will still be accessible for one more month. But no more payments will be processed starting October 1. And since the store is located overseas, you may want to make those final purchases before 4 PM West Coast time.

I am appreciative to have had this opportunity to supplement my income through the store while providing you with additional reading material. Thus, I have marked down as many stories/bundles as possible as my way of saying thank you to all those who have made purchases. I still have a few old bundles I’m considering putting up in case you missed something or want something. I will leave up my posts in the library concerning old bundles for now in case you are interested in picking up an old bundle. Perhaps we can make another arrangement to conduct the transaction after October. Meanwhile, take this opportunity to visit the other stores if you are interested.

Thank you so very much for being my patrons. I hope you enjoy the fall season and the colors of the changing leaves. It’s getting pretty around here.

Riwa’s Reads updates

Recent uploads (Note: Final upload bundle alerts may not be posted, so check back daily. Sorry about the lack of direct links this time. There were just too many to provide. Recent uploads can be found toward the top of the Main Downloads Page.)

JQpublic’s Bundle 1 (reactivated 9-19-20)

12081 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a trio of reposted stories written for JQpublic. My thanks to JustPaul for the illustrations.

Wrong Place for a Swim – Cristina has this strange bucket list of pulling crazy stunts. This time she is taking a tour of an aquarium with her mother and sister when she spies an empty tank and decides to go for a little swim. (13 pages; 10renders)

Shower Nightmare – Kaitlin awakens from a bad dream and decides to masturbate in the shower to release a little tension before she goes back to bed. But what will happen when her lover Elizabeth joins her for some hot and heavy action. Will her nightmare come true? (10 pages)

Pool inebriation – Heather decides to leave her boring and stressful home life behind for a night out. At a bar she meets a man who tells her he has a backyard pool. In her tipsy condition she goes home with him, vowing to show him everything she can do underwater that she used to do for an old boyfriend. (8 pages)

Alien Abduction (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-19-20)

22446 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes another reposted 4 chapters of the My Visit to the Club saga. Included is a brand new story inspired by a render from JustPaul.

Alien Abduction – Kizzy and Vivian are sisters who enjoy scuba diving. One afternoon they embark on a little outing, only to come across a strange craft lying on the bottom of the ocean in about 60 feet of water. But when they dive down to investigate, they get much more than either of them bargained for. (9 pages)

My visit to the Club 25-28 – Alison helps me lure my original date Evelyn to the Entertainment stage. Evelyn thinks it’s a fucking game with her head in the guillotine. But she learns too late we have set her up to lose her head.

We go back to the room where the twins are waiting. We give Alyssa a little taste of the noose while she is fucked. Then we bring her out to the Entertainment stage where she sees Evelyn’s body right where we asked it to remain.

Alison wants to fry her so she gets the electric chair. Afterwards, Sean makes a proposition with me that involves Alison. Then it is time to go retrieve the other twin for her turn on the Entertainment stage. (33 pages)

Emma bundle 1 (plus Club story) (reactivated 9-19-20)

13974 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard. I’m reposting two older Emma stories. Included is my latest work on the Teen Obsession series taking place at the Club. My thanks to JustPaul for the poser illustration.

Steamer-trunk Emma – Emma gets caught trying on her female employer’s old wetsuit at a house she cleans weekly. So the Merry Widow (as she refers to her) decides to get rid of the wetsuit, the steamer trunk it was originally in, and one nosy cleaning lady all in one fell swoop. (10 pages)

Two-for-one – Vanessa tries to help another woman get incriminating information about a guy she is living with. But when the other woman is captured, she fears her role in the matter might be discovered, so she does nothing to help poor Emma. What Nessa doesn’t know is that Jim already suspects her involvement and is prepared to take care of two birds with one boat trip out on the lake. (7 pages)

Teen Obsession 10 – It’s time for Lauren’s mother to put on her special “dance” for the football team. But what will happen to Lauren when it is all over? Will she get to “dance” as well? Or will Harris keep his promise to her mother? (7 pages)

A pleasant little diversion (plus Club story) (reactivated 9-19-20)

19037 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposting of an older story written for JustPaul using a few of his illustrations. Included is a new chapter to the Teen Obsession Club series.

A pleasant little diversion – As Mark dives on a wreck for the police department, his girlfriend Britney gets the idea to swim down and get his attention for a little underwater hanky-panky. She takes some ankle shackles for a little extra bondage play, but forgets the keys back on the boat. Mark has to go back to fetch them while leaving Britney with a regulator in her mouth attached to a precariously balanced scuba tank. (25 pages; 6 renders)

Teen Obsession 9 – Lauren and her mother entertain all the seniors of the high school football team. But Lauren’s mom leads them into a private room for some erotic play that might very well include some erotic risks for her daughter. (7 pages)

Aztec Queen III (plus Club Story) (reactivated 9-20-20)

10156 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes the reposted continuation of the Aztec Queen saga plus the dramatic conclusion to the Club story “Teen Obsession”. Cover illustration by JustPaul.

Aztec Queen III – After the assassination attempt in the river, the queen becomes suspicious of everyone around her including her handmaiden. They soon end up having it out in the bathing pool. Is her handmaiden part of a conspiracy? Is Queen Quetzal about to meet her downfall? Or is Atl about to fall prey to the queen’s paranoia? (9 pages)

Teen Obsession 11 – The conclusion to this Club saga finds Lauren’s father having just joined her in the same room in which her mother recently finished “dancing” her final performance for the football players. Sadness at her mother’s passing quickly gives way to fantasies of putting on her own private show for her father. Will he resist her desires? Or will he grant his daughter’s greatest fantasy? (9 pages)

Aztec Queen IV (plus bonus) (reactivated 9-20-20)

12808 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted new chapter to the Aztec Queen saga plus two more chapters to the Kane’s Vendetta story.

The Aztec Queen IV – Once again the queen is attacked by a warrior in her bathing chamber. Afterwards it’s back in the river to relieve her sexual tension. But will a maiden suffer for her perverse sexual pleasures? And will Atl’s displeasure in the loss of the maiden result in her taking it out on her queen back in the bathing pool? Three underwater scenes for your reading pleasure. (12 pages)

Kane’s Vendetta 4&5 – Back at the radio station that serves as a front, Edy has yet to learn of the seriousness of the attacks on the agency. More agents are attacked as bullets fly, and a dear friend is endangered by the wicked use of a noose. Donna is finally contacted, a key figure in all of this. But will she be able to fly back to Hawaii in time to help her friends? Two chapters are included to double your reading enjoyment. (12 pages)

Aztec Queen V (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-20-20)

15941 words – $4.40

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes two reposted chapters in a continuation of a couple of exciting new series. My thanks to JustPaul for the cover illustration.

Aztec Queen V – Yaotl is determined to do whatever is necessary to get close to the Queen regardless of the possible cost to his life. Meanwhile Atl is punished out in the river using the object of pleasure. The Healer encounters a new maiden in the river after dark who shows him some of her “skills” in the water, giving us our first introduction to Citlalli. Then it is time for the execution of the plotters to the palace coup in the freshly completed outdoor pool. Afterwards the Queen gets to enjoy a private execution in her recently renovated bathing pool. (15 pages)

Sorority night at the Club 2 – Paris arranges a sex party at the fraternity the night before. Then it is off to the Club where Andy from the fraternity gets things started with a beheading by axe up onstage. From there Paris meets with her high school physics professor to teach his wife a lesson in one of the private rooms with an electric chair. (15 pages)

Big Bundle (reactivated 9-20-20)

19017 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted quartet of stories. Marked down to $1 per story.

Escape Artist-Nightmare – Stacy is an aspiring escape artist spending time practicing in her pool. But what happens when her practices invade her dreams? (6 pages)

Boobie Trap-Heather – Heather is sent to retrieve some important documents for her boss, only to discover he keeps them in a chest at the bottom of a pool for safe-keeping. It’s a difficult task made more challenging when the cover won’t open all the way. Heather’s job is on the line, and she must make the swim down to the bottom of the pool to open the chest and retrieve the documents. (6 pages)

Ladyk*ller – Stacy and Robin discover a submerged houseboat with an interesting name during a party with friends on Lake Havasu. Stacy gets snagged by some fishing line while taking underwater pictures for her Facebook page. Will the houseboat’s name become prophetic? (10 pages)

New Year’s Eve Sexual Ball (1) – A couple with relationship issues decide to attend a very unique ball being held on New Year’s Eve. It promises to be a crazy sexual evening, something the boyfriend hopes will allow his girlfriend to get her wild ways out of her system. But the boyfriend is about to discover there is more to this ball than meets the eye. (11 pages)

Bloodlust (plus bonus) (reactivated 9-20-20)

25244 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a couple of reposted stories where the males don’t fare so well.

Bloodlust – Melissa picks up Mica along the side of the road, supposedly saving her from a life with a bad boyfriend. They go to a pool where they begin to get frisky with each other. But over in the corner a horny young man is watching while jacking off. They can’t just let that pass, although he certainly has a nice looking cock. So the ladies decide to have a little fun with him. But the ending isn’t so pretty when Mica discovers the true character of the woman who offered her the ride. (37 pages in 5 parts)

Drowning the diver – The story of a wetsuited male diver captured and sexually mistreated before his demise in the pool. (6 pages)

Big Bundle 2 (reactivated 9-21-20)

12512 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted quartet of stories reduced to $1 per story.

Catfight Interrupted – Brandi comes back home after a few days with another lover and discovers the locks have all been changed. She also discovers her husband has taken on a new lover during her absence. A confrontation ensues in the backyard and moves into the pool. The husband comes home and decides to trap both wife and lover under the cover as a way to get rid of two problems in one shot. (7 pages)

Gully washer – Two sisters are on their way to the Wyoming territory when their stagecoach is stopped at a river crossing due to high water. An impatient passenger, a snobby merchant anxious to get her products back to Cheyenne, urges the driver to cross despite his reluctance.  He takes the team across only for it to get stuck in the bottom in ever-rising water. The passengers are urged to bail out, but Meredith’s sister Sara is hung up inside. Meredith fights to save her sister as the coach begins to slide downstream. (7 pages)

This one is personal – The story of what happens when a woman is hit by a teen who is texting while driving and uses her job as scuba assassin to get her revenge. (5 pages)

Searching for her ring – Miley goes for a swim in the lake out back where she loses a precious piece of jewelry. She retrieves a scuba tank and goes searching for it, only to get her foot wedged in some rocks as her tank runs low on air. Will she get free? Or will her carelessness cost her dearly? (5 pages)

Island 31-34 (9-21-20)

17039 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes the next 4 island chapters reduced to $1 per story as my way of saying thank you.

Ch 31 – Rose is unlucky enough to have her name drawn for the lottery. She has already expressed her last request to Annette should her name be drawn. The whole process takes on an air of dominant and submissive. (9 pages)

Ch 32 – The staff and inmates go on a cruise to celebrate life after the lottery. Another elimination contest is planned, causing the inmates to spend their time breath-holding. Karla is punished by being confined to her cabin. (12 pages)

Ch 33 – There is more sexually erotic breath-hold practicing. (7 pages)

Ch 34 – The elimination contest is scheduled to take place on the cruise ship at sundown. There is a preparatory dunking designed to get Christina, Karla, Helen and Tamika ready for breath-holding. (6 pages)

Island 35-37 (9-21-20)

15918 words – $3.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes the next 3 island chapters reduced to $1 per story as my way of saying thank you.

Ch 35 – Who will survive the contest on the cruise ship? How will the loss affect the staff of the island? (10 pages)

Ch 36 – Back on the island Karla decides to seduce Ron. She also gets some scuba training out of him on the off-chance the next contest could involve scuba gear. (10 pages)

Ch 37 – Karla continues spinning her web of seduction with Ron. Even Christina is working in the pool with Maggie using the scuba regulator. (11 pages)

Island 38-41 (9-21-20)

18685 words – $4.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes the last 4 island chapters reduced to $1 per story as my way of saying thank you.

Ch 38 – Ron gives Karla a special underwater “tutorial”. (10 pages)

Ch 39 – The last contest is scheduled for the dolphin tank. The remaining inmates are trapped inside a submerged cage for 20 minutes with only a single air hose from an attached scuba tank to give them the air they will need to survive. (7 pages)

Ch 40 – It’s a major battle when both inmates fight over the single dangling air hose. (9 pages)

Ch 41 – Christina finds herself on the losing end as time runs down. Will they use up all the air in the scuba tank secured to the top of the cage before their time underwater is up? (11 pages)

Emma’s Hot Tub peril (plus Club Story) (reactivated 9-22-20)

16682 words – $4.80

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted wet story featuring Emma along with a “dry” club tale.

Emma’s Hot Tub Peril – Emma goes to the home of a man she met at the bar to enjoy both him and his pool. But when his girlfriend shows up unexpectedly, she tries to hide in the water and must hold her breath. That doesn’t work, and she soon finds herself at the mercy of a cruel, sadistic bitch who seems intent on drowning her. Things take an ominous turn when Emma is cuffed inside the drained hot tub before the water is turned on and it starts to fill. (16 pages)

I should have known better – A married woman decides to go to the Club to satisfy her curiosity. A married gentleman picks her up out in line and takes her inside, a man who appears to be one of the regulars. He shows her around before taking her into a private room where more than just sex takes place. It soon becomes evident his intentions are not so gentlemanly. (13 pages)

Ghost in the water (plus Club story) (reactivated 9-22-20)

12251 words – $4.60

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted story written for JQPublic plus a bonus Club story.

Ghost in the water – A young couple spends some quality time alone in a nice house with a specially built pool and Jacuzzi tub room attached by an underwater tunnel. But the couple is blissfully unaware of the recent history of the house, specifically the pool. It’s a history that will not be ignored, as it seems to penetrate the young lady’s very dreams.

She awakens in the middle of the night from a horrible nightmare and heads out to the pool for a swim, soon to be joined by her boyfriend. But things take an ominous turn as she keeps hearing voices. Then the pool cover closes on them both, and the young couple find themselves trapped. Is there a ghost in the water that wants them to drown? (16 pages)

Teen Obsession 8 – A continuation of the Teen Obsession series taking place at the Club. If you’ve been following so far then you know this is the chapter where Frieda and Junee get their comeuppance wearing nooses. (8 pages)

Disposing of last year’s models (and club tale) (reactivated 9-22-20)

22224 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted story I wrote back in 2012, including a few picture illustrations found on the Internet. Included is a bonus Club story.

Disposing of last year’s models – It is time to make room for this year’s models. Of course that means disposing of last year’s models. And what better place to have fun disposing of them than in one’s very own swimming pool. (27 pages; 20 picture illustrations)

Emma’s visit to the Club – Emma and Dottie wish to go to the Club to witness what promises to be an exciting night up on the Entertainment stage. But finances fall through and they can’t afford to get through the front door. Now the only way to get into the Club is the risky proposition of joining as attendants. (20 pages in 5 chapters)

Daddy Issues (plus Club story) (reactivated 9-26-20)

13460 words – $4.60

Reposted from the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard.

Daddy Issues – While swimming in the apartment complex pool over the Labor Day weekend he meets a very unusual young woman. She’s extremely playful and enjoys seducing older men. She also seems to have this particular kink when it comes to bubbling her breath away at the bottom of a pool. But what will happen when her mother shows up? (17 pages)

Teen Obsession 7 – A continuation of the Teen Obsession series taking place at the Club. What’s going to happen to Lauren and her mother now? (6 pages)

Can’t swim in a wetsuit (plus club bonus) (reactivated 9-26-20)

29856 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted wet/dry combo featuring Emma in the lead story. Included are 6 chapters to a club story.

Can’t swim in a Wetsuit – puts Emma in her wetsuit. In this installment she doesn’t know how to swim. Jess wants to swim her out to the dock in a lake. But Emma is understandably leery. Wearing that wetsuit might turn out to be a bad idea on such a nice, warm day. And what if Jess “accidentally” loses her grip on her roommate… again and again? (10 pages)

Teen Obsession 1-6 – Lauren and Kira become obsessed over the Club. Kira goes and disappears. Another classmate named Cybil teases Lauren about it. So they attend the club together with the idea of Cybil finding a way to pop Lauren’s sensor. Then Lauren discovers her mom is there in another sex room. (39 pages)

In over her head (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-26-20)

16017 words – $4.80

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted trio of stories indicating how they got in over their head. Included is the next chapter to the Sorority night at the Club.

In over her head – a cautionary three-stories-in-one bundle about how certain decisions we make can lead to unpleasant consequences. In “The Storm” Amanda makes a few wrong decisions while going solo in her sailboat, resulting in sending her over the side in a dangerous set of events. In the next one Sara finds herself “In the Trunk”, snatched by her boyfriend who crashes the car into the lake in a life-threatening situation. Then Louise tells her lover Ann she is leaving their underwater “Escape Act” as well as their relationship, choosing the wrong time to make that declaration when she’ll be trying to escape hanging upside down in a cylinder of water. (14 pages)

Sorority night at the Club 3 – Paris witnesses one of the pledges riding the impalement cross on the Entertainment stage. After spending some time in a sex room, it is back to the Entertainment stage where two pledges face off in the guillotines over some less than satisfactory performances in the sex rooms. Afterwards Paris meets her high school English teacher who is arranging for her own little retirement party, to be completed with a noose around her neck. (15 pages)

An open minded wife (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-26-20)

16652 words – $4.80

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a reposted pair of new stories, including the exciting finish to the Sorority night at the Club series.

An open minded wife – He visits a couple while he is in town on business. He’s invited to soak in their hot tub where things take an arousing turn. Plenty of oral, some bisexual play, and a very open minded breath-holding wife make for quite an erotic encounter. (12 pages)

Sorority night at the Club 5 – The conclusion to this tale finds Paris heading to a room with her mom, an old classmate of her moms, and the Head Master of the fraternity. She soon finds herself in a noose servicing a lot of frat boys as her father makes an appearance. Then another pledge named Tyra is brought in to handle the load when she becomes exhausted. Once more they are summoned to the Entertainment stage after they are finished. (21 pages)

Cougars in a blizzard (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-28-20)

26387 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes a pair of reposted stories, including four more chapters to the saga My Visit to the Club.

Cougars in a blizzard – Jolene and her friend Audrey are holed up at a motel in a blizzard when she encounters her neighbor’s son in the motel pool. Apparently he had to hole up for the night on a drive from college to visit his mother. But the ladies are horny, and an attractive young male in the motel pool looks good enough to double-team in the water. (8 pages)

My visit to the Club 17-20 – After Alison is banged, she and I are taken to the Entertainment stage where the guillotines are already in use. Two sisters are playing guillotine roulette with unexpected consequences. Afterwards it is Alison’s turn to have her head in the lunette, only to be joined by another female who wants to take the risk just for the sexual thrill.

Afterwards, I make the twins clean Alison up using their tongues as she and I discuss what to do with them next. Then Walter and Lucille, the card dealer, return. Lucille must go up onstage, so they agree it will be the gallows for her as she wants to please him one last time while she’s in the noose. (38 pages)

A trio of stories (plus Club bonus) (reactivated 9-28-20)

29121 words – $5.00

From the keyboard of Richard “Riwa” Shepard comes some reposted stories: a trio of women in dangerous underwater situations plus the next four chapters to the My Visit to the Club saga for a total of 7 stories/chapters.

A trio of stories – includes the following…

Her last Service Call – Laura gets her hand stuck in a pool drain during a pool service call.

Canceling the Date – Debbie cancels Pam’s date with a boy she likes by “canceling” Pam.

Terminated – Laura offers to “terminate” an employee in her father’s business. (13 pages)

My visit to the Club 29-32 – The remaining twin rides the impalement cross. Afterwards, Alison wants to stick around even though I am concerned about her safety. She ends up in Mistress Chastity’s private playroom along with another volunteer where I watch and participate. After some erotic disciplinary play directed toward our two playmates, Chastity takes me on a tour of the facilities, showing me sights I had never imagined. (40 pages)

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