Wendy likes the pulley

If I had to choose my favorite I’d say I like the pulley most of all. I love the way my ankles are tied together. And I love how a single pull jerks me underwater, forcing me to hold my breath.

The guys wanted to shoot a pulley scene, and naturally I obliged. I just love the looks on their faces when I’m pulled under. And I love seeing the bulges in their swim trunks. It’s a real turn-on.

This time I decide I would really be naughty. So I wore white lingerie for the photo shoot. It’s sheer enough to show off some of my best features while allowing me to be just a little discreet. It really gets those male hearts pumping.

When I was ready I jumped into the deep end, soaking my lingerie in one fell swoop. The pulley operator dutifully pulled me all the way to the bottom. That’s when I started my show.

I posed, danced and gyrated, releasing a few bubbles here and there. I blew kisses while mouthing at the guys on the bottom with their cameras… “Come on and drown me. Don’t you want to drown me? You know you want to drown me!”

The rope eased and I was allowed to swim up for a breath. He let me get a good one before I felt a warning tug. I took a deep breath right before he pulled me back down.

I went all the way to the bottom, allowing bubbles to slip out past my lips. Then I started posing some more while the guys on the bottom took their pictures. They had hoses and regulators; I just had the air in my lungs.

I’m not sure how long he kept me down there before he gave me slack in the rope. When I came up I was gasping for breath pretty good. Then he gave a tug on the rope, jerking me back down.

You have no idea what that does to me, gasping for breath and then being yanked back under. It gives me an erotic thrill as I try to hold my breath. And I could tell by all those bulges how much the guys were loving it.

Once more I wriggled, gyrated and posed, mouthing to those cameras if they wanted to drown me. I could tell by the look in their eyes behind those dive masks just how much they were thinking about it. It was such a turn-on making them horny down there at the bottom of the pool.

This time it felt like I was kept down even longer. I didn’t want to motion I was out of air as I didn’t want to look panicked. But my lungs were starting to heave pretty good.

He must have noticed all that air coming up because he gave me slack in the rope. I swam up and gasped mightily for breath. But the bloody wanker pulled me right back down!

I felt an erotic jolt, knowing I hadn’t gotten a good breath and couldn’t stay down for long. My poses and gyrations showed my anxiety. Then I got the slack I needed.

I shot up and gasped for breath, only to be dragged right back down. That didn’t satisfy my lungs at all! I couldn’t keep the anxiety out of my eyes as I began to get concerned.

The guys all snapped their pictures as I began to get a little worried. Once more I got the slack I needed. And once more I got jerked right back down after gasping that single breath up at the surface.

I could feel a surge of erotic panic as my lungs heaved. I hadn’t been given a chance at all to catch my breath. My nipples were hard and I could feel how fearfully aroused I’d become. This shoot wasn’t quite going to plan.

I felt it in my lungs, and I looked up toward the surface. But this time there was no slack in the rope. My chest heaved, causing me to make the slashing motion across my throat. This time I really needed air, and I wanted to be left at the surface for a while to compose myself.

I got the slack so I shot upward, pulling hard with my arms. I lost a big burst of air as I headed up. But the rope jerked on my ankles before I could get my head out of water!

Back down I went, feeling scared and out of breath. All the guys were smiling at me as they kept taking pictures. I motioned again… “Bloody hell, let me up! I’m out of breath!”

Once more I felt slack in the rope. I shot up, desperate to reach the surface. But again he pulled on the rope before I could get my head out of the water.

I was in full panic mode as he pulled me back down. The guys all looked excited and horny. Couldn’t they tell I was out of breath??

I screamed, “BLOODY HELL, DON’T DROWN ME!” One of them mouthed back, “But you told us to drown you!”


I gurgled as I lost a burst of air. My hand covered my mouth as my lungs really started to heave. I shook my head in panic, hoping they would let me up at the last minute. Then I swallowed water.

I gulped, lost another burst of air… gulped again. Then I got water down my windpipe. Instantly I went into wild convulsions, my body hitching and jerking as though I was trying to vomit up lunch.

The guys really started taking pictures then. I could see tents in several sets of trunks. What the hell were they doing??

I hitched and jerked, spasming and convulsing as I lost the last of my air. I waved at the surface in panic, but it did me no good. Then I settled down as my body swayed around while being tethered to the pulley at the bottom.

The guys all came up to me so they could take their close-ups. They touched me all over, noting how hard my nipples had become. In my panic I had an orgasm as my body responded. Then my vision failed me as I hung tethered to the bottom on that pulley.

Uh… maybe the pulley isn’t my favorite after all……..

(Dec 4 ’17)

(Inspired by Wendy and her pulley picture poses.)

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