Guillotine Lover


She snuck down to the basement to the guillotine room. The house was quiet; everyone had gone to bed. But she couldn’t sleep.

She touched the frame of the guillotine in the center of the room. It made her heart beat fast as her pussy started to moisten. She knew she wasn’t supposed to. But no one was around to stop her.

She shed her flimsy teddy and stretched out on top of the bench naked. She stuck her head through the lunette and looked up at the blade hanging above her. It made her pussy throb with a terrible ache.

She slid her head out and sat upright, panting wildly for breath. She looked at the upper strap, deciding she could secure that one. Then she stuck her head back through the lunette as she used her hands to tighten the strap over her boobs.

With her upper body secured, she started touching herself. The more she thought about the blade coming down unexpectedly, the more excited she became. She closed her eyes as she rubbed herself until she had a nice orgasm.

When she came down from the plateau of her high, she fumbled for the strap and freed herself. She slid her head out of the lunette and looked at the controls on the frame. Surely it wouldn’t hurt if she played a little game, would it? After all, she was horny for another orgasm.

She plugged the details into the control panel, setting the trigger to randomly release the blade sometime within a 30 minute period. Then she laid back down upon the bench. She slid her head through and gasped for breath seeing the blade above her, this time knowing it was set to randomly come down.

She tightened the strap back across her breasts. Then she reached up and grasped the latch to the lunette. When she pulled it down she heard a small beep, indicating she’d just set the timer in motion.

Now she’d done it. The blade would randomly come down sometime within a 30 minute time limit. It excited her so much she began furiously masturbating.

There was a monitor on the wall behind her that displayed the digital numbers to the timer. She tipped her head back and saw the red digits, but couldn’t read them very well. But she knew she was still within the first minute of the program.

The idea of the blade coming down filled her with an erotic thrill. She squeezed her pussy as she furiously rubbed her clit. The orgasm that claimed her was stronger than the one she’d just endured without the program running.

Fuck; what a rush! She went back to rubbing herself again, wanting another orgasm. A couple more and she wouldn’t have a bit of trouble sleeping. Surely the blade wouldn’t randomly drop so soon, would it? But the idea of it coming down early filled her with such an incredible arousal that she cried out as she orgasmed all over again.

Everything went dark as she got all dizzy and disoriented. When she came around a couple seconds later she felt relaxed and wonderful. Then she saw the blade still hovering above her.

She got excited once more as she imagined the blade whooshing down to sever her head from the rest of her body. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and began furiously finger-fucking herself. This next one was going to be bigger still—


Her eyes flew open in astonishment as the blade came whooshing down. There was a loud thunk, followed by her world falling. She was dimly aware of hitting the back of her head in the basket as she looked up, only for her vision to be blotted out as blood pumped out of her severed neck onto her face.

She couldn’t feel anything below her neck. She did not know, nor could she see how her headless body was furiously fingering itself as her hips rose up in violent orgasm. Her body bucked and shuddered as her arms finally began flopping haphazardly, her legs kicking until she settled down.

She blinked the blood out of her eyes, only to see the crimson flow streaming out of her severed neck down to a trickle, being pumped out by her dying heart. She tried to scream, but no words would come. Then her eyes glazed over as stray muscles twitched, her pussy clenching one last time as she wet herself…

© 2017 (written Aug 14 ’17 by riwa)

(Picture found on the net and used for illustration purposes only.)

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