(AF’s) April’s last swim


April has a problem. She wants to divorce her husband Dirk and get all his money in the divorce decree. But she has made one little mistake: being recorded having sex with Hank, a man she’s been having an affair with now for over nine months.

Dirk has told her he has the video on a disc. He has also told her it will be shown to the judge during the divorce proceedings. Once the judge sees it she will be guaranteed of getting nothing in the divorce for being an adulteress.

April is infuriated. Her plans of taking Dirk to the cleaners in the divorce while still having the hunky Hank all to herself are in serious jeopardy. That recording must be found or all her efforts will have been in vain.

Thinking he has left the house for the day, she initiates an intensive search for the disc. It must be destroyed; all evidence of her affair with Hank must be obliterated. She thought they’d been so very discreet. So how the hell had that bastard managed to record them in the act??

April searches the house from top to bottom. But there’s no sign of the incriminating disc. She knows his habits intimately… knows where he likes to hide things. But there is no sign of the disc anywhere in all the usual nooks and crannies he has used in the past.

Damnit! Where the hell is it?? It’s GOT to be around here somewhere! He’s not that fucking bright. I must be missing something.

April’s search proves fruitless. She’s tired and frustrated. She’s also afraid he has it on his person or in his vehicle somewhere. Maybe it’s at the office. She might never find it until it shows up in the judge’s chambers during divorce proceedings.

Damn; this is getting me nowhere! What I need is a good, relaxing swim to calm down. Besides, this might be the last time I ever use the pool. I might as well enjoy one last swim before going to tell Hank I can’t find that fucking disc.

April changes into a skimpy, light-pink bikini. It’s her husband’s favorite because it accents all her best features. She smiles as she puts it on.

I think I’ll wear this today for one last swim. Too bad Dirk’s not here to see me in it. That bastard can just eat his fucking heart out!

She slips into her maroon robe and heads outside down the slope of the yard to the pool out back. It’s been a while since she’s gone for a swim. She realizes just how much she’s missed it.

It brings back memories of her husband and some fun times in the pool together. But she brushes the memories away like brushing away flies. Her anger returns at the pending divorce proceedings and the disc he has hidden somewhere.

Damn him for taking that video! I wonder who he hired to take it. Did the rat bastard do it himself? I hope he got off watching us. Hank is a much better lover than he could ever hope to be.

April angrily makes her way into the pool enclosure. It should be a place of special memories. But it’s not, certainly not in her present condition.

She is in a rage as she looks down at the water. She really needs a relaxing swim. She needs to calm down and let the water caress her the way Hank caresses her. Concentrating on holding her breath will be a welcome distraction.

She spots something down near the drain, something that doesn’t look like it belongs at the bottom of their pool. That’s when she realizes she’s finally found what she’s been looking for this entire time. “There it is!” she declares aloud. “The asshole thought I’d never find it. But there it is.”

She can’t believe how thick her husband is. A rock? He tied it to some fucking ROCK?? And in the pool no less. What a fucking moron!

What the hell was he thinking? Doesn’t he remember how much I love to swim? Has he forgotten all those laps I used to swim… or the times I used to hold my breath while we made love at the bottom of the pool? Does he really think I can’t hold my breath long enough to go down there and bring the damned thing back up?? He must be dumber than I gave him credit for!

April confidently sheds her robe, deciding this will be a piece of cake. Her imbecile of a husband is about to lose his precious divorce leverage. She’s pretty sure it’s down there attached to that rock. After all, why else would a large rock be sitting so obviously at the bottom of their pool?

I have no idea what the hell he was thinking hiding it down there at the bottom of the fucking pool like that. He must be out of his mind if he thinks I won’t go down and get it up. Once I get rid of the evidence he’ll have no choice but to pay up in the divorce settlement. And believe you me: he’s going to pay plenty!

April gets into the water, unaware she’s being watched. Dirk has been observing her the whole time. And he’s angry as hell. She has no idea he’s been planning one last swim with her the whole time.

Down she goes, experiencing a flurry of emotions as she heads down for the rock. April feels a mixture of relief, sadness, sorrow, anger and frustration. She reaches the rock and grabs on, thinking it’ll be a cinch. But it refuses to come up… What the hell??

She tugs and pulls but it won’t come up. Is it too heavy?? Then she spots the line going from the rock to the drain.

What the hell did he do?? Did he tie the damned thing off? Does he really think that’s going to stop me?? The fucking bastard!

She pulls and pulls, but it won’t come up. She struggles with the line, but it refuses to give. April can’t believe it.

What the hell – what the hell?? Is this his idea of some sick joke??Damn; I can’t hold my breath any longer.

April comes up and gasps for breath. She can’t believe what her husband has done to that rock and the attached disc. She’s going to have to work something else out now…

Damn! He made it harder than I anticipated. If he was here he would probably enjoy seeing my ass as I worked on the damned thing. Fucking pervert!

April swims to the side of the pool where a scuba tank has been sitting the entire time. She thought nothing of it when she first spotted it. But now it all makes sense. Too bad for him though. It’s her turn to use it as she reaches for the regulator…

He must have used this to stay down long enough to tie that damned rock to the drain. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking! And why the hell did he leave the tank here? Oh well… best not to try to understand the mind of a moron. Best to just get the damned rock up, get that disc and then get the hell out of here!

April stretches the hose out, making sure it will be long enough to do the job. There appears to be plenty… I don’t think he even bothered to strap the gear on. He probably just used the length of the hose to go down and do his dirty work. Bastard!

Once again April heads back down, holding the reg in her mouth. She wonders if she should have taken the time to put on that dive mask. But she didn’t think she was going to be down all that long. She just wants to get that damned disc and then get the hell out of there…

I guess I don’t need it. I’m not going to be down long at any rate. I’m sure as hell not going to go for my swim anymore, not after finding that damned disc! I’ll just get this rock untied from the drain and then get it back up. Then I’d better pack up a suitcase and go.

April has no idea her husband has been watching the entire time. He hesitates a moment to admire that sexy ass of hers. He’s going to miss that ass.

It takes him seconds to quickly strap on a weight belt. Then he dons the nearby dive mask. He shakes his head in amazement his wife didn’t take the time to put it on for herself.

Chlorine stings her eyes. In her haste he supposes the bitch figured she wouldn’t need it. He smirks inwardly, telling himself this time she is going to pay dearly for her mistake… her mistake of not using the dive mask in the pool… and her mistake for cheating on him.

April struggles with the rock, mentally cursing her husband for making it so difficult… Damn that bastard! Then she feels arms wrap around her waist. She grunts in horror, knowing who it probably is. It certainly can’t be Hank.

She kicks and struggles, trying to break free of his grasp. But he has a strong grip and won’t let go. She opens her eyes, only to close them right away when the chlorine starts to sting…

You bastard! Let me go! You’re not getting an underwater fuck today. Damn; I should have worn a dive mask.

She feels a hand reach around from behind. The regulator jerks in her mouth. It gives her a jolt of fear… Is he trying to take my reg? No way, you bastard! I’m not sharing air with you! I don’t want to taste your lips on this damned thing!

For a moment she can’t understand why he simply won’t let her go. She’s not getting the rock up now, certainly not with him around. Surely he must know she’s lost this round. So why won’t he release her?

A disturbing thought begins to form in the back of her mind. What if all this was a setup? What if he has more sinister plans for her? He wouldn’t, would he? Would he really take it that far??

Panic sets in as April struggles in his grasp. She tries to make a break for the surface. But he won’t let her go… Gawd; he’s not going to try to drown me, is he??

In a desperate move, April snags the wayward reg and slams it back into her mouth, frantically gulping down breath after breath. It catches him off-guard as she sucks compressed air into her lungs. The growing fear has initiated a horrific arousal…

Let me go, damn you! You’re not really going to do something stupid, are you??

Hands wrap around her throat and start to squeeze. This is not like their previous sex sessions in the pool. The bastard acts like he wants to kill her!!


She grunts and gurgles as he fights with her. He reaches for the regulator in her mouth again. He jerks it out from between her lips and tosses it away. That’s when he loses his grip on her.

April has to get to the surface! She has to get out of the water… HE WANTS TO DROWN ME! I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THE WATER!

In desperation April manages to pop her head above the surface for a quick breath. But he’s right there grabbing her. It’s a very brief respite, not nearly enough to fulfill her aching lungs.

He pulls her back down, the belt around his waist taking them both toward the bottom. April is certain of his intentions now… NOO! GAWD; NOO! DIRK, DON’T DROWN ME! But his tight grasp on her leg cannot be interpreted to mean anything other than his desire to drown her.

April screams as he grabs on good and tight. It is all too clear how he has planned their immediate future together. There will be no divorce; now it will not be necessary…

He’s going to drown me in our pool! Somebody get me out of here! Hank; where are you??

She screams again and again, a bubbly scream of pure terror as he pulls her down into his grasp. Then he wraps his hands around her neck, choking her… Let me go, Dirk! I’m sorry – I’m sorry! I’ll never cheat on you again!

She kicks, squirms and struggles. But he is relentless, his grasp firm and tight. She wriggles and screams as her lungs began to ache…

Noo!! I don’t know how much longer I can hold my breath! Let me go, Dirk! Baby, Hank doesn’t mean a thing to me!!

She winces in growing agony, her lungs an inferno… GAWD, NO! PLEASE LET ME UP! I CAN’T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER! PLEASE DON’T DROWN ME, DIRK!

She kicks like a hellcat in their life-and-death struggle. Her lungs are about to give out at any moment. She needs air now!

April feels the nearby hose to the regulator. Frantically she reaches out for it. If she can just get the reg between her lips she’ll be able to satisfy her starving lungs.

She crams it into her mouth and hungrily gulps down the air her lungs need. It’s a choice between fighting to get away and getting the air she craves. As a result she doesn’t struggle quite so much. She’s too busy taking deep breaths to satisfy the hunger in her chest…. Now let me go, Dirk! Let me go, damn you!

It isn’t compressed air he wants in his wife’s lungs. It’s water from their backyard pool. Besides, she’s too crafty of a bitch to trust to some court system.

This is his way of taking care of her once and for all. She likes their pool so damned much she can go ahead and drown in it! So once again he grabs for the reg in his wife’s mouth, determined to deprive her of the very thing that gives her life.

He rips the reg out of her mouth, determined to finish the task at hand. But with her lungs refreshed, it has given her renewed energy. April thrashes about, desperate to wriggle free…

He’s taken away the reg again! I gotta get away from him! Getting tired…… can’t hold my breath forever!

Things take a turn for the worse when he wraps an arm around her neck. April grunts and gurgles as he wraps his other arm around her waist, holding on tight and not letting go of her. April is unable to break free as she winces and struggles in desperation.

She feels herself tiring, losing the battle as her husband pins her to the pool bottom. She can feel his hard cock straining through his shorts against her back. She is horrified… OHMYGAWD; HE’S GOING TO GET OFF DROWNING ME! It gives her a surge of horrific tingles, knowing she is weakening with her lungs on fire.

He grasps her tightly as she continues to struggle. She can feel the agony in her lungs. If he doesn’t release her soon she’ll lose her breath… NO, DIRK! PLEASE! DON’T DROWN ME!

Dirk grasps her arms from behind, knowing it won’t be much longer. It has been terribly exciting wrestling with his wife in the pool. Soon he will be a free man. Drowning her will deliver the release he craves in so many different ways.

April tires rapidly. She weakly bubbles as her energy erodes. No deliverance is forthcoming, certainly not from her murderous husband.

Her lungs are on fire. She is so tempted to give in. Her lungs heave; she wants to take a breath… just a small breath to satisfy that fire in her chest… Can’t hold it any longer… so tired…please Dirk… please don’t drown me!

She tries to push against him… tries to break out of his grasp. But her energy reserves have been severely depleted from the struggle. It is almost over.

She sees the nearby hose to the regulator. Frantically she reaches out for it. Her lungs are on fire; a hit of compressed air is better than no air at all. But Dirk pushes it away before she can get it to her mouth… GAWD; NOOO!

April can hardly fight anymore. Her husband grabs her arms and gives her a really good shake. She sees the murderous intent in his eyes… Gawd; he’s really going to drown me!

He grabs onto her ankles. April hitches as her stomach heaves. He watches as she starts to convulse from lack of air.

She reaches down, trying one last time to push him away. But she has no strength. He knows it will be any moment now. What’s more, it sadistically pleases him to know she knows it as well… No….. can’t hold it…. any….. longer…… nooo…. please….

She reaches up for the surface. The air she needs is up there! If only she could reach it she would be able to satisfy her starving lungs. Please… it’s right there… just one little breath… please… it’s right there… let me go!

She slips out of his grip and shoots up to the surface. Her head pops up and she gets the briefest of breaths before he jerks her back down. But it’s not enough… not nearly enough… NOOO! LET ME GO – LET ME GO!! I DON’T WANT TO DROWN!!!

She cannot hold onto the quick breath she got at the surface mere moments ago. With the last of her air gone April gives in to her exhaustion. Her lungs finally give out.

She jerks and gurgles, instinctively reaching upward for the surface. Her body heaves in painful convulsions as her lungs flood. Dirk holds on to her ankles in triumph.

It was a hell of a fight. Now she’s getting her divorce. But Dirk has decided they’ll avoid the courts on this one.

With no resistance on her part he pulls her down into his grasp. She’s still coughing and convulsing. He helps by cruelly pushing a hand into her stomach, forcing out the last of her air.

Drown, bitch; drown! It’s so fucking good! Suck in that water, bitch!

April obliges by coughing painfully. Her hitches lessen. Dirk finally obtains the release he needs.

April continues to cough and spasm in painful little convulsions. Then her eyes glaze over as consciousness fades away. Dirk watches excitedly as her spasms subside until she stops moving altogether.

He looks at her appreciatively, admiring her sexy body. He obtains another release of a different kind. It’s so good. Then there’s one more sadistic push into her stomach just to make sure…

You were a hot bitch and a good lay. But you just had to go hook up with him, didn’t you. You were only in it for my money, weren’t you. Well you’re not getting a cent; do you hear me? NOT ONE DAMNED CENT!’

C’mon, bitch! Let’s get you into position for your little accident. I’d say the weight belt and dive mask will make it look authentic… maybe with the reg in your mouth and an empty scuba tank. I guess you should’ve been more careful and paid more attention to that gauge! Then he drags her along to set up the scene of her last swim in their backyard pool…

(written May 2 ’14 by riwa)

(Screenshots and vidcaps are from Aqua fantasies Mermaids in Peril Vol. 6 and are used for illustration purposes.)

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