Hanging a hairy lesbian


The two lesbian lovers kissed each other, their tongues entwining as their passions flared. “Gawd, I just love your hairy pussy,” Michelle moaned into Serena’s mouth, spreading her roommate’s pussy lips open. Serena didn’t trim it much, knowing how the unkempt look drove her lover wild.

“Gawd; you’re making me horny,” Serena gasped, Michelle suckling on her nipple while opening that moistening cunt. “Fuck – fuck – FUCK! You’re making me so fucking wet!” Michelle’s response was a low moan, too intent on feasting on her lover’s tits to reply.

Serena quickly turned the tables by pulling down Michelle’s bra to feast on her swollen mounds. Michelle moaned as her lover rubbed her crotch, making her squirm. She decided to allow her roommate to reciprocate for a moment or two, knowing she would soon be back to licking that wonderful hairy pussy.

Their lips met again in another tongue-twirling case of oral exploration. This time it was Serena playing with her lover’s pussy. Michelle moaned lustfully; her passions inflamed. Tonight was going to be the night she feasted on that pussy… that and so much more!

“What are you doing?” Serena wanted to know as Michelle pulled off one of her red nylon stockings.

“I don’t want you to see what I’m going to do to you,” Michelle giggled playfully. After blindfolding her lover, she began touching the hairy muff. It was something she just couldn’t get enough of.

“Just look at this pussy!” Michelle gasped. “It’s so fucking sexy! Gawd; I love hairy pussies! And yours is the best, Serena… the fuckin’ best!”

Serena gasped aloud as her lover spread her pussy lips wide, feeling soft hands on her thigh. She moaned and trembled, her nipples hardening considerably. Being blinded meant she had to use her other senses… such as the one where she could feel Michelle’s hot breath on her juicy twat. It was erotic as hell.

“…so fuckin’ sexy!” Michelle went on, touching and playing with it. “I just love spreading these lips wide open and taking a look inside. Gawd, baby; your pussy is so fuckin’ gorgeous! I love it! You have no idea how wet it makes me!”

Serena moaned softly, burning with a growing arousal. Her lover had her trembling with longing. And Michelle was taking her sweet time about everything.

She wanted her to just get on with it, to start licking her into one juicy orgasm after another. But Michelle had a nasty habit of going slow and enjoying herself. It drove Serena mad being forced to be patient. And yet it was so damned arousing.

“Oh, honey; I can smell you now,” Michelle gasped breathlessly. “You’re just dripping with excitement, aren’t you? I just love that aroma you’re putting out. The smell of your wet sex is so damned intoxicating!”

“Please…” Serena begged, moaning softly as she wriggled in frustration. “Damn you, baby!” She desperately wanted to feel that tongue probing her hairy snatch. Michelle just giggled at her, knowing the poor thing would have to wait until she was good and ready.

“Oh, baby; you smell like you’re about ready to pop,” Michelle purred. “You’re dripping; do you want to cum for me?” It was an innocent remark, but it left her lover moaning in agonized frustration.

Serena felt soft, moist kisses being planted all around her labia. She squirmed in agony; Michelle was kissing and licking her so erotically. There was a roaring fire inside her, a fire that only a sexual release could quench.

She wanted to cum so fucking bad that it was starting to make her delirious. “Love your pussy, babe,” her lover moaned softly. Michelle planted more wet kisses around her labia, making her whimper with longing.

She felt a tongue start to lick and she stiffened with anticipation. The tongue stopped licking and she whimpered in agony at the naughty giggle. Then the tongue began lapping up her dripping fluids. Serena moaned, her body tensed like a coiled spring ready to explode.

She felt lips on her labia… kissing, licking and nibbling. “Oh, gawd!” Serena moaned. She heard a lustful moan as Michelle erotically sucked on the folds of her dripping womanhood.

She felt Michelle pull on her labia with her lips until she trembled like crazy. The blindfold was heightening her sense of smell, of touch, of hearing. Serena inhaled sharply, mewling like a helpless kitten.

“Gawd; I just love your pussy,” Michelle repeated, breathed rapturously as she examined it closely. Serena writhed and whimpered. She was on the verge of screaming at the top of her lungs, “WILL YOU JUST MAKE ME CUM; GAWDDAMNIT??”

Michelle stretched out on the bed to better assault her lover’s tasty muff. Serena reached for the blindfold as though wanting to take it off. “Tut-tut; leave that on!” Michelle ordered sternly. Then she moved in and ravenously fed off that sexy, hairy pussy.

Serena writhed and moaned, her hips coming up to meet her lover’s mouth. Michelle licked and slurped, giving her roommate the evil eye when Serena pulled the makeshift blindfold loose. Michelle supported her lover’s hips as she aggressively licked her juicy twat.

“Gawd; don’t stop,” Serena whimpered pitifully. Michelle giggled as she settled in for a full-fledged muff-diving. Her lover humped and shuddered, writhing and trembling as she began babbling incoherently.

“Gawd – gawd – gawd – gawd – GAWD!” A moment later Serena slammed her crotch up against Michelle’s mouth as a massive orgasm washed hotly through her body. Her head twisted from side to side as her body jerked and shuddered. Then she was away with the faeries, awash in a sea of pleasure.

Michelle watched her lover orgasm as she kept slurping up the oozing fluids. She just couldn’t get enough of that hairy pussy, especially the way she could make her roommate cum like crazy. She hungrily lapped up the tasty nectar that flowed out of her lover’s molten love-box, savoring the flavor as her own orgasm drew nearer.

Serena slumped onto the bed in a heap. But her lover just kept feasting on her clam sauce. “Ohgawd!” she whimpered as another orgasm swelled inside her. “Honey, you’ve got… baby, I’m… gawd, you’ve got to… oh, SHIT!”

Serena squealed as the next one hit worse than the previous. Her body instinctively rose up, rocking from a devastating climax of immense proportions. She couldn’t see out of the nylons wrapped around her eyes, her blindness heightening her senses to the point of sensory overload.

…and still Michelle kept lapping up her flowing juices…

“Please…” Serena whimpered. But it was no use. The third one that hit knocked her senseless until she all but collapsed onto the bed, panting heavily.

Lips settled upon hers again. She moaned as she returned the deep, soulful kiss. “Fuck; that was good!” she blurted out. It was a struggle just to catch her breath.

She was reaching to pull the nylons from her eyes when Michelle grabbed her arm and stopped her. “I’m not done with you, baby,” she purred seductively. “You just keep those on.”

“Gawd; you mean there’s MORE??” Michelle just laughed as she took her arm and pulled her upright off the bed.

“Right this way, baby,” she purred seductively. “I’ve got something special for you.”

“Honey, you’re going to be the death of me,” her lover murmured. Michelle thought that was funny as hell, enough that it made her start to laugh.

“What? What did I say?”

“Never mind.”

Serena was led by the hand down the basement stairs. Now her curiosity was fully aroused. What the hell was her lover hiding down here??

Michelle carefully led her down the steps until they reached the basement floor. They walked down a hall into a carpeted room. Serena strained like hell just to get a glimpse of anything through the pesky red nylons covering her face.

Serena heard her lover tell her, “Just a minute; I want to be dressed for this.”

“Dressed for what?” Now Serena was starting to get impatient.

“Damnit, baby; would you just hold your horses for two seconds??”

“My ‘horses’ are just as horny as I am, ok? What the hell is going on??”

“Almost… got ‘em!” Serena heard her lover grunt over something. Then the nylons were pulled off her face with a flourish and a “TA-DAA!”

Serena gasped at the white nylon noose dangling from a hook in the ceiling. It was hanging directly over a little wooden chair. Immediately she went all weak in the knees, nearly collapsing onto the floor. Michelle had to hold her upright for a moment or two.

“Gawd, baby; for ME??” she stammered, her heart beating fast.

“Of course it’s for you, silly! You didn’t think I set it all up for me, did you? You’re the one with the hanging fetish!”

“But I thought… I thought you hated the idea of hanging me!”

“That’s before I went to all those websites you told me about. I saw a ton of pictures as well as several sexy video clips. I don’t think I mind so much now.”

“But I… I mean you… I mean… Michelle, are you certain about this??”

“Honey, you’ve always wanted me to noose you up and lift you up into the air, am I right?”

“Well, yes. But I never thought you’d actually…”

“…study up on it and change my mind? That’s exactly what I’ve done, baby. You’re the one who wants to be all noosed up. I think it’s time I get to see that hairy pussy dangling from a noose, don’t you? Now let’s get you out of the rest of those things, shall we?”

Serena was numb as her lover helped strip her out of the rest of her lacy things. But she couldn’t stop staring at the noose. She was wet as hell and trembling like a leaf.

It wasn’t long before she heard her lover whisper in her ear, “Up you go, baby. It’s time for you to hang.”

Serena let out a squawk as she clambered up onto the chair, attempting to stand upright on wobbly legs. Then she carefully turned around. That’s when she saw Michelle had slipped into a pair of black boots and a lacey white thong.

“Like it?” her lover asked with glee, spinning in place as she modeled her attire. Serena nodded, her eyes getting bigger and bigger. She tried to swallow but her throat was dry.

“The noose,” Michelle instructed with a gesture. “You know what to do. After all, you’re the one who wants it.”

Serena nodded numbly as she reached out for the noose. She carefully looped it around her neck, gasping as it caressed her quivering flesh. She nearly popped off right then and there. This was far more than she’d ever expected was going to happen this night.

“Looks good on you,” her lover panted excitedly. “Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.”

Michelle turned and walked back to the open door. She closed it, revealing a full length mirror standing upright that had been hidden behind it. Serena gasped excitedly; her lover had thought of everything.

She took a good look at her reflection as she stood there with the noose around her neck. “Oh, fuck!” she breathed, reaching up to caress the coil around her throat. She was so wet she could feel her arousal slithering sensuously down her inner thighs.

Michelle giggled as she came back over. “Let’s snug that up a little, shall we?” Then she pulled on the end, taking the slack out of the rope.

Serena almost wet herself; she was so aroused. She couldn’t stop trembling; her lover had thought of everything. This time when she climaxed she knew she was going to cum so very, very hard.

Gawd, baby; you look gorgeous,” Michelle breathed lustfully. Then she started kissing and pawing her lover’s sexy body. Serena trembled from an incredible excitement.

“Let me see you get yourself off. Finger that hairy pussy for me.” Then Michelle stepped back to watch.

Serena numbly reached down and began fingering herself. At the same time she reached up to grope her quivering tits. Her nipples were painfully hard as a result of all the tender loving care her roommate had put into this setup.

She moaned softly as she fingered herself, glancing at the image reflected in the mirror. In it was a naked woman with a noose around her neck working to get herself off. Serena felt like a volcano about to explode.

“Strangle me,” she croaked in a voice not quite her own. Michelle dutifully took up the free end and gave it a tug.

The noose tightened, instantly adding to the raging inferno inside her. Serena fingered herself harder, moaning and whimpering. “MORE!” she croaked, causing her lover to pull even harder on the free end.

Serena was promptly pulled up onto her toes, her eyes growing big as saucers. She furiously fingered her nub as she savagely groped her tits. “Masturbate for me; fuck that hairy pussy!” Michelle barked, pulling harder on the rope.

Serena gawked as she thrust several fingers into her pussy and violated herself. At the same time she pinched her nipple so hard that it hurt. A quick glance at her reflection in the mirror was enough to set her off.

Serena shuddered, trying to scream but finding her throat all but closed off. Her eyes rolled as she wet herself, partly from piss and partly from squirting so explosively. Then her roommate eased off the rope, causing her to regain her footing on the chair. She swayed a little unsteadily on her feet.

“Fuck; that was hot!” Michelle gasped, rushing up to grab her. She hugged her tightly, helping to hold her roommate steady. Then she started to grope and fondle her lover’s breasts.

Serena had a dazed look in her eyes from cumming so hard. She panted weakly for breath, looking over at the full length mirror. What she saw in the reflection was a woman who was so aroused that she wanted more… wanted to ride the noose again.

“Gawd, you looked hot fingering yourself in the noose,” Michelle observed with a lustful smile. “Was it good for you, baby?”

“Hang me! Take me back up and hang me! I want to float among the clouds!” Serena was delirious with desire.

“Anything you say, baby!” Michelle giggled. Then she grabbed the free end of the rope and pulled. Serena’s eyes flew open as her feet left the chair.

She gawked in surprise, her breath all but cut off. Then her legs began to pedal. One hand reached up for the noose as the other furiously fingered her crotch. One look into the full length mirror at the erotic sight of a naked woman masturbating as she dangled from the noose was enough to set her off.

Serena gawked as she shuddered again. Her crotch humped the air as though she was fucking some invisible lover. Her feet flew every which way, catching the back of the chair and knocking it over. Then Michelle let her down until she collapsed onto the floor, her body heaving from erotic spasms.

Serena was in a daze as her lover loosened the noose and then helped her sit up. “Gawd, that was hot!” Michelle giggled. “There’s a serious wet spot right here on the floor.” Then she felt around her roommate’s crotch. “Damn, baby! Your pussy is so fucking wet.”

“Fuck, what a rush,” Serena murmured. “Baby, that was incredible!” She was still in a bit of a daze.

“You want to go again, don’t you. I can see it in your eyes.” Michelle’s lover nodded meekly.

“Ok; if that’s what you want.” Michelle stood up and moved the chair back into place. Then she helped her roommate to her feet. “Up onto the chair, you sexy bitch.”

Serena did as she was told, climbing unsteadily upon the chair. Her legs were wobbly and she was unashamedly aroused. Just the thought of taking another ride in the noose made her knees want to buckle.

Michelle made sure she was stable before pulling on the rope, taking the slack out of the noose. Then she came up to her lover and began caressing her all over. “What do you want me to do to you, baby?” she breathed rapturously.

“Hang me,” Serena breathed in a trembling voice. “I’m a slut and I deserve to hang. This time I want you to tie me up before you hang me. I want you to enjoy yourself… get into your role.”

“Oh baby!” Michelle breathed excitedly. “You have no idea how turned on I am at the thought of hanging you and your hairy pussy!”

“Gawd, yes! Hang me, baby!”

Michelle retrieved a small length of rope which she used to bind Serena’s arms behind her back. “Shall we give it a road test now?” she giggled playfully.


Michelle dutifully grabbed the end of the rope and pulled hard. Serena’s feet left the chair beneath her. Her eyes opened wide, her mouth agape as she gawked and gurgled.

Her feet fluttered for something that was no longer there. Then she began to kick and swing, her arms twisting and jerking behind her back. Her eyes caught sight of the reflection in the mirror, and a surge of arousal swelled within her until it crested.

Serena exploded in orgasm, her crotch humping the air as her back arched. Her pussy glistened as a spray spewed out all over the floor. Then Michelle let her back down again.

Serena’s feet found the chair, but for a moment she was unable to stand. Her lover rushed up to her and caught her, loosening the noose and helping keep her steady. Serena gasped and moaned, her eyes all glazed over.

“That was a hell of a ride, wasn’t it?” Michelle observed breathlessly. She couldn’t believe how erotic it was watching her roommate dangle at the end of a rope. She was glad she had researched the subject and had discovered the eroticism of watching someone hang. Now she was determined to give Serena her heart’s desire.

“How about a little more bondage for my hanging slut?” she said with a grin. “Now don’t fall off the chair and hang yourself by accident. I’ll be right back.” The end of the rope wasn’t tied off to anything so there was no danger of that… at least for now.

Serena stood upon the chair gasping to get her breath back. She looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of an extremely aroused female with a noose around her neck, her arms bound behind her back. It was erotic beyond belief.

Michelle returned and Serena gasped at what her lover had brought back. In her hands were a set of straps and a ball gag. Her heart leaped in her throat; gawd, this was going to be good!

“If we’re going to hang the condemned she should be properly prepared, right?” Then Michelle giggled as she wrapped a strap around Serena’s ankles, making it good and tight. Her lover moaned softly as she got the shakes again.

Michelle wrapped a second strap around her roommate’s knees, making sure it was also good and tight. The last one she wrapped around her waist, making sure to pin her arms to her body so she couldn’t jerk them upward behind her back.

“Now to make sure the condemned is properly wet,” Michelle giggled. She stepped forward and began caressing her lover all over, fondling her boobs and rubbing her crotch. Serena writhed and whimpered, fully enjoying her bondage along with the noose around her throat.

Michelle took the end of the rope and gave it a pull, removing all the slack. Serena gasped as she was taken up onto her toes. She shuffled around, rasping and whimpering as a jolt of fear and arousal coursed through her body.

She didn’t know what to think as her roommate tied off the end of the rope to a nearby support post. Michelle secured it and then turned to grin at her. Then she motioned at the full length mirror before asking, “Like what you see, baby?”

Serena felt another erotic jolt as she studied the reflection of a naked woman bound and noosed, standing on her toes on a chair that suddenly didn’t seem all that sturdy. It was a terribly erotic image. It was also a little unsettling.

“Oh, just one more thing,” Michelle said as though she had almost forgotten. Then she produced a red ball-gag. “No safe words, right?” she giggled as she came up to her lover and forced it into her mouth.

Serena felt another erotic jolt, this one of fear and alarm. Gawd, was her roommate going to hang her for real?? But this was what she’d always wanted… wasn’t it??

The ball-gag went in and was securely fastened behind her head. Then Michelle bent down and started licking her crotch. Serena moaned and whimpered, stiffening as she shuddered from a massive jolt of fear and excitement.

“Gawd, I just love this hairy pussy,” Michelle breathed as she licked and lapped and slurped. “Now I get to watch this hairy pussy hang. What a fucking thrill!”

Serena was jolted again; her roommate wasn’t serious, was she? She was just playing along to heighten the senses and her excitement, right? She wasn’t really going to hang her, was she??

“Gawd, I love your body, baby. Now I get to watch you hang. And you’ll get to watch yourself hang too. Just take a look at yourself in the mirror.”

Serena looked and saw reflected back to her the image of a woman bound and noosed… and more than a little alarmed. It was an arousing image… arousing, yet a little frightening. She whimpered uncertainly, her arousal nearly pinging off the charts.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Michelle cooed at her. “Cum for me as you hang, baby.” Then she fingered her roommate’s dripping pussy, causing Serena to clench her thighs together as she groaned again.

She was almost to orgasm when Michelle raised her foot and put a boot against the chair. “Enjoy the ride, baby,” she purred. “I know I sure as hell am.” Then she kicked hard.

The chair slid out from underneath, causing the noose to take her full weight. Serena grunted as she began to jerk her legs around, trying to regain some sort of solid footing. She swayed and twisted, bouncing like a fish hanging off the end of a line.

She looked in the full length mirror and saw the reflection of a terrified woman hanging to death. It was erotic as hell… and utterly terrifying. She jerked her arms and legs, but it was a futile effort as she remained tightly bound.

One more glance in the mirror triggered her first orgasm. She grunted as she humped the air, thrusting her chest outward. Her roommate simply cried out, “Oh, FUCK!!” as she furiously masturbated.

Seeing Michelle get off to her hanging was both exhilarating and unnerving. She certainly wanted her roommate to enjoy her hanging. But wasn’t this carrying things just a little too far?

She swung back and forth as her body began to rotate, the noose constricting her throat ever tighter. She rasped for breath, the ball-gag making it even harder to breathe. When she spun back around she saw a woman in the mirror fighting for breath as she struggled in the noose. It was enough to set her off again.

“FUCK, BABY; YOU’RE CUMMING AGAIN!” Michelle squealed, furiously fingering herself. A mist of spray emerged out of Serena’s wet crotch. Then Michelle was orgasming up a storm, cumming so very hard over how terribly erotic it was to hang her sexy roommate and that gorgeous, hairy pussy.

Serena glanced at the mirror; gawd, that woman’s face was turning blue! It scared her and she jerked and kicked anew. The noose grew ever tighter around her throat until she couldn’t breathe at all.

She fought desperately, her bound legs jerking from side to side as her arms tried to jerk upward behind her back. She bounded in the noose, her boobs bouncing up and down while accenting her extremely erect nipples. She tried to breathe and couldn’t… tried to find the chair again but couldn’t… tried to reach the floor and couldn’t!

Serena shuddered as her struggles lessened. She was growing too exhausted to continue the fight. Her body began to sway back and forth as she rotated in one direction and then reversed herself. Her roommate just rubbed herself raw, watching in awe while showing no inclination of getting her down.

“Gawd, baby; you look so fucking hot… and those orgasms?? Fuck, what a rush! Just look at the way you’re swinging and twisting! And your face? It’s turning blue… and your neck is getting longer! I can’t believe how fucking hot that is!”

Serena twisted back into view of the full length mirror. She couldn’t help admiring the image of the poor woman hanging there. Gawd, that bitch looked so fucking sexy hanging to death!

Michelle came up to her and started rubbing her all over. Serena could barely feel the caresses… barely feel the fingers that slipped inside her wet opening. And she could barely make out the words of her totally enthralled lover…

“Gawd, your hairy pussy is so fucking wet! And your neck… it’s really getting long now! Just look at that face, baby! Gawd, you look so fucking sexy! I should’ve hung you ages ago!”

Serena felt a rattle in her throat as she looked one last time at the erotic image displayed in the mirror. She decided whoever that poor woman was, she must have enjoyed her hanging. Then her eyes glazed over until she shuddered as her bladder gave way.

Michelle kept kissing and fondling the cooling body of her lover long after Serena’s consciousness had faded away. “Gawd, baby; you look so fucking hot! What a fucking rush! I came twice – no, wait… three times I think! And I think I saw you cum two or three times yourself! Gawd, you must have really enjoyed yourself!”

She paused to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. “Maybe I’ll leave you here for awhile so I can come back down and look at you later. Afterward, why don’t I take you out to our pond out back? That way I can bury you deep and no one will ever find you! I’ll bet by now you are hanging in hell, orgasming over and over again; am I right?”

She gently kissed each of Serena’s erect nipples. Then she headed upstairs for a drink and something to eat. Later tonight or first thing in the morning she would think about disposing of the body. Right now she had to come down off the high of a couple of earth-shattering orgasms…

2010; 2019 (written Jul 20 ’10; ed. Jan 2 ‘19 by riwa)

(Pictures are from LSGmodels.com and annabellesfantasy.com and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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