Wrong place, wrong time


It was a chain of events initiated simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Emma should have known better. But one of her weaknesses was an insatiable curiosity.

Emma had a habit of sticking her nose in places where it was better to leave well enough alone. She did it mostly because it was the adrenaline rush she craved. This time she was going to pay dearly.

She was hiding behind a dumpster in her hippie-chick outfit and boots. Emma was checking out this silver Lexus. It seemed an old place to park a vehicle like that.

She was debating getting closer to take a look in the front seat when she heard someone behind her clear their throat. She jumped with a start, turning to see who it was. A man in a three piece leisure suit stood there threateningly, hefting a small brick in his hand.

“Lookin’ for something, are we? I’d say you found something, all right.”

He swung the brick in her direction. Before she could think to move, it caught her square in the side of the head, instantly putting her lights out. Emma crumpled to the ground unconscious.

He looked down at her in disgust before casually tossing the brick into the dumpster. “Now what the hell am I supposed to do with you?”

He shook his head as he popped the lid to the trunk of the Lexus. “Better take you with me, just to be on the safe side. That’ll give me enough time to figure out what the hell I should do with you.”

He bent down and picked up her petite, five foot form. Then he dumped her unceremoniously into the trunk before slamming the lid shut. “Stupid little busybody,” he muttered as he opened the door and got behind the wheel.

As he drove around town, he pondered what he should do with her. First, he had a quick stop to make. He had some important papers to pick up.

When he pulled up, he saw there were no parking spots available. So he decided to double-park. He wouldn’t be there long.

He left the engine running as he climbed out of the driver’s seat and went inside. A couple doors down, two drunken teenagers looked up from their perch on the basement steps. That’s when they saw the idling Lexus.

They didn’t say a word to each other as they were already thinking the same thing. Both leaped up and rushed over to the vehicle where they jumped inside. They drove off in triumph, giddy over their newly acquired possession.

The man came out of the door 30 seconds later, only to discover his idling Lexus was gone. Inwardly he cursed his stupidity. The car was gone, along with his catch.

He hadn’t considered the possibility there might be someone around who might have been tempted to steal his vehicle. Clearly it was a spur of the moment theft. That was ok as he could have it tracked down in mere minutes.

He pulled out his cell phone to report the theft, He was about to punch in the number when he hesitated. There was still the body of that hippie-chick in the trunk of his car to think about.

Was she dead or merely unconscious? If the car was found, she would be found as well. That would not work out well as it would no doubt lead to some very embarrassing questions.

He cursed his stupidity as he looked down the street in the direction his vehicle had probably gone. Then he called for a cab. With any luck, whoever had taken his car would deal with that nosey little chick in the trunk so he wouldn’t have to.

Emma awoke to the sensation of being bounced around in a pitch black environment. She could clearly make out the sound of a car engine. It sent a chill running down her spine.

She quickly deduced she was in the trunk of some vehicle. It was probably that Lexus she’d been snooping around. She vaguely remembered some guy coming at her with a brick.

She could hear the radio blaring. Emma heard the sound of male voices coming from the front seat. They seemed highly excited.

Their voices sounded more than a little slurred. They’d obviously been drinking. She was sure they were not the original owners of the vehicle she was now trapped inside.

Emma started hollering, trying to get their attention. “Hey… HEY! LET ME OUT OF HERE! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!”

In response, the car took a turn just a little too fast. It caused her body to roll around. She slammed into the back of the passenger seat with an “UUMPH”, momentarily knocking the wind out of her.

Emma groggily shook her head, trying to get her bearings. But it was pitch black in the trunk. She couldn’t see a thing.

The vehicle took another corner a little too fast. She was slammed around again. “HEY! KNOCK IT OFF UP THERE! LET ME OUT, OK? I DON’T DESERVE THIS!”

She could just make out the two males talking back and forth. They sounded like drunken teens. It was doubtful they could hear her past the roar of the engine along with the radio, much less the effects of the booze sloshing around killing their brain cells.

What happened to the man with the brick? How did these two clowns end up driving her around? What the hell was going on??

The only way she might be heard was if she could make some noise. So she rolled onto her back. Emma reached up and started beating on the trunk with her fists…


The immediate response was laughter as the car took another corner. Emma rolled around in the trunk. She thumped against the side with another “UUMPH!”

Emma struggled to get onto her back so she could try again. If she could just kick the hell out of something, surely that would get their attention. “Damned teens!” she muttered to herself.

The car swerved again, causing her to roll around some more. She struggled to return to lying on her back. She was about to start kicking again when she heard one of them holler “WATCH OUT!”

There was a crashing sound. Her body slammed around as the vehicle felt like it had gone through some sort of obstacle. Those two drunken morons had run through something and had wrecked the damn…


There was a brief feeling of being airborne. Then she heard a loud splash. That’s when the car suddenly started bobbing up and down.

She heard agitated voices. Both males sounded panicked. The engine was now off while the radio was still on. But she could clearly hear them…




There was a flurry of thumping and bumping. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere up in the front seat. Then Emma heard the unmistakable sound of water rushing into the vehicle.

At that moment she felt the front end start to point downward. “HEY!!” she cried out in alarm as a jolt of fearfully erotic tingles hit her hard. ”I’M BACK HERE – I’M BACK HERE! SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Her panicked cries went unheeded as the teens struggled with problems of their own.

All of the sudden she felt water start to fill the trunk around her. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. It immediately presented a new threat.

Emma cried out even more as she started thrashing about. “GET ME OUT – GET ME OUT!” She even tried kicking against the side of the trunk. But it sounded like the guys were too busy trying to escape to pay any attention to unexpected thumps coming from the trunk.

All of the sudden there was a new sound. Water was rushing in through the sun roof. Emma felt the car lurch downward.

She heard the sound of bubbles hissing. The two teens cried out in alarm. It sounded like they were panicking up in the front seat… “I DON’T WANNA DROWN, MAN!”  “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

One of them suddenly mentioned something about the sunroof. For a moment Emma heard nothing but grunts from the front seat. Then their voices sounded further away as though they had somehow gotten outside the vehicle.

Emma rolled onto her back in the rapidly filling interior. She tried kicking the trunk like crazy… “LET ME OUT – LET ME OUT! I’M IN HERE – I’M IN HERE! DON’T LET ME DROWN IN HERE!”

She thought she heard voices… faint voices. She heard something about them getting the hell out of there. Then there was silence save for the sound of water flooding the interior of the Lexus she was trapped inside.

“GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Emma screamed, kicking the trunk as hard as she could. Then her head slipped under the rising water. She bubbled and sputtered.

She lifted up her head and gasped for breath, coughing and whimpering. “HEY, OUT THERE! SOMEBODY HELP ME! I’M IN HERE – I’M IN HERE! THERE’S SOMEBODY IN THE TRUNK! GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

She felt the vehicle lurch before starting to settle onto the bottom of the pool. That meant the car was fully submerged. She had to get out before the air in the trunk was gone!

More water rushed inside. If felt like it was coming in from everywhere. It was relentless, a vindictive spirit intent on drowning her.

Emma cried out in panic. Her heart pounded a mile a minute. She could feel fearfully erotic tingles surging wildly through her body.

She took a deep breath and then submerged onto her back. She lifted her legs up so she could kick the shit out of the lid of the trunk. Her best bet was to make enough noise to attract someone’s attention.

She had no idea where the vehicle was. Was anybody even close enough to hear her?? She could think of no other option.

Emma kicked like crazy, banging upon the lid with her booted feet. She bubbled in fright, trapped inside the trunk of a flooding car in total darkness. This was totally insane! How the hell had she ended up in such a crazy mess??

Her lungs heaved until she rose up, searching for some sort of air pocket. She found one close to the ceiling of her prison. Emma coughed and gasped, becoming more panicked in the darkness.

What alarmed her was how small the air pocket had become. The damned trunk was losing air fast. It was almost fully flooded!

Emma took another deep breath and then stretched out upon her back again. Then she kicked the lid of the trunk just as hard as she could. But the water slowed her motions, and the sounds were muffled.

Was there anyone topside? Did anyone hear her? Was she going to drown in the back of this damned Lexus?? Look what her curiosity had gotten her!

Her lungs heaved until she rose up to get another breath. But the pocket of air wasn’t there. Emma frantically felt around with her hands, trying to swallow the panic that wanted to envelope her.

She managed to find a spot of air. She pushed up with her lips, almost kissing the lid of the trunk. Gawd; her air was almost gone!

Emma grunted as she beat upon the trunk with her fists, her breath bubbling away. Then she stretched out upon her back one last time. That’s when she started kicking like crazy.

She had to hold her breath long enough to get someone’s attention. Rescuers had to be just outside, right? A few seconds more and she would be out of here!

Emma kicked hard until her legs became tired. Then her lungs started to burn. Instinctively she rose up inside the darkened trunk.

She frantically felt around for some sort of air pocket. But she couldn’t find anything. The panic returned as she bubbled like crazy…


Emma grunted in horror, shaking her head as she beat upon the lid of the trunk with her fists. Her lungs heaved insistently. All she could do was struggle to hold her breath.

There would be no source of air to draw from if she inhaled. Emma grunted in agony, whimpering anxiously as the approaching orgasm of fear swelled ominously inside her. GAWD! SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE! I’M TRAPPED DOWN HERE!

She thought she heard faint voices. She could barely make out some sort of conversation up at the surface…

“Mom, can you believe this? I told you someday someone would run through that intersection and crash right through the wall into our pool!”

“Go call the cops, honey. Tell ‘em we got a car in our pool.”

“It’s a LEXUS, mom… a LEXUS! Just take a look at it! Can you believe it??”

“Honey, will you just go call the cops already?”

Emma screamed a froth of bubbles, her mind crying out, “I’M DOWN HERE – I’M DOWN HERE! DON’T LET ME DROWN!” She could feel the panic threatening to overwhelm her. It was so dark around her, the darkness of the grave.

Emma pounded upon the trunk with her fists. Then her lungs gave out. The petite young woman gurgled as her windpipe opened up.

Emma’s body reacted instinctively, her body thrashing about as her lungs tried to expel the killing liquid. She grunted and gurgled, weakly waving up at the lid of the trunk with her hands. Now she was all caught up in the throes of drowning.

Her body spasmed and convulsed. An unexpected orgasm hit her with devastating fury. She winced and bubbled as she kept gulping water while hitching and gurgling.

For a moment her body slowly drifted to float face up against the lid of the trunk. She hitched once more as her mouth opened and closed, trying one last time to inhale air instead of water. Then she shuddered with a bubbly sigh as she faded away, her flooded lungs causing her to settle onto the floor of the trunk.

The police finally arrived to investigate. They studied the wall as well as the astonishing sight of a silver Lexus resting at the bottom of a pool. A wrecker was soon called in to haul it out.

It wasn’t long until the neighborhood residents began to show up. It was quite the spectacle. Everyone wanted to gawk and laugh at someone’s stupidity of driving such a nice car through a brick wall into somebody’s backyard pool.

The car was pulled out while the owner was called to the scene. He was standing right there when somebody opened the trunk. The body of a petite young woman in some sort of hippie-chick garb lay on the floor of the trunk.

The owner of the car claimed it was stolen. He quickly pointed the blame in another direction. Fingerprints led to the two drunken joyriders who claimed ignorance about the body in the trunk. The owner was eventually charged for Emma’s unfortunate demise…

2012 (written May 16 ’12 by riwa)

(Inspired by a news story with accompanying photo used for illustration purposes.)

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