After the wedding

“This is the place, Maggie,” Bonnie told her. The ladies were all naked. They’d left their clothes behind back at the trail.

Maggie looked at the four nooses hanging from the tree. Was this really going to happen? Were these sexy bitches really going to hang for her??

“Damn, girls. Are you sure about this?”

“We told you we wanted to hang for you after the wedding, Maggie. You know we never go back on our word.”

Maggie looked at Giselle, giving the sexy blonde an appreciative eye. “I know what you said back at the wedding, girls. But I never really took it seriously.”

“Oh, didn’t you?” Deidre chided with a knowing smile. She went into a pose, her black hair hanging down past her shoulders as she told her, “We all saw that look on your face when we promised to hang for you. We know you want to watch us kick it up in the air.”

“Damn, Dee-Dee. I mean… you know I love to watch hangings and all…”

“…which is why we agreed to do this for you,” Beverly said with a grin, her brunette strands catching the light breeze.

“Damn, honey. I don’t know…”

“Oh yes you do,” Deidre told her. “We all can see how turned on you are right now.”

“Of course I’m turned on, bitches. Why wouldn’t I be, especially seeing those four nooses hanging right there?”

“You can’t wait to hang us, can you,” Bonnie smirked. Then she reached down and picked up one of four sets of handcuffs they’d left there when they’d set this up for their friend.

“We might as well get on with it. I’m first. So here’s my cuffs, Maggie. Cuff me, noose me up and then push me off the ledge into eternity.”

“Damn, Bonnie. I don’t know that I really want to hang you all.”

“That’s bullshit, Maggie,” Deidre told her. “We all know you want to hang us. We saw how excited you got witnessing that hanging at the Williamson reception last June. We were tempted to hang for your reception yesterday. But we decided a nice, private hanging out here in the great outdoors would be even better. That’s why we’re hanging for you and you alone.”

“I… I don’t… you bitches are so fucking sexy!”

“So hang me already!” Bonnie declared, turning her back to her with the cuffs in one hand behind her back.

“And don’t go all gentle on us,” Giselle added. “We know how hard it was to control yourself watching the Williamson wedding.”

Bonnie shook the cuffs behind her back. “Hurry up, already! Hang me before I change my mind!”

Maggie’s hands were trembling as she took the cuffs from her friend. She cuffed one wrist behind her back. Then she cuffed the other. Finally she grabbed one of the nooses and looped it around her neck.

Bonnie gasped and whimpered, her nipples hard and her pussy dripping. “Now hang her, Maggie,” Deidre urged.

“Hang the fucking slut!” Giselle added.

“Push her off and send her to hell!” Beverly encouraged.

“Hang me!” Bonnie blurted out, gasping excitedly. She was writhing like crazy, her heart beating fast. “Do it, Maggie!”

Maggie put a hand in her back and tentatively pushed her forward. Bonnie pitched forward off the ledge with a cry. The noose quickly took up her weight. Then she began to kick.

Her hands began jerking behind her back as she started to struggle. Her face took on a look of agony as she fought her noose. If she’d just changed her mind, it was much too late to back out now.

“Look at that bitch swing!” Deidre gasped as she groped her own tits.

“Fucking hell!” Giselle added.

“Look at her hang for you, Maggie!” Beverly added.

“Fuck,” Maggie breathed quietly, not sure how loudly she should be enjoying herself. “Damn, Bonnie. You look so fucking hot hanging like that.”

Beverly came up from behind her, reaching around and groping her mounds. Giselle was furiously rubbing herself. Deidre couldn’t believe how hot it was watching their friend swing for them.

The four of them watched Bonnie kick her life away. Her gyrations slowed as her convulsions lessened. Her rasps were silenced until she was hardly making any sound at all. All that could be heard was the creaking of the rope as she gently swung back and forth.

“I’m next,” Giselle said as she walked over to the pile of handcuffs. She picked one up and then walked over to a noose. Obediently she pulled her arms behind her back, holding the cuffs in one hand.

“Do her, Maggie!” Deidre urged. “Hang the fucking whore!”

“Yes, hang her!” Beverly encouraged.

This time it was easier for Maggie to cuff Giselle’s hands behind her back. It was also easier for her to loop the noose around her neck. Giselle looked at Bonnie’s dangling body and gasped for breath, sensing her moment was at hand.

“Now push her off,” Deidre urged.

“Hang the fucking slut!” Beverly added.

“Hang me!” Giselle agreed, writhing and whimpering as she too started having second thoughts.

“Hang, bitch!” Deidre urged. Maggie put a hand in her back and gave Giselle a shove. She was much less hesitant this time.

The blonde cried out as she pitched forward. For a moment she was afraid she was going to fall all the way down the mountainside. Then the noose pulled her up short.

Almost immediately she began to kick. Her arms jerked behind her back as her body fought to live. Instinctively she threw her chest out. Then she started humping the air.

“Fuck; she’s cumming!” Deidre gasped as she furiously fingered herself.

“So fucking hot!” Beverly agreed as she reached around and groped Maggie’s tits again from behind.

“Hang for me, you fucking whore!” Maggie panted. “Hang for me!” Now she was starting to get into it.

Giselle’s shapely legs kicked as she fought the noose. It hurt like hell. But as she twisted around she got a view of her three friends watching in awe as well as a heightened sexual arousal. It filled her with shameful pleasure the way they were enjoying her hanging despite the agony she was experiencing.

“Gawd, look at her hang!”

“Such a fucking whore!”

“Hang for me, you fucking bitch! I can’t believe how fucking hot you look dancing your life away for me! Fucking hell!”

“See, Maggie?” Beverly whispered into her ear from behind. “We knew you’d love it.”

Giselle kicked her life away until she exhausted herself. Then she hung limp, joining Bonnie’s naked corpse as both bodies gently swayed back and forth. Her bladder released, the final verdict of her gift to the friend whose wedding she’d participated in just the other day.

“Two down; two to go,” Deidre observed.

“I’m next!” Beverly gasped. “I can’t wait any longer.”

She went over and picked up one of the two remaining handcuffs. Then she presented it to Maggie. “Hang me, you sexy bitch!”

“I’m really looking forward to hanging you,” Maggie gasped as she spun her around.

She roughly cuffed Beverly’s arms behind her back. Then she reached out for a noose and looped it around her neck. Finally she reached down and fingered the trembling woman’s slit.

“You’re wet, aren’t you? Are you gonna cum for me in the noose?”

Beverly’s mouth was dry. She could only nod; she was so excited. Her pussy was wet and dripping, the fear and excitement so intense that she was sure she was going to explode.

“Come for me and die, you fucking whore!” Then Maggie shoved her hard off the ledge. This time there was no hesitation at all.

Beverly let out a cry that was choked off the moment the noose took her full weight. Then her legs went kicking and flying all over the place as her arms jerked violently behind her back. Her body didn’t want to hang, but it was too late now.

“Fucking hell; just look at her go!” Deidre breathed as she furiously fingered herself.

“Fuck – fuck – fuck! Fucking hang, you sexy bitch! Kick your life away for me!”

Beverly threw her chest out as her back arched. Then her knees came up. It looked like she was cumming up a storm in the noose.

Maggie almost collapsed; it was so damned erotic. She cried out from a climax of her own as Beverly humped and fucked the air. Then her dying friend was back to fighting the noose, her arms jerking wildly behind her back.

“Just look at that slut hang, Maggie! She looks like she was born for the noose!”

“Fucking hell, Deidre! I can’t believe how turned on I am!”

“It’s our present to you for letting us help you with the wedding yesterday.”

“Gawd; she’s really suffering in that noose! Suffer for me, you fucking bitch!”

“Gawd, Maggie! She’s cumming again!”

Beverly seemingly threw out her chest even farther, if that were possible. Then she violently humped the air as fluid sprayed out of her cunt. It almost made Maggie crumple to her knees; it was so damned sexy.

Beverly finally began to settle down. Her jerks and hitches lessened until she was gently swaying in her noose. Now there were three naked bodies dangling from ropes.

“Oh fuck! Fuck – fuck – fuck!” Deidre stood there as though frozen to the spot, panting like crazy.

Maggie managed to pick up the last set of handcuffs herself. She took them over and grabbed Deidre’s arm. She roughly pulled it behind her back as she hissed, “Your turn, Dee-Dee. Put on a good show for me!” Then she clatched both wrists together behind her friend’s back.

Deidre stared at the three swaying, naked bodies dangling in the breeze. Maggie brought the noose down around her neck. Then she moved all that black hair out of the way.

Dee-Dee trembled as she gasped, “Gawd, I’m so turned on right now. But I’m so fucking scared!”

“I’m glad you are,” Maggie hissed into her ear. “I like it when you’re scared as you’re about to hang.”

“Maggie? I… I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”

“I don’t fucking care, you sexy bitch.”

“Maggie, please don’t hang me!”

“I’m going to enjoy watching you hang most of all.”

“Maggie; PLEASE!”

“Of all these bitches, I’ve always wanted to see you in the noose, honey.”

“Gawd, Maggie!”

Her fingers slipped into Deidre’s dripping slit. Maggie wriggled them around before pulling them out with a cruel smile. “Wet as hell, eh? It’s going to be so fucking hot watching you hang for me.”

“Maggie, don’t!”

“Hang for me, you fucking whore!” Then Maggie violently pushed her friend off the ledge.

Deidre let out a cry as she pitched forward. Then the noose pulled her up short before she could fall to her death. A moment later she was swinging back and forth as the other three naked bodies dangled nearby, waiting for her to join them on the other side.

She’d wanted her hanging to be extra special. So she’d tried to act frightened and hesitant. It hadn’t been all that much of an act really. But it was clear Maggie had loved it.

Deidre kicked her legs everywhere as her arms jerked violently behind her back. She didn’t have to worry about putting on a good performance now. The pain and growing terror were helping her do more than enough.

“Hang, bitch!” Maggie bellowed from the ledge. “Hang for me, you fucking whore! Oh gawd; it’s so fucking good!”

Maggie collapsed onto the ledge, furiously fingering herself. Deidre fought the noose the entire time. It was the performance Maggie wanted, a performance her body was instinctively trained to supply for her.

Dee-Dee couldn’t believe how much it hurt. Her chest was on fire as she tried to push it forward, arching her back. But that didn’t diminish the searing agony in her lungs.

“Fuck – fuck – fuck! Hang for me, you sexy bitch! Hang for me, Dee-Dee! I fucking love it!” Then Maggie screamed her orgasm to the heavens.

It swelled within her until she couldn’t stop herself. That’s when Deidre began violently humping the air as her legs bent at the knees. It was as though she was trying to fuck the entire valley beyond.

“CUM FOR ME, DEE-DEE! CUM FOR ME AND DIE, YOU SEXY BITCH! OHMYGAWD; WHAT A FUCKING DANCE!” Maggie was almost in hysterics as she kept crying out while cumming and cumming.

Deidre fought the noose for what seemed like ages. Strangely it hadn’t quite closed off her windpipe. As a result she just kept fighting and kicking and jerking her arms behind her back. Then she was violently humping the air again.

“YEEEESSSSSS! FUUUUUCK! CUM FOR ME, YOU SEXY NOOSE-WHORE!” Maggie was furiously fingering herself as though she couldn’t keep up.

With one hard jerk Deidre finally exhausted herself. She tiredly swung back and forth as her body rotated. It felt so much better not having to fight anymore.

She got a glimpse of Maggie lying on the ledge, her body consumed with sexual lust, her face a grimace of never-ending pleasure. She felt a flush of warmth in her dying features. She was happy her hanging had contributed to some of that. Then her senses began cutting out as internal body parts started shutting down.

Maggie watched breathlessly as Deidre’s naked body twisted and swayed. She let out a clipped cry as she watched her bladder release. Then Maggie endured yet another quivering orgasm that left her breathless.

She lay there panting like crazy on the ledge as she tried to settle down and compose herself. She looked out to see four naked, sexy naked women swaying and twisting in the breeze. Then she winced as it flushed warmly through her body yet again.

She sat there for the longest time as she watched them. Their bodies slowed until they were hardly moving at all. Then they dangled quietly save for a light breeze occasionally nudging one to sway a little.

Maggie finally rose to her feet. She blew all of them a kiss, thanking each one for her amazing gift. Then she headed down to go collect her clothes back at the trail, leaving her dangling friends for the vultures to find and feast upon.

2019 (written May 15 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by Quidam Martin’s manip.)

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