Doug burst up to the surface and gasped for breath. He reached up, grabbed the edge of the dock and pulled himself up out of the lake, revealing a set of light-blue swim trunks around his waist. He picked up his towel and dried himself off before heading back to the cabin in his bare feet.

He shook his head as he thought about it. It was a nice idea. But it would be a miracle if it worked.

He and his wife Renae lived in the cabin during the summer months so they could escape the city. It meant commuting farther to work each day than it did from their home in the suburbs. But the peace and quiet more than made up for it. Besides, the cabin was located right next to the lake, complete with its very own dock.

They loved playing in the water, especially when it came to sexual bondage games. Renae had actually come up with the idea. She’d casually mentioned one day how hot it would be if she were to swim down to the bottom of the lake and get tangled in some rope or seaweed. Her husband could then come down and take advantage of her in her helpless situation. The thought had aroused him so much that from that day forward he’d made it a personal quest to somehow make that fantasy come true.

If he was lucky, today would be the day… that is, if the damned thing even worked. What threatened to spoil the whole thing was the probability his wife might have to spring the trap herself. He knew she’d be willing to do it. But he wanted to surprise her.

This was just a one-time shot. Once she knew it was down there, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. However she’d probably love going down there again and again once she discovered what he’d set up.

He entered the cabin, walked into the den and proceeded to write the note. When he was finished he folded it up and walked it to the back door. He stepped outside and tucked it into the little pouch that hung from the nail next to the doorjamb.

That was their special signal. It indicated something fun was on the immediate horizon. So far neither one had ever declined when the pouch had been filled.

Doug walked back into the cabin and sat down at his desk in the den. Renae would be coming home from work in the next hour or so. That meant she would probably need a good diversion.

Fridays were usually pretty hectic around her office. Traffic would be murder driving out to the cabin. The only reason he was there now was because he worked 10-hour shifts and got Fridays off with his weekends. He hoped what he’d written in her note would excite her enough to overcome any exhaustion she might feel when she pulled up into the driveway.

He propped his legs up on the desk and began to get aroused just thinking about what would happen in the next hour or so. His wife would come home and read the note. He hoped she would be too tired and want to skip this one.

If she was up for it she would walk out to the dock, strip off her clothes, and then dive into the water. She would swim down to the bottom of the lake where she would get caught in his trap. He only hoped it would work.

She would be forced to hold her breath until he showed up with the scuba tank. Then he would fuck her brains out. That should more than make up for any kind of bad day or rotten traffic she might have had to endure.

Everything was all set. All he had to do now was wait until he heard the sound of her car pull up in the driveway. Then he’d watch her out the front window. Seeing her dive nude into the lake would be his cue to head out the door with the scuba tank in hand.

He suddenly yawned; he was feeling a little tired and sluggish. Maybe he should take a little nap before playtime. After all, hooking everything up had been rather tiring.

She wouldn’t be back for a while yet. He probably had time. So Doug leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and nodded off to sleep…


Renae’d had one helluva day. She’d misfiled some important paperwork early in the morning, resulting in the loss of an important client. Work had rapidly gone downhill from there.

She’d left the office for the weekend with her job barely intact. That’s when she’d run into a massive traffic jam. An overturned semi had forced her to be rerouted along with the rest of the population.

She fought with traffic long enough to navigate out of the city. She drove up into the mountains and make it to their four-mile long private road. That’s when she realized too late that she hadn’t checked the gas gauge.

The car was running on fumes. It made it another mile up their drive before it coughed and died. She coasted to a stop on the edge of the blacktop.

Renae climbed out of the vehicle with nothing but the clothes on her back and her purse in hand. She slammed the door in disgust. Then she locked the car.

SHIT; what a day! There was nothing left to do but walk the rest of the way to the cabin on foot. Doug would have to bring her back in the morning with a couple gallons of gas. That should be enough to get her out to the main road and reach the nearest service station.

She began the three-mile walk to the cabin muttering angrily under her breath. Maybe she should have driven to their home in the city instead. Doug could have fended for himself for the weekend…


The wall clock in the living room quietly chimed the hour. It stirred Doug out of his nap. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and rose from his office chair.

He walked to the back of the cabin where he looked out the window. But he saw nothing but his SUV in the driveway. Renae wasn’t home yet.

“Traffic must’ve been bad,” he told himself. “Hope she’s in the mood to play when she gets here.”

He sighed as he went back into the den. He sat down in his chair and realized he was still a little sleepy. The dive down into the lake to set up his trap must have worn him out more than he expected.

He told himself he would hear the car pull up when she got home. Besides, she was liable to come right inside if she’d had a rough day. And with that Doug leaned back in his chair. He ended up nodding off again, unable to keep his eyes open…


Renae was only mildly annoyed when she completed the first mile of her hike. But by the time the cabin came into view, forty-five minutes had gone by. Now she was madder than a wet hen.

She angrily walked up to the back door. She was reaching for the knob when she caught sight of the note sticking out of the pouch. “No way in hell,” she grumbled quietly, shaking her head.

She was about to walk right in when she hesitated. A part of her wanted to grab the folded piece of paper and throw it in her husband’s face. She was angry and wanted to take it out on someone.

Curiosity got the better of her. Doug must have set something up out of thoughtfulness. He didn’t know the type of day she would have.

She carefully pulled it out and read the contents…

Walk to the end of the dock, strip out of all your clothes and dive into the water.

You’ll find something interesting waiting for you at the bottom of the lake.

What the hell was at the bottom of the lake? He wanted her naked; that much was obvious. That meant it would probably be something sexual.

For a moment she thought about going in and ripping the note to shreds right in front of him, just to let him know what kind of day she’d had. Then she thought about diving nude into cool water. It would caress her skin as it took the steam right out of her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

She thought about her husband diving down to meet her with some wicked scheme in mind. Her breath caught in her throat, despite her anger over the day’s events. That’s when she felt a faint flicker of arousal emanate from her pussy.

She tried to work up a little indignation over the type of day she’d just had. But it was no use. Now she had to go through with it, if nothing more than to see what was going to happen. Maybe what she really needed right now was an orgasm.

Renae walked around the cabin and headed for the dock, feeling the excitement build within her. Just jumping into the water was going to feel good. Whatever Doug had in mind was probably going to feel even better.

She walked out onto the wooden structure and proceeded to strip out of her office attire. Next it was her bra and panties. When they fell to her feet she felt a light breeze caress her nipples.

She found herself becoming a little excited as the painful memory of the past several hours began to ebb away. She walked to the end of the dock, breathing deeply in anticipation of her dive. Even if he did nothing to her the dive would do her good.

She didn’t know how long he was going to keep her under. Would he force her to hold her breath? She wanted to fill her lungs before she jumped in.

She looked all around but she couldn’t see him anywhere. No doubt, he was watching her from some hidden vantage point. Was he underwater in scuba?

She took one last, deep breath. Then she grabbed her nose. Renae stepped off the dock and hit the water with a quiet splash…


Doug abruptly sat upright in his chair. He was wide awaken, his senses alert. What had awakened him?

He listened intently but he didn’t hear a thing. He rose up from his office chair and made his way to the back of the cabin. He looked out the window, but there was no car. There was no Renae.

His mind naturally drifted to unpleasant possibilities. Had she gotten into an accident? He knew traffic would be bad on a Friday. But usually she was there by now.

He walked back into the den and sat in his chair. He stared uncomfortably at the clock on his desk. But he felt unsettled. Why was that?


Renae felt cool water embrace her. Instantly it refreshed her. It felt like her nipples were literally popping out of her breasts.

Her clit swelled, arousing her even more. She released her nose and pulled for the bottom of the lake with both arms. Bubbles trickled out through her nostrils.

She drew closer to the muddy bottom. Renae thought she saw indentations in the soil near one of the wooden supports. Upon closer inspection she saw it was a single set of footprints, pointing toward the dock.

She used her hands to skull herself in the water until she was upright. Out of curiosity, she moved herself down and placed her feet into the prints. Whoever made them had bigger feet than she did. Did they belong to Doug?

While she was standing in the mud, she looked all around. She caught sight of a little chain attached to the dock support hanging right in front of her. It hung there like the one you pulled to turn on the bare bulb up in the attic.

What was it doing down here? It looked like it was out of place. Curiosity got the better of her as she reached out and gave it a gentle tug…


On a hunch, Doug picked up the phone and dialed his wife’s office. When he got the automated system he hung up. Getting the recording meant no one was in the building.

Renae was certainly late. But it wasn’t because she had to work overtime. He sighed heavily and sat back in his chair.

His mind began processing scenarios as he wondered what was keeping her. Was it because there had been a major accident on the highway? Or was everyone and their grandmother coming up into the mountains for the weekend?


Renae felt movement at her feet. Something wrapped around her ankles and pulled them together, the soil churning beneath her. For a frightening moment she thought she’d been attacked by a snake.

She was jerked off her feet, causing her to bubble in alarm. She was pulled through the water until she came to an abrupt halt. She ended up against the large anchor her husband had placed there several months ago.

It lay several feet away from the dock. It was something they used to secure each other to whenever they played bondage games in the lake. Thankfully she managed not to inhale. But now her heart thumped loudly in her chest as her eyes snapped open in astonishment.

What the hell was this? Was it another underwater surprise by her husband? She wasn’t sure she was in the mood. But then again, she needed something to take her mind off the day she’d just had.

She tried to kick with her feet, only to discover that she couldn’t. Something had wrapped tightly around her ankles. It was impossible to take a step in any direction without toppling. Only her natural buoyancy kept her upright as she hung tethered in place.

She looked down at her feet. A thin black cord wrapped tightly around her ankles. It reminded her of that stuff Tom Cruise had hung from the ceiling with in that ‘Mission Impossible’ movie.

She remembered it had been strong enough to support his body weight. So she suspected she probably wouldn’t be able to break out of this stuff down here. She traced its path with her eyes, following it as it looped through the anchor before heading back to the dock, only to disappear into the shadows.

She felt a sudden thrill of fear shiver through her. Her anxiety was quickly followed by a surge of sexual excitement. That’s when it all came back to her.

She remembered telling Doug about a fantasy of being hung up on the bottom of the lake. Apparently he’d rigged up something down here. Now she was secured by her ankles on the muddy bottom, completely helpless while awaiting whatever fate was in store for her.

She looked down at her ankles and examined what was securing her. Maybe she wasn’t completely helpless. She could probably get out of it if she really wanted to.

She thought about her day. Then she realized with irony how her situation fit what had happened to her. Her office mistake had now turned into “a peril situation”.

She released bubbles out of her nose as she considered the matter. Originally she’d considered a role-play similar to this as a mob secretary being eliminated for going to the Feds. But today it fit her perfectly. Doug would probably have a good laugh at how he had managed to entrap her and how it fit into her terrible office mistake.

Mob informant or office disaster? Did it matter? The fantasy was still the same: being weighed down and dumped nude into the lake to drown.

Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. A small burst of air escaped past her parted lips. Discomfort began to settle in her lungs.

Renae looked up toward the dock. She half-expected Doug to jump into the water any minute now. Surely he would take advantage of her sexually before allowing her to “drown”, thus fulfilling her fantasy scenario.

Was he already in the water? Was he watching from somewhere under the dock? She didn’t see him anywhere in his scuba gear.

A part of her hoped he would delay for several more seconds. Maybe she deserved this for the office mistake she’d made. Doug had no idea his timing was so perfect. It was almost as though her husband was tuned into her and had sensed her needs before she did.

She felt another shiver of fear ripple down her spine as more bubbles escaped out of her nose. She could really drown down here! Her womanhood began to tingle as she clenched, a sure sign of things to cum…


Doug stood up and began to pace back and forth. He was probably worrying over nothing. But it did seem awfully late for her to be coming out to the cabin, especially at this hour.

She should‘ve been here by now. Maybe she’d driven to the house in the burbs to pick up a few things for the weekend. Did that mean she would get here even later? Would she be too tired to take part in what he’d rigged for her out at the dock?


Renae felt that familiar burn in her lungs. But she decided to try to prolong her forced breath-hold. Besides, Doug was sure to show up at any moment.

Her hand slithered down her crotch. She began rubbing her clit, fanning the flames of desire burning inside her. She burbled delightedly, momentarily distracting herself from the growing tightness in her chest.

She fondled and caressed herself as she imagined the last few moments of her life on the surface. She imagined how rough the hit-man had treated her while undressing her before attaching the weight to her ankles. She even pictures the evil smirk on the guy’s face as he told her she was ‘gonna sleep with the fishes’. She could just imagine her cry of alarm as he tossed her and the weight off the dock.

Her free hand drifted up to her breasts where she rubbed them hard, pinching her nipples and adding to her excitement. She struggled with her feet, trying to escape the cord wrapped tightly around her ankles. But it was a useless gesture. The hit-man in her scenario had secured her too tightly.

She’d never told her husband about her secret desire to almost drown for real. Had he guessed it? Had she laid out enough hints that he’d somehow figured it out?

Was he going to wait until she was right on the brink before he came down and gave her air? Maybe he was somewhere nearby, watching her pleasure herself while waiting for just the right moment. What if she really did drown and he had to resuscitate her??

It didn’t matter as she’d gladly take either scenario right now. The excitement within her rose to a fever pitch. Her chest spasmed, demanding she refill her aching lungs.

Air spewed out of her nose, signaling she was nearing the limits of her endurance. If she was going to cum, now was the time. It was also time for Doug to show up and watch her performance before giving her air or freeing her feet.

She rubbed her clit once more before plunging two fingers into her clenching pussy. Renae started thrusting hard and fast. A convulsion shook her chest, forcing another burst of air past her lips.

She tipped her head back while arched her back. Then she closed her eyes as the orgasm rushed toward her from somewhere deep inside. That’s when she filled in the gaps in her mind…

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked the mob hit-man in fear as he tied the weights to her ankles.

 “I’m gonna drown your sorry ass!” Then she was tossed unceremoniously into the lake, never to breathe air again…

The images in her mind were enough to help send her over the edge. Every muscle stiffened. Then Renae started to thrash about as her orgasm overtook her.

She cried out, sending a froth of bubbles scurrying to the surface. She winced over how good it felt. Perhaps the day hadn’t been a total loss after all…


Doug wandered to the front door and looked out the window. He thought he saw clothes lying on the dock. His eyes opened in surprise.

His first inclination was to think someone was skinny-dipping on their private property. After all, Renae wasn’t home yet. He hadn’t heard her pull up.

He strode through the cabin to the back door. He opened it and looked outside. His wife’s car was nowhere to be seen.

On a strange impulse he checked the pouch.

The note was gone…


Renae bucked and thrashed about as her body was ravaged by the orgasm that washed through her. It finally passed, leaving her breathless and exhausted. Then a massive convulsion shook her chest, insisting she inhale.

Her eyes flew open in horror. She was out of breath. She had to get to the surface.

Instinctively she pulled with her arms, trying to kick upward. But the cord around her ankles held her fast. Panicked, she bent down and clawed at it in a frantic attempt to create some slack so she could get free.

She scratched herself in several places with her fingernails. She felt another painful spasm as her stomach undulated. It caused her to jerk on the cord in desperation.

It was too tight. There was something heavy on the other maintaining constant tension on the rope. It was preventing her from slipping free.

She tried kicking out of it. But the cord remained firmly in place. Now it hurt as it started to bite into her flesh.

Renae experienced another painful convulsion, one that caused her to lose most of her breath in a large burst of bubbles. She clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to kick herself free. But her legs were held together by the loop around her ankles.

She squirmed feebly as panic totally enveloped her. The last of her air burbled away through her fingers covering her mouth. She reflexively inhaled, her lungs unable to hold off any longer.

Shock filled Renae’s face as she coughed, trying to expel what little lake water had gone down her windpipe. She reflexively took another breath, inhaling more lake water. Instantly she abandoned the cord around her ankles.

She started pulling like crazy for the surface with her arms, frantic to get to the air above her. Her head shook back and forth as her remaining air came out of her mouth, accompanied by lake water. She spasmed painfully, causing her 36Cs to bounce erotically as she struggled to get to the surface. Agony… fatigue… both rapidly weakened her. Her chest kept hitching, forcing out the last of her breath in painful heaves. She flailed less and less as her struggles diminished.

She gulped water, attempting to swallow oxygen. Her mind screamed for her husband. She had no idea it would hurt like hell.

She became dizzy and disoriented. The pain eased until she momentarily had clarity of thought. Where the hell was Doug??

Was he somewhere nearby, watching her drown? She wondered how turned on he’d be at seeing her nude body spasm for him. Was he going to wait until she stopped moving before pulling her up to the surface and reviving her?

For a moment it didn’t hurt so bad. It made her consider how thoughtful it was of him to allow her to experience her greatest fantasy. The thought gave her a sense of peace, causing the muscles in her face to relax.

She hitched once more before she went totally limp. A surge of fear began to overwhelm her again. That’s when the life flicked out of her eyes as she lost consciousness.

A couple of stray bubbles slipped out past her parted lips. She hung in the water, her feet held up against the anchor by the cord wrapped around her ankles. Her arms hung loosely at her sides.

Her nipples were hard as pencil erasers, evidence of the arousal she’d experienced. She looked upward with unseeing eyes at the air that was oh, so far away. She never felt the second orgasm that flushed warmly through her body…


Doug shot out the back door and circled around the cabin. He made a beeline for the dock at a dead run. As he approached, he recognized the clothes lying there, the clothes his wife had worn to the office.

As he thumped along the dock he caught sight of the note. It was tucked underneath a shoe. She’d been out here this whole time??

His heart leaped into his throat. He sucked in a huge breath and dove off the side of the dock with a splash. Then he headed straight for the anchor they often used in their underwater sex play.

Renae’s nude body hung tethered before him, attached to the anchor by the cord wrapped around her ankles. She was starting to topple over as though becoming heavy. There was a strange look in her eyes. The sight would have been erotic as hell had he not been to frightened.

He reached down and struggled to pull her feet out of the loop that wound tightly around her ankles. He noticed little scratches and claw marks from her attempts to free herself. How long had she been down here??

There was no time to reason when she’d arrived or why the car wasn’t in the driveway. He had to get her out now. Answers would come later… that is, if he could successfully resuscitate her.

It took him longer than he wanted it to. The counter weights he’d attached to the other end of the cord were maintaining the tension, making it hard to free her feet. He should have waited until he was with her before trying to act this out.

He’d just managed to force one foot out of the loop of cord when he felt a spasm in his chest. He was going to need air soon. But his wife needed it more than he did, and he resolved not to surface without her.

He worked frantically to pull her other foot free. It finally came out, causing the coil of cord to whiz freely across the bottom of the lake toward the dock, kicking up silt. Doug wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist and swam her to the surface.

He burst up out of the water, gasping wildly for breath. Then he proceeded to push the body of his wife up onto the dock. It was a good thing it was right there and not elevated.

He got her out onto her stomach and chest as her legs dangled lifelessly in the water. Then he pulled himself out of the lake. He grabbed her arms, dragged her up fully onto the dock and then turned her over.

She wasn’t breathing. Her face had become quite pale. A quick check revealed no pulse.

He bent down over her and tipped her head to one side to drain the water out of her mouth. Then he pinched her nose shut. He sealed his lips to hers and blew two deep breaths into her, causing her chest to rise and fall.

There was no response…

He placed his hands just below her breasts and started pumping furiously. When he’d counted to 15 he went back to her face, pinched her nose shut and blew two more deep breaths into her body.

It did no good. A quick check told him there was still no pulse.

He placed his hands on her body and started pumping again, praying he wasn’t too late. How long had she been under? Then he locked lips with hers and blew hard.

Her chest rose and fell. Otherwise there was no response.

“C’mon, babe – you gotta breathe for me!” Then he started pumping again. “Don’t leave me, Renae!”

After a count of 15 he blew a deep breath into her. She did not move. He choked back a sob, fearing the worst.

Doug started pumping her chest again as his heart pounded furiously in his chest. He felt a wave of dizziness sweep over him. He felt as though he was in some horrible nightmare.

“C’mon, Renae,” he exclaimed before he blew a deep breath into her lungs. “You’ve got to breathe, dammit!” He blew a second breath into her before pausing dramatically.

There was no response. She just looked up into the sky with those lifeless eyes.

“C’MON, DAMN YOU! LIVE!” Then he started furiously pumping on her chest again.


He locked lips once again and blew two deep breaths into her body. There was no response. He checked for a pulse. He couldn’t find one.

Doug couldn’t make himself stop. He would do chest compressions until hell froze over. That’s when he felt a tiredness begin to settle in. Was this a vow he would never be able to keep?

“C’mon, babe! Daddy’s getting tired! Give me a breath, Renae!”

When there was no response he blew two lungfuls of air into her body. Her chest rose and fell… rose and fell again.


Tears trickled down his cheeks as he started pumping again. “LIVE, DAMN YOU!” “BREATHE, GAWD-DAMMIT!” Then he desperately locked lips with her and blew two more deep breaths into her body.

There was no response. Renae simply stared up at the sky with lifeless eyes.


He slapped her face angrily. Then he slapped her again. He tried to stop himself, but he was both angry and desperate.

Her eyes blinked…

“Renae?! …RENAE???!!!”

She blinked again as her chest convulsed. A lungful of water burbled up out of her mouth. She gurgled before she started coughing.

Doug froze as hope swelled within him. He stared incredulously. He almost couldn’t believe it and was afraid he might wake up to see her dead on the dock.

She vomited water up. Then she gasped. Her coughing fit became less pronounced.

Her husband slowly lifted her up into a sitting position. He carefully embraced her as though she might break. She coughed less as she began breathing better.

Tears of relief and joy poured out of Doug’s eyes. His wife looked at him in surprise before she found the strength to wrap her arms around him. He was finding it hard to speak… “Oh, babe… I thought I’d lost you!”

She looked at him and coughed again. Then she smiled wryly. “Did you have to make it so damned realistic?”

He nervously laughed. Then he helped her to her feet. We’d better get you checked out.

“Are we ever going… to do that again? Next time you might want… to be a little closer with the regulator.” He nervously laughed again before scooping up her clothes and then helping her to the cabin.

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