Beheaded by axe on the public scaffold


I was alone with my thoughts. There was no illumination in the cell… hardly any making its way to the bars blocking the doorway. No doubt it was meant to be a frightening experience to break the spirit of the condemned. But I was not afraid.

There was a faint smell in the air that made me melancholy. It was the smell of mother who had been here before me, and its accusation hung all around me. This was my fate for failing to save her.

As I waited, I felt yet another emotion… one of growing excitement. At last, I would now get to experience the headsman’s cock for myself as one of the condemned. I had seen it so often during a beheading that I had imagined this day long before it had arrived.

A worrisome thought troubled me. Would I be executed without getting to feel him inside me? Would that be denied me? It was a silly thought considering the greater concern of me losing my head in the public square.

At the doorway it appeared to be getting lighter. I could see a little clearer in my cell. Then he appeared in the doorway with a set of keys in one hand and a torch in the other. All he wore was his hood.

I looked down to see his cock was hardening. It sent an erotic jolt running through me. Had mother seen this very same thing that I now saw? Had he come for her in the very same way? I found myself hoping he would use and abuse me for as long as possible before his axe kissed my neck in the public square.

He came in and grabbed my wrist, roughly pulling me out of the cell. I did not resist, nor did I speak in my defense. What was there to say? I was guilty of the worst treachery.

He took me through the dark structure to a bare room with a straw floor. There was a strong smell of sex in the air. Was this where the condemned experienced their last moments of pleasure? Was this where mother had been recently?

He set the torch up in a handle in the wall. Then he approached me. He ripped the robe down off my body, exposing my nudity to his gaze.

I was embarrassed to stand aroused before him. My nipples were hard, my breasts heaving. I was moist with anticipation.

He reached out and grabbed my mounds with his hands, fondling and squeezing them. I sighed as I trembled before him. He pawed me as one might paw a horse being inspected before purchase. But I did not resist.

He took me down to the straw, still groping my flesh. I moaned as I quivered before him. I heard him murmur, “So beautiful” as he felt up every inch of me. It made me tremble with desire the way he seemed to want me.

I don’t know why I was so brazen as to reach for his cock. I took it in my hands and skillfully pulled him as I did with father during the beheadings we had witnessed together. I expected a violent response for taking the initiative, and I submissively prepared for it. But none was forthcoming.

I imagined I was on the block kneeling before him. I could not stop myself. I took him into my mouth and sucked him into full hardness as I had done so many times before with father. After all, the headsman deserved the very best from the condemned.

He climbed on top of me and penetrated me. I gasped as he filled me. “So beautiful,” he panted again as he thrust harder until I shamefully cried out my climax.

I felt it the moment he filled me with his seed. When he got soft and pulled out, I dutifully hardened him back up with my mouth. I could not get enough as I knew his axe was beckoning me. I would soon be in no position to experience any of this.

I felt shame I was receiving such pleasure from him. So I begged him to be rough with me as was my due. He put me on my hands and knees and plunged violently into me from behind. I did not deserve the pleasure I experienced.

At the very last he penetrated me anally. It was a deserving treatment, but I still cried out with pleasure. Then he was done with me.

He handed me my robe, and I put it back on. Then he took me back to my cell. He left me there to remain until he came to fetch me for my execution. All I heard from his lips were the words “so beautiful” as he locked me away in the dark.

Alone in the cell, I felt a heavy sadness over my crimes. The faint odor of mother was strongest in a corner, and I went there and shed bitter tears. I did not deserve the pleasures I had received. But at least the headsman had been well paid for his services.

It was still pitch black when the light of his torch arrived ahead of him to announce my impending beheading. He came for me and opened the cell. Then he tied my wrists behind my back.

He led me out into the sunlight, causing me to blink as my eyes tried to adjust. At that moment I felt the most sadness. The aroma of mother was now gone forever.

I heard the crowd gathering at the public square before we arrived. My heart quickened as I felt a wetness between my legs. I had wondered what this moment might be like. Now I no longer had to imagine it.

I felt a great arousal as he led me up the steps to the public scaffold. The crowd seemed even larger this time. They cheered my impending death, and I shivered with fear and excitement.

He ripped the robe off my body, and the crowd cheered even more. My breath caught in my throat as my flesh was exposed for all to see. I looked down to see his member was hard again behind the loincloth. It made me wet, and my mouth watered as I trembled from a perverse excitement.

He forced me to my knees as the crowd cried out for blood. Then he thrust his member between my lips. I hungrily sucked him down, taking my final pleasure with his member in my mouth. Besides, I would not deprive him of a worthy payment for the beheading of such a treacherous harlot.

I felt him swell in my mouth. I moaned with both fear and arousal, knowing it meant my death once I received his seed. Then he was spurting into my mouth before pulling out.

I got some in my eye and on my cheeks as the crowd cheered his release. Then I was dragged over to the block. I wet myself the moment he stretched my neck out to receive the blade.

I stared outward at all those hateful faces clamoring for my beheading. I felt an intense excitement like never before as I stiffened with anticipation. Then I felt a sharp pain through the back of my neck.

My world tumbled before I saw everything sideways. There was loud cheering. Sadly I no longer felt anything below my neck, least of all the pleasure I had previously experienced.

I was lifted up until I saw the face of the headsman. I had never noticed before until now. He had mother’s eyes.

I was turned until I was facing all those cheering people. My vision grew dim as I felt myself being flung into the air. I could no longer see, but I was able to feel hands on my cheeks as a male voice declared, “She’s mine!” A nearby female voice observed, “She’s so beautiful.” Then I was aware of nothing at all…

© 2017 (written for Hitomi Aug 29 ’17 by riwa)

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