The end of Jikoseiai and Hitomi



The first time I killed, I was selling my body. Our coupling in the hut was pleasant enough. He filled me with his seed while bringing me much pleasure.

There was just one thing. He had valuables I wished to acquire. There was only one way to obtain them.

As he lay on the bedding, I smiled at him as I rose up. “I have something special for you.”

He asked, “What could be more special than your body? I say we go again.”

“I say we don’t,” I told him evenly as I retrieved my hidden dagger.

Before he could move I pounced upon him. One quick slice of the throat and he was bleeding out. He had a look of surprise in his expression.

I watched as his body hitched and shuddered. His life bubbled out of the wound in his throat. Then his soul departed. I saw it leave the moment life faded from his eyes.

I stared for the longest time. There was something about the way his soul left his body that intoxicated me. Then I gathered up my clothes along with his valuables.

When I was dressed I checked to make sure there was no one watching. Then I slipped away. I did not mourn him, nor did I regret my actions. Sex was sex. There would always be another.


I emerged out of my mother’s womb and was wrapped in a blanket. Then I was placed in her arms. She looked at me and sadly shook her head.

“A daughter. I have a daughter. She cannot claim the throne. I must have a male heir.”

When father saw me, his sentiments were exactly the same. He also wanted a male heir. Now they would have to try again.

Throughout my formative years I always sought their approval. But they had a son two years after I was born. They showered their attention on him. I was all but forgotten.

At times I bullied him. I was punished many times for it. Mother always took his side.

I often ran away from home. Each time I was found and returned. My punishment was always swift and severe.

Brother taunted me. He made the most of his favor with our parents. All I wanted was love and approval. Eventually I learned to despise him.


I came across three bandits on the road. They wanted to have their way with me. I was feeling particularly horny, so I allowed it.

I took one into my mouth. The other two used my other holes. For another woman it would have been humiliating. I merely felt this as a way to be sexually satisfied. So I willingly succumbed.

I did not care if they abused me. I did not mind their seed splattering my face and body. I achieved pleasure being violated in such a manner.

They commented about the scar going up from my navel to my right breast. I said it was a mishap with my brother. They laughed at me, wondering how I had angered him so to receive such a wound.

Afterwards I was forced onto my knees. They all wanted to go again. I used my mouth and hands to get them all nice and hard.

During a moment of weakness on their part I jumped up and lunged for my katana. With a flurry of slashes I dispatched all three. Watching them die was intoxicating.

One still had an erection as he lay mortally wounded. I climbed aboard and impaled myself upon his twitching member. Then I rode him as he bled out.

He looked up at me with shock and agony in his expression. Then he spurted inside me as his soul departed. I saw his eyes become lifeless. Then I experienced the pleasure of orgasm.


I decided it was time to do something significant to earn my parents approval. So I took up the art of war. I learned to use the dagger and the Katana.

As a female, my skills were somewhat lacking. But I was determined to better myself. I practiced until I became adept at the use of the blade.

My brother saw me and became jealous, though there was no need for it. So he took up the katana as well. Mother and father gushed praise after praise upon him while my own skills were observed without comment.

He thought himself quite the warrior. Indeed, he displayed much ability. But I had skills too.

I entered some contests and won. Brother’s jealousy increased. He entered contests as well, but he did not meet with the same success. Males were judged differently. Perhaps he blamed me for that.

The day came when we were out in the fields. Brother was angry and challenged me to a duel. He had injured others in his previous outbursts. So I knew he would give me no quarter.

I asked him not to do this. But he unsheathed his katana in challenge. I unsheathed mine in response.

Soon we were at it. I blocked his thrusts as we went back and forth. His skills had much improved.

He did not stop as we continued the duel. I finally thought I had proved myself and asked him to end the contest. He just launched himself at me in rising fury.

His skills were such that I momentarily let my guard down. Had I not jumped back, it would have been much worse. Still, he left a bloody line that went from just below my breast down to my stomach.

We paused for a moment. I looked at him calmly as I clutched my side, blood trickling through my fingers. Then I asked him, “Is this the way it is to be?”

He raised his sword. “Prepare to defend yourself, Jikoseiai.”

I nodded… “Very well.”

He attacked with everything he had. I was slowly driven back. Then I caught him at a brief moment of exposure as he extended himself too far.

His katana went flying. His hand went with it. He fell to the ground clutching his bleeding stump.

“I’ll kill you!” he roared.

“Brother, you gave me no choice.” Then I unwrapped a part of my garment to tend to his wound.”

“Leave me alone! I don’t need your help! Mother and father will be furious!”

I nodded. “Indeed they will.” And with that I turned and walked away, choosing not to look back. I left with nothing but the clothes on my back and my weapons of war in my possession.


They encountered me in my small camp just off the road. They were husband and wife, and they were armed. They wanted my possessions.

I was caught off guard. The male held me at bay with a spear to my throat while the female began collecting my belongings. “Those do not belong to you,” I said matter-of-factly.

“They do now,” the male sneered.

With a swift move I dislodged the spear out of his grasp. My katana quickly appeared in my hand. Two swift slashes later he lay dying.

The wife let out a cry as she turned to flee. Some of my belongings were still in her hands. My katana sang again.

Her head flew from her shoulders. She crumpled to the ground. I flew to her body and pounced.

I tore her garments away and groped her soft mounds. Then I feasted on her dripping womanhood. Her body was still hitching in her death throes.

I shuddered in pleasure. Then I picked up her head. I kissed her lips as her lifeless eyes stared back at me in horror.

I heard a little gasp, followed by a cry of alarm. I turned to see a young woman standing there trembling. I dove at her as I pulled a red, satin cord out of my tunic.

I pounced upon her, pinning her to the ground while wrapping the cord around her throat. Then I started to pull on the ends. She began to rasp for breath.

Her tongue protruded. I sucked on it, savoring its flavor. Then I pulled harder on the cord, intent on finishing her.

She tipped her head back as though offering her neck to me. I kissed and licked her throat. I was on the verge of killing her when something stopped me.

I loosened the cord from around her throat. She rasped for breath, rubbing her neck in surprise she could still breathe. “What is your name?” I asked.

“I am Hitomi.”

She looked at her dead companions. She did not show any emotion. “Friends of yours?” I queried, motioning at their bodies. “You have chosen poorly.”

“I was walking with them when they saw you. They told me to wait for them. I got close enough to observe what happened.”

“So you are with them?”

“Yes,” she said in resignation. Then she submissively lowered her head.

I thought about it before I leaned back on the ground. I exposed my womanhood to her. I was dripping with arousal from my exertions.

I looked her right in the eye. Then I demanded, “You will pleasure me.”

She nodded as she came close. She leaned her head in and began to kiss and lick. She was experienced in the art of pleasing a woman.

In no time at all she had me writhing. I cried out in ecstasy. I actually coated her face with my fluids.

When I was satisfied I threw her upon the ground where I proceeded to savagely maul her breasts. Then I exposed her dripping slit. I enjoyed a feast of my own until she mewled in orgasm.

I jumped upon her with the cord back in my hand. “I will take your life now,” I told her. Then I wrapped it around her neck.

I ground my pussy against hers as I strangled her. She tipped her head back and gave her throat to me. She did not resist.

I kissed her neck before sucking on her tongue as it came wriggling out between her lips. Her face turned red as I climaxed on top of her. But for some reason I stopped, right before her soul left her eyes.

I released her from the cord. She rasped and panted as she looked up at me in surprise. I told her, “I will take your life tomorrow.”

All she said in return was, “I will be here to give it to you.”


I was bathing naked in the river. The water was cool and refreshing. It felt good on my skin.

Four maidens appeared. They got naked and entered the water a short distance away. They left me alone, so I did not care.

I heard them giggling while talking amongst themselves. Then they came over to me. They laughed at the scar on my body. I told them beauty is more than unblemished skin.

They took offense and jumped me. I could have handled two… perhaps three. But four of them was one body too many.

They half drowned me before dragging me to shore. I was forced to pleasure them as they licked me in return. They heaped much abuse upon my head.

The oldest one seemed to be some sort of princess. She certainly acted like one. The others responded to her cruel suggestions.

My strength had not fully returned when she fell upon me with a red satin cord. She proceeded to strangle me with it as the others laughed. When my tongue protruded, she gleefully sucked on it as the others looked on.

With my remaining strength I threw her off. She tumbled and hit her head upon something. She did not move.

“You killed her!” one of the others cried out. They came after me, but I lunged for my Katana. I unsheathed it and slashed twice.

Two heads went flying. The third one turned to run. I grabbed the satin cord and chased her down.

I tackled her to the ground where I rolled her onto her back. Then I climbed on top of her. She struggled underneath me.

I wrapped the cord tightly around her neck and then strangled her with it. My anger caused me to mash our pussies together as I rode her. She rasped and gurgled as her fists beat upon me in vain.

Finally her arms weakly fell away. I watched her eyes as her soul departed. That’s when I shuddered in triumph and orgasm.

She lay still beneath me as I caught my breath. Then I detected movement. I whirled to see princess was alive, trying to rise to her feet.

I snatched up the satin cord and pounced on her. “You would take my life with this?” I challenged as I pinned her to the ground.

She looked up at me and screamed as I wrapped it around her throat. I slowly pulled on both ends. She struggled underneath me as her tongue protruded. I tenderly sucked on it, savoring the flavor.

Her eyes rolled as she went into agonal spasms. Then she lay still beneath me. I experienced the pleasure of the victorious as my body sang with aftershocks of pleasure.

I played with her dead breasts before feasting on her exposed womanhood. The taste of death was intoxicating. Then I got dressed, gathered my things and left. I chose to take her red satin cord with me as a keepsake.


Only the well-to-do could afford a carriage. That meant there were valuables involved. I waited until they approached.

I stepped out into the middle of the road, waving my arms. The male driver brought the carriage to a halt under the tree. It was the perfect place for an ambush.

As I approached, Hitomi fell out of the tree with dagger in hand. She fell upon the driver and quickly slit his throat. He had no chance.

I rushed over and threw open the door. There were two women inside. They appeared to be mother and daughter.

I climbed in and held them at bay with my katana. Hitomi took the reins and pulled the carriage off the road into a deep thicket. When we were sufficiently hidden, I ordered the women out. They were frightened out of their wits.

We secured the daughter first. We made her watch as I forced the mother to undress. Then I made her kneel upon the ground.

I ordered her to masturbate. She looked at her daughter with fear in her eyes as she started touching herself. It was incredibly arousing.

She was too frightened to climax. So I delivered her from any further humiliation. Her head went flying into the air.

Her daughter cried out in horror as I picked up the head and kissed the quivering lips. Hitomi began feasting on the headless woman’s crotch. Then I mauled the exposed breasts as her soul left her eyes. It was arousing beyond belief.

After we had satiated ourselves on her corpse, I turned to the daughter. We stripped her naked. Then Hitomi let the young woman rest her head in her lap as she lay on her back on the ground.

I began to feast on the daughter’s crotch as Hitomi pulled out the red, satin cord I’d given her. She wrapped it around the young woman’s neck and began to strangle her slowly. It made the daughter’s savory juices flow.

I feasted as the life was slowly strangled out of her. I watched as the soul fled her pupils. It made me shudder in pleasure.

Afterwards I made love to Hitomi. I feasted upon her breasts as we writhed together. When we were finished I panted for breath, fully satisfied.

I looked at her and thought about it for a long moment. Then I spoke. “I should take your life now.”

In response she offered me her throat. I grabbed it and squeezed with my fingers. She began to shudder in my grasp until I let go.

She panted for breath as she looked at me. I told her, “I will take your life tomorrow.”

All she said in return was, “I will be here to give it to you.” I’d said it so many times that she no longer believed me. Still, I think she actually wanted me to take it.


In the morning she was still there. She had not run away from my slaughter of the husband and wife. I found that odd.

I instructed her to remove her garments. She did as I requested without hesitation. “On your knees, Hitomi!”

She moved to comply. “Masturbate!” I demanded with sadistic cruelty. She reached down to touch herself.

I unsheathed my katana and got ready to strike. It was intoxicating to watch her. Still, I prepared myself to sever her head from her body.

She panted for breath as she fingered herself… harder and harder. She was quite beautiful. I did not know her background, nor did I ask. But she had seen my work and could not live to tell the tale.

I prepared to swing as she panted like crazy. Then she let out a guttural cry as she orgasmed. My katana swung through the air.

There was a whooshing sound. Hitomi flinched. Then I sheathed my blade.

She looked at me strangely before I leaned down and kissed her lips. Was she grateful I had spared her? Or was she disappointed?

I walked away with the possessions of the two I had slain the previous day. For some reason I had decided to allow Hitomi to live. I could not bring myself to destroy such beauty.

I do not know how far I walked when I sensed a presence behind me. I whirled as I reached for my katana. Hitomi stopped behind me and bowed low.

I looked at her curiously. Then I turned and kept going. I heard more footsteps behind me.

I turned to look. She was still there. Apparently I had picked up a straggler.


They set upon us without warning. I sensed the danger a little too late. Then they were on us.

There were six of them as they grabbed us, making it impossible for me to reach my weapons. They stripped us and had sex with us. I lost myself as I gave in to their lusts.

I looked to see Hitomi was also lost in lust. She did not care what they did to her. But I could tell she received pleasure by their savage hands.

I waited until they were at a weak point. Their cocks were out as they sought a second pleasuring. That’s when I made my move.

I sprang to my feet and pounced on my katana. My blade sang as bodies fell. Two heads rolled.

To my surprise Hitomi had also taken action. One of the bandits had a knife stuck in his chest. There was a look of surprise in his features.

“Now we shall take our pleasure,” I told her as I climbed onto the nearest cock still erect. She found one as well.

We both rode those organs until we received pleasure. I watched with excitement as the eyes of my victim faded when his soul departed. It never ceased to thrill me.

When we were done I took up my katana. It was time. I ordered Hitomi to her knees.

I told her to masturbate. She dutifully began rubbing herself. She moaned and panted as though anxious to achieve orgasm before my blade sang.

I got ready to deliver the fatal slash. But this time I could not even swing it. I was overcome by her beauty as I witnessed what she believed to be her last search for pleasure.

I watched with longing as she climaxed. Then I fell upon her and ravaged her until we were both breathless. Afterwards I told her, “I will take your life tomorrow.”

All she said in return was, “I will be here to give it to you.”


One witness had been left behind during one of our murderous encounters. And one was all it took. Soon we were ambushed and taken captive.

I knew my life was not long for this world. Hitomi’s was short simply for taking up with me. I almost felt bad for her, but I could not. Life had turned my heart to stone.

We were incarcerated. There was no trial. I would have been bored anyway if there would have been.

I was surprised when we had a visitor to our cell. It was my brother. He had become regent of the surrounding area. Missing his hand meant he could not rise any higher politically. I almost smirked.

“Jikoseiai? I should have known it was you.”

I peered at him with a trace of amusement. “I see life has treated you well despite the lack of a hand, brother.”

“No thanks to you.”

“It was you who challenged me, remember? It was you who left me this scar.” Then I opened my garment and showed it to him. Hitomi gave me a look as though it all made sense to her now.

He showed no emotion or remorse. “I should have killed you back then.”

“Now you will succeed in having me killed. Will it be by your own hand?” I almost smiled as I looked at his right arm.

The retort landed. He glared angrily at me. Hitomi observed us without saying a word.

“So I am no longer for this world. That should please mother and father.”

“Mother and father are dead.”

“A pity they cannot see me die. I’m sure it would have done them good.”

“You will hang with your lover in the morning.”


I looked at Hitomi for a long moment. I was going to correct him over his error. But I chose not to. She was as close to a lover as I was ever going to have, as close as I probably deserved.

Brother left us alone. I looked at Hitomi for a long moment. Then I started kissing her.

She offered me her neck. I squeezed hard with my fingers, enjoying the way her juices flowed. When I released her she gasped for breath before telling me, “You make take my life for your pleasure.”

I smiled knowingly at her. “I will take your life tomorrow.”

All she said in return was, “I will be here to give it to you.”

Oh, the irony. Tomorrow we would both be giving up our lives.

11 (Conclusion)

In the morning we were led out naked. A large crowd had gathered to witness the blessed event. I’m sure they were happy to have a bandit such as myself off the highways.

There were two nooses on the gallows. The ropes looked quite thick. I suspected we were going to suffer long and hard.

Hitomi sought to speak to the executioner in private. I saw her whisper something into his ear. He looked at her and then me with amusement. “It will be done,” he said quietly.

As she drew closer I softly asked, “What was that all about?”

“I made a last request.”

“As long as I’ve known you, you have never asked for anything.”

“I did not ask it of you. I asked it only of him.”

I nodded in understanding. “I am interested to see this ‘last request’.”

We were noosed side by side. To my surprise our arms were untied. Then we were made to face each other.

I lifted my eyes with amusement as her wrists were tied behind my back. Then my wrists were tied behind hers. We were now noosed together in a lover’s embrace. Whatever happened to me would also happen to her.

I saw the question in her eyes. “I approve” was all I said. There was a hint of a smile in her features. It was the first time I had ever seen her face like that.

“I will take your life now,” I murmured to her.

“I freely give it to you,” she whispered back.

There was no fanfare, not for a couple of criminals the likes of us. The lever was pulled and we simply dropped. But we did not drop far enough to break our necks.

The noose tightened dramatically around my throat. I saw Hitomi rasp and gurgle in hers. Even with my approaching death, seeing her strangle was beyond arousing.

She grunted as she pressed her lips to mine. I kissed her back as my legs began to kick. Then we entered our dance of suffering.

We violently humped each other as our nooses choked the life out of us. She kissed me harder as I returned it with a violence of my own. Our breasts mashed together as we pounded our pussies.

The crowd laughed and jeered at such a fine spectacle. I should have been humiliated. But I did not care.

Even in death Hitomi was still trying to give me her life. As my final act of love to her I tried to accept it. I sucked on her tongue as our bodies gyrated while humping hard against each other.

The roar of the crowd intensified. We were giving them a grand show. But neither of us cared.

I lost all control of my motor functions. But my body seemed to understand my greatest desire. Our pussies relentlessly pounded against each other until I was rewarded with a grunt as Hitomi squirted her pleasure. It sent me over the edge as I humped out an orgasm of my own.

I do not know how long we suffered. It felt like an eternity. My chest burned with fire as I tried to pull the smallest of breaths into my body.

Somehow our lips remained together. Hitomi’s bladder released as she finally gave up her life to me, something she had been trying to do ever since I’d met her. It was so special that a single tear trickled down my cheek. Then I gave up my life for her as my own bladder released.

The two of us swayed together, our lips mashed against each other. Our pussies dripped from our final union. Then our souls soared into the skies, joined forever in the hell we both had earned for ourselves…

2019 (written for Jikoseiai and Hitomi Aug 11 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the drawing I found in Jikoseiai’s photo album.)

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