The Dolcett U Drownings


I contacted Dolcett University requesting a desire to witness a couple of drownings. I’d heard their students had signed wavers and fully understood the risks of attending there. So finding “volunteers” would not be an issue.

I was given access to the pool during off hours when it wasn’t in use. A male student showed me how to use the controls to retract the pool cover. When it was withdrawn I saw how crisp and clean the water looked. It was just right in which to drown a pretty young thing.

I was asked if everything I’d seen up to that point was satisfactory. I told him it was acceptable. I also explained I had a few friends who would also be interested in witnessing a couple of drownings. He told me he would contact the administrator while I went and made the necessary calls.

I returned thirty minutes later with several friends. The school administrator, one Anita Snuffslut, and her female assistant Violet Violencia were waiting at the pool for me. With them was a young redhead by the name of Sarah Gielbert.

She was a freshman and had apparently picked up a few demerits her first year. She’d been brought from her room on short notice. She was only wearing a bra and panties.

Apparently Sarah was unaware when she’d been summoned that she was going to drown for us. She put up quite a ruckus despite understanding the risks of attending Dolcett U. As a result, the assistant went out and returned with a brown, metal chair.

Sarah was forced to sit down in the chair. Her arms were tied behind her back with rope despite her continued protests. Her ankles were similarly secured.

She was bound to the chair with several coils of rope wound tightly around her waist. It had the effect of sucking in her tummy while throwing out her chest. Miss Snuffslut promised the freshman would put on a good drowning for us.

Sarah demanded to be set free or her father would sue the university. She did not want to drown. She promised she would work harder so as not to accumulate any more demerits. But Miss Snuffslut listened to none of it.

Above the pool was a pulley system with a harness. Miss Snuffslut retrieved the remote and showed me how to operate it. She had the pulley slide over where she could lower it until she and Miss Violencia could hook Sarah and her chair up to it.

At that moment the freshman began to curse the administrator. Miss Snuffslut slapped her face hard, telling her she would accept none of her sass. She was informed she had this coming and was instructed to take it bravely. Once more Sarah threatened to have her father sue the school, only to have the administrator slap her face hard again.

I was asked if I had any questions. I did not as my friends and I were eager to watch the young woman drown. So Miss Snuffslut made sure I understood how to operate the remote to the pulley system.

She apologized for not being able to stay and assist. But she and Miss Violencia were late for a meeting. Before they left she glared at Sarah before telling me, “I would advise you to take your time and drown her nice and slow. It’s what she deserves.”

Sarah called her a bitch before demanding to be allowed to call her father. Miss Snuffslut slapped her face one last time before telling her, “I want you to drown like the student you were supposed to be when you enrolled here!” Then she strode out the door with Miss Violencia in tow.

I activated the controls to the pulley system. Sarah was abruptly pulled up into the air. Immediately she threatened to have her father sue us if she was not immediately released.

She gasped in alarm as I swung her out over the water. Once more she threatened to have her father start legal proceedings against us if we didn’t set her free. I just lowered her down toward the middle of the pool without the slightest hesitation.

She suddenly changed her tune and started to beg and plead for her life. But my friends and I were here to observe a drowning… more than one if we had the time. So I lowered her down into the water.

I stopped her with just her head sticking up above the surface. She let out quite a scream, demanding we set her free and then frantically begging for her life. That’s when I lowered her. Bubbles came up as her head submerged.

I stopped her less than a foot below the surface, her red hair flowing around her face as she shook her head. We all watched as she twisted and struggled. Numerous bubbles came up as she fought to escape the chair.

I lifted her back up until her head was sticking out of the water. She came up gasping for breath. Her hair draped down over her face as she cried out to be set free.

I cruelly lowered her back down until she was barely a foot below the surface again. Once more she shook her head, setting her hair flowing all around her face. Bubbles came out of her nose as she struggled in the chair.

I kept her submerged a little longer, watching until her chest began to heave from her breathlessness. Then I pulled her back up. She came up gasping for breath again as the guys around me encouraged me to keep making her suffer.

Once more she started to plead for her life. I just lowered her back down until she went under again. This time I dropped her two feet below the surface.

She struggled and bubbled as she tried to escape her bonds. But the administrator and her assistant had done a good job securing her to the chair. She was not escaping her fate.

Everyone around me was enjoying her bubbles and struggles. They said it was an exciting part of the drowning process to dunk her several times at first. Since we’d been instructed to drown her nice and slow, I took full advantage.

I lifted her back up and she gasped for breath again.  I left her with very little time to protest. After three loud gasps I lowered her right back down.

I sent her deeper into the pool, forcing her to hold her breath. It wasn’t long until she was straining again as bubbles came out of her mouth and nose. My friends all applauded the way I was teasing her.

Her chest was really heaving when I pulled her back up. She came up gasping and sputtering. This time she did not even bother trying to protest. I think she was too busy trying to get her breath back.

I gave her a few extra seconds to catch her breath. Then I lowered her back down. This time I lowered her halfway to the bottom of the pool.

She probably could have spoiled the whole thing by inhaling and just being done with it. But she was a determined young woman and desperately wanted to live. She bubbled and struggled as she tried to look in our direction, pleading with her eyes.

I waited until the very last second before pulling her back up. She came up gasping, coughing and sputtering. Then I sent her right back down.

The guys all loved the way I was making her suffer. She shook her head again, causing her red mane to flow all around her face. I waited until it looked like she was really struggling. Then I pulled her back up.

She came up coughing and sputtering yet again. One of the guys muttered, “I think you should drown the fucking bitch right now!” I got several voices of agreement.

Sarah looked at us in horror as she cried out, “Nooo!” I just smiled as I lowered her back down. My cock was straining in my trousers.

She gasped for breath and then submerged in a flurry of bubbles. I sent her straight toward the bottom of the pool. Then I stopped the pulley, leaving her a foot off the pool floor.

The strain appeared in her features right away as she struggled to hold her breath. Her eyes opened wide when she realized this was probably it. A couple of my friends waved at her while one bulged his cheeks and pinched his nose shut as though indicating she’d better hold her breath for as long as she could.

Sarah suddenly lost a burst of air out of her mouth. Then she began thrashing about in the chair. A moment later she released the remaining air in her lungs.

She hitched painfully as she inhaled deeply. Then she went into spasms and convulsions. We all watched with glorious anticipation as she drowned painfully.

I slowly lowered her in the chair until she was upright on the pool floor. Then I pressed the release. She and the chair were left behind as the pulley came up out of the water.

Sarah thrashed about less and less as she continued to drown. She kept coughing and convulsing down there on the pool floor. It was incredible to watch.

Her hitches and spasms became less frequent until her head finally lolled forward. Stray muscles fired, but she looked to be no longer in control of her motor functions. The occasional bubble slipped out past her lips.

We all waited and watched until she was hardly moving at all. There was one last spasm, forcing a few small bubbles out of her mouth. Then she appeared to settle in place as though she was taking a nap, her head tipped forward.

The guys all cheered as I moved the pool cover back into place. Several had bulges from their arousal and excitement. A couple had stained themselves. But I had been assured we would be able to find willing coeds on campus to assist us with our sexual needs once we’d completed our observations.

About that time a young brunette in red bra and panties came through the door. “My name is Alice,” she explained. “I was told to report to the pool?”

She looked around until she saw the pulley above the covered pool. Then she turned to look at the lot of us. “Miss Snuffslut sent me. Why am I here?”

“You mean you don’t know?” She just looked at us and shook her head.

“Care to hazard a guess?” one of my friends asked with a lustful grin.

“Am I hear to fuck?”

I told her, “It’s much worse than that, I’m afraid.”

She looked at me in confusion. Then she looked at the covered pool and the dangling pulley. That’s when she gasped, “Are you… are you going to drown me??”

I smiled as I told her, “Yes we are. Do you have a problem with that?”

She paused as she thought it over for a long moment. Then she told me, “No problem, sir. I knew the risks when I started attending classes here.”

She looked at us questioningly. Then a smile broke out all over her face. “I see you all have bulges. Are you looking forward to drowning me?”

“Yes we are, Sarah.”

“Does the thought of drowning me turn you guys on?”

“It sure does.” That’s when she got this sly grin on her face.

“I’m glad. I guess if I have to drown, somebody might as well get off to my suffering, right?”

“Oh, we’ve already enjoyed one drowning today,” my buddy Thomas told her. “You’ll be our second.”

“Oh, really? Who else did you drown?”

I activated the controls that caused the cover to retract. It revealed our first victim sitting in the chair at the bottom of the pool. Alice gasped as she looked down at the body in the water.

“Who’s down there? It’s hard to tell the way the water is rippling.”

Thomas piped up, “Her name was Sarah Gielbert.”

Alice was stunned. “That’s my roommate Sarah down there??”

“She was your roommate??” Thomas was shocked.

I asked, “Do you have a problem with that, Alice?”

“Not really. She was kind of a bitch anyway. And she was acquiring demerits pretty damned fast. I kind of figured it was only a matter of time until she ended up dead. Maybe that explains why I’ve been summoned since I’m her roommate. Miss Snuffslut must want to make our dorm room available to some new students.”

She paused for a long moment. Then she asked, “How did she die? How bad was it?”

“It was painful,” I replied. “She didn’t want to drown. Miss Snuffslut ordered us to make sure she suffered. So she was raised and lowered out of the water several times before we drowned her. We left her near the bottom hanging in the middle of the pool attached to that chair when it happened.” I made it sound vague as to who was responsible despite the fact I was holding onto the controls.

Alice’s response startled us all. “Bitch. Served her right. She always did think she was above everybody else. She kept threatening to have her father sue the school over the least little thing. And she wasn’t all that nice to me. Now I kind of wish I would have been here to watch her drown.”

Thomas motioned at me and said, “Don’t you think we should be moving things along?”

I had a little sympathy for Alice as I told him, “Are you that eager to watch another drowning?”

“Hell yeah! We all are!” I was too, but I didn’t want to say anything.

Alice wasn’t the least bit bothered by our enthusiasm. “Oh that’s ok. You’d better go ahead and get me all ready to drown. I know you’ve got places to go. Besides, they’ll be needing the pool in half an hour.”

I asked, “You’re not upset or angry about all this?”

“Why should I be? If I have to drown then I’m glad I’m going to have an appreciative audience.” She smiled at all of us standing there.

One of the guys fetched some more rope. When he returned I told Alice to put her hands behind her back and to put her feet together. She never once put up a fuss.

She looked at our bulges again and told us she wished she had more time so she could take proper care of us. She suggested we check out Gloryhole Hall to get some satisfaction after we finished drowning her. I told her we’d make sure to tell them she’d sent us over. She smiled at that.

I tied her hands and feet together. Then someone fetched a 28 pound scuba-dive weight belt to put around her waist. She gasped as she started to tremble.

“Scared, honey?” She looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah, I’m scared. But I’m also a little excited. Sarah probably didn’t understand she had an appreciative audience to drown in front of. I just hope I put on a good show for you. I’ll hold my breath and try to struggle so you can really get off to my drowning.” She was certainly being a good sport about the whole thing.

I brought the pulley over and lowered it so I could hook her up to a harness. She gasped again. Then she told us, “That stupid bitch! I’m going to make sure I drown real good for all of you. I hope you’ll enjoy yourselves and will put in a good word for me with Miss Snuffslut.”

I gave her a long kiss. She actually humped my bulge a little. Then I used the controls to lift her up into the air.

She called out, “Drop me right next to the bitch! We might as well be together!” So I swung her out over the water until she was close to the middle of the pool.

The guys got excited as we all moved toward the edge of the water. Alice panted for breath as she dangled from the pulley. “Enjoy yourselves!” she called out bravely. “Now go ahead and drown my ass!”

My thumb hovered over the button. She gasped sharply. Then she yelled, “DO IT; DROWN MY FUCKIN’ ASS!”

I couldn’t resist a girl with such spunk. So I hit the button. She dropped into the water with a splash and sank all the way to the pool floor.

She bottomed out, managing to land upright on her tennis shoes. Then she started to go over backwards. I think my cock was harder than it had been when we drowned her roommate Sarah.

She kept going over backward. She didn’t try to struggle or stay upright or anything as bubbles trickled out of her nose. A couple of the guys commented on how hot it was the way she was so eager to drown for us.

We saw her turn to look at her roommate as she landed on her ass. She was losing more bubbles out of her mouth. This wasn’t going to take very long.

She ended up partially on her side looking at her roommate. I couldn’t help wondering what was going through her mind. Was she terrified? Or was she disgusted Sarah had not drowned with the same attitude she was now exhibiting?

All of the sudden she started coughing up bubbles. Then she went into what looked like painful spasms. She bucked and hitched and thrashed about as she drowned for us down there on the pool floor.

She became quite animated as she struggled down there. It looked like she was really suffering. But she kept staring at Sarah the whole time as though her bitch of a roommate didn’t understand why it was so important to put on a good show for outsiders.

None of us said a word. It was quiet the whole time she drowned. Bubbles kept coming up until they trailed off. Then she just laid there as though trying to have a conversation with her roommate.

Poor Sarah wasn’t going to have a conversation with anybody ever again. She was never going to be able to ask her father to sue the school. She just sat there with her eyes all crossed-eyed and vacant.

She sat slumped forward, her lips parted as the occasional bubble came out. I’m not sure who drowned harder. But I think Alice put on a much better show overall.

Alice stared up at her roommate with unseeing eyes. I like to think she experienced some form of disgust at Sarah’s lack of enthusiasm and resistance. We were definitely going to put in a good word for her with Miss Snuffslut.

I finally asked my companions, “Any questions, guys?” They all shook their heads. I saw a couple more had stained their pants.

I closed the cover to the pool. As it slid across the surface of the water we saw Alice release a few stray bubbles. I thought I saw her hitch a time of two. But I assumed those were merely agonal spasms.

The cover finally closed on the both of them. “Class dismissed,” Thomas said with a chuckle. “Now what was the name of that dorm again?” I knew we would be giving those girls over at Gloryhole Hall a lot of spunk before we finally said our goodbyes to Dolcett U.

2019 (written May 11 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by C. Mike Hunt’s great renders which have been included for illustration purposes.)

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