Water Babies Part IV


It quickly becomes something of an orgy out here in the big Jacuzzi tub. I’ve given permission and also received permission for just about everything. Still, it’s my first time being in the middle of such a wide open sexual free-for-all.

It would be a little overwhelming if everyone wasn’t so friendly and eager. The oral contests certainly helped remove most of my inhibitions. The goal is to give and receive pleasure, and I’m certainly up for that.

Sandra loves the attention of being blinded and helpless in the water. She must have quite the submissive side. Either that or she simply loves how her body responds when she’s tied up and helpless.

She ends up bent over sucking my cock underwater while Bart fucks her from behind. I hear erotic grunts of pleasure as he fucks bubbles out of her mouth. I pull her head up, kiss her deeply, and then allow her a deep breath before guiding her back down below the surface to spear her mouth with my cock again.

Irene Giddings sits in Melvin Levinson’s lap, thoroughly enjoying riding his dick. They take a deep breath and submerge to fuck underwater. Sexy bubbles come up, combining with Sandra’s talented mouth to keep me continuously hard.

I watch as Donna comes out of the building and walks up to Gene. She says something to him while pointing over at Ford. Gene talks to Ford before all three of them head back into the building.

For a moment I wonder what that was all about. Then my cock quivers in Sandra’s mouth. It’s time to give her more air.

I pull her head up and allow her another breath while Bart continues to fuck her. She whimpers and moans before gasping, “It feels so good!” That’s when Laura comes over to me.

She looks lustfully at me before asking, “Can you hold your breath that long while fucking underwater? I mean that two minutes you were underwater licking pussy?”

I smile at her as I reply, “Would you like to find out?”

“Fuck yeah… that is, if it’s ok with you, James.”

She climbs into my lap as I move away from the edge of the Jacuzzi. She fully impales herself on my cock, wriggling and moaning with delight. Then she gasps, “Fuck; what a night!”

We glance over to see Melvin and Irene come up for air. Laura tells me, “Don’t you think someone should be underwater holding their breath and fucking at all times? I think it’s our turn now, James.”

I smile and nod as we both fill our lungs. Then we submerge in a flurry of bubbles. Laura moans as she sits in my lap with her pussy clenching. It’s going to be a long, hot underwater breath-hold with my cock up her twat.

Looking out the window to see Laura fucking my husband James gives me mixed feelings. A part of me likes the idea of him giving pleasure to another woman. But it’s still a painful reminder we could be doing so much more together back home while enjoying ourselves in the process.

Donna comes back with her husband Gene and Wilma’s husband Ford. Ford sees me and smiles as he asks, “How was your nap, Nora?”

“It was good,” I reply. “I think I needed it after all the pleasure I received earlier this afternoon.”

“So what gives?” Gene asks his wife.

She points at me as she tells him, “Nora here wants a few pointers.”

Wilma stands up and smiles as she takes her Ford by the hand. “I thought we could adjourn this session to the poolroom downstairs. Nora here wants the ‘hands-on’ approach… that is, if you gentlemen don’t mind.”

“Why should we mind?” Gene asks with a smile as he looks right at me. It gives me an erotic shiver. I find myself starting to get horny again.

We all head downstairs where we enter a little room with a soaking pool. It’s about five feet deep with a ledge where people can sit in the water. But there’s plenty of room for lying on the bottom totally submerged.

Wilma looks at me and smiles.  Then she asks, “Shall we all get naked, Nora?”

“Uh… yeah; we might as well.”

I’m the first one to start undressing. After all, you could say this is sort of my party in the first place since I’m the one who asked for help and pointers. I might as well show everyone I’m all in.

Our clothes get stacked in piles before we all climb down into the water. Then Wilma tells the guys, “Nora told us she wants to work on her oral skills. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why should we mind?” Gene smiles in reply. I nervously smile back.

Wilma pats the edge and tells her husband to climb out but to sit close to the edge. His cock is soft as it dangles right there. Then she grins at me.

“Some of it is psychological, Nora. If you hate it so much, you’ll never learn to enjoy it. I’ve learned to love it. I love giving his cock a lot of attention and making it stiffen in my mouth. Care to give his cock some attention?”

I smile as I get closer to him. Donna is right there next to me. She tells me, “I’ll help you if you need a pointer or two.”

I try kissing and licking the outside of his dick. She joins in and shows me how she really likes to give a cock some loving before she takes it into her mouth. Together the two of us lick and mouth the exterior of his shaft.

Ford sighs with pleasure. I kind of like his response to what we’re doing to him. Then I see Wilma take a deep breath before going underwater to service Gene’s cock while he sits there. It looks like neither one of the guys is going to be left out down here during my training.

Laura and I turn our sex into something of a breath-hold contest. She sits in my lap, her pussy squeezing me as we kiss each other deeply. For the moment we’re just trying to see how long we can stay underwater, sexually intertwined with a minimal amount of movement.

It feels incredible having my cock inside her as we hold our breath. Occasionally she squeezes me with her muscles as our tongues intertwine. Bubbles trickle out of our mouths and noses until it gets easier to stay down on the bottom.

We hear Sandra cry out from the fucking she’s getting. Her head is bent over in the water as she sucks Tom Burrows while Bart fucks her from behind. Art and Irene are fucking side by side with Melvin Levinson and Joyce Burrows. The two women reach over to grope each other’s boobs as they bubble while bent over at the waist face down in the water.

All that grunting, bubbling and fucking has me all turned on. It’s a good thing Laura and I are doing a static breath-hold while she sits in my lap impaled on my cock. Otherwise I would probably cum inside her right away.

I find myself amazed how different people can come together for the purpose of experiencing sexual pleasure in the water. A part of me still feels a certain sense of hesitation… a little bit of reservation perhaps? But for the most part I’m able to go with the flow since I want to do my best to give pleasure wherever I can.

Nora crosses my mind and I wonder where she is. Is she still in bed taking a nap? Is she with the others? Gene and Ford got called away so maybe she’s with them as well as her best friend Wilma.

I never thought about it before. But feeling Ford’s cock stiffen in my mouth does give me a bit of a thrill. I hear him gasp and moan as I suck him.

Wilma pops up to the surface from blowing Gene underwater. She smiles knowingly at me. Then she tells me it might help if I listen to how much her husband likes what I’m doing to him. Then she fills her lungs before she goes back down to service Gene some more.

Donna gives me pointers as we take turns sharing Ford. She tells me it’s all about focusing on the sensations of the organ and the pleasure he’s receiving. She tells me sometimes she will touch herself or even masturbate to associate her own pleasure with giving blowjobs. It’s an interesting idea.

After a while we switch men. Now I’m forced to hold my breath while I take on Gene with his cock underwater. Donna comes under to help me as we blow bubbles around his dick.

When I finally take him into my mouth I feel him twitch and stiffen. Following Donna’s advice, I reach down and start to touch myself. I hit the part that feels really good, causing me to moan into the cock in my mouth. Gene moans back, and I find it quite a turn-on.

I come up to catch my breath only to see Wilma sucking her husband’s erection. She grins at me as she invites me to come over and share. Donna gleefully gets her husband’s cock all to herself, going back under as bubbles come up while I go help Wilma with Ford’s dick.

While I suck on his cock Wilma pauses to tell me, “For some of us, it’s partly a case of changing our way of thinking. I didn’t use to like sucking cock that much. Then I finally understood how much pleasure it gives Ford. And since I’m the one who controls that, I love to hear him moan and groan. It’s quite the turn-on.”

I come off his cock and watch as she takes him deep down her throat. He grabs the back of her head and thrusts a little harder. She grunts and gurgles as he gasps and sighs, “Oh fuck! Oh gawd! Oh fuck!”

I hear an eruption of bubbles, only to see Gene is doing the same thing to Donna. She grunts and gurgles as she loses air while being forced to take him deep. Then he lets her come up for a breath.

For a moment I’m put off over the way he was being rough with her. Then he pulls her up and kisses her deeply. She moans into his mouth before she fills her lungs and goes back down, only to be face-fucked a little harder.

I look at Wilma as though not sure I’m all that comfortable. She comes off her husband’s cock and smiles. “I like doing that for Ford. It gives me a thrill because it’s me he wants to throat-fuck… me he wants to stick his dick inside… me he wants to use. It makes me feel like his fuck-queen. And then… when I get to ride his cock?” She grins as she goes back to sucking, allowing him to grab her and fuck her face.

I watch the guys skull-fuck their wives. It seems rough, and yet on some strange level it feels as though the wives are in control. I find myself a little confused by all the dynamics.

Donna comes up and asks if I want to have another turn. I nod as I fill my lungs and go back down. What’s the point of turning down cock, especially when it’s the wife offering her husband to me.

I take him into my mouth and try to suck him deep. I reach down and finger myself, causing me to moan up bubbles. I hear him groan which gives me erotic tingles.

I come up and catch my breath. That’s when Donna asks, “Want him to fuck your face a little, Nora?”

I look at her and hesitate, but only a little. After all, I’m here to learn, giving in to experiences I wouldn’t normally engage in. I nod as I tell her, “Ok; let’s give it a try.”

Wilma’s got her husband’s cock in her mouth as she looks over at me and smiles. Donna pushes my head under after I get a good breath. Then I take Gene’s cock between my lips.

He grabs my head and thrusts, but it isn’t very hard. He doesn’t hit the back of my throat; I think he’s pulling his punches. But his groans indicate he likes it nonetheless.

I touch and rub myself as I moan up a few bubbles. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Then I come up to the surface with a smile.

“Want it a little rougher?” Wilma asks with a grin. “I love it when Ford wants to fuck my skull.” I nod my consent. Doing it with Ford above the surface might be a better place to start.

I move over and take his cock into my mouth, trying to suck him deeper. He grabs my head and starts to thrust. It’s definitely more aggressive. But I still feel as though he’s trying to be careful.

He hits the back of my throat a couple of times, causing me to gag and gurgle. He gasps with pleasure as he does it again. I’ve seen how rough he can be with Wilma. But it still feels like he’s holding back with me.

Every time I gag he gasps with pleasure. I feel his cock twitch in my mouth. So I try to focus on how it reacts and what it feels like. Amazingly I’ve pushed to the back of my mind those previously unpleasant thoughts about my distaste for sucking dick.

Laura and I surface, kissing each other deeply. We’ve held our breath a couple of times so far and have stayed under for quite a while. But all the fucking going on around us is starting to have an effect.

“I want you to really fuck me now!” she gasps eagerly. “Hold me under and fuck me hard, James! I want to cum underwater!”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold back, Laura. You’re so sexy, and the whole damned place is erotic as hell.”

“Then cum with me, James!” And with that she comes up off my cock, takes a deep breath, and then goes back down onto her hands and knees.

I submerge as I slide into her pussy from behind. Then I start thrusting harder and faster. She starts bubbling like crazy as she pushes back against me.

Melvin and Joyce are still fucking each other underwater. They watch us as we watch them, the two women moaning and bubbling as they take a couple of dicks up their twats. It’s incredible to see another couple underwater watching us fuck while we’re watching them do the same thing.

Laura goes nuts as she bubbles, “FUCK ME, JAMES! MAKE ME CUM! OHMYGAWD; I’M GONNA CUM!”

Her enthusiasm makes my cock twitch inside her, spurring me on. Melvin and Joyce look like they’re really fucking each other as well. Joyce savagely gropes her boobs, her face an expression of breathless pleasure.

Laura suddenly goes off, clamping onto my cock with her pussy and refusing to let go. Then she expels a huge flush of bubbles as she rockets off in orgasm. Pleasuring her is enough to trigger my own release as I furiously pump my seed into her pussy.

Joyce lets out a bubbly cry of her own. It looks like she might be having an orgasm as well. Then I see how much Laura needs air. So I help her up to the surface where we both pant wildly for breath.

I go back underwater to suck Gene’s cock. But some of the old concerns start to rise back up within me. Donna comes under to help by groping my boobs and fingering my pussy.

I come off his dick, only for Donna to gleefully take it deep down her throat. He grabs her head and gives her a few good thrusts, causing her to grunt up bubbles as she moans her pleasure.

I pop up to the surface where he pulls me to him and kisses me deeply. He grins as he tells me, “It feels good, Nora. I think you’re catching on.” Then Donna comes back up.

His encouragement makes me fill my lungs before I go back down. I take him back into my mouth and work hard to vacuum his dick. I use my tongue to swirl all around the tip of his shaft.

Up at the surface I hear him gasp, “Fuck, baby! Nora’s making me feel good! I think she’s starting to get the hang of it!”

Donna giggles as she tells him, “That’s because she has a couple of good teachers.” I smile and moan as I try to enjoy myself while holding my breath.

I come up gasping, only to turn to Wilma and ask if I can do her husband again. She’s willing to share and Ford’s eager to receive. So I move over and take him into my mouth to work some more on my oral skills.

Wilma interrupts by showing me a couple of her techniques, sucking on Ford and making him groan. Then I give it a try. He groans again which gives me erotic quivers.

“Gene needs a hot mouth!” Donna declares with a chuckle. So I come off Ford, take a deep breath and submerge. I take Gene back into my mouth where I work on swallowing him deep while groping my boobs.

It’s become easier to hold my breath while I’m focused on sucking cock. I’m even staying down longer. Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this.

Gene moans, which really turns me on. I remember Donna’s words, so I reach down to finger myself. Every time Gene groans I thrust fingers in and out of my cunt, adding to my arousal.

I need another breath so I pop up to the surface. Wilma gags on her husband’s cock before asking, “Care to have another mouthful?” I nod excitedly, liking the way I can make Ford feel good with my lips wrapped around his dick.

I move over right in front of him before I take him back into my mouth, trying to suck him deeper. He’s not too rough on me and I realize the guys have still backed off. I think my body language is telling them I don’t like it so rough.

I tell myself it’s not really all that bad. It’s just something I haven’t learned to adapt to yet. So I come off his dick and motion for Wilma to show me again.

He grabs her head and thrusts into her mouth. The more she moans, the harder he thrusts. If she doesn’t like it, she’s certainly not letting it show.

I quietly murmur, “How can you take it like that?”

She comes off his cock to tell me, “It’s a turn-on being forced, knowing I’m the one he wants to enjoy. And I’ve learned to adapt to it. He wouldn’t fuck my skull if he knew I hated it. Hell, he wouldn’t fuck my mouth at all if he thought I found it disgusting. Sometimes there are times when I just… I just need… oh hell!”

She eagerly takes him deep down her throat, moaning like a bitch in heat. He grabs her skull and gives her a few hard thrusts. She moans again.

An eruption of bubbles makes me look down at Donna. Gene is giving her a good skull-fucking as well. Then he pulls her up and kisses her deeply.

I can see how turned on the guys are. So I tap Wilma on the shoulder. “My turn?” I ask hopefully.

She chuckles as she comes off Ford’s cock and feeds it to me. I moan as I take him back into my mouth. I realize I’m getting so turned on that it doesn’t even bother me I’m taking things between my lips that also urinate into the toilet.

Bart seems to be finished with Sandra for the moment. Her hands are still cuffed behind her back. Laura looks at me and quietly asks, “Think we should have a go at her?”

I nod as we both move over to Sandra. Laura starts to push her over backward. She gasps, “Oh fuck!” before she fills her lungs just in time.

Laura mashes her pussy against her lips. I go underwater to feast on her cunt. Almost immediately Sandra begins moaning and bubbling.

The action has settled down around us. Perhaps everyone has enjoyed a cum and is taking a break. But Sandra seems to be up for more.

Her pussy is really tasty. It twitches as I probe her treasures with my tongue. She groans into Laura’s muff, losing more of her breath until we all finally rise to the surface.

Sandra gasps for breath. “Oh gawd!” she moans, right before Laura pushes her back under. I fill my lungs and go back down with her, situating myself between her legs so I can feast on her muff.

I feel her writhe and twitch as my tongue pokes and probes. I hear muffled grunts as she is forced to eat Laura out. The blackened dive mask must make her wonder who is doing this to her. Maybe it’s adding to her arousal not knowing who is pleasuring her or who she is eating out.

I do my best to hold my breath for as long as possible. Having a delicious cunt to feast on certainly helps distract me from burning lungs. It feels like I’ve been under nearly two minutes before we all have to surface again.

Laura quietly motions we should switch places. Sandra is forced face down into the water where I hold her head in place as she sucks my cock. Meanwhile Laura licks her pussy from behind.

Sandra jerks and bubbles, groaning into my dick. It feels incredible as I gasp and moan with pleasure. I can tell she’s enjoying working my throbbing shaft around in her mouth.

I grope her mounds as she blows me until she starts hitching and jerking. I pull her head up and she gasps and moans. She blurts out, “Oh FUCK!” before I push her back down as Laura goes back to work feasting on her pussy.

She writhes and whimpers as she sucks my dick. I think Laura is trying get her off. It proves to be not all that difficult.

Sandra suddenly stiffens with my cock between her lips. Then she lets out a muffled scream of bubbles, briefly shuddering before thrashing about. I pull her head up and she comes up panting wildly for breath.

“Oh fuck!” she gasps. “That was… I can’t… that was… FUCK!”

I push down on her head, making her take my cock back into her mouth. Laura works on her pussy with her fingers, giving her a wicked little finger fucking. Sandra suddenly stiffens before she lets out another muffled, bubbly cry of pleasure.

I pull her back up, all turned on hearing her gasp for breath. “Enough!” she blurts out. “Oh fuck; I need a break!”

I look at Laura who nods as though that would be a good idea. We move her to the ledge on the edge of the hot tub. She sits there panting like crazy until she gasps, “Fuck! I don’t even know who to thank for that!”

I realize the others have been sitting there watching us. We all have a good chuckle. Then Laura removes the dive mask from her face.

It isn’t long until the cuffs are removed as well. Then she kisses me deeply. I feel her hand on my limp dick and I groan into her mouth as our tongues intertwine.

Ford starts hitting the back of my throat. I grunt and gurgle as I keep trying to suck his cock. Anytime I start to get a little distressed, I reach down and finger myself until pleasure overrides anxiety.

After a brief pause I move underwater to Gene and suck his cock while holding my breath. Donna pushes on the back of my head and I gurgle up bubbles. She reaches down to rub my boobs until I moan and bubble. It seems to help the way she’s distracting me.

I come back up for another breath. That’s when it’s back to Ford’s cock. “Yeah, baby; take it!” Wilma declares, grabbing my head and making me take her husband deep. “You fucking love it, don’t you?”

I moan as I reach down to masturbate while sucking his quivering dick. I find myself liking it more than disliking it. Even the roughness isn’t so bad anymore although I still think he’s pulling his punches.

“What do you think, guys?” Donna asks. “Is she getting any better?”

“She wasn’t like this the last time she was here,” Ford remarks when I come off his cock. I rise up to kiss him. He kisses me deeply in return.

“You’re right; I think she’s getting better,” Gene agrees. “It all depends on whether you want to or not, Nora. We certainly don’t want to force you.”

“Being forced can be a real turn-on,” Wilma tells me with a knowing wink. I smile back, telling her I’m beginning to see the benefits.

Donna smiles as she gives me a look. “Now about that control issue of yours.”

“What about it?” I reply with a smile.

“Still want to give it up?” Wilma asks.

My mind returns to the image of Sandra with her wrists cuffed behind her back and the blackened dive mask on her face. I remember what it was like down at the bottom of the pool feeling helpless while being pleasured. That’s when I realize the pleasure and orgasms certainly felt strongest when I had the least amount of control.

“Yeah, I’m in,” I tell them confidently. “Let’s go all the way.”

“Are you sure?” Wilma asks, the concern evident in her voice.

I try to sound braver than I’m actually feeling. “Yeah, I’m sure. Besides, this is for me and James.”

It suddenly dawns on me what I’ve just admitted to. Do I really want to do this for James? Wasn’t I supposed to be angry with him?

Right now I can’t remember what it was we were fighting about. Besides, I’m too turned on to think about being angry.

“Are you sure?” Donna asks carefully. I nod with nervous excitement.

“I don’t know,” Wilma says warily. “She might become another Sandra if we go through with this. That sexy slut is up for almost anything we do to her.” We all chuckle at her remark.

I’m jealous over the way they think of Sandra. I’d like to be called a sexy slut at least once. I’d even like James to think of me in that way.

“Let’s do it,” I tell them with a smile. “It can’t be any worse than what you did to me out in the pool, can it? So I give you permission to do anything you want with me.”

“I don’t know,” Wilma replies with a twinkle in her eye and a shake of her head. “I’m not sure how fair it will be letting you experience those orgasms all over again.”

“I guess you’ll just have to eat your heart out.”

“I don’t think so, Nora. But I might let you eat something else out once we get your arms tied behind your back and your eyes blinded.”

“Oh fuck; you wouldn’t!” I hadn’t even considered that. I see the guys looking at me with growing excitement as I begin to second-guess my decision.

“Ok, Donna,” Wilma tells her. “Go fetch something to take away Nora’s control.” That’s when Donna lets out a cruel laugh as she climbs out of the water, giving me the erotic shivers something fierce.

© 2018 (written Jan 17 ’18 by riwa)

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