Taking one for the team

It was the only time Kaylee Johnson had ever attended a professional basketball game. It was a team her father owned. And they were doing poorly.

The Bay City Boilers were mired in a serious slump. They’d only won three games all season. Now they were in the midst of another losing streak.

They’d lost fourteen games in a row. But tonight’s game was sold out. And twenty-year-old Kaylee Johnson was the main reason for that sellout.

For tonight’s game her father had offered the team a marvelous incentive. If they won, they would be allowed to enjoy his daughter in their locker room until the wee hours of the morning. That meant there would be several well-endowed athletes that would no doubt enjoy filling all her holes.

What bothered Kaylee was the fact that being given to her father’s team as a sex-toy for winning the game was actually her best option. Winning would send the crowd away happy. But they would not go home disappointed if the team lost.

Over in a corner of the arena stood a glass cylinder on a tall platform, visible to one and all. If the team lost Kaylee was to be placed in that cylinder. Then it would be filled with water until she drowned… a sacrifice to the basketball gods perhaps? Either way – win or lose – she would be taking one for the team.

The spectators had been informed of her decision to motivate his team prior to tonight’s game. And before the opening tip-off she’d been paraded around the arena in her white blouse and checkered skirt for all to see. Everyone knew what would happen to her if the team won. But on this night they were all hoping the team would lose its fifteenth game.

This motivational arrangement was not lost on the visiting Raleigh Rockets. If they won they would get to watch the owner’s sexy daughter drown right before their very eyes. Losing to a team as bad as the Boilers would be bad enough. But this was an added incentive to win.

The game stayed competitive all the way through the first two quarters. At halftime in the locker room the Boilers tried to pump each other up. They reminded each other of the sexual pleasures that awaited them with Kaylee once they had beaten their rivals.

Unfortunately the Rockets came out all fired up to start the second half. They got into a rhythm and started making shot after shot. They could see Kaylee waiting anxiously in the outfit she would drown in. And they could see the cylinder she would be placed inside if they came out victorious. It inspired them to play their absolute best.

The lead stretched from five points to ten. By the start of the fourth quarter the lead had blossomed to fifteen. That’s when the crowd began to realize they were about to be treated to the drowning of the owner’s daughter at the end of the game.

As time wound down they began chanting, “DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER!” Kaylee felt tears stream down her cheeks. She didn’t want to die tonight. But it was obvious her father’s team just wasn’t up to the task at hand.

When the horn sounded, the Boilers had lost by twenty-two points. It was probably the only time in recorded history that a crowd had loudly cheered the loss of their home team. The Boilers hung their heads in shame. But they weren’t disappointed for long, being as how the owner’s daughter would be drowning for them as well as everyone else.

The officials immediately moved to clear the floor. The entire arena grew quiet. That’s when then the platform with the cylinder was pushed to midcourt as Kaylee started to hyperventilate.

Stacy and Glenda, the head cheerleaders, took up positions on either side of her in case she tried to make a run for it. They all watched as large hoses were strewn across the floor and connected to valves underneath the platform. The glass wall of the cylinder retracted down into the platform until it was ready for its occupant.

Stacy and Glenda each took an arm. Then they escorted Kaylee to the platform. They dramatically marched her up the stairs while sporting big smiles on their faces. They were really looking forward to watching daddy’s princess drown.

The crowd roared before taking up the chant again… “DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER!” Kaylee swallowed the lump growing in her throat. “Too bad for you,” Stacy on her right called into her ear. “I hear Bigsley has the biggest cock on the team! At least this way you’ll be giving the paying customers their money’s worth!”

“Daddy’s girl’s gonna get wet!” Glenda added with wicked glee. “It couldn’t happen to a more entitled bitch. I guess he decided to cut off your allowance permanently.”

Their taunts didn’t help matters any. Kaylee felt alone and vulnerable. It was obvious the entire arena was looking forward to watching her drown.

When they reached the top of the platform the cheerleaders moved Kaylee into the base of the cylinder. There was already a little water in the bottom. That’s when Stacy knelt down and began securing the doomed girl’s right ankle tightly to a cement weight. There was no slack granted to her.

“Don’t want you drifting up to the top of the cylinder now,” Glenda observed with a cackle. “We’ve got a full house tonight. Everyone here wants to see you drown.”

“That’s right,” Stacy added enthusiastically as she made sure Kaylee’s ankle was secure. “They didn’t pay to see our lousy basketball team win tonight’s game. They came to watch you drown!”

“You will perform for us, won’t you?” Glenda taunted, grabbing Kaylee by the chin and shaking it. “You’re gonna shake that ass real good while you give us all those drowning bubbles, right?”

“If I was in charge I’d make her do this nude,” Stacy told her companion. “But I guess it’s all good. This white blouse of hers is gonna turn transparent in the water real fast.” Then she giggled as she told the owner’s daughter, “Every cock out there’s gonna wish it was fucking you while you suck water in here. So don’t try to free yourself; ok? Just drown the way you’re supposed to.”

Glenda mockingly asked her, “You will give your daddy a good show, won’t you, princess? After all, he set this up for the whole team as well as the whole damned city. See those cameras over there? They’re gonna broadcast your drowning around the world.”

“You’re gonna be famous, bitch!” Stacy laughed. “This should be great for an attention whore like you!”

Kaylee whimpered, more tears welling up in her eyes as they taunted her. She looked down at her ankle attached to the cement block. She gave it a tentative pull, but she was tightly secured.

“Have a nice drowning, bitch,” Stacy told her. Then the two cheerleaders bowed to the cameras and the spectators in a grand flourish. A round of applause flowed throughout the arena.

Stacy and Glenda calmly descended the platform. At the same time the glass cylinder began rising up all around her. It wasn’t long until Kaylee found herself sealed inside.

Almost immediately she started hyperventilating again. Those cruel chants returned… “DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER!” Then water started pumping into the bottom of the cylinder.

Kaylee let out a cry as she looked down. This was not going to be a slow drowning. The water level was already approaching her knees. At this rate she wasn’t going to last long. It gave her a jolt of fear as well as a perverse arousal at her dilemma.

The crowd kept chanting, eager to watch her drown. Kaylee anxiously looked around, hoping to find someone who was sad over her immediate future. But she couldn’t find one anywhere.

She looked at the cheerleaders, hoping to find a sympathetic face there. But they were doing a routine they’d come up with… “KAYLEE – KAYLEE; SHE’S A WITCH! BOILERS – BOILERS; DROWN THAT BITCH! KAYLEE – KAYLEE; SHE’S NOT MEAN! SHE IS DROWNING FOR THE TEAM! YAYYYY, BOILERS!” The crowd roared its approval.

The water level continued to climb as Kaylee continued to hyperventilate. She gasped as she looked all around, hoping someone was going to stop the flow and let her out. But the cold water reached the bottom of her skirt and kept right on rising as the spectators kept chanting, “DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER!”

Both teams stood at their respective benches, watching the cylinder fill with water. Kaylee saw multiple cocks tenting team shorts. She couldn’t believe how turned on they were at her plight.

Most if not all of the people in the stands were cheering. There didn’t seem to be a sympathetic face among them. Apparently those in attendance had bought a ticket hoping to get to watch the team owner’s daughter drown. Now they were about to get their money’s worth.

Water continued to flow into the cylinder. It rose right over her skirt and kept right on climbing. Soon it reached her breasts, causing Kaylee to gasp from the cold as her heart raced.

Kaylee couldn’t stop hyperventilating. She tried to put on a good face, both for the team and for her father. But it really didn’t matter how she acted. She was still going to drown… and they were all going to cheer when it happened.

The water rose up over her breasts, turning her white blouse transparent. The crowd roared its approval. A big screen showed a close-up of her struggle as well as the fear in her eyes. She just couldn’t believe the entire arena wanted to watch her drown.

She could feel the water flowing into the cylinder. She tried to shake her ankle free of the strap. But she was tightly secured, and it took everything she had not to reach down and try to free herself.

She panted heavily for breath as the water reached her neck. Her skirt billow upward, revealing her pink thong underwear. She had only minutes left.

She still couldn’t believe it. How could her father do this to her? How could he let her drown like this?? How long could she hold her breath before her body gave in to the inevitable??

The water continued to rise. It felt as though it was coming in faster now. Kaylee inhaled deeply, instinctively gathering as much air into her lungs as possible. Then the water was past her lips, her nose, her eyes.

It passed her forehead as the crowd roared with excitement. Her body wanted to float upward. But she was firmly tethered to the cement block and wasn’t going anywhere.

She tried to swallow down her panic as the water kept rising. She looked upward, trying to see how long before the cylinder was completely full. Would daddy drain it at the last possible minute? He wasn’t really going to drown his only daughter, was he??

There was still air up there. If only she wasn’t secured to the cement. She was totally enveloped in cold water, her nipples hardening at her dilemma as she started losing her breath.

Her skirt continued to billow as the water continued to rise. She mentally screamed for it to come back down, for the cylinder to start to drain. She was terrified; she didn’t want to go through this!

The crowd’s cheers were muted. But she still heard them. Bubbles trickled out of her mouth as she tried to hold her breath.

She stared at the two teams standing in front of their respective benches. She pleaded with them with her eyes. But they all looked excited at her impending drowning. By now several of those bulges were quite noticeable.

The strain in her lungs grew worse. She could feel her chest start to heave. But water kept flowing in, making her skirt continue to billow, no doubt so the bloodthirsty crowd could see her pink thong.

She looked up toward the top of the cylinder again. If only she could reach the air up there. She pulled on her foot, but she was securely tethered to the floor of the cylinder.

The convulsions in her chest intensified. She clapped a hand to her mouth as bubbles fizzed out through her fingers. Her cheeks bulged as another convulsion rocked her.

The crowd was chanting louder now… “DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER. DROWN. HER!” They all wanted to watch her suffer. Her mind screamed in horrified disbelief as she shook her head.

A huge burst of bubbles came out of her mouth, flushing through her fingers. It caused her to bend over backward as she coughed again. Then she was coughing up bubbles as she spasmed and convulsed.

The crowd roared its approval. It hurt unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Kaylee just kept coughing and inhaling. But now she was coughing up air mixed with water as her lungs began to flood.

It hurt so badly that she remained bent over backward, flashing her panties to one and all. Her white blouse became totally transparent. Her nipples were exceedingly erect from the cold water as she was all caught up in the throes of drowning.

How could it hurt so bad? How could anything hurt so bad?? And how could they keep cheering her drowning like that??

Kaylee just kept coughing up water and bubbles until her lungs fully flooded. Her body hurt all over. She tried to breathe, but her lungs weren’t functioning. It felt like she was being smothered and asphyxiated!

She was hit with convulsion after convulsion. It was as though her body was trying to cough out all the water she’d swallowed and inhaled. Fewer bubbles came out past her parted lips as she finally started to settle down.

She was dimly aware of the roar of her father’s paying customers. She couldn’t believe they were enjoying watching her drown. How could they be so cruel?? How could daddy do this to her??

There were fewer spasms as her body hitched less and less. Now only stray muscles were firing, getting delayed messages from her brain of impending disaster. A shudder rippled through her as solitary bubbles fled her flooded lungs.

She could feel organs shutting down. The pain was not as intense as before. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

Another minor convulsion rippled through her. Water kept flowing as though the goal was to keep her skirt billowing. Her pink panties were soaked as a stain appeared. Kaylee had cum and then pissed herself as she was drowning.

The crowd cheered loudly. Her drowning was continuously displayed on the big screen as other cameras sent it out to the viewing audience. There was not one paying customer in the entire arena with a bad seat, not one who didn’t get a good look at the young woman drowning in the cylinder.

The crowd continued cheering as she settled in place. Her body began to sway back and forth inside the cylinder. Kaylee’s senses dimmed until she finally faded away into blessed oblivion.

For the longest time no one moved. They just kept cheering and cheering and cheering. Kaylee got a ten minute standing ovation. But it was an ovation she would never be able to acknowledge or appreciate.

2019 (written Jun 28 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by renders from C. Mike Hunt included here for illustration purposes.)

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