The rivals (a Club story)

Lilith Lust had a rival in the porn industry. There were a lot of women making porn movies. But this one seemed to be infringing on her territory. The bitch’s name was Kagney Lynn Karter.

Every time Lilith made a production it seemed that Kagney was somewhere in the vicinity trying to upstage her. No matter what she did or where she went, the blonde, big-titted bitch was nearby getting just as much attention. Hell, if Lilith premiered a video Kagney was doing some sort of meet and greet somewhere that felt as though it took the spotlight right off her.

She looked into the matter and was told it was just coincidental. But Lilith didn’t believe a word of it. She thought Kagney was a bitch looking to gain some extra mileage by piggybacking off whatever publicity she was attempting to corral for herself.

Once she did a charity event that felt like it had been upstaged. Another time she was involved in a fun run, only to have Kagney schedule a beach volleyball video shoot on the very same day. It made Lilith furious.

On the advice of her manager she decided to get out of town for a few days. Back East there was a well-known club famous for sex and death. Lilith scheduled a video shoot to take place inside the facility, figuring the notoriety of being in such an infamous place would really get her name out there. It would also keep her far away from whatever that Karter bitch was doing back on the West coast.

She made sure the event would be well publicized. She wanted to do something that would include using images of the club’s methods of execution. Doing a video shoot on the premises was something no other porn star had done… or so she’d been told.

On the day of the shoot she flew back East. There was some welcome publicity when she got off the plane and made her way to the club. When she arrived she was pleased to learn the place was hopping with activity on what was proving to be one of its busier nights.

Lilith and her cameras were given permission to take video up on the Entertainment stage. She posed naked in the noose with a couple of male extra’s standing on either side of her. An appreciative group of spectators were there to watch the proceedings, some eagerly calling out for them to hang the porn star for real.

Afterwards she was allowed to stand inside the drowning tank. Weights were added to her ankles to make her negatively buoyant. Then water was added until it was above her head.

Several shots were taken of her inside the tank. She pretended she was drowning as her crew took more video. Again there were several in the audience who wanted her to drown for real.

A scene was shot with her locked into one of the guillotines while a friend of hers, another minor female porn star, was locked into the other one. Actors she’d previously used in the business fucked both her and her friend. Monique the club executrix was encouraged to pose between both guillotines as though ready to pull one of the levers.

After they were done with the Entertainment stage Lilith wanted to do a video shoot in one of the snuff rooms. So the group headed off to a room that had been set aside for them to use. So far things were going better than she could have possibly anticipated.

Along the way she signed a few autographs. One of the customers gave her a picture to sign. Lilith had just finished with her signature when she realized it was not a picture of her. What’s more, it already had another signature on it.

“What the hell? That’s not me! That’s a picture of that bitch Kagney Karter!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the man replied apologetically as he took it back. “I must have handed you the wrong one by mistake.” But when he realized he had the signature of two porn stars on a single picture he was ecstatic.

Lilith’s mood soured in an instant. “When the hell did you get her to sign that garbage?”

“After I fucked her in one of the sex rooms about a half hour ago.”

“A half hour ago? You fucked her HERE?? In one of the rooms??”

“Hell yeah! She’s been letting her fans come in and fuck her all night long!”

“That BITCH! That fucking BITCH! She’s stealing my thunder again!”

Her blood pressure skyrocketed as she turned to her manager. “Let’s get to that room and shoot the damned video, Jesse. Then let’s get the hell out of here!”

They entered a snuff room where they hooked Lilith up into the electric chair. Guys stood on either side of her with their cocks out. They didn’t give her all that much electricity. But they had to do several takes as it was evident her mind was not on the shoot. It was on that blonde bimbo trying to upstage her again.

Next she was noosed up in the middle of the room as those same two guys stood on either side of her. She grabbed their cocks and tried to smile for the camera. Then pictures and video were taken of her noosed on her knees, cocks in her hands and one in her mouth.

From there they moved to the guillotine in the room. Lilith climbed on and was strapped in tight. Then she was fucked in her mouth and ass.

Her manager was starting to get upset with her. He could tell her heart was not into it. “Lilith, where is your fucking mind right now? Would you please focus on what the hell you’re doing?” But she could not stop thinking about that bitch Kagney Karter.

She finally requested the monitor be turned on. She wanted to see what that crazy woman was up to. But it was the wrong thing to do when the channel was brought up of the room the blonde porn star was shooting in.

Kagney was on the bed, cocks in her cunt and ass with another in her mouth. It looked like she was surrounded by appreciative fans. There were even a couple of naked women in attendance.

Lilith almost exploded. Now the bitch was upstaging her club appearance! It didn’t help matters when one of the fans in the room happily commented loud enough to be overheard how Kagney Karter was taking cocks while Lilith Lust was only taking video.

The rust-haired porn star was infuriated. She could no longer go on with her video shoot. She was much too upset to think clearly.

There was no way in hell this was just another coincidence. That Karter bitch must have found out about her plans to visit the club and had deliberately scheduled an appearance of her own. Lilith seethed with unbridled fury.

Apparently word was getting around inside the club. Between the two of them Kagney Karter was actually letting her fans fuck her. That was bound to generate negative publicity that could only be detrimental to Lilith’s image.

The rust-haired porn star was beyond furious. She felt her only choice now was to provide a similar service. Otherwise word would get out that two porn stars had visited the club, but only one had allowed her fans to sexually enjoy her body.

She was forced to make arrangements to move into an empty sex room. Fans of Lilith Lust were now encouraged to come by for a visit. She would start by giving them blowjobs while signing autographs.

When they started showing up in her room she took a few cocks into her mouth. But she was still much too distracted. It soon became apparent that just sucking cock would not allow her to catch up to Kagney Karter’s generosity, being as how that bitch was giving her fans the full treatment.

Lilith indignantly realized she would have to whore herself out. What’s more, Kagney was taking cocks unprotected. If word got out, her stock would soar while Lilith’s image might take a major hit.

Word soon got around that Lilith Lust was taking cock. Several fans took the opportunity to come by for a visit, just so they could say they’d banged both porn stars. Lilith’s willingness to fuck improved her standing among visitors to the club. But she was still fuming. She felt something dramatic had to be done in order to restore her honor.

She finally sent word that she wanted to speak to that big-titted bitch. Kagney dutifully finished with her last visitor. Then the two porn stars met up in a private room with their managers in tow.

Lilith immediately accused Kagney of upstaging her at the club. The blonde responded by telling her this had been on the calendar for some time. Lilith wasn’t buying it for a second.

The managers asked how the situation could be resolved. Kagney didn’t think there was anything that needed resolving. But Lilith wanted some sort of satisfaction.

She thought of the two guillotines up on the Entertainment stage. So she suggested they have a little contest. They would both be locked in and strapped down in each one. Fans would get to bid on who they wanted to fuck and how much they were willing to spend for the privilege. Lilith wanted the satisfaction of the bidding for her services to be higher than for Kagney’s. Then the wheel would be spun.

Each porn star would pick a number. Then the wheel would be spun as they were being fucked by each winning bidder. If their number came up, the blade would come down. Thus, it would put an end to their rivalry once and for all… or so Lilith hoped.

“There’s just one more thing,” Lilith told Kagney. “We’ll have to lie face up so we can see the blade hanging above us. That way the guys can choose whether to fuck our cunt or our ass.”

She didn’t add how their sensors would be on display. She was hoping Kagney had picked up some death cum during her many fucks. With any luck her sensor would pop and that would be the end of her.

At first Kagney hesitated. Lilith was hoping to get the bitch to back down. That way she would appear to be the porn star most willing to take the ultimate risk.

Kagney looked at her manager before responding, “I think we can do that.” But Lilith wanted to put her on the spot. She thought for sure her final condition would seal her triumph.

“We’re not going to do just one spin of the wheel, bitch. We’re going to go ten full rounds in each guillotine. You can feel free to back out anytime you want. Otherwise we have to ride the guillotine through all ten spins of the roulette wheel. Whoever quits prematurely loses the contest. Whoever has her number come up, loses her head. I’m willing to go all the way. So what about you? Are you still game to give it a try?”

Both managers loudly protested. But Lilith was adamant. Besides, she already had it in her mind how her little contest was going to play out. She could already see the headlines… LILITH LUST CHALLENGES PORN STAR RIVAL TO A DUEL IN THE GUILLOTINES; KAGNEY KARTER BACKS OUT.

The blonde porn star was understandably hesitant. She ended up having a whispered conversation with her manager. He kept telling her he didn’t like it at all.

Lilith’s manger was not pleased either. He nervously asked, “Lilith? Are you sure about this? After all, there IS a danger.”

“I’ve got to get one up on that bitch, Jesse. Maybe this will shut her up once and for all. If I don’t end this now she’s going to keep pulling this crap until I go crazy!”

“I still don’t know about this.”

“It’s my decision, ok? We’re going through with this and that’s final!”

Kagney and her manager finally ended their discussion. The blonde turned to her and smiled. “Done,” she said confidently. “I agree to your terms.”

Lilith was shocked. She’d fully expected the bitch to back out. She’d made the contest so outlandish she was sure Kagney would never agree to it.

Now the shoe was on the other foot with their roles reversed. She hadn’t really wanted to risk her head in the guillotines. But if she backed out now, word would get out.

Lilith was indignant her bluff had been called. But her pride was not about to allow her to pull out. After all, this was her idea.

“Call the owner of the club, Jesse. Let’s get this show on the road. The fans are going to LOVE this!”

“Let’s do this, bitch,” Kagney told her as the two porn stars glared at each other. Lilith tried to look as though she was the one who had triumphed during the discussions. But inwardly she was already starting to second guess herself.

An excitement swept through the club as the spectators gathered around the Entertainment stage. Mistress Chastity, club co-owner was excited at all the attention her establishment was receiving. Word of the upcoming contest would get around, making them even more famous… or infamous as the case might be.

After a crowd had gathered the club executrix went up onto the platform and welcomed everyone. She announced that two well-known porn stars would be performing on the stage for their viewing pleasure. Then she grandly announced them.

Lilith Lust and Kagney Lynn Karter walked nude up onto the stage to cheers and applause. Lilith with her rust colored locks took the red framed guillotine. Kagney settled into the black one.

Both women stretched out onto their backs. They were securely strapped down, their tits proudly sticking up out of their chests. Then the lunettes were locked into place around their throats.

As an added bonus, both ladies consented to having their legs pulled up and angled toward the front of their guillotines, secured by rope to cuffs around each ankle. That left their cunts and asses fully exposed. The full chested porn stars were inwardly nervous as they tried to look eager to fuck.

Monique was able to look down on each face as she stood between them. Wicker baskets lay below each protruding head. She smiled at them, thanking each one for participating.

Kagney responded by loudly declaring, “This is for the fans!”

Lilith tried to top her by bravely calling out, “Let’s lose our heads for this great club!” Her words got the loudest roar of appreciation.

Kagney took a number first. She took black 11 because black was the color of her guillotine. The number 11 matched the year of her first anal, double anal, double penetration and double vaginal video shoots… 2011.

Lilith chose red 34. It was because her breasts were a 34 DD, her proudest assets. She believed Kagney’s E cup to be a size too big.

The auction began to decide who would get to fuck each porn star vaginally while they rode the guillotine for the first spin of the roulette wheel. Lilith went first and went out on a $600 bid. Kagney won with a $700 bid, angering her competitor.

Both guys came up to sexually enjoy their prizes. Lilith was forced to take her cock unprotected as Kagney had already decided that was how she was going to play the contest. It was an alarming addition the rust-haired porn star hadn’t counted on.

It was too late to back out now. Besides, Lilith was making herself believe everything was going to turn out all right in the end. Then the guys started fucking them while gamblers gathered around to place bets on the roulette wheel.

Lilith was so nervous that she got her man off before the wheel was even spun. He ended up leaving a nice deposit in her cunt. Kagney was more careful, working with her partner to make sure he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The bets were finalized. From her place on the stage Monique told her assistant to set the wheel in motion. The two porn stars turned their heads to see an image of the roulette wheel spinning on a large wall monitor.

The spectators cheered which one they wanted to see lose her head. Lilith was already beginning to regret her decision to bring up the contest. The only thing she could hope for now was for Kagney to get unlucky and be beheaded so she would be rid of her once and for all.

The marble harmlessly rattled into red 16. Kagney’s man came in her cunt a few seconds after that, enjoying himself and while nearly causing her to cum. There was applause as bets were paid off down around the roulette wheel.

The two men were cheered before they stepped down off the stage. Another round of bidding was begun. Kagney went first. Again her bidding topped out at $700.

Lilith listened as the fans bid for their chance to fuck her in the guillotine. She hoped this time she would win out. But she only ended up matching Kagney’s bid of $700.

The two winning bidders were applauded as they came up onstage to collect their winnings. They pulled out their cocks and started fucking the two porn stars while betting commenced down on the roulette wheel. Lilith got her tits groped, causing her to moan as Kagney begged her man to fuck her hard and enjoy her cunt.

The gambling was all set before the wheel was spun for a second time. Both women tensed again as they watched the monitor. The guys fucked them harder, hoping they would be lucky enough to be in the middle of fucking a porn star when she lost her head.

The marble settled in the black 10 slot, much to the disappointment of the spectators. This time both guys were able to hold off spurting their loads until the wheel was actually spun, leaving two more cum deposits deep inside the two porn stars. They were applauded as they zipped up and came down off the stage.

On the third round the bidding was for anal sex. Lilith went first, earning a bid of $900. But Kagney won with a bid of $1100, perhaps because she’d announced her lucky number was associated with her first anal. Lilith was left fuming again.

The winners came up, unzipped and started to fuck the two porn stars in their asses as bets were placed on the roulette wheel. Kagney really got into being fucked anally. Lilith didn’t like it quite so much. But she did her best to put her heart and soul into it.

The bets were finalized and the wheel was spun again. This time the marble settled in black 20, only a couple slots from Kagney’s lucky number 11. Hopes at seeing a beheading were dashed. But there was applause as the two guys left deposits in both asses before coming down off the stage.

Round four was planned for more anal sex. This time Kagney got a $900 final bid. Lilith won with a $1,000 bid, making her feel better at beating the price of her rival’s services… at least for that round.

The guys came up and unzipped. They started fucking both asses, thoroughly enjoying themselves as bets were placed. Then the roulette wheel was set into motion yet again.

Both porn stars anxiously watched the monitor, each one wondering whether or not she would survive. The marble rattled home in red 1, dangerously close to green 00. Had a green number popped up it was possible Monique might have pulled both levers. That thought hadn’t occurred to either porn star.

There was disappointment from the spectators that both woman had not lost their heads. After leaving two more deposits in their asses, the guys zipped up and descended the stage to polite applause. There had been four rounds thus far.

On the fifth round Monique declared the winning bidders would each get blowjobs before taking the hole of their choice. Kagney and Lilith settled in as they listened to the bidding. Their anxiety increased each time there was to be a new spin of the wheel.

The bids dropped a little. This time Kagney had a winning bid of $800 while Lilith’s was $700. Then both winners came up onstage to collect.

Kagney and Lilith tipped their heads back to accept cocks into their mouths. They sucked for a good two minutes before the guys went around to fuck them from behind. Both men chose to fuck a vagina and eagerly went at it, causing both porn stars to moan as they rocked in their guillotines.

Bets were placed on the next spin of the roulette wheel as Lilith and Kagney panted for breath. The blonde porn star went off in orgasm before the wheel was even set in motion. Lilith was becoming unnerved with each succeeding spin, not knowing whether she should be scared or aroused, much less if her head would still be attached by the end of each round.

The bets were finalized and the wheel was spun. Both porn stars tensed in breathless anticipation as their cunts got hammered. The marble settled in black 28.

Again the spectators sighed their disappointment. The guys left more cum deposits in both porn stars. Then they descended the stage to polite applause.

The bidding quickly began for round number six. Kagney bottomed out at $700. Lilith matched her bid.

The two guys came up onstage and got their cocks sucked as bets were placed on the roulette wheel. Then they went around to fuck the porn stars from behind. Kagney got hers in the ass while Lilith got hers up her cunt.

Both women were fucked hard as the wheel was set in motion after all bets had been placed. Kagney was now starting to wonder if her number was going to come up. It both scared and excited her enough to trigger another orgasm, causing her to milk a cum right out of the guy fucking her ass.

Lilith was also becoming more anxious. She could not help clenching around the cock inside her. She too orgasmed as the marble began to rattle around.

It settled in red 14. The spectators again sighed their unhappiness that both heads remained attached. The guys were applauded as they descended the stage with stupid grins on their faces.

For round seven Monique added a new wrinkle. A small lash would be added to the contest. That way the winning bidders would be allowed to whip the tits of his porn star while fucking her.

The bids jumped back up. Kagney got a bid of $1100. But Lilith beat her with a bid of $1200. She decided receiving a little breast whipping was worth beating her rival’s bid by $100.

The guys came up to collect their winnings. They accepted the lashes and proceeded to eagerly whip the tits of their porn star during penetration. One fucked Lilith in the ass while the other fucked Kagney’s cunt.

Gamblers eagerly placed more bets on the next spin of the roulette wheel. Betting was finalized and the wheel was set in motion. Both porn stars stiffened involuntarily, wondering if their luck was about to run out.

The marble started bouncing around until it landed in black 15, narrowly missing Lilith’s number by one space. She ended up crying out in orgasm as her tits were whipped. She ended up cumming harder than at any other time that night. The spectators sighed in disappointment before applauding again.

Kagney also climaxed the moment the marble fell. Playing this game was terrifying, yet thrilling. She could only wonder about the outcome with three more rounds to go. Maybe they would both get lucky and survive.

Round number eight would include being whipped in the crotch. This time there would be pain and pleasure. Monique’s cleverness kept the bids elevated, but Lilith was disappointed her winning bid was only $1000 while Kagney’s was $1100.

The guys came up onstage and received their instruments of pain. They whipped both porn stars in their exposed crotches. Then they began fucking them while flogging their tits as bets were placed on the roulette wheel.

Gambling was closed and the wheel was set in motion. Kagney climaxed again, wondering if this was going to be it for her. How much longer would it be before one of them would run out of luck?

If she survived this round she could always back out. But now her pride was at stake as well. Besides, it was quite possible neither number would come up during all ten rounds.

Lilith also cried out in orgasm as the marble began to settle. It landed in red 21. She got a load of cum up her cunt as she went weak with relief.

The crowd groaned with disappointment before applauding. The guys zipped up and came down off the stage. Both porn stars were collecting a sizeable number of cum deposits. Amazingly enough, it seemed that sloppy seconds and thirds did not seem to be deterring the bidders in the slightest.

There were only two rounds left. Lilith was sorely tempted to bow out now. But she couldn’t risk the hit to her reputation. Besides she was hoping Kagney would get cold feet and would quit ahead of her.

Both women could not wait for the contest to end. Each one had legitimate concerns she might lose her head. But they were also starting to think they just might make it all the way through to the end without the marble landing on their lucky number. Their popularity was certain to soar to new heights after this crazy night.

The bids slipped a little. Kagney won with a $1000 bid to Lilith’s $900. Then their winning bidders came up onstage, eager to whip and fuck a porn star locked into a guillotine.

Kagney got a cock in her mouth as her tits were whipped. Lilith got whipped hard in her pussy. It seemed as though the guys were becoming more and more sadistic.

Once more the gamblers began placing bets on the roulette wheel. The porn stars got brutally fucked in their asses as their tits were flogged. They both could feel the onset of another orgasm. Each one was looking forward to the end of the contest so they could finally call it a day.

Bets were finalized before the wheel was set in motion. Kagney writhed and whimpered, on the verge of another anal orgasm as her breasts got lashed. Lilith cried out in pain at the way she was being so brutally whipped and fucked.

The wheel began to slow as the marble fell out of its track. It rattled before it settled into the black 11 slot. The whole audience collectively gasped in surprise.

Kagney’s eyes flew open in horror as Monique grabbed her lever. “Congratulations, honey. You just won… or should I say ‘you just lost’? I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Thank you so much for playing.” Then she pulled the lever.

Kagney opened her mouth to scream as she started to orgasm so very, very hard. Then the blade whooshed down. It silenced her forever as the blade sliced right through her neck, bottoming out with a loud thump that made several people in the audience jump at the sound.

Her head dropped into the wicker basket as her back arched. The guy in her ass roared how tight she’d become and that he was really cumming now. He ended up leaving a massive deposit deep up her rectum.

Lilith let out a cry of surprise as she orgasmed. She got dizzy as hell, shocked one of the blades had actually been released. She couldn’t believe how Monique had so very calmly beheaded Kagney Karter. Their rivalry was definitely at an end now that the stupid bitch had lost her fucking head.

Monique reached down and lifted up the severed head out of the bloody wicker basket by a handful of blonde hair. Kagney still seemed conscious and aware as her skull was lifted up into the air. She heard the cheers of the spectators as she got a glimpse of her headless body bucking and heaving against the straps.

She also got a glimpse of Lilith’s shocked expression. Her rival finally managed a smirk of triumph. ‘That bitch! I should never have taken part in this damned contest!’ Then the life flickered out of her pupils as blood continued dripping out of her severed neck.

Monique loudly proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Kagney Karter, thank you so much for playing! Let’s give her a big round of applause, shall we?” The spectators went wild as they cheered and applauded.

Lilith was still getting fucked when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She let out a cry as Monique turned to have a look. The eyes of the executrix flashed in surprise.

“Well I’ll be damned! Your sensor just popped, honey! You know what they say… ‘Two heads are better than one,’ right? Thank you so much for visiting the club tonight.” Then she reached for her lever.

Lilith’s eyes flew open in horror. She started to cry out, “NOOOO!” Then her blade came whooshing down.

She was on the verge of cumming hard when all sensation below her neck abruptly ceased. For a moment she lost track of where she was as she seemed to plummet. Then she couldn’t see a thing.

She suddenly felt light as a feather as her vision returned. She was lifted up into the air until she could see the audience roaring with approval. What were they cheering for?

She got a glimpse of Kagney’s dripping head being held aloft right next to her. It scared her so bad that she tried to scream. But she couldn’t make a sound.

Her head was turned until she got a view of some guy strenuously whipping the tits of a naked body jerking around on a bench as he fucked it hard. But there was no head attached. That’s when she realized to her horror it was her body being whipped and fucked.

She heard the guy cry out in release. Then Monique’s head swung into view. The executrix actually kissed her lips as the light began to fade from her eyes. Then Lilith Lust was aware of nothing at all.

Monique also kissed Kagney’s mouth after locking lips with Lilith. Then she proudly held both heads aloft. The spectators roared their approval. Even Mistress Chastity was on her feet, smiling and applauding.


Lilith Lust never got the satisfaction she was seeking. Her head ended up right next to Kagney’s in a special display at the club. Once more it seemed she simply could not escape the presence of her rival who was always managing to upstage her…

…even in death…

2019 (written for Anubis May 27 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the two porn stars whose pictures have been included for illustration purposes.)

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