Frank gets out again

A bonus story for the month of October.

Sometimes good help is so hard to find. All I know is the door was open and he was gone.

I hollered out, “All right! Who let Frank out of his confinement?”

Igor came rushing up in alarm. “Is he gone?” The open door should have been a dead giveaway.

“See for yourself,” I responded sarcastically, motioning with my hand.

He looked inside and gasped in alarm as he blurted out, “Where did he go?” Then he looked at me as though I might take a swing at him for messing up again. But there was no point in doing that. Frank was gone.

“I didn’t know he got out.”

“Of course you didn’t,” I sighed as I pulled up my iPad and activated the tracking system.

I blurted out an obscenity when I saw he was out of the compound. Worse, he was heading toward the edge of civilization. This was not good.

I was concerned about sending out Igor to bring him back. That might only add insult to injury with both of them out there. It was better to do this myself.

“I’ll be out in the truck!” I declared as I raced for the door.

I headed outside, got into the truck and then took off after my wayward creation. Naturally he was cutting across the countryside whilst I had to follow the roads. I was afraid he was going to get into trouble before I could reel him in.

I drove as fast as I could, keeping a careful eye on the beeping tracker. It looked like he was approaching a home. I swore under my breath imagining him coming in contact with someone. That was all I needed!

I drove in the direction of the signal, following a road that badly needed work. I bounced off a few ruts until I parked at the edge of a subdivision. Then I got out, racing toward the home in question.

I heard a nearby scream, causing me to race around back. When I rounded the corner I located my errant Frankenstein. He’d definitely gotten himself into trouble again.

He had a woman by the neck, an attractive young thing in a skimpy white bikini with red lacing. In fact he was lifting her up by the throat, squeezing dangerously. She kicked and struggled, attempting a cry of terror that came out as a gurgle.

“Frank; put her down!”

He heard my voice and turned to see me, still holding her up in the air. Her feet fluttered a couple feet off the ground. Her face had turned a disturbing shade of red.

“I said ‘put her down’, Frank!” He seemed to understand as he slowly lowered her.

“Now let her go! That’s a good monster!”

He released his grip on her neck. She collapsed onto the ground, wheezing for breath. It had been a very near thing.

“Bad monster!” I scolded him. He looked downward as though understanding he was guilty of something.

“Are you ok, Miss?” I asked as I helped her to her feet. She nodded, rubbing her neck as she tried to speak.

“I’m sorry. He got out while no one seemed to be paying any attention.”

“You let him out??”

“No, Miss. I said ‘he got out’.”

“He could have killed me!” Then she grabbed my neck and started choking me as she repeated, “He could have killed me – he could have killed me!”

Frank responded instinctively. He pulled her away from me before grabbing her by the neck again. Then once more he lifted her up into the air as he started choking her.

“Frank, you’d better…” Then I went silent. After all, I did need a female brain as well as a few internal organs.

She rasped and gurgled as she helplessly kicked her feet. I saw her face turn red again. Then he seemed to become aware of me standing there right next to him.

He grunted as though questioning me. “Yes, Frank, we need her organs and her brain. Go right ahead.”

She looked at me in horror as though she’d heard and understood me. Then Frank squeezed harder. Her mouth gaped open as her eyes bugged out, her feet fluttering off the ground.

She suddenly went limp in his grasp. A stream of urine trickled down her legs. Then I nodded at Frank with a smile.

“The truck is right around the corner. Please bring her along, Frank. I won’t punish you this time for getting out.”

He grunted with a happy smile as though fully understanding. Then he followed me as I headed back to the truck. When I turned to look, I saw he was still gripping her by the throat with his arms outstretched, her legs swaying back and forth with each step he took as he carried her in front of him. He looked so proud.

“Frank, you don’t have to carry her like… oh never mind…”

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