Loretta and the stake


Loretta was determined to marry Mike. She didn’t care that he was seeing Sandy. She was sure she could convince him with her womanly ways.

Mike had some kinky hobbies. But Loretta didn’t care. She was determined to have Mike once and for all. Sandy could just go to hell.

She found out Mike was doing a shoot down in Mexico. She also found out Sandy was scheduled to be on the East coast. So she packed her things, along with a wedding dress she was planning to wear for the nuptials with Mike.

She made arrangements with Sister Dolcetta to pick her up at the airport. She told her all about her plans with Mike. Sister Dolcetta said she would be happy to assist in any way possible.

Loretta chartered a small plane down. Sister Dolcetta met her at the airport. From there they drove to a resort on the coast.

Loretta expected to be put up in a nice hotel. Sister Dolcetta explained that it didn’t work that way with Mike. She would have to submit to his wishes if she was to marry him.

Sister Dolcetta drove Loretta to a place on the beach. The buildings were rustic, the conveniences not nearly so modern. Loretta started to protest, but Sister Dolcetta explained the necessity of subjecting herself to fewer comforts if she was to be allowed to marry Mike.

Loretta wanted to know what all this was about. Sister Dolcetta explained that she was the go-between. She was also authorized to make any last-minute changes that might be required. Among those might include sending her back.

“I understand you’ll do anything for Mike in order to marry him?” Sister Dolcetta asked carefully.

“Yes; anything, sister! When can I see him?”

“In a couple of hours. In the meantime I am required to house you here on the grounds.”

Loretta was led to a building. Sister Dolcetta pushed the big door open. There was nothing inside.

“What’s this?” Loretta protested.

“This is where you are to remain until Mike returns.”

“You can’t keep me here!”

“Then I am instructed to take you back to the airport where you can charter a plane back home.”

“Those are my only options?”

“Those are my instructions. I’m told they are meant to be symbolic of your deep and abiding love.”

“A couple of hours, sister?”

“It should take no longer than that. I will see to your things.”

“Very well.”

“Oh, one thing more.” Then Sister Dolcetta pulled out a set of handcuffs.

“What are those for?”

“To show you wish to submit as a sign of your love to Mike.”

“Submit my love??” But Sister Dolcetta was already attaching them to her wrists.

“Try to rest. I will return with Mike.” Then she pushed her inside and closed the door.

“Sister?? Hey; it’s dark in here!” But there was no response. Loretta tried to calm herself despite the fact it was warm and stuffy. On the bright side at least she was taking Mike away from Sandy.

Loretta did not know how much time had passed when the door was finally opened. She blinked at the sunlight as she rose to see Sister Dolcetta standing there. “Mike is here,” the sister told her. “Preparations for the ceremony are about to begin.”

“Preparations, Sister? Will there be time to change into my dress?”

“There will be plenty of time for that later.”

Loretta started to emerge. Then she gasped when she saw Sandy appear and stand next to Sister Dolcetta. “What… what are YOU doing here??”

“I’m here for Mike on this special occasion.”

“You mean… you’re not going to try to stop me?”

“I see no reason why I should, not if Mike wishes it.”

Loretta followed them to a fenced off area. “Hey, what about my handcuffs?” But they ignored her.

They stopped in front of a post. Behind it was an ominous sign on the fence. “Execution area?” Loretta stammered.

“Forgive me,” Sister Dolcetta told her apologetically. “This is the location Mike wishes for the preparations to be carried out.”


“Yes,” the sister reassured her. “Soon you will be wearing your wedding dress.”

Loretta nodded. But she wasn’t sure she liked Sandy’s presence. And where the hell was Mike??

The sister removed her handcuffs. Loretta was glad as they were beginning to chafe her wrists. As far as she was concerned these were some pretty unusual pre-wedding preparations.

To her alarm Sister Dolcetta took her arms and brought them behind the post she was standing in front of. Then she reattached the handcuffs to the wrists. “Sister??” she protested in alarm.

“Do you wish to give yourself body and soul to Mike?”

“Of course I do! But I…”

“This is a symbol of giving your life for your one true love.”

“Giving my life??”

“Symbolic, of course. Mike IS your one true love, is he not?”

“Yes, but…” Then she locked eyes with Sandy. “Yes he is,” she said firmly. She wanted Sandy to know who was finally getting Mike in the end.

The sister cuffed her to the post. To her alarm Sandy knelt and tied her ankles to the post as well. “Sister, is all this really necessary?”

“You wish to unite with Mike in the bonds of marriage, do you not?”

“Yes, but…”

“There is still time for me to take you back to the airport so you can secure a charter flight home.”

“No, I… I’ll be all right.”

“All set,” Sandy remarked with a smile as she stood up.

“She is ready to give herself up for Mike then?” Sister Dolcetta asked.

“She looks like she’s ready as she’ll ever be.” There was a hint of amusement in Sandy’s voice.

“Is this really necessary?” Loretta asked in frustration.

“It is absolutely necessary in order to please Mike,” Sister Dolcetta explained.

“Maybe I should take these so they don’t break,” Sandy added thoughtfully. Then she reached around and removed Loretta’s glasses. The young woman blinked in surprise.

“Are you fully committed to Mike?” Sister Dolcetta asked again.

“I am,” Loretta replied, not feeling as confident about everything as she was trying to be.

“Blindly devoted?”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“You are or you aren’t.”

“Yes, I’m blindly devoted if that’s what it will take to hurry this along. I still need time to change into my dress, remember?”

“There will be plenty of time. Now wear this as a token of your love.”

Loretta gasped as a blindfold was wrapped around her eyes. “Hey – what? Is this really necessary?”

“I take it the preparations are not to your liking?”

“It’s not that, Sister. It’s just that I… it’s all so unusual.”

“Mike is a most unusual man. Would you not agree to that?”

“Yes, I suppose I would.”

Loretta sighed. She wasn’t sure she liked all these so-called “preparations”. But she was willing to do whatever it took. And if she showed up Sandy in the process, so much the better. She was willing to prove her love for Mike was stronger than that bitch’s.

“A most determined woman,” Sister Dolcetta said to Sandy.

“Indeed she is,” Sandy replied, looking lustfully at Loretta’s chest.

“It appears she’s fully committed to go through with all this. She must really love Mike if she’s willing to take part in all these pre-ceremony preparations.”

“I suppose so,” Sandy replied with a sigh.

“You’re not jealous are you?” Loretta asked with a grin. “Just because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my man?”

Sister Dolcetta smiled wryly. “Actually you seem to be attempting to obtain a man who belongs to another woman.”

“Their union is not official,” Loretta declared boldly. “I’m here to do whatever it takes.”

“It seems she loves Mike a great deal.”

“I don’t know, Sister,” Sandy remarked icily. “Does she love him enough to give up her very life for him?”

“She’s come this far in the preparations.”

“She’ll back out when the moment comes for the final test. They all do. When push comes to shove they always seek their own ends.”

“You bitch! What the hell are you talking about? What ‘final test’?”

“Would you face a firing squad for him?”

“A firing squad?? Of course I… what the hell is this??”

“You see, sister? She is already harboring second thoughts.”

“Second thoughts?? I’m not harboring no such thing! Where the hell is Mike??”

“Oh, he’s here. He can hear your every word. He’s watching to see how true you’ll be to him.”

“I’m true – I’m true! Mike, are you there? I love you! I want to marry you!”

“But would you face a firing squad for him?” Sandy snorted in disgust. “I think not. Your love is only superficial.”

“You bitch! You’re just jealous! I’d do anything for him!”

“Anything, honey? Would that include allowing a firing squad to perforate these nice round mounds of yours?”

Loretta gasped as Sandy felt them up. “What are you doing? What the hell is this?”

“A test,” Sister Dolcetta told her. “It is a test of your love and devotion.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” she blurted out in annoyance.

Loretta wondered what the hell was going on. She found it getting harder to breathe as anxiety began setting in. And the bitch caressing her breasts wasn’t helping matters any.

“I don’t think you’re willing to give these up for Mike,” Sandy observed as she fondled and hefted them.

“They can be a woman’s prized assets,” Sister Dolcetta agreed. “They are often a sign of vanity.”

“They certainly won’t look the same if they were to be pierced by the sting of a firing squad’s love darts.”

“What the… what the hell are you two talking about??”

“You must get ready,” Sister Dolcetta told Sandy. “You have a very important task ahead.”

“I suppose so.” Then Loretta heard footsteps. Perhaps Sandy was stepping away.

“And so the time has come,” Sister Dolcetta told Loretta. “Mike is ready. All he wants to know is whether or not you are fully committed to him.”

“I am,” Loretta fumed. At the same time she was trembling. What the hell was going on??

“I am very fond of Mike,” Sister Dolcetta explained. “He has graciously permitted me the honor of examining your heart. Is your heart true?”

“Yes, sister. My heart is true.”

What was all this? What was wrong with this crazy bitch? Why was she being put through all this?

Was there some last test she had to pass in order to get Mike all to herself? Was there some ritual that had to be performed? She’d had no idea she might face some sort of test when she’d first pursued him.

Should she go through with this? Or should she quit and go home? She was so close. And she sensed Sandy’s envy. She really wanted to put that bitch in her place.

She felt a hand on her breast again. She gasped and trembled. Was the sister feeling her up now?

“Mike? Her heart seems true. Are you prepared to complete the final step to observe her love for you?”

“I am,” a male voice piped up from somewhere nearby.

Loretta’s heart beat fast. That sounded like Mike! Then he really was here! “Yes, Mike! I truly do love you! I want to marry you!”

“We shall see if you are ready,” Sister Dolcetta told her. Then she loudly declared, “You may step forward and take your place.”

Loretta felt a surge of excitement. Was Mike about to come and claim her? Would they soon be headed off to the chapel? Would there be time to get into her dress? She figured she could change clothes in the blink of an eye if it came to that.

She thought she heard movement. She did not know it was four ladies who had stepped forward with their rifles. She could not see so she could not have known. But she still felt a mixture of fear intermingled with a growing arousal.

“Prepare to administer the final test,” Sister Dolcetta declared. Loretta began to pant like crazy. What was going to happen now??

What was all this talk about a firing squad? She was tied to a post so it all fit. Was this Mike’s way of her proving to him how much she loved him??

She wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with it. It sounded like she was about to face an actual firing squad. She assumed if there were rifles involved then they would be loaded with blanks. But now she was really getting scared.

Sister Dolcetta looked at the firing squad. “Ready.” Four shells were chambered into four weapons.


The rifles were uplifted and pointed at Loretta’s chest. The trembling woman winced as she instinctively looked upward. She had to struggle to throw out her chest as though offering to Mike her heart and soul. Supposedly he was watching and she wanted him to see her do this.

“FIRE!” The word had come from a male voice.

A volley of shots rang out. Loretta winced and jerked as her chest was perforated with four live rounds. She opened her mouth to scream but no words would come.

She slumped against the post, falling to the ground onto her knees. They’d shot her! They had actually shot her!!

“Her love is true,” Sister Dolcetta intoned. But what good did that do her now?? They had shot her!

Loretta heard the sister say, “Mike, you may come forward.” Blood was filling her lungs as she coughed and sputtered. Her breasts felt like they were on fire.

Loretta was conscious enough to hear voices. They had to be coming from individuals standing close to her. She could hear a male and female voice. But her mind was becoming fuzzy… the voices sounding more and more distant.

She faintly heard Sister Dolcetta ask her if she loved this man. She gurgled up blood in her mouth in response. Then she heard the sister ask, “Mike, do you love this woman?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You may proceed to consummate that love.”

“Loretta, with this gun I hereby consummate my love for you.”

Loretta felt her head being pulled back. It felt like someone had a hand in her hair to tip her head. But the blindfold was still on her face. She could not see.

She felt the barrel of something cold press against her forehead. She faintly heard Sister Dolcetta calmly say, “You may proceed.” Her mind acknowledged the sound of the shot a split second before the slug scrambled her brain matter, finishing her off.

Sister Dolcetta released Loretta from her bonds. The dead woman slumped to the ground, her body bullet-ridden and bloodied. Then the sister motioned for the women from the firing squad to come forward and claim their trophies.

The leader claimed the bullet-riddled shirt to add to her collection. The second took the skirt, liking the idea of wearing something a woman had been executed in. The other two claimed the bra and panties. Sister Dolcetta would eventually claim the white stockings for herself.

The sister turned the corpse over onto its back. She looked down and smiled. Then she turned toward Mike. But he was already getting a blowjob from Sandy who was now on her knees. Apparently the preparations had been successfully carried out. The young woman had bravely faced the firing squad. Now she could proudly wear her dress.

Sister Dolcetta removed the blindfold. Loretta stared up with unseeing eyes. She was still pretty, even in death. Sandy was certainly going to enjoy preparing this one.

“I must say,” Sandy told the body as she washed it down. “I thought you were going to chicken out at the end there. I guess you really thought you loved Mike. Well he certainly loved your role in all the preparations. I had to swallow a gallon of his man-cream.”

Loretta lay quietly on a specially prepared table. All the blood had been washed away. Sandy was dutifully preparing her for the dress she had brought with her.

Sandy put a finger in the wound in the temple. “Stupid bitch. I bet nothing ever entered your head like that before, did it? Did you honestly think you were going to take Mike away from me?

Sandy kissed her lips. Then she suckled on the dead woman’s nipples. “Yes, I suppose Mike would have liked nibbling on these. But what man wouldn’t?”

She kissed her way down, running a finger in the dead woman’s pubic hair. Then she fingered the slit. “Yes, I’m sure Mike would have enjoyed fucking this hole.”

Sandy began finger fucking the corpse. Then she climbed on. She straddled the dead woman’s head and ground her wet opening against Loretta’s lips as she knelt and began licking the dead woman’s slit.

She finger-fucked her hard as she began to gasp and moan. She wriggled her pussy against Loretta’s lips. Then she cried out in orgasm.

“All right – all right,” she panted as she climbed off. “Playtime’s over. You want to wear that dress? The least I can do is oblige.”

Sandy put effort into cleaning the corpse. Soon the body was looking as though Loretta had showered herself clean. Then she added panties for the crotch as well as strings of pearls for the neck.

Next was the corset. Sandy had to admit Loretta had good taste when it came to picking out clothes. But she had good taste anyway. Sandy figured she ought to know because she’d tasted the dead woman’s slit.

The headpiece went on next. Sandy treated the dressing with great care. She figured Loretta deserved her best after giving her best at the firing squad.

The dress went on next. Sandy had to admire how nice it looked. It really made Loretta look like a beautiful bride.

She got some help in transferring the body to a coffin. She made sure Loretta looked all dignified. She really did look beautiful in that dress.

Mike was summoned. He came in and took a look at her. “Lovely lady,” he admitted.

He knelt down and gave her a kiss. Then he told her, “Your time in front of the firing squad meant a lot to me. I will never forget it.” Already his cock was stirring at the remembrance of the event.

He told Sandy she had done well. Loretta looked the part of the eager bride. Sandy appreciated the acknowledgement of her efforts.

Sandy saw Mike was beginning to have problems again. Once more her services were required. Then she took one last look at the corpse.

Was the bitch smirking at her? Did she really think she had won? Did she really believe Mike was her one true love? Sandy decided Loretta could freely take those thoughts with her to the grave.

“We’ll see what you think when you’re six feet under, bitch!” Then she closed the lid before hurrying to catch up to Mike. He really had need of her services now.

2019 (written for Mike and Sandy Jan 21 ’19 by riwa)

(Renders courtesy of C Mike Hunt and are used for illustration purposes.)

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